Report: Milan approach Ajax for €10 million El Ghazi, Roma to give answer about El Shaarawy on Friday

Anwar El Ghazi #21 of Ajax celebrates scoring his teams second goal of the game during the Dutch Eredivisie match between Ajax Amsterdam and ADO Den Hagg on August 30, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Anwar El Ghazi Ajax celebrates during Ajax-ADO Den Haag on August 30, 2015. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

The respective futures of El Shaarawy and Cerci remain unclear but it seems that Milan have identified a replacement should they both leave, in the form of Ajax’s Anwar El Ghazi.

It’s already the 15th of January but the transfer market hasn’t really started for Milan yet as they haven’t done anything since confirming the re-signing of Prince Boateng on the 5th of the month.

The mercato appears to be stuck as Adriano Galliani is keen to first sell players but things aren’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped, especially when it comes to Cerci.

The former Torino man has accepted the loan move to Genoa while Milan and Atletico have also agreed but the Qatari fund that owns a part of his ownership continues to resist the move. They are only interested in a permanent move for Cerci and Milan are waiting for the situation to unlock.

The future for El Shaarawy also remains hanging in the balance. What’s clear is that he will leave Monaco since they don’t want to buy him out in the summer. Roma have been in talks with Milan and the French club about Stephan but with Luciano Spalletti replacing Rudi Garcia, things didn’t progress in the last days. According to Sky’s Di Marzio, Roma will tell Milan today if they wish to keep the negotiations alive. Fiorentina are also believed to be interested in the 23-year-old.

Di Marzio also reports an interesting back-story: El Shaarawy in fact had a meeting in person before Christmas with Roma’s Walter Sabatini to talk about the possibility of the Genoa youth product, who according to our poll – is welcome back at San Siro, joining the club from the capital this January.


Adriano Galliani said that it’s possible that Stephan will stay at Milan but things will be clearer in the next days. In any case, Di Marzio states that Milan have targeted Ajax’s winger Anwar El Ghazi and have already made a first contact with the Dutch club. It’s said that Ajax are wishing to get €10 million for the 20-year-old winger, who according to reports is also wanted in the Premier League.

It’s hard to imagine that Milan will go for El Ghazi – or any other winger – if they can’t send El Shaarawy and Cerci elsewhere. The market of Milan is finally picking up the pace.

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Yeees yes yes he is a beast!! Finally some good link with Milan.. And he is right winger which we need… Just pleaase bring us midfielder also!! And we already “lost” Matip – he agreed with liverpool for summer free transfer… Come on galliani, bring us Caceres, if anything for free in the summer… And Banega or Witsel.. —————- Donnarumma Calabria – Caceres – Romagnoli – Antonelli El Ghazi – Witsel – Boateng – Bonaventura ———— Bacca – Niang And with: Lopez, Alex, DeSc, Bertolacci, Honda, Menez, Balotelli On the bench we could have very very good squad… Altrough it… Read more »


no,Klopp denied that Matip signed for them so he is still on market


When you bring in other clubs flop how do you expect to sell them?.. i read also today that galliani is considering bringing back 33yr old boriello to replace luiz adriano…smh… this galliani man has to leave asap!


that was a joke


El Shaarawy could well stay thinking the departures of Cerci and Luiz Adriano


I’d understand if El Sharrawy is sold, but he’s one of my favourite players and I hope he gets a chance here at Milan. As for El Ghazi, while i haven’t seen him play that much, I hope we get him. He’s only 20, not that expensive and I’ve heard that he has a lot of potential. I still remember when Douglas Costa was available for a similar price and we just let him go.


Not only him Rafael Cabral and Felipe Anderson were also available. Santos were ready to give them in exchange for Robinho and 5-6M


Best lesson learnt for Galliani and Milan from 2015-16 season- Have no business in future with AS Monaco. They gave Kondogbia to Inter after accepting our bid ( in the end saved us money though) and now have gone back on their promise of signing El Shaarawy. Clear signs of Galliani loosing touch that now he is being outsmarted by other directors.


I would rather see Milan splash on Kondogbia than Bertolacci, Kucka and Luiz (since he was bought only for 6 months). Kondogbia maybe flopped at Inter but who didn’t, they are even worse in terms of nurturing talents than Milan.


Solid player i watch him play hes too fast he just scored 6 goals in his last 4 games and hes only my age 20. i wish we get him but we no how gallani is. Id love to have him and a mid amd guys i hope wedo but sorry we might not get witsell were not even trying to offer anything for him but i hope we do. Im just being honest guys. Were going to end up getting some guy we havent heard of and we all hate. Were always right but they never listen to us… Read more »


To be honest I don’t think witsel is our fault just the Russians won’t play.


Juve have gotten the talented young Italian players such as Mandragora, Sensi, Sturaro, Zaza, Rugani, Leali and others while they have the first right to purchase Berardi. They knew they have made a huge mistake in not raising slightly their bid to get Verratti whom his services are now worth more than 70 million. They are acting wisely in snatching the best emerging Italian talents in the peninsula. Whereas AC Milan boast about building in all Italian Team. Enough talking and start working you piss of shit Milan Management. Galliani’s friendship with Preziosi brought him plenty of useless players from… Read more »


Well that is not entirely true we brought in romagnoli and mauri plus donnaruma is the probably the best young keeper in italy. We have niang and we are linked with this el ghazi guy. Plus people keep forgetting de scgilio is just 22-23 he has time to grow and bertolacci is 25 and bonaventura 26. That imo is a pretty solid core to build upon.


We didn’t buy Donna, and Bertolacci is average, nothing to build upon on. De Sciglio is another average player who thought he was great and stopped improving two years ago. The others i agree with.


Shaarawy and Ghazi on wings would be my dream partnership. I still have faith in Stephan afterall he showed what he’s capable of in his first season.

The boy ain’t finished yet


If Milan buy El Ghazi, they should keep SES. But first they have to off load Cerci and hopefully Honda too! Still dont understand why Honda is still in Milan.
Hope Milan dont sell SES for 12-14 ( to Roma…renember Bertolacci price!!) and buys El Ghazi for 10! That would show how stupid Galliani really is.


conte is the only menager that still belive in el sharrawy, and galliani wants him to take over milan at the end of this season, but on this side he want to sell the player conte wants..
this is a bog problem for milan becouse el sharrawy will be even better than aubameyang.
he needs club and menager that will support him the same with balotelli, then No one cant stop Them.


Saponara, Aubameyang, Darmian, Mastour are examples of how Milan mistreat their talents and same will happen with Shaarawy and Mauri. I don’t understand how trainers such as Conte and Spaletti see something and have faith in Shaarawy but Milan doesn’t. Well they can always stick with Cerci, Honda, Bertolacci, Poli and co., they’ll deliver that 10th position on table anyday!


Spaletti hasen’t said anything about El Sha, It’s Sabatini who is interested not Spaletti.


My hopes are lying down quietly here because Galliani is mediocre and only thinks of bringing mediocre players to Milan. I dont care if he eventually brings Messi as am tired of him already and he should just leave asap.


This blog must be full of young supporters of Milan, who are addicted to FIFA manager. Otherwise i can not explain why they want this winger and why Shaarawy is so popular. He is a flop, so is Balo btw. And bringing a new winger is absolute nonsense. Miha dont play with wingers, Conte dont play with wingers. We need a right midfielder for Miha, idealy one who can be central midfielder for Conte. RM and RW are not same thing, We dont need another cheap one-dimensional winger when we need a top wide midfielder who can play in the… Read more »


Agreed, we don’t play with winger, they’re not utilised properly in whichever of the systems Milan have employed in the last while. Historically we’ve never really used wingers, our full backs have always been strong enough to compensate for that. However, Ghazi has scored 8 goals and had one assist this season for Ajax, he’s created 11 chances in 13 games, has an average pass accuracy of 77% and has won 53% of duels, not bad for a 20 year old


I think we should keep ses to battle it out with bonaventura and also with the strikers…bonaventura cannot finish where as ses can. We should also try boateng in cm because of his shot accuracy. Reason is we need a cm that is capable of scoring goals. For rm, we should go for el ghazi guy because he is young and has time to develope.


Bona is a better finisher than Ses&Boateng.


the only person with decent finishing in milan is bacca


the only problem at Milan is d management. they don’t care wat we fans think. they know the right players to improve the team they don’t just feel d need to get dem but hopes to get back into Europe wit mediocre players in d team wit d exception of those good ones we already know. I mean just imagine dat of Tevez n Matri. I just can’t stop wondering. Also veratti once cost 7m, imagine wat berardi is doin in d league.we fans know d gud players n so does d management dat shows negligence,lack of commitments n passion,all… Read more »

veer khase

@Gman Even though both SES & Boateng cannot be compared to bonaventura atm ,but bona is not a good finisher. I am not criticising bona, he is much better in terms positioning but he shoots in the hands of goalkeeper often (for eg. against verona). He is good team player but if he improves his finishing he will become a complete wide midfielder.


Rumors that Miha will be replaced by lippi on Monday. It’s madness. Berlusconi can’t stand anyone who has the balls to challenge his ideas.


Tuttosport reports, that Miha could be replaced by Lippi as soon as this coming Monday… Altough it’s still nothing but a rumour, being linked to a legendary manager like Marcello is great news (if we decide to part ways with Sinisa, that is).


LIPPI? Yeah he’s legendary. For taking a star studded italian national team to champions of the world. He’s also known for being the first ever world cup champion to be eliminated in the group stage of the same tournament 4 years later. He doesn’t use youth. At all. He brought the exact same team to the world cup 4 years later knowing they were 4 years older. Sure he may be alright but don’t expect to see our youth grow under him.


Agree i would rather left Miha anyday than put 70-year old coach who lost touch with modern football.


Galliani will only get a WASHED striker and give flimsy excuses about how he missed out on midfielders and defenders. #goawaybaldy


Omg no not lippi. Stick with miha. Get witsel and elghazi


France were champions in 98 and didn’t get past the first round in 02., Italy wasn’t the first


These kids here dont know history, Lippi is a great coach. Won cl + 3 final losses, runners up Uefa cup, won Serie a 5 times, won WC, won A asian CL. This is exactly what we need a Winner! enough with rookie coaches or average coaches. It’s easier to control guys like Miha, Inzaghi or Allegri than a guy like Lippi. Lippi has so much respect in Italy that even Galliani haves to obey.


Our problem now is not a winger but rather a CM and DM,this guy is just like urby emanuelson.we need caceres/laporte/rugani and witsel/banega/pastore


Guys as a Dutchie I watch Ajax a lot. El Ghazi was on fire the start of this season however he picked up an injury and he has never quite recovered. I think he would be good as a sub but common how can we expect to build a with subs of ajax.


that is true but again he is the best name that we are linked with


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