Galliani: “The Kondogbia deal was done, if we save €40m from him and maybe €35m from Martinez…”

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Adriano Galliani said Kondogbia was on his way to Milan at lunchtime but then things changed and hints Milan could lose Jackson Martinez as well.

Geoffrey Kondogbia signed a five-year contract with Inter last night (the move will be official after the medical on Monday but the papers have been signed). Milan were battling the Nerazzurri for his signing and according to Adriano Galliani, they had a deal in place for the player but then things took a turn.

“The Kondogbia deal was done at 13:30 CET,” Galliani said as reported by Gazzetta. “Monaco had agreed to sell him to us for €40m, to be paid in two installments: 20 & 20. The agreement that we made with Kondogbia on Friday evening, was confirmed on Saturday morning by the player and his father.

“After we exchanged documents at 13:30 CET, they changed their minds or the other party offered them more money.” Inter will pay the player a figure close to €5 million net for five years and will also pay a substantial figure to Monaco (probably close to €40m) so it total the deal could be worth €70m.

According to La Gazzetta, Galliani told Nelio Lucas of Doyen Sport, who has flown with Galliani on his (failed) missions that We can’t accept the Kondogbia deal at these figures. Sometimes one must have the courage to get up from the table instead of staying – so let’s go.” Galliani said it to Lucas after Monaco had informed him that the price for Kondogbia had gone up to €40m + €3-4m in bonuses.

Milan are also close to losing Jackson Martinez to Atletico Madrid. A deal has been in place with Porto for quite some time but there is only a verbal agreement with Jackson and the player seems tempted by Champions League football and some already consider his Atletico move done.

“If we save €40m from Kondogbia and €35m from Jackson, then we’ll have €75m to spend wisely in the rest of the transfer window. Only time will tell if this will turn out to be a good or a bad thing.

Translation credit: @Milanello

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Now that Inter have been ” Bled Dry”, and they still need one striker and two midfielders according to their plans, they will surely sell Kovacic. The player himself would not want to leave the city of Milan. Only other suitor is Liverpool whom we CAN beat. At 21 years of age with ability to play anywhere in midfield and with 3 year Serie-A experience, he would be a GREAT signing.


For me, van ginkel>kondogbia…
Just bring back ibra n niang…we dont spend much money…sell menez, we get money

Fw: elsha-ibra-niang…sub:gabigol, molfetta, mastour,suso
Mf:bona-de jong-mvg ..sub:honda, poli, baseli, mastalli,monty
Df: antonelli, mds, palleta, abate, (this area we need to focus) buy 2-3 quality df….


how about report basselli guys? anybody know?


Galliani is offering Roma 15 millions + bonuses for Bertolacci, so now our average, medicore mercato can start!


Get edin dzeko, i remembered that he was milan target when he was in wolfsburg…


Totalt agree with that. And City Want to sell. Jovetic and dzeko and we Are fine in attack.


I think we don’t need to buy more than 3 good players. We just need to get rid of some players : Agazzi, Rami, Muntari, Menez, Montolivo, Honda, Albertazzi, Zapata, Alex, Zaccardo, Bonera, not sure about Pazzini, but maybe if we buy Immobile or someone like that, we don’t need to extend Van Ginkel, Destro or Cerci loans. I’m not saying that it will be easy but we must get rid of this players we don’t need 32 players squad. And if we sell those players then would be better if we buy young CB there are lot of options,… Read more »


Justifications upon justifications.that is what Galliani is good at.perhaps clubs are asking for too much for players,but you see Galliani,nobody is going to reduce prices just because its mr. Galliani they are doing business with.pls enough. How dare you, raise our hope so high and come justify why you couldn’t get players you travelled all over the place for.mediocre is what you are good at.what good business have you done since you bought and sold Silva and IBRA?.the usual unattractive you have made this great club.I feel so sad. And what am I hearing about Jackson Martinez? That we… Read more »


Totally agree. It’s the same crap different day. Money or no money this guy just can’t seem to get it right. He only buys from certain agents, I’ve heard from 3 only. Know why? He gets kickbacks from the agents when he buys their players. That’s why he bought Matri for the same amount as Juve bought Tevez when he spent the better part of previous summer to court Tevez himself. It’s true that in Italy players need to pass their medical in order to sign for clubs, that’s why there’s always a clause in there. If there’s something wrong… Read more »


na frustration dey worry you so @ cloud


I dey shock sef.


If the deal was done, he would have been a Milan player and he is not so obviously deal wasn’t done. Galliani, it’s time to turn your resignation in for the good of Milan. With that said, there is no way Kondogbia is worth 40mil – inter can have him at that price and we don’t want any players that do not want to play for Milan. Seems like Martinez will also not come, once again, we don’t want him if he doesn’t want to play for us. Gallani should ask any player before he even starts negotiations if they… Read more »


I am not mad at all that we missed out on Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez, their price was too high. Milan should go for Axel Witsel and Luiz Adriano instead. Cheaper and just as good in my opinion.

I wouldn’t mind Immobile or Chicharito on loan. If we could get Cuadrado or Salah and Soriano that would be awesome.

For the defense Mat Hummels and Darmian would be a good additions.


My sincere wish was that Milan should be able to get the likes of Jackson Martinez and Kondogbia but all seems to be a dream,
One thing I know is that Milan getting players in this transfer window to overhaul the squared will be a bit difficult cos’ the team lack one important criteria which is the trip to European competitions…….
With this @ hand, Martinez would have make a deal 95% sure done deal
Kondogbia wouldn’t have being lost within 24hrs discussion..
This challenge of the European League Spot is the dead weight on Milan


All team in italy is scared when Milan is ready to big spending.
Like Roma who move fast with Bertolacci.


You guys should know that serie a has certain restrictions. ..a club can’t sign more than 2 non eu players a season….so I think Milan will sign first team players before they think about youngsters in Brazil, Argentina, etc.


Fiorentina surpassed us in jose mauri’s deal. Please don’t waste this talent! He is almost for free!


Inter offered more money to him, according to newspaper it is 4,5 M
If Galliani more than 4 M, the highest salary in Milan, it will be disharmony for other player in our team.
Hope the management know how to improve our team.
Personally I prefer Casemiro from Madrid, hope so.
Forza Milan

Attah chibuike promise

Comment: Galliani should stop giving excuses and start getting results


Guys…juve already have morata tevez matri llorente. dybala mandzukic… where does that mean for Berardi. …..with the co ownership outlawed ane everything.


I just took a second look about what Galliani said,with regards to losing kondogbia and Martinez. He says and I quote “the kondogbia deal was done,if we save €40m from him and MAYBE €35m from Martinez…” Guys he is saying maybe with regards to Martinez, and what did Martinez himself come out to say about the suppose deal to Athletic Madrid? Marry the two and your guess could be as good as mine. I still keep my figures crossed.


Get witzel and hummels!