Report: Empoli still interested in loaning Saponara

Riccardo Saponara, Bryan Cristante and others in the US today (@acmilan)

RICCARDO SAPONARA is still wanted on loan at the club that he played for in Serie B.

With Riccardo Montolivo injured for the next few months, Milan are very light in midfield and for that reason Inzaghi has decided to put Riccardo Saponara in a wide-midfield role instead of playing him in the winger / behind the forwards.

Sapo showed some promise during the pre-season games but like every other player on the squad didn’t play too well against Olympiakos, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Milan talking to Madrid and Diego Lopez over permanent move
De Sciglio: “I’ll be back in 2 weeks, Milan want to bounce back”

However, Empoli are reportedly still interested in signing the player. Sky Italia is suggesting that Empoli have already made several attempts to take the player on loan and could make another one this month. Saponara is expected to start on the bench today against Chivas Guadalajara (there won’t be an official line-ups and chat post for this game on the site tonight).

Meanwhile, Sassuolo are linked with a move for Michael Agazzi and their coach Eusebio Di Francesco suggested that Agazzi has the “certain characteristics” to replace the injured keeper Gianluca Pegolo. Milan are trying to sign Diego Lopez.

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I think we should loan him out, sell Essien and sign a midfielder(Obiang/Banega/Badelj).

Sell or at least loan Agazzi quickly.

And get Campbell/Cerci maybe both if Pazzini/Niang leaves.


Send him away!!

Some Guy

I won’t mind loaning Saponara, as long as its on loan. He has the same problem as Niang, he has good dribbling and workrate, but his final product is rather poor, so loaning them both out would really help them a lot. Agazzi should go, he has no place here at Milan. Finally sell Essien, get Taarabt and Cerci (to get depth and rotate our squad) and get a class midfielder and we should be set, along with Armero and Lopez/Perin.


what our team needs is to get rid of trash as: agazzi and replace him with either scuffet or cillessen; mexes has to leave and replacement for him should definitely be doria, he with alex, rami and zapata should form very strong central defense; robinho’s replacement is clearly cerci; honda wasn’t able to handle the big leagues so his replacement should be taarbt who impressed me and most of milan fans last season; albertazzi’s replacement should be ex-milanista darmian, him and abate on the right and de sciglio with the help of doria on the left; essien,bonera,didac vila and zaccardo… Read more »


Everybody is crying out loud for perin, well we can be sure he wont last 3 seasons with milan cos when he gives awesome displays milan would cash-in if a reasonable offer comes in, and I still dont why these coach es wanna punish honda, he either enjoys playing as an ATM or can do quite well in a left midfield position and some fans here still thinks he’s a poor player, I dont blame them, if the mgt had sign him for some good cash, he would play in the right position, as for saponara, he just needs to… Read more »


Saponara is the least of our worries because Manchester United are after bidding 10 million for de Jong and van gal is a big fan of his, and the two greedy you know whats in charge of us are probably blubbering and watering at there mouths and going to spin us some sort of bullshit that we don’t need de Jong because we have essien


loan him.
The drive and desire is there, but, to me at least, he didn’t show much.

Forza Milan ^_^

I think our midfield should be De Jong, Poli and Honda until montolivio is back and ready to play. I believe this is the best midfield we have for the moment, Cristante could start also in some games and we should try to sign another good creative one. The starting attack should be Balotelli El sharrawy and Cerci/Cambell(I hope we get one). I beleive also our back line is also an improvement from the start of last year since Abate and De sciglio was injured throughout the season and we didnt have Rami and Alex from the start last year… Read more »


I’m watching Milan – chivas play. Milan is winning but man, does this team look painful. We are going to get killed in serie A playing like this. Niang is for one doing OK and scored.


damn milan players under performing. We need to sing some big big star to play for us not just for the quality of play but also to show our good players that they could lose their spots. Cause if I was bonera or mexes I would not think of losing my spot against zapata ,just an example lol

Isaac ayala

Lol 3-0 and u still can’t appreciate anything from this club. Sure chivas aren’t exactly world beaters but cant we stop the negativity?


3:0 – it’s a win but then again, Milan played against crappy team so don’t get so excited. You saw what happened when they played better teams. I guess we need to wait and see how they turn out by the start of the season.


Milan have loaned out Simic to Varese with option to buy. They can do this for promising young players but they can’t do the same for rubbish players!


I am certain that we will lose 2 out of the first 3 serie a games against Lazio and Juve and a draw against Parma we are that bad sorry but that is the truth and i dont get why people are so happy about the Diego Lopez transfer i really hope that move collapses


Almost official Robi and Constant are out.

Joe Helmy

I think playing as Right AM in 4-3-3 formation was quite difficult for Saponara because it’s not his natural position. He is only good for back-up, not for the first choice. I think Milan have to make last signing in this position at least for short term, after transfers for Lopez/Perin, Armero, Cerci are done. Then, when Monti get ready, in the mid of season, Saponara can be loaned. I think playing Muntari in this position is also very risk. However, Muntari can be used as back-up for De Jong in the middle or Poli in left side or the… Read more »


Why are we chasing Joel Campbell at around 10m when for 15m we could land Shaqiri who is a much better player?
Also, Lopez will command wages of around 2m per year over at least 3 years with price tag of at least 3m, why not invest in Perin, he might cost 10m but his wages will be a lot less and he’ll only get better!
We need to go all out for Darmain too I feel. Him and MDS can roam the full back positions for years…

shams arafat

i’m not sure, how do you know perin is gonna get better? every match i’ve seen him play he was far from worldclass. he was given chance in national team where he failed miserably. marchetti is ahead of him in pecking order. goalkeeping is a position where the player reach maturity around the age of 28/29. on the other hand, lopez is world class and ready made product. he can play minimum of 3 yrs of top level at milan. and we all know in footballing world 3 yr is like a million yr. long gone the days where footballers… Read more »


Official: Robi is now Santos player.


If we could get rid of albertazzi, Zaccardo, essien, and Agazzi this would be considered successful market as no more dead weights.

cuore rosso

Finally the BIT€H is gone!!!!!!

Bye Bye ROBI!!! dont let the door hit you on the way out.


Seriously show respect, he had a big part in our last Scudetto


Show some respect for Robinho he never caused us problems. Thanks for everythingbut iit’sbest for both club and player we part ways!! Now that constant is gone too I hope zaccardo and Essien follows. Then we got rid of most our dead weights and we can finally go for players.

Either perin or Lopez for gk. Need a good cm and now that Robinho is gone we can go full force for Cerci!.. Galliani don’t disappoint.. With these players we can definitely compete in serie a


Everyone talking about robhinho leave the guy alone. He didnt hurt us, well minus the barcelona game when he hoofed a ball over the crossbar in the 6 yard box. He was respectful to us and loved milan. I have no problems with him. Now, cerci, is not coming here. Galliani is going to screw us again. Berlusconi may free up money though because he isnt happy about the season ticket situation right now