Strinić: “I’ve signed a 3-year contract with Milan, it’ll be a great thing to become part of this club’s history”

Ivan Strinić during the Greece-Croatia FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Offs second at Karaiskakis Stadium on November 12, 2017. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)
Ivan Strinić during the Greece-Croatia FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Offs second at Karaiskakis Stadium on November 12, 2017. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Ivan Strinić has confirmed his move to Milan and is happy to meet his ex-Dnipro and Croatia NT teammate, Nikola Kalinić.

After Pepe Reina confirmed this week that he is going to Milan, now is the turn of Ivan Strinić, who put an end to the rumours and officially announced he will be wearing a Rossoneri shirt next year.

Strinić is currently with the Croatian national team and Milan fans will be able to watch him in the Russia in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

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“The season is over now, so I can say that I’m no longer a Sampdoria player and I’ve signed a three-year contract with Milan,” the 30-year-old left-back told 24, according to the Italian media this afternoon. “The club will probably announce the deal after the end of the World Cup.

“Milan also wanted me when I was at Napoli, but Napoli didn’t allow it. That’s why I went to Sampdoria last summer to have a chance to play. Everything was perfect, I played a good part of the season and I think I did my best. I didn’t play from the moment Milan informed Sampdoria of the negotiations with me [in February]? When you’re expiring in 6 months, a club can do two things: they can think about getting the most out of you or decide to not let you play anymore.

Ivan Strinic and Lorenzo Pellegrini during Sampdoria-Roma at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on January 24, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Ivan Strinic and Lorenzo Pellegrini during Sampdoria-Roma at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on January 24, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“For this reason, I played only three matches in the second part of the season. Milan wanted me and waited for me [thus taking a gamble on an experienced player who didn’t get much playing time last season], saying that they didn’t care that I wouldn’t play much for the rest of the season. The fact that they wanted me anyway is a good thing [Strinić will most likely be Ricardo Rodriguez’s main back-up next season], as it will be a great thing to become part of the history of this club.

“Kalinić [who is 100/1, according to SunBets, to be the Top Scorer in Russia in the upcoming World Cup]? I’m happy to be teammates again with him, we get along very well. When I was at FC Dnipro I helped him a lot. Now I’ll sure that he’ll do the same with me at Milan. My situation? During the spring I had problems with bacteria that attacked me, and I fought it for three months. Things have improved, and I feel in an even better shape despite losing 4 kilograms.

“The last Milan season [many bet on the Rossoneri last summer to finish in the Top 4 but evidently they only finished 6th]? It wasn’t easy for Milan to change the whole team over the summer, so there is confidence that we can do better next year [the Diavolo are 170/1 to win the Serie A title next season according to Bet365], but it was a great success to reach the Europa League [Milan could still be excluded from the competition as they await UEFA sanctions].”

The Rossoneri transfer market begins with two free agents. Both Reina and Strinić are currently thought of as back-up, but will play their part as Milan want to return to the Champions League.


        • Ah okay, I see a lot of rumours linking him to Napoli though…
          21 goals and 12 assists is pretty great numbers, even though the dutch league isn’t what it once was

          • Nope, Mickey Mouse League.

            But, some interesting players though.

            I would advise Milan to buy Ziyech, Neres and Lozano if Milan is going to play 4-3-3.

            Otherwise, I suggest Milan to play with 4-3-1-2 next season. And then buy Ziyech, Depay and Eriksen

    • Agree on Ziyech and Neres of Ajax. Especially on Ziyech, we can watch him in World Cup. He is a Morrocan.
      I am hoping Milan to sign Ziyech and Fekir. I have been monitoring on Fekir since 3 yrs ago and suggested him in this blog. But none of the management interested on him.

      Last season i suggested Naby Keita and Marcos Acuna. Now, Keita and Fekir are the main interest of Jurgen Klopp. Great.

      In 1996, during Euro Cup, i was hoping Milan to sign both Zidane and Thuram. But the management signed Dugarry. Marvelous.

      • Ok, Mr. Captain hindsight. Recommending well known players is nothing to brag about. Btw, Zizou didn’t play well in E96. He played good for Bordeaux that season, which led to his transfer to Juve, not because of E96. Which you did not watch live, admit it.

  1. 2/3 then, just waiting for Ki to come out and confirm himself as a Milan player then. Hope you’ll prove to be a great back up player.

  2. Brace yourselves fellow milanistas for it will be sad and cheap, mostly bosman mercato this summer

    Farewell to the big ones (Donna, Suso, Jack, Silva, Bonucc), welcome free ones (Reina, Strinić, Ki/Badelj/Fellaini) and useless ones (Zaza)

    • Fellaini is that bad, actually i can see him as starter.

      Zaza is better than any Milan striker atm… so whats the problem?

      Suso is so good that without him Milan won 5-1 against Fiorentina.

      Silva is awful the worst striker ever.

      “bonaventura” is one of the worst players ever too… the others wont leave.

  3. although there are some personnel changes in milan, but milan is still buying undesirable players like zaza, morata etc, its as if Galliani never left the club.

  4. I know Milan wont splash as much cash like last season, but expect Ciro Immobile, Veretout and Bernard while Zaza will be a third option and replace Kalinic which isn’t bad. mirabelli said Milan will sign a GREAT striker, trust Zaza is not the one. The Italian is only a second fiddle to both Cutrone and Immobile who should lead a 4 4 2 formation which along 4 3 3 Gattuso will be alternating between next season according to Mirabelli.

    Ciro Immobile is now truly a world class player who looked like suarez over the season scoring 41 goals. No Italian or anyone has scored that much in Serie A for a long time if ever. Veretout is just one of those players who blossoms after age 24 like Vidal. He is a germ that Milan must sign to improve the Midfield. He is a lot better than the overrated Jack.

    Bernard is like Insigne but better in my opinion. And by the way Strinic is a lot better than Rodriguez who is just tasteless. He is nothing like Sergingho, Cafu, Jankulosvki let alone Maldini who were great at dribbling, fast, defensive and offensively flawless. Whereas Strinic is the closest thing to those legends. I have a feeling that Strinic will become like Mark Van Bommel who was excellent for Milan regretting not signing the dutch years before. Anyways Strinic still has 4 years at the highest level.

    • He said that before UEFA came with their decision. Now we dont know if he can fullfill that promise.
      We’ll see, otherwise I’d also expect Immobile which would be a solid signing along with Veretout and perhaps Depay.

    • You are the only one here who thinks clearly while everyone else is panicking just so that they can get a little drama in their lives. We getting the backup players 1st than we will buy the big players. They did say 2-3 players that will improve the starting 11

  5. Bellusconi is the architect of all this problem . He promised heaven and earth that he would nor sell Milan until a capable investor comes. Part of the condition for sale is that the investor must be able to invest in New players with the sum of 250 million pounds EACH for the first three years of investor taking over the club. He sold the club to Li who only could not provide the total cost of acquisition but an investor that do Not have funds to buy players. May be he has a hidden motive for selling to LI

    • The “investor” which Berlusconi found (after 2 years of searching) was apparently quite “capable”: for Silvo. For the club? Well… not necessarily


    They only croatian i would accept as milan player is modric.

    We already have one digusting useless croatian in our team and no we buy another one. GREAT.

    I hope to god Milan debt wont be solved so milan gets in the hands of elliot so we get rid of fassone and mirabelle ASAP

  7. Comment:Comment: these two are not included in the 2/3 players milan want in the mercato as the required players are; a prolific striker, a winger and a midfielder. Reina and Strinic were confirmed long time ago. DO you people follow Milan at all? He (Fassone) said Uefa sanctions will only affect them with -20mil, but they will still get the 2/3 players. moreover, Uefa has suspended our transfer till after the punishment.
    Please, don’t let continue with ignorance till next season.
    Forza Milan

  8. 3 or 4 players will come this mercato, Reina & Strinic then Fellaini/ Badejl/ Ki (Loca maybe go as surplus),
    Silva will go with Bacca as replacement & Kallinic beging to stay… another disaponting season is waiting

  9. People really think that free transfers is a bad thing… actually is the best thing ever made.

    most of them will come as reserves… so don’t understand their point…


  10. Unbelievable. This guy is horrible. He couldn’t even make the first team at Napoli. Another Mesbah type player.

    This is why Milan can’t make any progress. Ricardo Rodriguez season wasn’t spectacular.

    So instead of signing a better LB to compete with Rodriguez they signed a player that we don’t need because he’s not better than Antonelli. Smh

      • Probably because RR himself isnt all that hyped up as he first came out to be, so we need someone even better. Althuogh personally I think that he improved a lot in the last two months or so, didnt stand out much but didnt really do his mistakes from the beginning of the season either, which is an ok grade.

  11. When they say they’ll bring 3 players, one of them is a midfielder, another one is an attacker and the third one an external. I don’t remember Reina or Strinic playing on one of those positions, so stop being childish and make stupid remarks.

  12. According to the Republic, the Chinese have refused an offer of 450 million euros including debts with the American fund Elliot, a proposition coming from Dubai (more precisely from the real estate agent Al-Falasi); in addition to another offer that would allow him to remain a 30% minority shareholder. If he was really bankrupt he would have taken this deal and this is just 1 of the many offers he’s getting for milan.

  13. Mirabel leave morata alone it is this foolish strategy of yours that led us to go for kalanic concentration should be on immobile why pursue a flop when you have a gem in immobile .sincerely how did this guy became a sporting director am just confuse

  14. I think this is not the suitable time to judge new singings…….free players like Reina, Strinic, M.Badelj, M.Felleini, Bernerd all of them are shuold appreciated, coz they are free agent n fruitful for backup, so what’s the problem with u dear mets??????……… after grabbing then we should buy atleast M.Depey, Immobile/ Belotti, Veretout, Neres/Frosberg/Politano ( this 4 signing will change the scenario)…………. then sell Kalinic,Suso, Donnarumma,Monto, Abate, Gomez,……….Give Bonaventura n Borini 1 more season n then decide their future, if Conti fail to recover in time then Borini could be the backup for Calabria……….. Forza Milan

  15. Reina and strinic are replacement for storari and antonelli. They said the would sign a midfielder a winger and striker

  16. Hey news from Italy. Juventus wants to buy Romagnioli, let’s just see if Fassobelli are dumb enough to make that move.

  17. Am saying this again, all we need as proposed by Milan caretakers are M. Depay, Ciro immobile and Jordan Veretout. We can have additions as freebees such as M. Felleini who can add steel and aerial battle in mid-field and Bernerd for the right wing who can either replace Suso if sold or as a back up. If we don’t sell any of our star players along with these additions, we are definitely playing for Scudeto cus top 4 will be a guarantee…..

  18. Cristante is the 1st, Kucka ia the 2nd and Antonelli is the 3rd name that i don’t want them leaving the club.
    The 1st and 2nd are due to the management have too much hope to Montolivo.

    • I want ask Mr. A.Galliani how much money he earned for Milan by selling B.Cristante n now see the price tag of Cristante…..bloody fool

  19. I dont mind getting fellaini since he is free and he would be added depth. Seeie a might help him perform better since hes slow but hes an aerial threat and hes very physical. At the very least a good sub to being on as we dont have a sub for kessie. But his wage demands of 10m are just ridiculous. He shouldnt earn no more than 4m and if he cant accept that he can go to china. Depay is showing great interest and says he really wants to join milan even if we are excluded. I hope he joins he has been playimg great lately and he has the characterostics of what we need

    • Fellaini is not good enough to be a starter with the football we are trying to play -We need creativity in the middle for god sake not muscle and height

  20. If we are talking free players, what ever happened to the Bernard talk (although I don’t know his salary)? Even just as an option to rotate in the squad. Well we will see what this summer holds for milan, especially after the final ruling.

  21. Additions without the free players
    Striker: Immobile and replace Kalinic, Silva and Bacca with Pato (solid sub who loves the club and respects the shirt)
    Wingers: Depay and replace Suso with Politano if he leaves
    Midfield: Verteout
    Line-Up either 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-3-3
    Immobile Depay/Cutrone
    Verteout Kessie
    RR Alessio Leo Cala/Conti


    Depay Immobile Politano
    Hakan Veretout Kessie
    RR Alessio Leo Calabria

  22. Anyone see raiola’s latest comments? I dont think he’s ever said those words in his life. ‘Donnarumma could stay at milan for life’ that’s a cry out for clubs to get him. Psg lost interest in him and even after karius’ terrible display they still dont want him. If he keeps to this project and hes here for the long term then im fine with him staying if hes not happy and his agent creates problems he can go

    • No. That’s a reality check for Raiola that no one is stupid enough to pay Milan’s asking price for Donnarumma who is making silly mistakes like Karius.

  23. Welcome to Milan family hope you have good games when called upon.
    i’m seeing lot of talk about bernard in comments he would truly be gr8 rotation option i read somewhere he(his agent) demands 10m sign on fee(hope this isnt true) plus 3-4m salary.
    Still main transfer target should be immobile thats the player we been missing for long time selling kalinic and silva to raise up founds, his signing would be step in right direction.
    depay should be bought if suso leaves.

  24. Probably one of the reasons Fellaini is leaving Man Utd is for more playing time so good luck convincing him being a back up in our team.

    I’m glad he’s demanding 10m wages.. now Mirabelli should be fired and jailed if he try to offer more than half of that.

    Besides this team is full of back up materials so why adding all these Strinics and Kis??

    1 basic of building a team is that you don’t sign a 30y old as back up unless the starter is really young and need a mentor or something.

    There are lot of young promising freebies out there to sign for Rodriguez’s back up but instead going for an old below par player who will eat up some space and wages, contributing very little and then leave after 2-3 years.

  25. I Thought Mr Li Called Of The Bernard Transfer. Why Are We Still Talking About Him Like He’s Been In The News Lately

  26. Antonelli is leaving and the management is focused on only buying a cm striker and a winger that’s why we are getting people like strinic for free cause we only have 1 lb and no money for a better 1. Kessie is a starter next season so people like ki and fellieni are his backups which we had none of last season . The midfielder we are buying is a starter who will play along side Kessie so now do this signings make sense to you guys or do you like the negative side of things.

    • After what we saw from Kessie and co, I would say themselves should be the back ups. They can’t do the job. Sign better players or keep the same team with the addition of the 3 mentioned to be purchased.

      Lets be realistic.Fellaini is very unlikely to accept a back up role. Personally I wouldn’t even consider signing a player of his type when creativity is the problem. I think there are better and less expensive freebies.

      Antonelli should’ve stayed and if he’s not convinced to then at least let Rodriguez’s back up be younger with a bit hope of him being something useful in the future whether eventually replacing Rodriguez or fetching some money off him.

      Strinic is basically only a numerically cover. He’s not expected to give much competition to Rodriguez or grow either. I’m sorry as he’s already one of us but in my view we are just randomly putting 30 players together with no building strategy.

  27. Strinic is decent LB/LWB tha can run 24/7, has solid defence and large international experience. Good addition to young squad, especially for fee.

  28. Looks like Milan Badelj is the next Croatian entering Milanello, it seems they all planned to be together at Milan next season.

  29. While Shinter got de vrij and politano, we’re stuck with free players. Actually, we don’t have money, period!

  30. People forget that before Shevchenko came to Milan, his scoring record in Russia was very mediocre.
    But he came to Milan and became a legend. Just give the players a chance.
    After all Cutrone who we spent $0 on this season turned out to be a gemstone.

  31. Fellaini would struggle in Italy because physical player and would just give free kicks away not like premiership where he can play like to see kucka and bacca back and get rid of kalanic.quick winger skillful midfielder needed and invest in youth with potential for long term.we can’t compete financially with certain big European clubs so this is the way forward



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