Ancelotti’s fate to be sealed tomorrow, Galliani set to fly out to convince him to return to Milan

Ancelotti and Galliani during Milan-Catania at Massimino Stadium on May 3, 2009. (MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO/AFP/Getty Images)
Ancelotti and Galliani during Milan-Catania at Massimino Stadium on May 3, 2009. (MARCELLO PATERNOSTRO/AFP/Getty Images)

Adriano Galliani’s meeting with Carlo Ancelotti tomorrow is now confirmed as Milan want to bring back the coach.

Galliani suggested this month that Milan will have a big summer & the first thing to do seems to be finding the man that will try to lead Milan back to the Champions League and it looks like the Rossoneri have their heart set on Carlo Ancelotti.

There was supposed to be a board meeting today at Real Madrid in which club President Florentino Perez could deliver the news to the directors that he’s decided to make a change in the coach position but the meeting has been postponed to tomorrow (due to some of the directors inability to make it). Regardless, Perez’s decision isn’t expected to change over the night and Ancelotti will then be free to decide what his next career step is.

Ancelotti said in a press conference yesterday after his final La Liga match of the season that he’ll either stay at Real Madrid or take a year off. But as reported by Sky Italia, Milan want to convince Ancelotti to accept a return to the Rossoneri and tomorrow Adriano Galliani will fly out to Spain.

Sky’s Peppe Di Stefano reports that Galliani will leave the Linate airport tomorrow at 13:00 CET and his dinner meeting with Ancelotti, who previously coached Milan from 2001 to 2009, is now confirmed. Galliani will try to convince Carletto to accept Milan’s offer but it probably won’t be easy considering the doubts that Ancelotti reportedly has over the plans of the red and blacks.

There have been rumours that Milan are willing to give Ancelotti a €150m transfer kitty and some papers reported that they’ll give him Ibra but all that remains to be seen. The only thing that is real is Milan’s desire to bring back the man with whom they won the UCL title twice in this millennium.

Berlusconi’s words that Ancelotti will return if he leaves Real were perhaps premature but Galliani will look to make the impossible possible again as he prepares for another mission in Spain.

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There’s about as much chance of us bagging Ancelotti and a 150 mil transfer kitty as Galliani growing dreadlocks.






Word is there is a pre contract agreement with emery and is taking a detour to Sevilla, not to sign ancelotti


This trip might also decide khedira’s fate with us….


Ancelotti, Khedira, Emery,$150mil transfer kitty, new owners…..I hope Berlu’s not F’n with us.


If you have been following Milan for few years, you know the answer…
I would be satisfied if we get decent coach + 4,5 new good players (cca 40m spent) and if we get rid of dead weights…


Khedira is overrated, and not a player we need at Milan.


Galliani can only “convince” bonaventura and likes of kevin constant to sign for milan which by the way are these players DREAM. Galliani can go and convince 35 years old players to come to milan


I do have reserved hopes for Carletto to come back, but it doesnt seem very likely… and I dont know of the other candidates, I am very sceptical towards Emery… I dont think he is the right coach to take us forward to be honest. At best he seems like a Sevilla/Europa League-coach, not a coach that can win us Serie A or UCL. I would personally pick Sarri over Emery, sure Emery has more experience when it comes to playing outside of europe. But Sarri seems like a very smart coach, very good with youth and knows our domestic… Read more »