Agent confirms Pato-Milan future talks


ALEXANDRE PATO suggested he’s unsatisfied with his current role and his agent will speak to the club.

Milan haven’t seen the real Pato in a very long time and even though he has 2 goals (both in the Champs League) this season, he’s still very far from his top form and he’ has been put on the bench a lot this year.

Everyone thought that with Zlatan Ibrahimovic out of the way, Pato will finally shine but he’s being completely outshined by Stephan El Shaarawy, who assisted Pato the goal against Anderlecht yesterday.

Highlights: Anderlecht 1-3 Milan
Anderlecht-Milan: Official line-ups

“I’m happy that I scored on Wednesday. I had told Allegri that I would score and close the match,” Pato, 23, said after the game in Belgium. “Milan are doing well and El Shaarawy is also doing well. I’m trying my best, but I want to play more. Now my agent will come to Milano, and then we will see what happens.”

Pato’s agent, Gilmar Veloz confirmed that he will meet with the management to see what future holds for Pato who is perhaps also losing his status as fans’ favourite with dull performances and constant injuries.

“If he said certain things then he must have had his reasons,” Gilmar Veloz is quoted as saying on “I want to get a better understanding of the situation with Milan. I’ll arrive in Italy on Tuesday, I’ll speak with Pato and then with the club to evaluate what to do next. I don’t want to really say anything more because I wouldn’t want to say inexact things. I don’t know if he can leave Milan…

“We’ll talk about that again after Tuesday…” he concluded. Milan were very close to selling Pato to Paris Saint-Germain last January but Berlusconi called-off the move and sold Thiago and Ibra in the summer.

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wooever says that wrongs about SES is not realy watching pato.pato is just hold the ball won’t pass the ball but trying to dribble and he cant therefore i dont want him 2 be sold i want him 4 sometym,06 Says somtin bad about SES,the playing method of SHarawy îs lack of good colleagues if he was in barca he can a world best .


Time for Pato to leave and Balotelli to come in.


balotelly is lazy..he is not suit our new playing stle


Playing style? Lol. We don’t even have one yet. Lacking creativity on the offensive front, effort on the defensive end. So far it’s been to rely on El Shaarawy to save the day. If Pato wants out and Balotelli is our best offer then what the hell, let’s do it! It’s not like we can get any worse. Frankly, a lot of Milan players are horrendous this year. The only players in my opinion that have shown some sort of quality this year are: De Sciglio, Montolivo, Constant, Bojan, Urby, El Shaarawy and maybe De Jong. I may have missed… Read more »


Where are all the “Pato is the future of Milan” fans?? I’ve been saying for ages Pato is finished at Milan. And now not only is he injured AGAIN he wants to leave. All this after Milan have stood by him all this time waiting for him to regain his form / fitness when we could’ve cashed him in for big bucks. Thanks for the memories Pato.


I think Pato is not really injured. Just a made up excuse for him not to play and look for a new club. I think this was it. Pato was supposed to be one of the best players in Milan shirt but hopefully he is going to be a great player somewhere else. Grazie mille Pato.

sammy clinton

He needs playing time and yet again he’s out of juve clash…milan can’t sell pato now after all the time we’ve waited on him. Let him and to get back too his best form…look at nocerino after 2 or 3games, he’s getting back.


Pato will stay , he just said all these things , in order to make allegri to put him to play more. There is no chance he leaves

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Allegri d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d Pato.He was awsome when we had Leo and Anceloti for coach.But when Allegri came in he d.e.s.t.r.o.y.e.d him with his training regime ,he’s allways injured and he didn’t make a bit of improvement.


There is no reason to worry , pato will soon find his form, he will just probably miss the game against juventus, and then allegri will put him to play a lot, and he will rediscover his self, last year his back was not stable, but that problem was fixed in the summer, so he won’t have the injuries of last year, the injury at the start of the season was just bad luck, and the one that he picked in the anderlecht game is just a bruise.


He was injured as much during Leonardo’s stay, as he was in Allegri’s first season as well…


Pato will be sold I can assure you guys 120%. You ask me why? Since this Pato made his statement on Wednesday, Milan have remained silent which is a clear indication that the club are ready to let go and this is how Milan dealt with Cassano’s case till he left. Milan will never go silent if its a player they still want, Galliani would have found a way to squash it immediately or latest next day which was yesterday.


for some reason with all of us dont know is, why allegri always put BOA in the team. that man cannot play as top 3 trident. just put him back to midfield.

during leo era, pato play extreamly well in outwide right forward scoring 2 goal in madrid. n now allegri putting him on CF? just put him at the position he most comfortable RWF.. PATO-BOJAN-SES?? when thease trident gell very well..they are 2nd to barca trident

monty-de jong-nocerino

hope can see this one day


Man… as far as I remember last year Pato said he wanted to play a little bit central. Or you can say as our CF. And now that Ibra’s gone. He got what he wanted. I won’t need to tell the rest of the story. You can figure out what happened then…


His agent said that they will talk about evrything on tuesday, that’s why milan doesn’t say anything about it yet. When they will talk about it the problem will be solved.


Berlusconi: “Pato is a problem, let’s see if we can cure it, tomorrow I’ll be in Milanello.


You guys are so funny with this pato and elshaarawy saga but they are all our player but comparing them is just like comparing messi with tello, ronaldo with callejon or simply suarez with sterling… Forza pato, forza el shaarawy, forza all milanistas.


Loyal players will say they will fight for their place,not calling their agents. Am I the one who asked him to be bedding the presidents daughter?