Torres, Borini, Soldado and Mitroglou on Milan’s shortlist


MILAN HAVE narrowed the list of strikers down and Torres, Borini, Soldado and Mitroglou are on the final draft.

Adriano Galliani has spent the last days on the phone trying to find a replacement for Mario Balotelli, who has been sold to Liverpool for €20 million and many players have been linked with Milan and offered to them by their agents and clubs.

But the Rossoneri have finally narrowed down their list. Despite the money coming in from the Balo sale, it doesn’t seem like Milan have a lot of it to spend (they owe Man City €13m) and the final shortlist doesn’t really ‘make you dream’.

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As reported by the Milan Channel, the Diavolo’s official television station, Milan’s new striker will be Chelsea’s Fernando Torres (30), Liverpool’s Fabio Borini (23), Tottenham’s Roberto Soldado (29) or Fulham’s Konstantinos Mitroglou (26). It is also possible that the Rossoneri will not sign any of them but that would mean no striker at all. These four are the options.

Jackson Martinez and Mattia Destro have been ruled out due to their high cost. Torres is the #1 target and Chelsea are willing to loan him out. However, the problem is that the player wants a three-year deal with a big salary (believed to be €6 million net a season) while Milan are only interested in taking him on loan for now, with a salary closer to €3 million. MC is suggesting that Milan will see if Torres is motivated to wear the red & black colours as his desires would affect the deal.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported earlier today that Milan contacted Liverpool over Borini. If Milan don’t manage to sign a striker, a winger could be added to the squad (Maxime Lestienne) so Jeremy Menez will be able to play as a false 9.

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Isaac ayala

Well crap.


God help us!


Milan management is totally clueless. This club is operating like a mid table club.


This is getting even worse, tell me, why do we sold balotelli? at least was our top scorer last season. now the only one I trust in the attacking role is el sha and that would be great for him, neither of those guys would make a difference, el92 as cf, he would do anything to score, he has hunger and skills, honda and saponara behind him, any can frezze the ball and pass it back to el92, but instead let’s keep signing SHx.,.


Where is all the Money at??? Is it just me or did we not almost pay 30 M Euros for Iturbe??? Now we cant even buy flop players? Additionally, I remember that Konstantinos Mitroglou was a beast at Olympiakos – Scored alot in CL, the leauge and National team – With both feets and head, but he floped at Fulham. He might come cheap, but I don’t know if he will shine agian at Milan even though he was good in the WC. But something telles me that out if these 4 options he might me the “most for the… Read more »


Mid table? Not a serie D team wouldnt act this way…give 20 millions and get Destro its just the amount we got from balo plus the savings from his salary..and we didnt get any replacement for kaka and robinho… I think Maldini should get a post in this team to save us. Mitroglou and Borini before 7 years would not exist nor at the 10th Milan squad


Borini would be the best option from the shortlist….he is young, has potential to grow plus he is Italian. Very fast has a powerful shot and can also play on the left.


Well old man im pretty sure other major clubs dont spend their time making desperate phone calls! Scouting is the key. And dont get us Torres i beg u!!!

I get sick to my stomach thinking about the Way Milan splashed the cash in an uncontrolled wheel of fortune. Back 7-15 years ago just in the striker department we signed folks like dugarry, oliveira and José Mari for vast sums just to see if they were worthwile! Go figure! If only now a days we could have one hit like that a season!

scoga montana

We have to forget all and get Mitroglou or we should go and bring Pato back..


Wow.. a ‘great’ shortlist.. borini or mitroglu is the ‘best’ option from that list.. see u in another time jackson n mattia..


I hope milan will sign a good player in 4 days to go n i dont care who as long as he can score a goal
Forza milan


This is the mentality of a relegation/mid-table team. Guys just accept that we are no longer a big boy in the football world, as long as B&G are still running the show. That is the reality! Then and only then will everything feel fine. Am just wondering what the fack all the Milan fans based in Italy are doing?!!

Some Guy

Two days ago we were talking about the possibilities of Destro,Martinez and Falcao, and now it’s Soldado, Torres, and Borini. The only thing that gives me any hope is that Milan are scheduled to meet with Destro’s agent and Roma tomorrow, and Roma have said that they are willing to lower the price, while Destro wants regular game time. This should be the only option, as I honestly rate Pazzo higher than all four of the ones mentioned above (Torres, Soldado, Borini,Mitroglu) and I’d rather get Cerci.


We should just get cerci, and stick with pazzo and niang. Cheap old crooks killing milan


Milan just need substitute or alternartive player so no need a big name player milan just need supersub..i think like that


Mitroglou is young,beast,and always hungry to shake the net. Better option
from the four


When will B&G die…?


Why not Negredo!?!?!? FFS he´s far better than those 4 strikers


If Mitroglou has gotten over his injury (in the World Cup he was a shadow of his former self), then he would be a very good addition to the ever-worsening Milan. Forza!

Kwabena Adu

Hahahaha this is sad…


good work guyz