Milan talking to Madrid and Diego Lopez over permanent move


IF DIEGO LOPEZ joins Milan it will be on a permanent transfer as Madrid and especially the player don’t want a loan.

Gabriel and Michael Agazzi did not impress coach Filippo Inzaghi in the Canada and United States tour. The entire Milan team was a disaster in the games against Olympiakos, Man City and Liverpool and Inzaghi wants to strengthen the team.

It’s believed that Inzaghi has asked Galliani, who he will meet on Friday after the team returns from America, to sign a goalkeeper. The first option was allegedly Pepe Reina but he moved to Bayern and now all the eyes are on Diego Lopez.

De Sciglio: “I’ll be back in 2 weeks, Milan want to bounce back”
Robinho leaves Milan on loan but will not return next year

The Rossoneri reportedly had an agreement in place with Real Madrid over a loan move yesterday but the player has decided that he doesn’t want to leave on loan – only on permanent basis. The demand of Lopez, who has been brilliant for Carlo Ancelotti’s side over the past season and a half, is a three-year contract and Milan are working on the transaction.

As reported by the Milan Channel, il Diavolo have been contact with Madrid and with Lopez’s agents today as negotiations are underway. Sky Italia believes that personal terms can be agreed at €2.5 million net before bonuses and that an agreement with Madrid can be found without any particular problems due to the excellent relationship between Adriano Galliani and Florentino Perez. Monaco and Liverpool are also believed to be interested in the 32-year-old Spanish goalie.

Milan Channel also confirms that Kevin Constant will have his Trabzonspor medical this Friday ahead of his move while Pablo Armero is 99.9% sure to arrive to Milan from Udinese (loan + option for €3-4m) and will be checked up next week.


  1. I have a strong feeling that the Milan will have almost new squad before August 31st. Because both b&g have reportedly have faith in inzaghi and willing to do atleast some sort of investment. Galliani already working hard to get rid of quite a few players.

    But I’m not too sure this new squad will bring certain results in the first few games. Because they have zero team chemistry. Milan have a dilemma, whether to play youth or experience. To be honest, poli, cristante especially saponara was very very poor. El shA was playing it safe, desiglio not 100% and Gabriel fall to his previous clumsiness and indecision habits. Niang is the only player to show heart and determination but we can safely say his final pass is so bad and wayward shooting he might need a loan spell or two to become a better player.

    Newcomer alex has barely played and menez haven’t started at all. Agassi was disastrous. The last youth player I wanna talk about is balotelli. Yes he’s only 23. I thought balo had a pretty good tournament so far. He was always in the right position and lifted the team every time he entered the pitch. A short analysing from me for our youth player and newcomers. I delibarately left the primavera players because they will not play for first team. Mastour should be given time to grow up and may b next season he can make super sub appearance

    The other players have been over analysed by fans in this site. Forza Milan!!!

    • That rumour has zero foundation to it. Only thing that sparked fire to that rumour is Van Gaal and De jongs good relationship between one another.
      Not saying that it won’t happen, just saying that for now, that rumour has zero legitimacy to it.

    • A rumour from the crappy – must be true!!!

      Also Lopez would be fantastic, I hope it goes through.

  2. Lopez is not bad at all, he also got a few years left on him as well …so pretty good signing (if it goes threw lol)

  3. Its very hard for Milan to compete with the rich clubs out there so i hope Galliani seals this deal ASAP as well as the others he is working on because you never know when 30m+ offers start flying around

    • Because we have seen nothing yet of Menez, and Niang is obviously not good enough to be a starter. We need a quality, natural right winger

    • Because Mr. Inzaghi insists on having a left footed player for the RW. That was also the reason he really wanted Cerci. But thank god Torinos asking price is big. He won’t do our club any good. Right now we need strengthening on 2 places. 1 is a creative midfielder due to montelivos injury and the second is a proper left back (most probably Armero – not that im saying he’s a propper, but still) as that leftback has been our achilies heel ever since the great Paulo Maldini retired back in 09. And no, Matia De Sciglio is NOT a leftback, he’s a rightback, always have been… FORZA MILAN 🙂

  4. If Lopez is as good as people say, he would be a great buy! I rareley watch spanish football so I can’t judge for myself.

    As for Armero, he was my dream signing for the left back position three or for years ago when he was at Udine, making sprints that made Abate look like a freshly awake Bonera at best. Still a very good signing though, IMO.

  5. This says it all about their intentions… i have had enough now this is not a smart investment far from it instead of spending abit Money in transfer in a good and Young player who have a low salary and a player that last for 10 years atleist instead they go for a old player that demands a high salary to join us who isnt even that good barely a improvement from Abbiati that last at most 2 years what a joke we will lose more Money at this signing than signing for example Perin or Scuffet i cant support this team anymore i cant take it this makes my blood boil its not good for my Health down my comment if u want i dont care you are just wasting your time supporting a team that doesnt love you back simple as that

    • “barely an improvement from Abbiati?” Are you kidding me? You haven’t watched Diego Lopez at all, have you? Lopez is an excellent goalkeeper and 32 for a keeper isn’t that old to begin with.

      While I agree that Perin and Scuffet would make more sense in the long term you have to think about the following:
      a) Genoa and Udinese don’t want to sell them right now.
      b) Lopez, currently, is better than both.

      • i have seen him in highlighs every shot comes right on him let him play in a bad team and we will see how good he really is… the third keeper of real you must be kidding me? Are you that desperate? Maybe they dont wanna sell them but still this is a disgrace they can buy garbage from Genoa but never take one of their good players no wonder why Genoa president is in love with Uncle Fester. You can be happy with garbage i wont have fun watching them get relegated this season

        • Brother, have you lived in a cave for the last season and a half? Lopez has been a fine shot stopper even from his time at Villareal, but never did I think he’d be so good that he’d actually bench Casillas, which he did.
          The reason for why Lopez is being pushed out and not “San Iker” is due to his name and reputation at Madrid.
          Lopez is a great keeper, even if, like I’ve said before, I don’t trust spanish players in Serie A.
          Still think this is a typical Milan move, even if it has some quality to it for a change. The smartest move would of course be Perin or Scuffet, but this is how it is.
          And by the way, highlight reel “every shot comes straight at him”, you know that’s a good thing right? It shows that he has great positional awareness. You don’t have to make spectacular saves to be a great shot stopper, how often do you see Neuer make them? Not so often due to his positioning.

        • Bro, diego lopez was first choice goalkeeper, he is the one who sent cassillas to bench with 2coach, mourinho and ancelotti. And yes, he is very solid.

  6. @alex the mauler, are you dense? He was not the third choice, Lopez was first choice over iker Casillas most of the last season, face the facts people, even experts have said Lopez is a great keeper and armero is an improvement over constant no matter how marginal of a difference, both potential buys are upgrades no matter how sad it may seem to you people.

  7. Lopez was d second best gk in the LALIGA last season, he beat Casilas to the starting spot for fcuks sake. He’s obviously better than Perin. And Perin would Join us for free sometime within those 3 yrs before D.Lopez Leaves. Since the people making d decisions @Genoa are being annoying.

  8. People on this Blog who are actually bashing Diego are most likely out of their minds.
    Diego Lopez started almost every game in last year’s Liga, And is an absolute beast.
    He pushed Iker FFS.

  9. I dont care what so called experts say they are wrong about 90 % of all the Words that come out of their mouths are BS anyway dont believe everything you read or hear… he may be better than Abbiati but still not Worth it and that kind of signings says all about what their ambitions are didnt they say we are focusing on youth? BS is all it is. they just keep lying and lying and they never keep their Word…. How can i respect a club that does this things in fact GIVE ME 1 GOOD REASON WHY I SHOULD KEEP SUPPORTING THEM WHEN THEY DO THIS TO US FANS??

      FORZA MILAN!!!

    • Maybe you can’t respect them and that is fine. You made the choice to be Milan supporter, they are not asking you to be one.

  10. Lopez indeed is an outstanding goalkeeper. I’d be thrilled if he chooses to join us. However i prefer Perin he is mostlikely to become one of the top 3 goalkeepers in the world.

  11. Why are people so happy with this deal? This wreak’s of Essien transfer all over again! We could’ve bought Jorginho (transfer fee/wages) for same total cost as Essien’s wages. Now we’re going to pay 15m + transfer fee for old Lopez when we could get Perin for same cost? A guy who will be Italy’s #1 for 10years+ after Buffon retires.

  12. So, focusing on youth now means only buying youth? Personally i want a mix of experienced players around a few young talents. The main youth focus needs to be on developing talents, either for sale to fix the economic situation and run the club sustainably, or for use in the first eleven, which only a few will be good enpigh for – it does NOT mean playing with a first eleven of 18 year olds.

    32 year old Lopez would be a great improvement on 37 year old Abbiati, and would give Gabriel more time to develop, as his performances in the US shows he is not ready to be our number 1 in a month. Neither is Agazzi, who will hopefully be sold if Lopez arrives.

    You should feel free to support any team you’d like. You sound like Arsenal would be a suitable match. Watching kids get 4th place year after year seems like just your kinda thing…

  13. @Alex The Mauler (SWE)
    I agree with most of what your saying actually everything apart from not supporting milan anymore, we’r defiantly the hardest team in the world to support right now and every milan fan can understand your frustration cause most of us are banging our heads off walls with whats been going on over the past number of years but the one chink of light at the end of the tunnel is the two clowns running the club won’t be around forever, Fester just turned 70 and Berlusconi will probably end up in jail!!!!!

  14. Am I the only one wondering why we Didn’t go for Ochoa?!! The guy was on free agent and he ended up signing for bloody Malaga! I mean come on, I’m sure we could’ve offered him a better contract than Malaga.
    Nevertheless, Diego Lopez doesn’t sound so bad. I’ll only get excited when we have a bloody deal. I’ve seen Galliani’s ‘funny’ last minute change of heart too many times.

    • Lopez is better than Ochoa brother.
      Ochoa knows when to shine, like against PSG and now during the WC, his problem has been that he’s inconsistent. On his day, he’s undoubtedly a real beast though.

  15. Listen Vinnie did i say that we should just buy youth? you dont need to explain these things to me i am not dumb i am just proving a point … And did i say that i am going to support Another team? i am not a plastic fan i just have had enough of this BS those idiots that are running the club needs to sell it Before i support the team again this is not the real Milan frankly i am disgusted with them right now. And dont come with that sarcasm

  16. Joel Campbell is the player we need, he will find a good with balo and el92, i dont think niang is a player for Milan, maybe for second half.. I have hopes on menez!
    And for now we should focus on a keeper (lopez) and joel campbell!!

  17. Lopoez is 33 next month what’s wrong with you people !?! Armero is worse than Constant !
    Don’t use drugs.

  18. Get Lopez and our keeper situation is sorted for the time being. By the way I’m dancing naked while typing this because KEVIN CONSTANT HAS LEFT AC MILAN. Finally we can give Pirlo’s #21 shirt to someone who can play football again.

  19. Man let’s make a push for reus £20m release. we were trying to spend £25m for iturbe let’s make this happen!

  20. Apparently, Diego Lopez will be joining us on a free transfer because Madrid will pay out his remainder of the contract (about 12 Million). Had to be something like this. The only reason Galliani is buzzing around Lopez is that he’ll be free. Source is so i could be wrong.

  21. Based on current situation, Lopez signing will be good enough for Milan as first choice and Abiatti for back-up with 1 year contract left. Lopez who will turn to 33 years next November, 2 or 3 years contract for upper 30 years GK is still acceptable. Thus, having Perin (21) next season will be a good planning for Milan, when Abbiati will end his contract. Gabriel needs to be loaned next season and then can be ruled when Milan can make transfer for Perin.

  22. Calm down, Alex. You need to watch and learn more before you type. Lopez is a very good goalkeeper. For now he is better than Perin and Scuffet since he has lots of experiences.

  23. @Nas.. The best comment in past 5 years I had ever heard in this blog Bro.. LOL.. I swear, your comment make me get a little hope for ac milan future, besides the fact,with all ac milan interest at many top and class player, milan transfer will be end up with free or loan with option to buy..classic bald head style..
    For alk my btother in this blog and all over the world, please…please don’t be so desperate with all b&g politics..don’t be so happy because they want to get lopez or armero, we all must push them both spend much or out of milan asap, management already know about angry and mad fans, so..keep protest and be a strong fans that can’t buy by a cheap or free garbage transfer every years!! Why???coz this is MILAN!! Not seri c club!!

  24. Lopez & Armero are definately good additions but they are not enough, 2-3quality additions are still needed in order t o compete for serie a title. De Jong must stay.



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