Montella: “Europe is Milan’s home, tomorrow an opportunity to test out a different style, I’m sorry about Niang”

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (

Vincenzo Montella insists Milan will not underestimate Shkëndija as he expects a different match and is also ready to use a different system, presumably 3-5-2.

Milan won the first leg 6-0 at San Siro and so Montella left many of his starters in Italy and didn’t take them with him to Macedonia for the return leg against KF Shkëndija tomorrow (20:45 CET kickoff).

There are reports that Montella is going to use a 3-5-2 system and field a very young team, as Alessio Romagnoli (22), Davide Calabria (20), Jose Mauri (21), Manuel Locatelli (19), Niccolò Zanellato (19), Patrick Cutrone (19) and André Silva (21) are all tipped to start.

“We care about both Serie A and the Europa League equally,” Montella said to reporters as he sat in “Ballroom 2” at Hotel Marriott in Skopje next to veteran goalkeeper Marco Storari. “Tomorrow is the Europa League, so all our energy is focused on the next game, we have to get to the group stage.

“The line-up? It will be a different line-up compared to the first leg for many reasons, first of all I have a very big squad and after the Cagliari match many will go out on international duty. When they return, we’ll be playing every three days until December, so squad rotation will be normal.

“The differences beyond the result? It’s not in my thoughts. We must grow in our mentality. There are games in which we cannot afford to slow down and we must set ourselves targets, realize there are no easy games, and this will be another test to prove our continual and hopefully quick improvement.

“I think we should expect a very different type of game tomorrow. Shkëndija play better at home, they were perhaps intimidated by the atmosphere at San Siro [there were more than 40k fans] and we were very fired up for that night. I expect a different match and I’m sure it will be a difficult one. I expect tactical changes too and Shkëndija will no doubt be more confident on home turf.

“Tomorrow should be the right opportunity to test out playing in a different style [Zapata, Bonucci and Romagnoli could start], we need to improve our mentality and I’d like to evaluate some players. I see a lot of motivation and we do not underestimate the match. Europe is Milan’s home and we have to respect our home. I’d like to win, to win without conceding and to put in a strong performance.

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

“We are among the favorites for the Scudetto? Thank you for the vote of confidence! The Italian league is very difficult and there are teams in Serie A that are further ahead and more well-drilled, but we are a strong side and time will tell what our real dimension is. We can play for top positions.

“We do not feel that we are in a race with Juventus. We are challenging above all ourselves and time will tell what level of team we are or what we could become. It’s been only 60 days since we started training and the team is still under construction, as another player just arrived, so we’ll give our best to grow and improve. We can’t say what our real objectives are, other than feeding the enthusiasm.

“I am really proud to see that despite the first leg result, many players told me they wanted to be here and that shows a good mentality. Going all the way in the Europa League? I still have to get to know the real value of the team. There are important players who haven’t even trained a week together. We have maximum ambitions, the first is to become a team. We do not set limits.

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (

“Storari is starting tomorrow? It’s probable but not safe to say. The young Milan that could be fielded tomorrow? Zanellato has been with us for a year now, he’s evolving as a player, he needs to be formed, but he has quality. Tomorrow he could have his chance. Along with him there are also Matteo Gabbia, Emanuele Torrasi and Guarnone, who are young players who we want to experience it. Cutrone last year walked in this way, he had some difficulties but then we saw how he grew up.

“Romagnoli? Alessio is considered absolutely not for sale, both for the old and new owners, even for very important offers, as we believe he can grow a great deal. He’s proved that he can do really well both in three and four-man defense. He has a wide margin for improvement. We’ll see if we play with three at the back or four, we might alternate, but I don’t see a lot of difference.

“Niang [the player has submitted a medical certificate that exempts him from training for 10 days]? I’m sorry about M’Baye, we had a great rapport and playing for a club like Milan ought to be a joy, not the cause of stress. I expected something more from him. I hope he gets well soon and meanwhile I’m happy to have players here who aren’t stressed and are instead happy to be here.

Patrick Cutrone and Nikola Kalinić during training at Milanello. (
Patrick Cutrone and Nikola Kalinić during training at Milanello. (

“Cutrone and André Silva? I don’t think a side can get fossilized into a specific system, especially when we’re all still getting to know each other. Despite the arrival of Nikola Kalinić, I still think we’re a little short in attack. There will be room for everyone this season, no matter how we play.

“After the international break, in which one will go play with Portugal and the other with the U21 squad, there will be a great cycle in which we will need everyone.”

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That pic has cutrone looking at me like he just effed my b***h and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

As long as he keeps scoring he can do what he wants. I’m so excited to see our youth being rotated into the squad this year. I hope they all shine.


Actually, he’s looking at u while hugging grown man 10 yrs his senior. His eyes scream “care to join us? #dare to create, like adidas”


Just watch out for Zanellato. His quality undeniable. he is a lot like Rakitic.


I think he is more of Rabiot of PSG


Guys, please just let him be what he is. These nicknames are totally unnecessary.


Indeed, much rather have Zanellato make his own name than be Rakitic v2 or Rabiot v2 (which is not that much of a praise anyway).


Zanellato so


Zanellato sounds like inter-esque b movie star name. From now on, i’ll call him carletto jr


Hmmm I don’t think that one hit the spot mate.
Careletto maybe?


Zidanato must hit several acne spots on his face me thinks


Probable formation is reporting:

Storari; Zapata, Bonucci, Romagnoli; Calabria, Zanellato, Locatelli, Mauri, Antonelli; Andre Silva, Cutrone

Forza Milan!


Comment: “There will be room for everyone this season, no matter how we play.”
I love this.
that is what I clamoured for last season.


Hopefully we will be able to slap a 100mil price tag on Cutrone in 3-4 years for anyone who wants to make an offer for him.
Especially Torino.
And good luck tomorrow!


Why wait for an offer? Let’s be polite and offer him to Torino for a discounted 250m


Haha yeah
And to ManU as well


Bwahahahaaa…. Payable in installments for 1yr… and we would have ourselves a brand new 70k-sitter stadium paid up front

Lapadula yan

Let’s go Milan


what a milan montella gets every day more in my heart specialy after this great stress issue of milan ““Niang [the player has submitted a medical certificate that exempts him from training for 10 days]? I’m sorry about M’Baye, we had a great rapport and playing for a club like Milan ought to be a joy, not the cause of stress. I expected something more from him. I hope he gets well soon and meanwhile I’m happy to have players here who aren’t stressed and are instead happy to be here.“ respect montella what a way to say to niang… Read more »


Yeah,rot on the bench,does not want to go to Russia,why, people dont play football in Russia or what.Anyways with your quality you wont make to the reserves of any national team for the world cup,whichever nation you are from.Rotttt on the bench.Even if Milan sells him to Torino,include a buy back clause.If gets good,buy him back.


I thought you said farewell, Deb.
And I sang Fare Thee Well for you, and Ck made some lame joke about that.
What changed?

Bet you would love to go to the Putinland where football racism is quite high up on the list.
And not to mention, your ”whichever country you are from” sounds a little derogatory. Is it because he is of African descent?

And after blessing him to rot in the bench, you say insert a buy back clasue and get him back if he gets good. Kinda hypocritical, isn’t it?


Great point you raise here. Thing with Niang, just like all our ‘surplus’ team member is they rush to join ACM. After they have joined, they thing their value and football has magically jumped to world-class standard, however poor they are. They become puffed up and arrogant, or just ‘stessed’ and wiser. This mentality seems to live with them up to when we have to get rid of them. At that point, they now become bossy and do NOT want to swallow the bitter pillar that they have been found wanting of Milan’s high standards. Talk of Paletta, Sosa, etc.… Read more »


…………… Storari
…… Zap . Leo . Roma
Cala . Mau . Loca . Zato . Ant
……… Silva . Cutrone

any streaming link plaese?


download Mobdro app on your android phone, search for which channel showing the game online. Then go back inside the app and select the channel…

Adios Amigo…


Wow , what a welcome change in the squad.
Great to see that montella is willing to give youngsters a chance when opportunity arises.

Good luck young prodigies. Make us proud.


I can’t wait to watch our youngsters demolish the opponent just like the first team did.


“Adriano Galliani confirms Maurizio Sarri really was very close to joining #ACMilan” footballitalia tweeted.
Goddammit kojak


We have signed Tiago Dias, RW, 19 years, from Benfica for our Primavera. What do u say about that ??? And what’s your oppinion about Bargiel, AM, 17 years ? And what is the most promising youngster from our Primavera in this moment ( to be one that have never been in the first team ) ? Forza Mauri, Zanellato and Gabbia !!


Not really familiar with Dias and Bargiel.
But watch out for Bellanova, Vigolo, Hamadi, Iglio, Sportelli and quite some others like Bellodi and Basani.


Comment:i see kessie starting and Zanellato coming in as sub.
I also don’t think montella will start Cutrone and Silva together, but I will happy if he does


Rumours said that we’ll play 3-5-2 and it is very possible to play in midfield with Mauri, Loca and Zanellato, resting Kessie ! It is also possible to see Suso as a second striker, but It is very possible to play with Silva and Cutrone in the same time. If the things are bad it’s possible to see Kessie, if they are good it’s possible to see also Torrasi and maybe ( but there are few chances ) Gabbia !

Baresis Dream

Whatever the score is, just no injuries please!