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ALESSANDRO NESTA says Milan underestimated Juventus last year and Thiago, Ibra will be missed.

Nesta left Milan in the summer and he’s one of the many that the 2011/2012 season was their last in a Milan shirt as Gennaro Gattuso, Filippo Inzaghi, Gianluca Zambrotta also decided to leave, among others.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva also seem likely to be on their way out of Milan this summer, as the two are close to PSG. Sandro believes it’ll be impossible to replace them, but confirms trust in Berlusconi.

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“If I’m following Milan’s transfer campaign? Certainly. I’m following it every day on the internet. Even though I’m here in Montreal, I’m still not calm about what’s happening at Milan,” Nesta told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I still feel very connected to the group. The sales of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva are a huge loss.

“They are players that you cannot find in the transfer market. You can’t sell Thiago Silva and then buy a similar player, because there aren’t any similar players around. Only worse players. And the same goes for Ibrahimovic. Who is the player that you can sign then? Perhaps with the fee received, Milan can bring in three or four players, possibly for the future, for a prospective value. It’s another way to be competitive.

“President Silvio Berlusconi has invested his money in Milan for 26 years now,” continued the former Milan center back. “Berlusconi, one time, can’t manage to spend money, then perhaps it’s because the business isn’t going that well. In my opinion, Berlusconi deserves four or five years credit. As a fan, I would allow him that. In fact, I would thank Berlusconi. Because for a quarter of a century he has made me very happy.

Ibrahimovic scored 28 goals in 32 Serie A appearances for Milan last term but they still failed to win the Scudetto as an unbeaten Juventus got their 28th Scudetti (30th if you ask Juventus, 31st if you ask Allegri).

“I won’t say that Muntari’s goal affected the Scudetto race. We lost the title against Fiorentina and Bologna at home,” Nesta continued. “We underestimated the strength of Juve: we didn’t believe they’d have a season like that. I’m certain that they didn’t either. They played really well and they deserved the Scudetto.

“It’s not an excuse; but we had many injuries during the season. We lost our confidence and compactness. Andrea Pirlo? His contract with Milan was expiring that year. Either you extend or you’re free to leave. I repeat: we underestimated Juventus’ strength. Juventus have worked well. After Calciopoli affairs in 2006 they knew how to create a strong management and also get a stadium that they own themselves.

“It’s possible that Juve will have a large budget available for the next few years. However, other top teams perhaps can’t afford to spend a lot money. With the financial situation in Italy being as it is, the top players go elsewhere. People need to understand that, and those who care about Milan, need to understand that.”

Nesta left Milan in favour of an adventure at the MLS with Montreal Impact who also have the Italians Marco Di Vaio, Matteo Ferrari and Bernardo Corradi in their roster. Nesta has enjoyed himself so far in Canada.

“I’ve found a nice apartment in the centre of the city and soon I’ll make my debut in this new adventure,” Sandro added. “It will also be an opportunity for my kids to learn English and French, and also Spanish as our babysitter speaks it. I’ve been considering the MLS for years now. After I left Milan, I wanted to go to America, but I didn’t get any big offers. I was also surprised, but here they think about football differently.

In Italy a defender is really an important part of the team, but here it’s more about the strikers. It’s a question of marketing. The Impact are following a more Italian philosophy. I came here to see Di Vaio, and we talked and they made me feel important. Taking a pay-cut didn’t matter to me,” Alessandro continued.

“In 20 years I’ve earned a lot. What mattered was having this type of experience, because when you retire then it’s not easy to find another job that allows you make such a choice. It’s a very physical game in the MLS. Compared to a few years ago, when we played friendlies over here, the level has improved. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the MLS.” Milan played a few MLS clubs a couple of years ago.

Part of Nesta’s interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

“Deciding to leave the environment, that you have dedicated your entire life to, isn’t easy,” he said of Milan. “I want to become a coach, but not a youth coach. I want to test myself at the highest level. I know that I need competition, I need adrenaline. Being a coach would be perfect for me, given my personality.

“The Spanish national team and Barçelona play boring football? I’ve played against Barça and I didn’t get bored. Their play is close to perfection. I rooted for Italy against Germany while I was in a restaurant in Miami. But I celebrated the victory vs. Germany without driving around in a car with the Italian flag.

“During the Euros, I felt a bit of nostalgia because wearing the Azzurri shirt is a wonderful thing. Balotelli? There are other players who thrill me more, like my former teammates Andrea Pirlo, Daniele De Rossi, Ignazio Abate and Gianluigi Buffon. Perhaps I left the Italian national team a bit too soon, but I have no regrets. If I had continued playing for Italy then I probably would have had to retire 3-4 years ago.

“I really like Prandelli’s playing style, but I also really like him as a person. Prandelli had always played with 4 defenders, but he had the intelligence to change it during the Euros. Prandelli knew that he had the Juve guys in his team: 3 defenders, Buffon as the goalkeeper and Pirlo in front of the defence. Juve won by playing like that and Prandelli adapted to that. Chapeau to Prandelli. He is humble and intelligent.”

“The Calcioscommesse case? This is the kind of country that Italy is. Every 4 years or so we create this kind of problem. I believe that we need harsh punishments that will serve as examples, because in the end nothing ever happens. If you do a stupid thing in America, then they punish you, then you never do it again. In Italy, you wait a few years, people forget about it and then the guilty ones do it again. We have to change our mentality. We need a tougher punishment and judicial system. Those who are guilty must pay.”

Nesta has started a new life in Canada: he’s keeping an eye on what’s happening at Milan, where he spent 10 years and won all the titles but is focused on his new experience at the Major League Soccer.

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best cb to ever exist
forza nesta <3
forza milan!


great words from one of the best defenders ever to grace the pitch. forza nesta!


Nesta is CLASS!!!!

Yepes, Bonera, Mexes, Acerbi, and Silva.
With Silva leaving we will need 1 to 2 extra CBs as Yepes is injured half of the season, Mexes could be banned with his aggressiveness, and Bonera can’t be a starter all season.Acerbi will hopefully be a good starter. Ogbonna should be our main target and Astori/Kyriakos should be our other targets and we should get 2 if Mexes leaves.


He knows better and he is right. With the ones like Bonera and Yepes and Antonini u cant go far in Champions League. Right now unfortunately Juve’s squad is better then Milan’s squad. If the DUO sale goes through and if no major minimum of three transfers happen Milan will be an 5th placed team for the upcoming season.
anyway in better or worse Forza Milan.


That was HUGE :/


The most complete & most intelligente cb in the history of football,probably…

Shenko Gh

You are spot on Sandro. Wishing you well in your new experience. Forza Sandro!


As always, spot on. Graceful both on and off the pitch, well spoken Sandro, it’s nice to hear that you still follow Milan, I hope to see you back as coach for us someday!