Milan: “Pato and Robinho asked to leave”


ADRIANO GALLIANI says the Brazilians have both officially requested Milan to leave the club.

Milan waved goodbye to Thiago Silva, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cassano in the summer as well as to Sandro Nesta, Rino Gattuso and Inzaghi and it seems that more departures are expected this January.

Silvio Berlusconi announced he wants 3-4 January signings while the squad size will also be reduced. This means players will leave and Allegri said on Friday the market depends on Galliani’s trip to Brazil.

Highlights: Roma 4-2 Milan
Roma-Milan: Official line-ups

“My trip to Brazil has been planned for months.  It won’t be a holiday as there are two negotiations going on. Pato and Robinho have both asked to leave and I already know what could happen if they leave,” Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani told the press after Milan’s embarrassing 4-2 defeat to Roma.

Galliani is expected to travel to Brazil already today and he will start working on the sales of Robinho and Pato tomorrow. He will meet Flamengo (with whom negotiations are advancing quickly according to reports in Brazil) and Santos for Robinho on Monday and Corinthians on Wednesday for Alexandre Pato. The World Champions admitted that they have the money to sign Pato who seems to be willing to leave.

Pato (23) and Robinho (28) were very disappointing in the first half of the season with The Duck barely featuring because of injuries and Binho struggling for form and showing lack of desire on the pitch.

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This means Balotelli will be coming in?

Milan fan

Let them leave,they take big wages and do nothing on the pitch. First of all bring quality CB and MC,and then bring one striker,maybe Baloteli.

Ugochukwu Gerald

If Pato and Robinho insist on leaving the Rossoneri it’s not a problem. They have both given their best for Milan. AC-Milan is a moving train as a matter of fact both players(Robinho&Pato) has depreciated in form of recent and Milan needs to sign some good players in January to fortify the Squad. Forza Milano! Forza Italia!! Forza de Rossoneri.


I like them both, but it’s probably time for them, I’m just so sad for Pato that he couldn’t become a superstar for us, I’m sure he will become one soon in another club though. I would prefer a loan deal for him…but we should not sell him for less than 20 million, absolutely NOT! And I do not agree with the ending of this article, Robi has not been poor, I think he has been good actually, he was injured than had to be played back, but when he started to play more he did well. Let’s hope we… Read more »


Who would like to stay at milan? Constant? Acerbi? of course. But how about our big stars? I really dont think montolivo is happy in milan, not boateng, not … ops we are out of big stars, berlu sold them all.

How about, who would want to come to milan? I dont think any big star would come to milan, why should they?

Our defenders are yepes, acerbi, bonera antonini, mexes LMAO. And our coach is Allegri

We need atleast 8 years to build up this team the way B&G wants it


It’s not because that we don’t have stars that any others stars will come to Milan ? Everyone wish to play for Milan because of their history and a real passionate player for football would help any team who is struggling… It’s not always about wining

We were 17/20 and now we are 7/20… we can easily aim for third place or second place. We just need better defenders that’s all and thing will go by itself. Go learn football


Spot on Mario. We should now concentrate on getting good italian players as Juve have shown italian core is crucial. Then add couple foreign players who really add something different to team. Just like we did with Van Basten, Rijkaard and Gullit.

The Guiza

Do you have special needs? Football is ALL about winning…. What else is it about? Why is Milan Milan ? Because we have won so many trophies! It is ALL about winning. You say that all we need is defenders…. We didn’t score against Roma until the 88th minute against 10 men…. That is really really bad… That shows that we can not score either…. Our team is shit and the job the Beru and co are doing is terrible… You can NOT sell tiago silva and ibra and NOT replace them…. Fact…. This is their job- to build the… Read more »


You guys do not see clearly, because of a bad year you do not change the mindset regarding football. Dortmund had no stars at all 3 years ago. Now they have 10 and play some great football. All great clubs make stars, not buy them, take Man Utd, Arsenal, Barca. Only Real Madrid buy galacticos and still do not win. I do not want superstars joining milan, I want young players who can develop and become world stars. Otherwise, we will not be able to continue winning. Its that simple. As for pato and robi, they need to go and… Read more »

The Guiza

You are missing the point entirely! The point is we are NOT getting the players as we are not buying them. It is totally ignorant to say that the best players do not buy players siting the teams that you have… Who is the top scorer for man u? A home grown player? Did all of barcas player come from the canters? No. The best teams have the best players regardless of buying them or developing them. We are largely doing neither – we are selling top players and getting players on frees. Beru and uncle fester and doing a… Read more »


Sorry, but this is my opinion. It should be balanced between superstars and youngsters. Milan doesn’t have both now. They’re all average players. We could not say SES is a superstar, he is a youngster. Only Montolivo could be said as a(n) (almost) superstar.

Now, look at Barca who have messi, xavi, iniesta, daniel alves, puyol, pique, villa as their superstars. And thiago, alba, tello, alexis as their youngsters. United have v.persie, rooney, nani, evra (superstar). Rafael, de gea, wellbeck, chicarito (youngster).

Milan has youngster, SES and DeSciglio. But no superstar.


Sell robinho, keep pato.


If both want to leave the club then let them go.

Milan survived 100 years without them can survive another 100.


mario and pastore/eriksen?


No only Mario.


Sell Pato, Robinho, Mesbah, Yepes, Vila, Antonini, Bonera & Pazzini. Give more minutes play to Bojan, Niang, Strasser, Muntari & Emmanuelson. Promote Milan’s youngster: Cristante & Ganz. No need to buy new players.


pazzini has 8 goals, and his passing looks alot better, i think we need him, everyone else, also except for pato becuase i love him yes sell, mbiwa and dede, pastore a ballo to come in


milan is a sad sight atm , its needs taken care of instead of riping its soul out of the club. i remember the 2007 ucl win and i thought we would be always challenging for serie a and ucl since then but its has gotten worse, i miss my old milan. i dont care about ibra,cassano leaving but where is the next gattusso,pirlo,inzaghi,maldini,nesta coming from ? yesterday our partniship at the back was yepes and mexes, last year it was thiago silva and nesta. they sell ibra and thiago and replace them with pazzini and acerbi and the galliani… Read more »


Milan should buy Balotelli. Imagine how good Milan would be with El Shaarawy and Balotelli up front.


Not that good if they’re not getting any passes by the midfield, and that’s only if the midfield doesn’t have to drop back help defend because our center backs are horrible. IJS i’d rather Ogbonna and Eriksen or a CM that can pass and hold the ball.


Balotelli needs a good coach because of his attitude. He’s a powerful player when he concentrates on the game but I don’t know is Allegri good enough to control Balotelli


Sell them both. No use waiting for peter pan- pato. He may never fulfill his potential. Owen did not. Maybe he will neither. I could wait for him if he was paid 2mil a year,not 4mil. No club will do so. If any one knows any mega rich club with the patience of arsenal fans- send address to b & g. Robinho is homesick, so he claims. But i believe both know their lack of form will be excused in brazil where defensive attributes are less in demand. So, best bet? Sell pato for 15mil, robinho for 10mil. Balotelli is… Read more »


Spot on Lentini. Pato should’ve been swapped for Tevez in January then we probably would’ve won the scudetto last year, Silva would’ve stayed and we wouldn’t be in this mess. And Balotelli is a complete idiot. All he knows how to do is disrupt a dressing room. Do we need that right now at Milan? We should go for Tevez, Dzeko, Rossi etc over “Super” Mario.


When it comes to selling players, galiani is quick to fly out to meet prospective buyers to negotiate the sales when those that are after these players are suppose to fly in to milan to negotiate but tell him to sign quality players then you will here something like ‘strootman cost too much and psv won’t release im on loana’ free loan with an option to buy for €3m spread over 10yrs.
you guys already know galiani. ge will bring in ze eduardo to replace pato and binho.


Finally, Pato and Binho are leaving! They were becoming more of a hinderance than effective players. Also, Galliani finally will travel to Brazil to try to buy good quality and young, I hope players. If Berlusconi wants to reduce the size of the team, I do support him. I believe the team is wasting a lot of money on players who do not deserve to wear the Ac Milan jersey. For example, Yepes, Bonera, Zapata, Antonini, and Mesbah. They can leave, they are clumsy and dim-witted with and without the ball, they’re below-average players in my opinion. Also, I never… Read more »


U all calling 4 Balloteli, are u guyz blind?

A striker shouldn’t be our priority.

We need a Center-back, A left-back(get rid of Mesbah),
A DMF and an AMF.

Only after we have gotten these players should we start talking abt a Striker.


Thats the problem with our management and unfortunally most of our fans too. They are not only blind, they are stupid too.

Tiger woods would know that Milans problem is DEFENDERS not dreaming about who should play with el sharaawy.

we need TWO centerbacks and a playmaker


We need a cb, maybe a lb as well, and of course balotelli if pato and robinho leave, and a defensive midfielder

sel robi &pato nd by kelvin strotman baloteli,two center back,4za milan

R kenny

Pato &robinho i wish u best of luck any where u go forza milan.


best solution
pato, robinho, mesbah, troare, flamini out
strootman, obgonna, armero, balotelli in


Best solution

out ALLEGRI, bonera, pazzini, bojan, traore, constant, acerbi, flamini

In anyone ( they cant be worse than the others)


Pato should stay. Allegri is the main problem with pato and his injuries, but we just need to keep allegri this season and pato forever. if he leaves we will regret.


Honestly, the entire Milan club needs a revamp, the set-piece defending is horrible, so obviously someone needs to come in for that in terms of management, Allegri is just so horrible and tactically ineffective that I can’t stand to watch the live matches anymore because I want to punch my monitor everytime the camera zooms in on him. The problem is not the attack, It’s the DEFENSE and to an extent, the MIDFIELD. If Robinho and Pato want to leave, so be it, promote Petagna and/or Ganz, they’ll play their hearts out, unlike the two Brazilian “Superstars”. We need a… Read more »


I can’t believe nearly everyone on here wants Balotelli… You thought Ibra was a nutcase, wait until we get Mario. He’s madder than Ibra and Cassano combined. And he’s hardly Messi either. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s a Milan fan.


I would love to see Galliani bring Dede/Leandro Damiao after his trip to brazil


@saman you’ve included bojan & constant in your clear out sales? Right now they are our closest clones of a trequartista and a left back. Armero has not been consistent enough to replace constant. You really want boateng to keep playing in an advanced position? I doubt it. In terms of temperament i would prefer dzeko to balloteli. He’s not too old either, if the age limit for new intakes is 22yrs. Might not cost an arm or a leg either. Balloteli would definitely cost an arm AND a leg, plus a few add-ons. Still trying to figure out who… Read more »



GTFO you two.


I wonder what an academy is all about in B n G diction. You plan for the future and yet leave out those you are grooming for the future. Well it takes a good coach to see the ability in his academy.

forza milan 4 life

If PATO α̲̅πϑ Binho want to leave….den fyn let dem leave


Traore,yepes,antonini,pato,robinho,bonera,ambrosini,boateng and allegri out and bring in good young players to replace them


Traore,yepes,antonini,pato,robinho,bonera,ambrosini,boateng and allegri out and bring in good young players to replace them.


I guess we could go for Guesippe Rossi of Villa Real maybe?


I had forgotten about him, but I started to think about that option last night.
If he could return to his old form, it would no doubt be a fierce acqusition!I would not mind him at all, it wouldn’t cost us too much either, based on transfer fee and wages.


If Robinho wants to leave we don’t have any problem with that but with Pato we can’t afford to lose him.He’s a demonstrated what he’s capable of doing.Let’s pray for him that all these injury problems come to an end and we’ll see the Pato that we’ve known.Pato combined with Bojan and El Sharaawy upfront would be deadly for defenders.Let’s keep Pato.Long live Rossoneri.HAPPY X’MAS to you all fellow Diavolians….


If Pato & Robinho leave, Milan have scope atleast to snatch a deal for Sneider, either on loan, which seems to be difficult. Balotelli has serious attitude problem & is also club tied, so for European football a waste, without which there is nothing much to lure him. Same is the case with Sneider to an extent but not sure if the Euro League team player (which i understand is not yet featured in any of Inter Milan’s Euro matches) can respresent the CL round of sixteen, however a playmaker in Sneider is much better option then going for KAKA..… Read more »


@grenoli you need a perfect mix to have a winnig team. A combination of PROMISING youth a experience players to win. You just mentioned barcelona. A team that is known for the best youth system in the world and produced quality players year in year out but look at their transfers in the last four years. fabregas, david vila, gerald pique, Afellani, Alexis Sanchez, Jordi Alba, Javier Mascherano all cost well over €100m. About Man U? Van parse, Johnny Evans, Anderson, Valencia, Berbatov, endless even as they having solid youth system. Beyern munich, Juve and even Arsenal that believed so… Read more »


@The Guiz, you are perfectly right. 80% of Arsenal for are not home grown likewise Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Mancity, Juve, Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina, Beryern, Dortmund and endless list. Looking for a free loan player with an option to buy for €3m spread over 10yrs or out of contracts players won’t take us anywhere.


Did anyone watch strasser..?u see how well he could hold d ball in our Coppa italian match..if we are starting from scratch..y not let us start totally..we have a supposedly youth sector..but how many are currently playing if we say we want to rebuild..we also have a coach that’s technically not Good..even as Niang is still younger and inexperience than pazzini,he’s far better than pazini to me,cos he can @ least hold d ball and create..and main problem is obviously d defence..if barca play against this defense..d scoreline would be very Embarrassing..if we want to sacrifice this season..let’s do it… Read more »


Rumours are Drogba might join in…..*sigh*


It’s a real waste really, not only that he’s 35, he’ll also spend a month with the Ivory Coast in africa cup of nations… does not make sense.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

‘I would only refuse offers from the big English clubs, if Milan made me an offer,’ Taarabt told Gazzetta dello Sport.


In the same time, he dissed us and said that we’re not a big club anymore, and that he was hoping to use us as a spring board to join barcelona or madrid. He can piss off for all I care.

eugene akung

taraabt is talent.we should get him to replace robinho.we should keep pato.boateng should go back to midfield as he’s not an attacker and thats the reason he does not score alot again.ambrosini should reamain on the bench.i don’t know why strasser who is good is not given a chance.


What’s everyone’s dream top 5 Jan signings? (within reason and taking into account Milan’s budget, so no Messi’s or Ronaldo’s)

Mine are:



I want Ogbonna and Strootman to join us this january, that’s where we need to strengthen our squad and I think they would be ideal for us. Although I don’t see it happening, would be nice though. Giuseppe Rossi would be a nice signing as well, a bit of a gamble, but he’s probably not that expensive, and his wage demands are probably not as high as Balo. We’ll probably end up with Drogba, maybe some other player and end up neglecting the centre back position, while Mesbah will probably stay put. I really hope that this won’t be the… Read more »


Sell Traore, Acerbi, Vila, Mesbah, Binho, Flamini, Boateng
+ we can cash in on mexes after his bicycle kick

BUY some hardcore brilliant, and also young. (dede,ogbonna,
Cash in on Boa & Bring in Pastore, or Erikson .
Loan Pato since he can still have a bright future, & I love him.
Get a real striker that can preform, Ballo, Dzeko, etc.