Mudingayi would welcome Milano move


GABI MUDINGAYI has admitted that both Milan and Inter are interested in signing him this summer.

Milan are searching for a defensive midfielder and along with the names of Real Madrid’s Lass Diarra and Nuri Sahin, also the name of Gabi Mudingayi came up as the 30-year-old could be searching for a team.

Mudingayi had an excellent season in the ranks of Bologna and is expected to be signed at a top team this summer. The player has revealed that both San Siro giants – Milan and Inter – are interested in him.

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“I can confirm that the two Milan clubs are interested in me,” Mudingayi, who previously played for Union Saint-Gilloise, Gent, Torino and Lazio said to Sport Italia. “They are the strongest clubs in the world. But it all depends on what Bologna decide. I would be happy to move to Milano but I’m also happy at Bologna.”

Mudingayi’s contract expires next year but his value at the moment is not clear. Mudingayi is not the only player that is wanted by both Milan and Inter as Palermo’s Vice President Guglielmo Micciché said the Milano clubs are interested in Matias Silvestre. Milan will only make a move for the Argentine defender if Thiago Silva gets eventually sold to Paris Saint-Germain while Inter are believed to be in pole position.

Meanwhile, il Corriere dello Sport reports that Milan could sign Andriy Yarmolenko from FC Dynamo Kyiv next summer on a free transfer as his deal expires next year. Milan have already had a failed bid for him.

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WHAAAAT??????????????????????HELL NOOOO


Yarmolenko’s deal expires?? So why the hell did they reject a 15m bid or sth from us?

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Another mediocre player in the twilight of his career got dreams of starting a new exciting career with Milan. What in the world is happening. Oh Oh I forgot i am just a fan and lover of the sport called “Football”, I have nothing to do with the players Milan want to buy,After they buy we watch and support.Coz we are the dumbest of fans who are happy with our past glory.

Ibrahimovic 11#

Mudingayi as usually a player ordered by Mr Massimiliano Average


If he was 23 I’m sure many of you would’ve said he’s a great player but since he’s 30 he’s average and bad. Mudingayi is in fact a very decent player. Much better than this version of Ambrosini that’s for sure.


Maybe, but 23 and average leaves a lot of room for growth beyond just being average. Being average at 30 usually means you will be below average by 33-35.

Ibrahimovic 11#

Milanfan probably hes decent yes, but he is not Nuri Sahin De Jong or Fernando Gago, he is no dreamregista…


Milan should sell some players to keep Ibra, Pato, Silva and Boateng. So sell Robinho and Cassano and from them we will get around 30mln. Get Giuseppe Rossi for 15mln, get Nigel De Jong for 8mln, offer 7mln for Andriy Yarmolenko maybe they will accept cus hes on his last year of contract. Get Balzaretti for 1 or 2mln and than if the offer for Andriy will reject than offer Amelia and Mesbah plus 5mln for Samir Handanovic. Imagine our team: Handanovic, Abate-Silva-Acerbi-Balzaretti, Monto-De Jong-Boateng, Ibra-Pato-Rossi.


No you are not welcome! This club is bigger than this type of player!


As good as he’s been, he is a short term option as he is 30….I rate he has a couple of good years in him, but I think we need someone who is younger and more dynamic like Sahin……this new Milan era needs to be inspired by youth


Dynamo Kjiv have signed on permanent deal 22 year old Ghanese forward Dominic Adiyiah, until now on loan from AC Milan.


Actually Adiyiah has been released by Milan and he’s no longer a Milan player and he has signed for Arsenal Kyiv not Dynamo Kyiv.

Pa ibra

Wow sack Allegri please. demanding all this defensive minded players so he can play defensive football next season.

Opinion Varies

Yeah…like always,blame Allegri for every possible signing that ends up in Milan.It’s kinda sad when you have fans still unaware Allegri is not the one pulling the transfer strings.Gone are the days when coaches in Milan chose what type of player they’ll be glad to work with-this current financial problem Milan is in…the coach don’t get to chose he works with whatever he is been given by the management.

ysae 2 ekam a loof

Yes and clearly Allegri has to take the blame, A big club like Milan doesn’t need a coach who listen’s to what B&G order and then come sit in press conferences with a fake smile and talk like he has players who are gonna win everything in the world. Allegri should have a say (If he doesn’t have yet) in the kind of players Milan are signing because he is the one who is going to manage them,If B& G or Barbara purchase players to their liking then Allegri will forever be a puppet of Milan. It’s either B&G manage… Read more »


He’s good enough for bench, if we get him on cheap and also we sign a top class regista it would be great
I can promise to all of you this transfer strategy is not because of allegri so stop criticize him in all ways


No to any player above 28yrs old please…sahin or gago.


I hate it when people on this blog start calculating.(buy mr.X for 8 mil, sell mr. Y for 10 mil.)it’s so annoying, immature and dumb. What will it achieve…u think galliani or riola reads dis blog…or i dn’t get it.


Sign us Kaká, Sahin, and Kolarov/Balzaretti in this market.

Winter and next summer get us Lloris, Déde, Ganso, Strootman Yarmolenko, Balotelli, and maybe Rossi if we sell Cassano.


Our team as I want it to look:

GK: Lloris,Abbiati, Gabriel
Def: Abate,De Sciglio,Déde, Silva, Acerbi, Ogbonna/Mexes, Youth, Kolarov/Criscito, Balzaretti/Didac/Urby
Mid: Kaka, Ganso, Sahin, Montolivo, Boateng, Nocerino, Strootman, Constant, Traore, Youth
ATT: Balotelli, Rossi, Pato, SES, Ibra/persie, Yarmolenko, Youth


We would all, I think, love our dear Milan to be this strong, but I doubt allegri would like the Mid and as for the attack I believe that Ibra/persie or Rossi should be taken out,

I can’t imagine seeing Milan this way not even in my dreams. SAD!!!


With whose money? Milan can’t afford all that.


Completely agree with 1five1. If it was really that easy the Galliani would have already done it


Milan has no money to buy the players we’ll like to see at milan. So what’s the way out???


Stadium ownership, at least in my opinion.


Don’t ever blame Allegri in the transfer market rather just Berlu & Galliani


those who blame allegri remember he had asked for veratti but the club did not enter negotiations as he is a juve fan and costs a lot. all of us fans, the players and even allegri will have to wait…its all upto berlusconi he has the final word and galliani acts accordingly. i would actually like to thank galliani for landing acerbi, montolivo, constant and traore for practically nothing. making the most out of 0 funds all those 4 players have the potential to make a huge impact at milan. no matter what happens us fans should stand united and… Read more »

flimizy rossoneri

I support Ifive1 too morever we should support critizing allegri. Cus most of d problem is from d top management


So bad…


We need not to worry, he is going to Inter!!!


some ppl had wool in their ears when allegri specifically said he wanted more creative players to come in in d u blame him. And i won’t blame galliani either. u can only work with d funds u have…dn’t forget dis is d same man under which kaka,shevy, pirlo,seedorf,rivaldo(record signing then), rui costa etc. came.

Ibrahimovic 11#

Allegri Von Average prefers both Mudingayi and Tymoshuk over Diarra and Gago now thats a good brain, the management is most clearly on Diarra….