Galliani: “The Kondogbia deal was done, if we save €40m from him and maybe €35m from Martinez…”

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Adriano Galliani said Kondogbia was on his way to Milan at lunchtime but then things changed and hints Milan could lose Jackson Martinez as well.

Geoffrey Kondogbia signed a five-year contract with Inter last night (the move will be official after the medical on Monday but the papers have been signed). Milan were battling the Nerazzurri for his signing and according to Adriano Galliani, they had a deal in place for the player but then things took a turn.

“The Kondogbia deal was done at 13:30 CET,” Galliani said as reported by Gazzetta. “Monaco had agreed to sell him to us for €40m, to be paid in two installments: 20 & 20. The agreement that we made with Kondogbia on Friday evening, was confirmed on Saturday morning by the player and his father.

“After we exchanged documents at 13:30 CET, they changed their minds or the other party offered them more money.” Inter will pay the player a figure close to €5 million net for five years and will also pay a substantial figure to Monaco (probably close to €40m) so it total the deal could be worth €70m.

According to La Gazzetta, Galliani told Nelio Lucas of Doyen Sport, who has flown with Galliani on his (failed) missions that We can’t accept the Kondogbia deal at these figures. Sometimes one must have the courage to get up from the table instead of staying – so let’s go.” Galliani said it to Lucas after Monaco had informed him that the price for Kondogbia had gone up to €40m + €3-4m in bonuses.

Milan are also close to losing Jackson Martinez to Atletico Madrid. A deal has been in place with Porto for quite some time but there is only a verbal agreement with Jackson and the player seems tempted by Champions League football and some already consider his Atletico move done.

“If we save €40m from Kondogbia and €35m from Jackson, then we’ll have €75m to spend wisely in the rest of the transfer window. Only time will tell if this will turn out to be a good or a bad thing.

Translation credit: @Milanello

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Tsk tsk tsk Fester is at it again with the excuses smh stop being a lazy old fart and put some fricking effort into this mercato.

The Godfather

I am not pissed that we don’t get Martinez and Kondogbia, because they are not the targets I wanted to be at Milan. But Galliani somehow managed to hype us about these players and failed to sign them, he failed in principle. You cannot say that apple tastes bad if you fail to grab it after hours of jumping, like a grumpy old man. Set better targets, everyone at Milan would be more happy if we get Hummels now and wait for Thiago Silva next year on a bosman deal (free). Or sign Verrati for the ammount that you save… Read more »


Kondogbia money was well saved bcz he wasn’t worth that much…
In this price we can buy gundogon… Who is much proven player than kondogbia….
About Jackson deal… 35 mil was good sum for him… But if ibra comes along with jovetic we may not need Jackson… That would be a cheaper and better purchase…


Except Gundogan wants 10m per year.


Leave it up to Fester to let everyone down im not so much moved by the fact we didnt get these players but the constant talk and no action? Then we gonna go buy kucka and toni cause they “smarter buys.”


After de Jong agreed to stay I don’t think we needed kondogbia… We need some creative CM now like gundogon… Or retain MVG smartest option…


hmm 75 million…with that money we could make an offer for Verratti.

or Gundogan + Hummels + Ibra

or replace the whole squad xhaka + van ginkel + baselli+ Ogbonna+ Embolo + Maksimovic

I’m actually pleased we won’t be wasting so much money on kondogbia and martinez.


well, first i was really disappointed, but i think we sould get players who wants to play for milan not just because of money…even i we lose martinez

and be honestly guys, kondogbia is not worth this price, i mean really 40m???
HOWEVER, i think galliani lost his touch, i can’t imagine kondogbia or martinez rejecting paulo maldini…if he were our sporting director


To be honest if this what really happens, we CANT blame galliani for it, it was kondogbia’s agent, and monaco’s greed that cause us. And of course inter’s disgusting move. For martinez, we cant blame galliani either, we cant do signings before medical. Its clearly stated in serie a transfer policy, however in spain there are different rules to sign player first and then medical later. And the fact atletico can promise him first team starter and champions league made it kinda hard for us to compete with atletico. Come on guys, we cant blame galliani for this. Lets see… Read more »


Yup, you’re totally right actually. But i still feel we should get Martinez. But i would prefer us signing Ibra over him anyways, and we will save more money on that operation too and could spend it on midfield and centre backs.
Kondogbia was way overpriced no doubt.


Yea i agree, signing martinez is great, he can give us a hand for 3 years top. But well, if ge decides to take atletico’s offer. I bet there are many forwards for 35m € with younger and qualities.

I’m kind of 50-50 for this martinez deal now. Or is it just me that dont want to get my hopes to high 🙁


its a bit sad that we lose martinez too, but i still belive in balotelli as rodgres does not know how to play him and get the best out of him, and with 30/35M you can get both balotelli and Aubameyang /Berahino right now,

but i belive galliani should go to ukraine right now, and secure the signature of Yarmolenko, Konoplyanka, Dragovic.
and of cuourse get Veratti,


I’m a firm believer that Balotelli plays his best when he has a good coach and a solid midfield to feed him. He’ll have to find that elsewhere though, as Milan simply can’t afford a player that’s not dependable. Love the guy, but he’s simply not.


This is the reason why I don’t get excited unless something is official. Too many times I’ve seen Milan linked to everyone and we end up getting peanuts. I wasn’t a great fan of the Martinez deal only because by the time we make a good squad he will be 32 at least BUT i also understand that we cant get a better player ATM because not only are we not in CL we are not in Europe.
I am hopeful of some good deals but i’m not holding my breath.


Milan + 75 million well spent

El Shaa—-Balo/Embolo—-Salah/Niang
Van Ginkel—De Jong—-Xhaka/Baselli
Williems—Subotic—Ogbonna–De Scig


Embolo+Balotelli+Xhaka+Van ginkel+Baselli+Salah+Ogbonna


Too much FIFA… Embolo is only 17 and cannot legally transfer here or we will end up like Barcelona


Ok Adriano Galliani doesn’t know how to make a deal this team doesn’t know how to make a deal this team needs somebody that knows how to work the transfer market sure as hell he doesn’t know I think he lost his touch


ibra 10m, jovetic 15m, luiz adriano for attack and baselli 10-15m, gundogan 20m, and jose mauri 5m and defence howedes 18m, dragovic 15m and for 100m we have a team good enough to qualify for cl places


Kondogbia and Martinez showed their greed and lack of loyalty. This is not sportsmanship and they won’t have my respect. Not because they didn’t come to Milan, it’s because they just played hard to squeeze the maximum money out of the clubs.


That’s the reason Berlusconi wants more of Italians, they aren’t this greedy, they know what it means to play for a top club without being motivated by money. I remember toure threatening to quit city over a birthday issue. How can kondo agree only to change his mind cos of a better offer, if it was Monaco that changed the plans, I would understand. Clasie should still be in the market I believe.


Galliani sud pls work harder to get better players if he cant get Kondogbia and Martines,there are better players out there that have passion for milan.
€40m is too much for Kondogbia,i agreed but our scouts sud work more,players are in brazil,argentina,ukraine etc.

BnG dont let us down plsssssss.


I am not sad about the fact that we couldn’t get Kondogbia and Martinez although getting both these players would have been a true statement of intent from Milan but 75 million is in my opinion a bit too much. I believe that if we take a closer look at our current squad, it’s not as bad as it seemed during the whole of last season, players like Cerci, Rami, De Jong, MVG, Suso and Honda are actually very good players given the fact that they get the right leadership, motivation and their preferred playing position and I hope that… Read more »


Galliani ruined Milan in last 2 years and this is just d effect of the position he placed Milan today else.. who is Martinez or Kondogbia to say no to Milan? Status quo! That being said, i think we shouldn’t get too carried away by availability of €75m as Galliani’s words can only be taken with a pinch of salt. This club has lost its respect and needs respectable people like Maldini to handle affairs again. Galliani might think he’s that respectable man he was but this has shown to all (especially former players) who believe that there is no… Read more »


joventic to juventus


1st Team:
Bruno Peres Hummels Maksimovic Antonelli
Soriano DeJong Bonaventura
Cerci Immobile El Shaarawy

2nd Team:
Abate Mexes Ely De Sciglio
Poli Baselli Van Ginkel
Suso Mitrovic Niang

Out: Agazzi, Muntari, Menez, Destro, Honda, Pazzini, Rami, Montolivo, Bonera, Paletta, Alex, Zaccardo

In: Maksimovic, Bruno Peres, Hummels, Soriano, Mitrovic, Immobile, Baselli, Niang

TBD: Albertazzi, Zapata, Mastour, Players on Loan


Soriano and a MVG are the must buys…
Forget balotelli if pato would be much better than him…. Only attack options should be… Ibra, Jovetic , Luis Adriano, Pjaca, Bacca, Gabigol…
Then defence… Realy strong defence is what we need…


Pato isn’t fit to play in high level European football anymore.. unless he be more focus & serious towards his carrier..


I love Pato..I was gutted when he left…he’s one of my favorite players ever….but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. ..btw….inter is rumoured to be interested.


I’m with the general consensus here that while Galliani screwed up and needs to go, 75m is too much for those 2, my preferred market would result in:

Darmian——Ogbonna——-Subotic—–De Sciglio
————————-De Jong————————-
Salah——————-Niang———–El Shaarawy

Or sign Aubameyang and play Niang on the right. Or if they insist on playing 4312 just play El Shaarawy behind Niang and Salah.

This side has amazing pace up front, a very creative but gritty midfield, a solid defence and a decent amount of Italians.


Darmian/abate——Ogbonna/rami——-howedes/ely/paletta—–De Sciglio/antonelli
————————-De Jong/ jose mauri————————-
ibra/l . adriano——–El Shaarawy/jovetic

ibra 10m, l.adriano free, jovetic 15m, salah 25m, gundogan 25m, baselli 10m, jose mauri 5m, howedes and ogbonna 30m, darmian 20m total 140m and sell menez, alex and suso and the rest of dead weight for 25-30m for 110m max we can easily qualify for ucl or win seria a!!!


Better losing martinez then is hard to find player with his class and cheaper right now..i dont know wether clasie or imbula is better than him..witsel, gundogan or verratti may be better but it is hard to sign them..really this is a big blow for us..what should we learn is to find a good scout, kondogbia, miranda, godin, otamendi, pogba, vidal all an affordable player 2-3 years ago but no real action!! Now we should take immediate action for Pjaca, i believe he has a big potential.. D lopez De sciglio hummels balanta kolarov Witsel jose mauri bonaventura Mastour/pjaca… Read more »

Ac fan

Comment:I’m nt blaming Galliani at ol for dis two transfers we re about t lose,Kondogbia is nt worth dat price nd even martinez at 29 is nt worth it too.With 75mil pounds plus 5mil,we cn spend wisely.In my own humble opinion we cn get ibra+hummels+bacca+gundogan at 12,25,20&30 respectively


Hahaha now Juventus are in pole position to sign Jovetic for 20 millions

But hey, we can still renew Destro loan how about that?!

Galliani will spend this millions on traveling around Monaco and Portugal and eat in fancy restaurants and bring us Kucka, Bertolacci and renew Muntari in the end!

Pa ibra

he’s starting to annoy me again


If the Martinez deal really falls short, then I hope for either Dzeko or Cavani. Dzeko as a Milanista, and Cavani… well I still remember when he was a beast attacker for Napoli. That would be okay, and they would probably be cheaper as well. I would still like Ibra though.


Cavani will definetly not be cheaper and i dont think Dzeko will move from City his agent just said that there is no chance he will leave but i really hope we somehow get Cavani he has been my Dream signing for Milan for quite some time since he played for Palermo i would even rather get him than Martinez


Get Kovacic.. i hear Inter wants to sell him. This guy is young, talented, skillful and creative. Kovacic can be like Seedorf & Pirlo that we get from Inter..


Agreed, Inter are being pretty stupid. They are going to sell Kovacic for 20-25 million I heard. In my opinion Kovacic is a better prospect than Kondogbia, we should try to get him. Not to mention a defensive mid without playmaking skills is really never worth 40 million.


Honestly Kovacic is the best idea I’ve heard in ages. He wouldn’t even need to move house


I’d take Kovacic AND Hernanes


This time i accept that it isnt Uncle Fester’s fault but you better bring in atleist as good players as them… Make a bid for example Cavani or Verratti Lukaku Oscar Tielemans Lucas Lima


My vote goes to signe,
Forward- Pato and Bacca
Midfield- Soriano and Baselli
Defense- Maksimovic and Jefferson

The dane

We dont have champions league next season.. So the only thing we got is money to attract players with, we cant use our history for anything outside Italy. And it looks like Galliani aint prepared to go all in for a player. So i am prepared for another dissapointing transfer campaign with big promises and little action.

ACMilanSince 69

We’ve made three good moves this year. Sacking Inzaghi, keeping DeJong and not letting agents get us into a bidding war. Also, I forgot, we haven’t signed any washed out players.


Monaco used milans interest to start a bidding war, his original asking price was 25m then we agreed 35m deal then inter increased it to 40m + 3-4 in bonuses. That is absurd money. Irrespective of our budget we should not be held ransom or extorted by rival clubs, i am happy with galliani walking away. Martinez is worldclass but 35m is too much for him as well. Let atletico take him. These events dont change our situation, we still have 100m to spend and transfer market hasnt even opened yet. i am sure we will sign few quality players… Read more »

Nutzy Boy

In my opinion, we can use € 40 mil to buy Joel Veltman, Terence Kongolo, and Jordy Clasie to make a strong trio.. We won’t get Ibra.. Just spend the other € 35 mil for Jackson tobring back Aubemeyang and Darmian.. Send De Sciglio and El Sha to Torino without buyout clause to gain their confidence back.. Sell Menez to Ligue 1 and give Niang more playing time..


Failing to get Jackson martinez for 30mil a big loss.. but our transfer still have lots of potential with that 75 mil money.. and i agree with most milanista that 40mil Kondogbia are insane, we should able to get 2 great quality midfielder with that money if Galliani really a transfer guru..


at least we know that they don’t belong to Milan. Like Taraabt, use Milan just for stepstone.

Chris Baggio

What makes you guys think hummels,gundogan and rest of the well established players will come to milan after jackson and kongdobia have disappointed us? Currently no established player will come to milan..This is hard to hear but that is the truth..We cant attract these kind of players bcos we are a mid-table club now and also bcos we are not in europe.I also agree with galliani on not spending that high amount of money on those two players.With that money we can get players who want to prove themselves in a big team and not those who are been blinded… Read more »


i believe lots of class player still have interest to come Milan.. i see jackson and kongdobia prefer more money then be in milan.. its is not bcos we are a mid-table than make us unattractive, rater its is because B&G lack of concrete idea for the team, have reputation for making lot of broken promise and like to change their statement lots..


We can attract them because #weareacmilan and we want to be back to the top of the world.
We are not PSG, Man City or Arsenal etc they’re haven’t been on the top of the world like us, and we know how to get to the top once again.

Forza Milan.


B&G dont seem to understand the impact of their words. If you are Martinez, and you read that Milan are saying your a done deal, and you know youve said no such thing, you might feel offended, as if theyre using the media to manipulate you… How can anyone blame Kondogbia for taking more money, this is a business, we cant promise him anything Inter cant (UCL), and im sure he considers Mancini to be more proven than Miha… And how can anyone blame Martinez if he chooses Atletico, the guy has made it clear he is still deciding, Atletico… Read more »


1. Galliani has lost his touches,he is like 10-15yrs behind when it comes to modern mercato cos that was maybe the last time he participated in the transfer market with cash. 2.if really doyen sports own part of kondogbia why did they fail in helping us strike the deal? 3. I am disappointed once again as usual after all my jubilations when it was announced that martinez said yes to milan. But the other way round, we need players that shows atleast 70% loyalty to the club they want to sign with and not just for the cash sake. Finally.… Read more »


Well u maybe be right but there’s no harm in trying ..I think we are linked with Witsel and we can go for udinese Allan as de jong back up ..


I know J. Martinez well, but am thinking something is behind the transfer because i dnt understand why colombia coach prefer bacca leaving JM on bench 4 full time.. JM also comment on transfer in favour of arsenal aftes been agreed with milan.. As for kondogbia we will all see his worth but to me he is overrated, cant even bench m’vila in bench…. Roberto mancini thinks he’s wise, let wait and see… Hope we get best out of the transfer market.., forzamilan…


There are still many great players we could buy if we have 100-120 million ready to spend. Just to name a few…
Hummels, Benatia, Darmian, Soriano, Baselli, Konoplyanka, Witsel, Luiz Adriano, Ibrahimović

I would definitely love to have Maldini and Boban in the management of Milan… Galliani is wise, but we need fresh blood



I would love to see Kovacic in Milan for 20 – 25 millions, i believe he would be Pirlo, Seedorf-like bussiness and backfire Inter. Kovacic and Imbula for midfield, they could get both for a little more then what Kondogbia costs. Then throw in one average Italian such as Bertolacci or Soriano to fill everyones appetite


First off the world doesn’t end if we dont sign these 2 players , seriously now both of them were totally overpriced and we should see what we lack on before signing anything. 1 ) The best defence wins the championship , so bring us one or two stabile defenders for god’s sake , were lacking there the most 2) Creative DM/CM , if we failed to sign Kondo then we still have De Jong, can’t we just bid for Felipe Anderson instead of spending 40M on Kondo , plus Anderson is proved ! That Jordy Clasie , he’s like… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

Wise move to save d cash for alternatives. Our players are not bad at all, don’t forget non of our players performed at their best under Inzaghi, not even De Jong. I’ll say keep MVG, get Pato & Gabigol for attack, keep Rami at all cost, he was our best defender under Seedorf’s guidance, he still has it in him. 1 very good but young cb is all we need more & we are set. Its called building for d future. With Pato, Gabigol, Elsha & Niang, our attack will be set from now till 12years time if we don’t… Read more »


I am not the biggest of Galliani fans but he must not be blamed for mercenaries trying to hold him ransom. I actually feel sorry for intermerda players who will have to see an unproven greedy mercenary P.O.S (Kondogbia) coming in and becoming their highest paid player lol. Manchini and co think what they did is clever but in fact being held for ransom by an unproven 22 year and then giving into his demands by making him your highest paid player just to make a statement is not clever but instead shown desperation. Like I said before assuming Galliani… Read more »


I really wanted Milan to sign Dzeko all those years ago. Maybe now is the chance. I still like Cigarini for Milan too. Verratti has to be the dream. I would make an offer of 45 million euros for him. I don’t have faith in Galliani – the last good long term signing he made was Thiago Silva in 2009.


And that was thanks to Leonardo


The Dutch league has some great young stars that wouldn’t demand such an excessive fee as there is less money in the dutch league than in the italian league (arguably)


Witsel seems to have appeared as a front runner now, and i hope we get him. He is good in both ways and for years i have felt he is Milan bound. Hopefully it happens this summer, and of course, if it happens, that he is a more than succesful buy!


Galliani cannot be blamed for mercenaries trying to hold him at ransom. I agree with him 100% why should we pay 40+ mil and 5mil a season for a unproven greedy mercenary P.O.S like kondogbia? As a Milan fan I actually pity Inter as getting their hand forced by a minor like kondogbia shows there desperation. I find it hilarious that inter are making an unproven minor like this guy their highest paid player, the other inter players are gonna be pissed! Haha xD. Even if Martinez goes to athletico I am fine with it, again Galliani cannot be blamed… Read more »


Sorry, but Kondogbia really is great player. We missed him, Inter won this time. But we are Milan, and we can still pick really good players. Just don’t say Kondogbia is sh*t because he didn’t choose Milan.


I called him a mercenary who is not worth the 40 mil price tag + the 5mil a year salary, I did not call him shit or a bad player.


Anyone thinking of André schürrle, he would b e a good addition to milan