Mediaset’s Pistocchi: “Milan have an agreement with Emery, unless Ancelotti changes his mind…”

FLORENCE, ITALY - MAY 14: Unai Emery manager of FC Sevilla shouts instructions to his players during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final match between ACF Fiorentina and FC Sevilla on May 14, 2015 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Unai Emery manager of Sevilla shouts instructions to his players during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final match between ACF Fiorentina and FC Sevilla on May 14, 2015 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Maurizio Pistocchi has suggested that Milan have secured the services of Unai Emery of Sevilla but that may depend on Carlo Ancelotti’s answer.

Uncertainly rules at Milan these days but the thing that’s clear is that Filippo Inzaghi will not be kept as the coach of Milan.

The number one targets seems to be Carlo Ancelotti, who is also expected to leave Real Madrid but according to SportMediaset pundit Maurizio Pistocchi, Milan have already put their hands on Unai Emery of Sevilla.

Pistocchi tweeted on Sunday: “According to my sources – the same ones who gave me Seedorf to Milan (six months early) and Mancini to Inter – Unai Emery has signed with Milan.” He later spoke to Premium, stating that “Ancelotti has been the idea in recent days. But Milan have already safeguarded themselves.

“They’ve secured Unai Emery, a young coach who’s won and knows what it means to win. He won the Europa League with Sevilla last year and he’s in the final again this year. The agreement with the coach is already there. Unless Ancelotti changes mind, this is the hottest name.”

Adriano Galliani is expected to fly out to Madrid tomorrow to talk with Carlo Ancelotti but there are now speculations that he might be heading to Seville instead to talk about Emery. It will of course be clearer on Monday as Uncle Fester will catch a flight to Spain from the Linate airport at about 13:00.

Sky Italia meanwhile reports some of the names that are in Milan’s notebook heading towards the season: Mario Mandzukic and Jackson Martinez are targets for the attack while Geoffrey Kondogbia, Ilkay Gundogan (Milan have reportedly contacted his father), Granit Xhaka, Daniele Baselli and Juraj Kucka are targets for the midfield (in addition to Andrea Bertolacci and Jose Mauri).

The next few weeks will be crucial to know what Milan the fans should expect to see next season.

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No point in buying players before a new coach is appointed, that would be no project. I’m all for Emery but if he really is coming then let him have a word in mercato. The reported names i really like are Kondogbia, Jackson Martinez, Jose Mauri and Gundogan which is highly unlikely.


I agree with you 100%. Of all the players mentioned I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with kucka. A player who is nowhere near world class.


I also would love for the coach to pick the players he want, but milan have worked with a sporting director for ages, and will continue to do so. Galliani picks the squad more or less. The coach only has hes opinions.

Olalekan mojeed

That is the main problem of these club! Ancelotti has already knw there strategy,that his why he refuse the offer of comback


I dont know the reason, but I see Emery like a better option than Ancelotti, I think he made Sevilla from scratch, and thats what we need here because he have low morale players and most of them are youngsters with a really good future (See De Sciglio, Mastalli, Jack, Van Ginkel if we can buy him, SES, Niang) and I think he’ll be better with youngsters, I just hope Milan can do better with the next coach we get, whoever it is.

silly man


uslar ses

Arghh plz if ancelotti don’t wana be in Milan then let him go….Emery is not a bad coach either, he will be a good coach with 150mil of transfer at his budget


Where the hell did you get 150M in transfer budget? Unless we get bought out, we will have about 5-10M and I’m not even joking


The rumor is Milan is offering ancelotti a 5 year deal and 150m to spend in the next transfer window…


I’m perfectly happy with Emery joining over Ancelotti. What I’m not so happy about is being linked to Falcao, Mandzukic, Immobile, Baselli, Kucka, Bertolacci and Jose Mauri. Falcao’s another Torres gamble and the rest are almost as overrated as Cerci.


I actually want Mauri and Bertolacci at milan. But only as backup/future prospects. But first and foremost we must get the primavera players to the first team. I think we might have some midfielders that are just as good as them in Mario And Mastalli. Overrated? how can u overrate talent? When they get described as talent they dont mean first team kay players. they mean young and possible first team players.


Mandzukic is one of most underrated players… He is one of biggest fighters and runners on the pitch, he always gives 110%… Immobile.. Well.. I dont have much to say qbout him, but he is better than destro and pazzo for sure. Falcao? After injury he is not the same. Its a gamble, but if he comes cheap, maybe gamble pays off… Basseli, Bertolacci and Mauri – young talents – it can go either way, its also a gamble, but it also depends on a coach, how he plays them.. And last – Kucka – every transfer period we are… Read more »


No way man, you cant say Falcao has stopped being a great player just because of one bad season….Torres was in a slump for the past 5 years, and dont forget just how good Falcao was before he went to Man U, if he can reach even close to those heights again then we would have a 20-goal per season striker to lead the attack. Although I would personally prefer Jackson Martinez, mainly because he seems to be growing as a player, the opposite of Falcao.


I dont think we need lots of players. We already have too many in a squad that is just playing in the league. We’ve seen how difficult it is to sell our players who are on high wages. So i say concentrate on selling and buy one starting striker or loan one and maybe someone to replace de jong. Although id prefer de jong to stay. Our players are not world class but they are not as bad as 11th. We need a coach to build a team and make existing players perform. Keep the 150m for when its needed… Read more »


“We are linked with mandzukic, kondogbia, gundogan and xhaka.. And if that fails, we will go for basseli and kucka”

How the hell are first four even compareable to this 2???

From roumors of kondogbia and gundogan, to kucka??

I just hope that this summer will not be like last few when we were also linked with big players and then signed matri, constant…

If we get rid of dead wood, last thing I want is buying new dead wood… Rather play our primavera Mestalli and Modic than sign Kucka!!!


If this is true, Angelloti could maybe get us one of T.Silva, Ibra, Verrati (PSG connections), and if we get Emery, we could get Bacca and Mbia… Which is more realistic option… With Ses, Bacca and Niang, we would have one of best attacks in italy…

Seeing T.Silva back in Milan jersey, wearing captains armband would be dream come true..


a dream come true would be making all dead wood leave, be4 we even try to buy anyone 🙂


I would love having Jackson Martinez and gundogan but WE HAVE NO MONEYY and this foreign investor buy out doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

I can’t tell you how hopeless I feel for Milan unless we find out that we are getting some (A LOT OF) money for the mercato.

Finally, GIVE THE COACH POWER IN THE MERCATO! Galliani only brings in this shit, overrated players then overpays them. Its so frustrating


Berlusconi sayd he would secrifice hes money if no one comes in and help him. Galliani also said this. If we dont get investment from outside. Expect Berlusconi to invest atleast 50mill in the transferbudget. I truly belive one of Mandzukic or Jeckson Martinez will arrive in milano. I think martinez will end up in england tho. But the team will have some money this year. Its election in italy and we all know how berlusconi does on electrion year


everyone is talking of buying new prispects.
not a single word about selling the shitty makes me happy seeing news like
muntari joins,fc X, mojtolivo becomes a free agent,bonera retires trom proffesional football than the news about new purchases..

i will always go for emery.