Berlusconi: “Pato is a problem but…”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI believes there’s a bright future for Pato but admits Ale is currently a problem.

Pato surprised many when he said after the Anderlecht win – in which he scored the final goal – that he may leave soon as he wants to play more and a few clubs have already been associated with the striker.

While it’s unlikely that Milan will sell Pato in January since he’s lost a lot of his value with recent injuries, Pato’s agent failed to confirm yesterday that Alexandre will stay and Berlusconi admits Pato is a problem.

Agent confirms Pato-Milan future talks
Highlights: Anderlecht 1-3 Milan

“Pato is a problem. We really hope that he can fully recover from all these injuries. We have to understand what to do,” Milan President Silvio Berlusconi told Sportmediaset, which he owns, on Friday evening. “Pato’s injuries are a problem because he was the Milan player with the brightest future ahead of him.

“Therefore it’s really a serious problem because you can’t have such a decrease in the value of one of your biggest assets. I mean, for a 22-23-year old to have so many injuries… So we really hope that he can fully recover.” Milan were very close to selling Pato last January to Paris Saint-Germain but Berlusconi had declined the €35 million and instead sold Silva and Ibrahimovic to Psg in the summer for around €68m.

“I definitely miss having Ibrahimovic on the pitch, but we have saved €160 million over 3 years by selling him. But now we have El Shaarawy. Counting on youngsters is the right way forward,” Berlusconi added.

“I will be at Milanello on Saturday because Milan need me. Did you see how fired up the players were again after my visit? Therefore there is the need to continue with these visits, so I will be at Milanello the day before Milan-Juventus.” Berlusconi will also reportedly attend the game at Stadio San Siro.

There have been talks of Pato going out on loan at Brazil to play regular football and get his confidence in January. Pato will not play on Sunday against Juve as a precaution after knocks suffered on Wednesday.

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You can change every damn player at milan but after every loss, Allegri wil say we have to improve. Leave pato alone and just get Allegri our asap

alao elder

U can sell him n buy better striker in january

Forza Milan

give a few strikers that Milan can buy right now? and do you remember Luis Ronaldo when he had an injury for almost 2yrs? maybe you just started watching football.


pato aren’t ronaldo ! ronaldo is the first generation of miracle .


We should’ve sold him last January not this.

The music in that video’s hilarious btw


El sharawy is the most promising player right now


Some pple are just cwazi.he nevr said he wntd 2 sell pato.bsides,pato was d one dat said he wntz 2 leave


R.I.P. Proper English

Ugochukwu Gerald

Pato Is not always fit to play because he is prone to injuries. I suggest he should be sold


sell him buy damiao super one…

Forza Milan

If Milan have sold Ibra, do you think they will be able to buy a new striker?


I think Milan will get a good result against juventus Forza Milan. @ ugochukwu Gerald pls is ur surname Nwaokwa biko.


those who still believe in Pato are idiots. He was injured, so many injuries in the past three years? Sell ​​him a wise decision, that money can invest in another striker. Damiao age with Pato, capable of scoring than Pato


Everytime Injury! Everytime Injury!!
I happy to hear Pato says it himself because Milan is sick/tired of his inconsistency.
He should go and stop dating Barbara berlusconi.