Berlusconi: “How can Milan go back to being Milan? It’s simple but difficult: give it back to me, Gazidis’ words…”

Silvio Berlusconi leaving the polling station after casting his vote in Milano on May 26, 2019. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Silvio Berlusconi has suggested Ivan Gazidis shouldn’t have said Milan risked relegation to Serie D.

Following the win of Monza over AlbinoLeffe Stadio Brianteo on Friday evening, former Rossoneri President and current Monza owner Silvio Berlusconi spoke to Telelombardia.

“A friendly against Milan? You know that I joke every now and then… I said that we would beat them 3-0 but they say to have a smile always ready…” he said.

“The changes on the Milan bench? I don’t know Pioli and so I can’t express any opinion. I don’t even know Giampaolo personally and so I want to answer only about things that I know thoroughly. If Milan risked relegation to Serie D? Who said that…? Gazidis…? Ah, these are phrases that you shouldn’t say, and if someone wants to say them then he should go to the toilet, close the door and then say them.

“How can Milan go back to being Milan? It’s simple but difficult to do: give it back to Silvio Berlusconi. The new stadium? These are lovely projects, technology and modernity that are advancing, it will certainly be beautiful. We are fond of San Siro because we won everything there, every spectator gets a good view and I hope that a solution is found to prevent the old stadium being knocked down.

“Otherwise, I’d propose the city give it to Monza.” Silvio, as expected, continues to be oblivious to the fact that he’s had a big part in destroying the Milan that he built with years of mismanagement.

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What!! Give it to Monza…


LOL at that last sentence

Ac Dc

Milan needs Elliots financial backing with Gillianis transfer knowledge. Berlusconi was the modern day arab sheik


yeah so milan can get yet another bertolacci as mezz’ala and inzaghi/broccoli as coaches

soheil balini

you can’t rate a person with some few flaws.
He chose Carleto when we had a really good coach (Terim)
He bought Pirlo, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Weah, &…
He brought Allegri to Milan.

I don’t think anyone have more knowledge about how to make a club great compare to him.

yes he made some mistakes but he put up with a crazy CEO for 30 years and still got us so many UCL.


Agreed ! The fans forgot that the great Milan was with Berlusconi, Galliani, Sacchi, Capello, Ancelotti and a little with Allegri and Zaccheroni, if we don’t mention the first 2 champions cups in 1963 and 1969 !! so what’s the problem with Berlusconi ????

soheil balini

it’s impossible to love Milan & hate Berlu and Galliani. yeah I don’t like having Berlu back but come on! there is no Milan without them and guess what? after they left things got worse! we lost our identity. even when we were 11th with inzaghi we were still Milan. but we are now? a project four a shark company to make money with a CEO who his best achievement is paying 16m a year to fucking OZIL!

Martin Bernhard

Soheil i loved Silvio for the first 20 years as our Club president but as a politician and a human being ive pretty much hated his guts for well over 20 years when i started to realize what kind of politician he was so yes i do think you can atleast look at it the way i just explained, When that is said obviously ac milan and its fans Owes a lot to Silvio in regard of his football presidency and what he did for the sport as well. Im not italian but pretty sure lots of italian ac milan… Read more »

soheil balini

I lived in italy. lot’s of people hate him. lot’s of people love him. that’s how he won election every damn time. which politician is not corrupt? if you hate corruption stop loving Milan because right now we are owned by a “shark” company who destroyed lot’s of people life. you can’t seperate people and say ok I love you for your first 30 years and hate you for next 5! it’s a whole package. MILAN IS NOTHING WITOUTH SILVIO AND GALLIANI. remove the and you will only get a normal club in the world. if you can’t understand this… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Seriously Soheil what a load of bs first you twist what i said then comes with some weak arguments and then tries to slightly offend me at the end if not agreeing with your views so not even gonna waste my time anyfurther if thats your attitude towards me.


Ah politics in Italy…but at least sport is away from it, just so you know. It is never good to mix those two

Martin Bernhard

In general i agree sport and politics should be separated onfield but fact is off field sports and politics is entangled from start to end regardless of what the sports World want us to believe. As a private person its a different matter as you cant expect that people just park their views and that the sport as such is impervious to critique or scrutiny or above the Worlds problems so no i dont completely agree but get your point as players certainly shouldnt parade their political views via the matches they play themselfs either.

Check 0:20. It is a funny video if you speak italian

Martin Bernhard

Still pretty funny when you doesnt but im sure i missed a lot though. Sorta reminds me of jim jarmusch’s Night on earth segment where roberto benigni is a roman taxi driver giving a priest a Heart attack, after a raunchy cab confession, that one i atleast had the on subtitles though..


it by few flaws u mean at least almost 1,5 decades of mismanagement in terms of financial and sporting aspects then yeah ur absolutely right. just because he could get away with berlusconismo and spent berlu’s money on best players of the world between late ‘80 to mid 90 doesnt mean he’d been fantastic for milan in his last 1,5 decades of his tenure. he failed to find sheva’s replacement, thus making 4-3-2-1 a regular (no, it wasnt regular formation of milan when kaka/rui costa and sheva were still around. ance mainly used 4-3-1-2 back then, despite ur claim that… Read more »


That was straight savage of him

Martin Bernhard

With all due respect to what Silvio achieved in his first 20 years at the club its about time he completely stops commenting on the present ac milan or otherwise desserves getting permanently gagged as he really isnt helping the situation. The fact that he believes he wasnt part of the problem and even thinks he could be part of the solution tells everything about the mindset of this megalomaniac WHO lost all contact with truth or for that matter common sense and decency many years ago. Again with all due respect for what he achieved but managements of the… Read more »


Totally agree with you, Bernhard. But what a pity and how happy I am when Gazidis has been slammed by Mr.Berlusconi and Uncle Fester because of his f*cking stupid statements, hahaha

Martin Bernhard

Well silvio might be amusing from time to time and he and galliani can for that matter twist and turn it as they see fit because in the end it still falls back on them regardless of how disliked gazidis might be. First all handling the finances of the Club beyond horrible, selling the Club to a shady buisnessman that was nearly bringing the Club to its downfall. To top that remember Silvio saying that the Club would be in safe hands after the sale to Li Yonghong, yeah right. As many other people has said over the years, i… Read more »

soheil balini

I will take Galliani over Gazidis, Maldini, Boban &….

But Berlu? no thanks!


In 30 years, more or less with Galliani Milan’s balance at the end of the year was negative, with 2 exceptions, one of them when we sell Sheva. So, give us a break with Galliani, because without Berlusconi’s money he was nothing. I believe you remember his last years at Milan, and what players he brought and the balance at the end of those years. Stop comparing him with Gazidis, Maldini and so on. Different times, different realities….


@SOHEIL, Galiani may have more passion for Milan than Gazidiz, cos of his long relationship with the Club, but I will take Gazidiz over Galiani any day. Galiani made the worse signings for Milan after all other directors left and the news at the time was that he could do it all. Transfers were a total mess. He was buying mesh, constant, taiko, bartolacci to mention a few. Milan was losing on the field and off it too. No good investments. Gazidis, may not be the best out there, but he has shown that he can work in a team,… Read more »


14 years too late, should’ve started with complete overhaul of this club in 2005 and we wouldn’t be in this tragicomical situation

Martin Bernhard

Yeah i pretty much agree on that Ted, atleast its in those years from 05-08 where we should have done some completely different Investments, primarily in youth and less loans and overpaid washed up players that became the norm over those years. Nowadays we have some Young talented players but NeXT to none to lean upon which we had back in those days and would have made the transition so much easier to build upon.


Self-sufficiency is where they blew it – stadium, marketing etc.

Martin Bernhard

Agree Ted dffently a huge part of it and after looking at the recently released numbers of how the mighty have fallen in that department in the last 25 years its hard to disagree with it as well. I do think we could have bypassed those problems in the short run by investing in youth as Chelsea and City did if we had chosen that road before ffp was implemented.


Haha this buffone is so funny, so entertaining. I miss him though. Whatever people say about him, he loved Milan…and bunga bunga lol

Ross Oneri

Apparently Biglia is central to our new coach’s plan. I give up.