Injuries: Strasser ruled out for 2-3 months


RODNEY STRASSER will be serving two to three months out after picking up an injury during training.

The season is more than a month away and Milan already have two players on the treatment table. After Sulley Muntari got injured while playing with friends on vacation, Strasser injured himself in training today.

Injuries are no stranger to Milan who suffered from these kinds of setbacks a lot last year. In fact, the Rossoneri were – by far – the team with the most injuries in the 2011/12 season and it certainly hurt them.

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Milan have confirmed on Saturday that Rodney Strasser has fractured his tibial malleolus (ankle). Strasser has undergone a surgery on the same day and the Rossoneri, through an official message, announced that the recovery time Strasser needs is 2-3 months, avoiding further complications in which rehabilitation.

Strasser had already broken his ankle last year after six months on loan with Lecce. Milan could not be on the market for another midfield man to replace the 22-year-old, who was lately linked with Torino.

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Injuries is starting again before the season starts, this is really getting serious, r they doing Army Training in Millanelo

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Here we go, b4 the start of the season and that too in training players get injured and stay in bed for more than 3 months ,Does this happen only in Milan.


even in the army they dont get injured as much,, allegri tactics, special forces, marines, rangers put together dats wat allegri wants brute force. Power pure machine


I laugh!


me too..haaaha..


I am getting worried now, muntari and now strasser. And the seasson isnt even started. Him allegri is doing somthing wrong. When he started as coach the injurys was suddenly high. The fitness coach and the medical staff is not to blame, since they have been replaced many times already. This is gonna be a battle for 3rd spot this seasson.


bad news hufff,injuries again


So it begins, No Strasser and no Muntari, Can life get any worst