Parma-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Parma are without Marijan Coric, Fabiano Santacroce, Andrea Rispoli, McDonald Mariga and Jonathan Biabiany; Gabriel Paletta is also out for Parma with a back problem despite being included in their squad. Milan have to do without Philippe Mexes, Cristian Zaccardo, Riccardo Montolivo, Hachim Mastour and Stephan El Shaarawy in this game; Fernando Torres is out for Milan with a sprained ankle (occurred in yesterday’s session) despite being included in their squad. Matchday 2 of Serie A kicks off at 20:45 Italy time at Stadio Ennio Tardini in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Finished: Parma 4-5 Milan

Parma F.C. (4-3-3) – Roberto Donadoni
Antonio Mirante; Stefan Ristovski, Felipe, Alessandro Lucarelli, Paolo De Ceglie; Afriyie Acqua, Francesco Lodi, Cristóbal Jorquera; Abdelkader Ghezzal, Antonio Cassano, Ishak Belfodil.
Bench: Cordaz, Iacobucci, Mendes, Mauri, Galloppa, Costa, Palladino, Gobbi, Bidaoui, Rispoli, Lucas Souza, Coda.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Filippo Inzaghi
Diego Lopez; Ignazio Abate, Alex da Costa, Daniele Bonera, Mattia De Sciglio; Andrea Poli, Nigel De Jong, Sulley Muntari; Keisuke Honda, Jeremy Menez, Giacomo Bonaventura.
Bench: Agazzi, Abbiati, Albertazzi, Zapata, Ramì, Armero, Essien, Saponara, Van Ginkel, Pazzini, Niang. 

Referee: Davide Massa.

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MENEZ is Electrifying…..!!!


What a goal from menez, good to see niang getting some minutes on the field. Cassano will regret his decision of leaving Milan tonight.


Am happy for bonera’s red card. He won’t play aganist juventus. Thank God. Hehehe


The way Menez is playing – i cant see how Torres should start!?


Where is sheva


This is all because Inzaghi started Bonera instead of Zapata or Rami. De Sciglio is not good defensively


I just watched a defensive masterpiece 😛


Bonera caused 2 goals and nearly caused a penalty after those 2 goals.


Whole team played well apart from you know who.. Menez is a freaking revelation — transfer of the season so far.


The goal was a bad fluke by MDS but he is young and lacks experience

Redouan Arafat

This was football porn what a game!!! Great win I still cant believe it though!!!


Hope that Lopez is not injured


Conceding 4 goals against a team like Parma is certainly not a good thing… We could have simply won 5-0 or 5-1 if Inzaghi didn’t play Bonera. Niang hasn’t changed, he’s still same O. Menez will make headlines throughout the season. Nice goals, glad we won but not happy we conceded 4.. That own goal.. Who’s to blame? I blame Diego Lopez.


Is it just me or something but I remember someone here making this exact prediction in a previous article…..


Yes, I saw it too, coincidence? I hope so…

But still.. poor defending against not so strong team, what will happen against roma I dont want to know..


1 remember too, he or she made exact prediction for score 3-1 in lazio match before


Poor defending-Thanks Bonera and Inzaghi. Poor refereeing. Lucarelli should have received a red card. He also scored – thanks ref.

Inzaghi should have started Zapata with Alex. Don’t know why Bonera is even on the team list.

Lin Zexu

Bonaventura should have played it forward to Niang, instead of passing it back to De Sciglio… But anyway a win is a win And there were certainly positives Menez surprises me with all his trickery, and he has much better end products than Taarabt has. Abate is playing much better attacking wise than his best season. I hope he continues with all the good crosses (I wonder what the coaching staff did to him…) Bonaventura had a great debut. He kept the ball well and drew some decisive fouls to slow the match down at the latter stage of the… Read more »


forza milan … for me dont care about who did wat and how it happend all i know is dat milan won!!

usyyy sandabe

someone predicted or prayed for a 5-4 win here so that inzaghi wont use bonera anymore.. we have a wizard inthe house


What a game!!! But wtf y do they keep playing this bum Bonera?


Some brief thoughts reacting to this game: – Inzaghi has quickly developed a couple of Allegri traits; a lumberjack midfield and playing guys out of position – Muntari and Poli offer nothing. I’ve said many times on this blog how unthinkable that a player like Muntari can start for a team like Milan so I’ll leave it there. Poli I liked when he first joined since he was playing out of his skin and was decent technically, but he seems to have lost his drive. Their two spots should go to 2 of Honda, Bonaventua and Saponara. – Bonaventura was… Read more »


I guess I could have worded this better haha


… Certainly, you would be hired instead of Inzaghi or whoever else, since you know everything so well. Seriously… “Muntari and Poli offer nothing”, either your vision is poor or you only think about scoring. Yes, they’re not that creative (wait, didn’t one of Muntari’s passes to Abate lead to a goal? And several sharp passes to Menez?), but they work their asses off in midfield. Everybody is bashing Muntari, when really he’s not even that bad. “Team like Milan”, stop using this, times change, so does “team like Milan” understanding. Bonera. Yeeeah, that’s must be it, with the pictures… Read more »


WAIT, HOLD UP? Am I the only one that didn’t even realize Poli was in that game? He was completely incognito, the whole time I was wondering who our third midfield guy was till I checked the line up! Most entertaining game from Milan in the last 2-3 years easy


@ dapito: you are the wizard in the house. You predicted that we will win with 5-4 today so pippo will stop playing bonera and ur pretiction was perfect. Pls from today always pretict that we will win. There is power in spoken words. Forza milan and the beautiful fans.!!!!!!!


Both of them are on the score sheet (+1 assist from Honda) tonight yet yer still complaining about Inzaghi playing people out of position?

Muntari and Poli offer nothing? Dude look what’s been happening to madrid playing kroos, modric, rodriguez, bale, and ronaldo all at the same time.

I think you really need to understand that, unless yer playing FIFA or something, football just doesn’t add up like that.

As for Bonera we’re on the same page tho 😉

Redouan Arafat

Now its 100% confirmed that bonera wont play against juve!!!!! Thank god for that red card no better timing!!!!! Thankfully we didnt lose


Bonera is already forgiven. I said it before I say it again, Bonera is a SPY for berlusconi. There is no way this “defender” could play for any team. Im 100% sure it not about bonera being a veteran, its about Bonera is getting an extra salary from Berlusconi to just report whats happening in the dressingroom and thats why he getting playtime.

Seedorf realized this, and benched the SPY bonera, and thats why seedorf was sacked.

bonera i hope with all my heart you break both your legs for not retire


You’ve been watching to many movies and hoping someone to break their legs because he isn’t your cup of tea is disgusting… even if it is Bonera


Thanks to you Valdinho. Let them shout,we ve d 3 points. Roma this and that,that won on an own goal against Empoli. A team under construction won against Parma, who flogged us @ home last season,on away soil.


Criminal to leave Rami and Zapata on the bench for Bonera.

Said it before – De Sciglio is not a left back. A left back needs to have a left foot.

My team for Juve:

Abate Zapata Alex/Rami Armero
Honda deJong Muntari
Menez Torres Bonaventura

Poli needs to step up too. Abate played well for once.


Seriously we have to write a petition to Pippo to not play Bonera ever. He weakens the defense in every game he plays. How does every coach and manager seem to not see how bad he is on the pitch. Besides that this was one of Muntari’s better games. But where was Poli? He was absolutely anonumus the entire game. Parma players just blew past him like he was not even there, he added nothing offensively, and quiet frankly he is very poor in possession. I can understand when we had few other options in the past, but having better… Read more »


Poli and muntali dd we’ll last nyt..menez wz gret…I love the team work…lopez stil number1,MDS untouchable…which def hsnt scored an own goal….he z growing up…..don’t push him away away by keeping him on the bench…bonera z nt lyk italian…he can’t defend….elsha shud be back…they can hav gret runs wth menez…


Muntari and Poli are totally under valued by some fans on here. Wish I could say the same about Bonera. Either he has mafia connections or he’s a hypnotist. And as for Abate, I couldn’t stand this guy, but under Inzaghi he’s reborn! Keep it up Ignazio!!


Oh and Happy Birthday Dejan Savicevic – Il Genio