Official: Milan sack Seedorf, appoint Inzaghi as coach


FILIPPO INZAGHI is the new coach of Milan, replacing Clarence Seedorf who has been fired after just a few months.

It’s been known for weeks but only become official today: ex-Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf is now ex-manager too as he has been replaced by another former Rossoneri man, Inzaghi, who has been promoted after coaching the Primavera.

Seedorf only came in January, taking the role of Massimiliano Allegri who was ‘relived of his duties’ and despite the good results, many of the players did not like him in addition to Galliani and Berlusconi so now he’s been officially sacked.

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“Milan communicates that Seedorf has been dismissed,” reads a statement on Milan’s website today. It’s interesting to note that when Milan fired Allegri, they thanked him for his contribution to the team, but didn’t make anything remotely similar this time. “Inzaghi has been appointed as 1st team coach and is under contract until June 30th 2016,” the statement continues.

Seedorf and Milan didn’t find an agreement over compensation pay so the Rossoneri will keep paying ‘Dorf regularly until 2016 (about €10 million gross) or until he finds a new team. Inzaghi will meanwhile be paid €700,000 per season and he’s thrilled by the challenge: “I am delighted. Today is unforgettable. I thank President Berlusconi and all the club for the faith shown in me and the prestigious professional opportunity they have offered me,” Inzaghi told the Milan Channel on Monday.

Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi (

“I am honoured and proud to be the coach of team that I played in for so many years (eleven), a team and a club I have shared so many unforgettable moments with. I will give my all for this shirt, with dedication, passion and determination, like I always did on the pitch as a player and as a coach in the youth academy. A warm hug to all Rossoneri fans. Forza Milan!”

Milan won 32 points under Seedorf, averaging 1.842 points per game and Inzaghi, who will most likely be presented on July 9th, will hope to do even better. Milan are taking a bet with Pippo (if you also like bets you can go on as even though Filippo has more coaching experience than Seedorf, he has only worked with youth players. Inzaghi has so coached 70 games in his career (with the Allievi Nazionali and the Primavera), winning 44 games, losing 14 & drawing 12

Cristian Brocchi will replace Inzaghi as the Primavera’s coach. Seedorf will hope to have better luck and a better chemistry with the players & directors in the next club he’ll be working at. We can only wish both Pippo and Clarence the best of luck.

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horrible news XD


-Menez is good addition (14- Price tag).I bet on his renaissance with Rossoneri.
-Dividing article bad wtitten to begin with.Only bad news in this case is Mr “Guru”.Dorf is removed even from ACMilans Legend page/image! that’s news.




Good news


We should have stayed with Allegri until the end of the Season, now we have to pay double salary.


And have a team even more deflated and decimated by the madman…


Aren’t we paying triple to Allegri, Seedorf and now Inzaghi.


Sacking Seedorf is a embarrasing, totally undeserved. So yeah, I’m mad about this. But since he was getting sacked anyways, I’m happy about having Pippo as his replacement. What I wanna see now is a plan for the future. With the management set before the transfer window it should be possible to have a clear plan for the season and the next years.


Mark my words, seedorf WILL become a great coach some day. He is going to lead a team (that obviously won’t be ours) to European glory. He just began and things improved vastly under his reign in such a short period of time. It is a shame he was so disrespected, I see him having no trouble finding another job. Anyways, good luck inzaghi


That’s reality of modern day football, many coaches have been undeservedly sacked by clubs and Seedorf would not be the last. He would become a great coach without a doubt and this painful experience can only help his growth in future as a coach. I wish Seedorf all the best in his future endeavors.
As for Inzaghi, we can only warmly welcome a great legend and Milan enthusiast. May this be the beginning of another great circle for AC Milan and Milan fans all over the world.


Goodbye Seedorf….Hunger games style


I’m really gutted by seedorf’s sacking but as we all know it’s all politics and the results of Galliani’s handwork and there’s no need to say further, I wish Pippo the very best of luck and i really don’t care who sits on the bench as long as our beloved Milan is back on top of the world…Forza Milan


Lol…”Hunger games style” nice one Sanoske…..Long time bro


Teams usually face dark days,dark months,dark years

We are facing dark seasons again and again back to back….and with time it seems to be worsened… offence to Inzaghi…….FORZA INZAGHI…….
Wish Seedorf better luck…it hurts to see his face smiling….even after being insulted so much badly by the management……hope galliani nd berlu r right…they better be…otherwise there will be a day when inzaghi is sacked and no coach wants to coach milan then will rise another semi allegri typ and this cycle will go on……Hard luck for all of us…..

Olalekan Mojeed

No matter what we the fans which berlu nd uncle fester has done what they which i wish pippo best of luck

Kwabena Adu

Even before Seedorf was officially fired Inzaghi and Galliani were openly scouting for players…I hope Inzaghi is not treated the same way they have treated Seedorf..


What goes around, comes around…

Milan fan

Yes ! Take Muntari,Essien,Constant,Zapata,Balteli with you !

Now Berlu should give Pipo some support and keep De Schilio and Cristante and bring:Santon,Doria,Perin,Dzeko,Baselli


I just don’t understand why we should buy Perrin, to see the fact that we have Gabriel. Did you see the last Perrin’s Game with the National Team against Fluminesse? That was not impressive at all, man


Shut up! Allegri that brought Muntari, Constant and co didn’t take them with him. Even Essien was Allegri’s request because according to Baldy they had been on the deal for a while…


Inzaghi should watch his back…


Buban is the octupus of present,he said seedorf made a mistake of taking milan job. All the same,i wish pippo d very best,but he teach balo hw to always close to goal mouth.

the referee

Wanderful people..This is what they paid a legend. Now Pippo must deliver, or i will create problems.


Poli is official a Milan player now.. they paid the half of poli +salamon i think anyway Poli is now a really milanista!!! 🙂


Goodluck to Seedorf the great.
Goodluck to Pippo


I wish both these legends the best, I feel bad for Clarence but I can’t help but feel excited for Pippo, he is the reason that I started watching Milan and to see him as the coach for Milan now feels unreal. I just hope that the management will give him their full support, believe in him, give him time, and also the necessary funds to build a Milan similar to the one he himself played in (although no player nowadays can be compared to that squad except for perhaps, Ibra, CR7 and Messi). Thanks for everything Clarence, good luck… Read more »




I’m sad for Seedorf, but Pippo will do good (if he’s actually given the chance).

The arrival of a free useless keeper (Agazzi) and an over the hill CB (Alex – albeit better than what we have he’s not making us champions), rumors of de Sciglio, Cristante and Balo departing, combined with the non-purchase of Rami+Taarabt to save money just shows how short sighted Galliani is.


I feel bad for Seedorf and I am very angry for the treatment he received from Milan’s Management. The only serious problem happened to Dorf is He couldn’t get along very well with Galliani. If he got enough Support from Galliani, all problem in dressing room, inside and outside the pitch could be handled.

Pippo has the support, so I hope he will have a long time career in Milan.


I think seedorf’s biggest problems here, is he cant communicate well with some players, and he’s stubborn to listen to anyone. He’s a great coach, but as a coach its important to create harmonious dressing rooms. Seedorf’s good on the field, but he will have to improve in man management.

I wish the best for seedorf. And btw am i the only one who excited as inzaghi appointed, i mean its like he knows what he wants and i also read couple news berlu will invest again for inzqghi? So fingers crossed! forza Milan!!

Joe Argani

Sucking for Seedorf more than the result that they have last season. It was about relationship between Berlusconi, Galliani and several players with Seedorf.

Milani Obot

Bla bla bla di bla… Wt does nx season holds 4 Milan!! All d same FORZA MILAN!


Axelynx22,Yeah, i also saw on (MILAN FANS) facebook page that Berlusconi will spend money in the mercato in order to show his support for Pippo.Until i see or witness it,then i will believe.
Pacifico won’t be in Milan next season,but not leaving on a full basis,Rami will be concluded today or tomorrow.


Isn’t it amazing that the same players that didn’t get along with Seedorf were very sad when Allegri was fired? Except for maybe Balo and El Sharaawy who had an altercation with Allegri over his image, everyone else sucked up to him – minus Kaka who came this season and just tried to be a role model. Half of those people saying they didn’t get along with Seedorf were all set up to betray Seedorf by Tassoti who knew that he would have no job if Seedorf stays. But time has a way of revealing the real truth to everyone…… Read more »

Kwabena Adu

As long as Berlusconi is not in active politics I don’t see him spending any substantial amount of money on Milan.He bought the club to catapult him in his political career


I am reading that they fired Seedorf and let him know through email – really? This is what you do to the legend that gave his all to this club? Galliani is a clown and Milan reputations suffers because of him. Same goes for Berlusconi – just let Barbara take over and bring Maldini in to replace kojak – as long as he is the director, Milan is going no where. They think replacing Seedorf with Inzahgi will change something – this team needs good players too, not just mediocre and free rejects others clubs don’t want.


Does this means Bonera is back to centerback?


Does anyone know if Taarabt will be with Milan next season? I dont want Menez in his place but Taarabt who was very good this season and has great quality which helped us in many occasions.. Menez is a fcking poor player and will not be so good as Taarabt as a Milan forward… I WANT TAARABT TO STAY AND TO BE PURCHASED AS RAMI FOR 4 MILLION EUROS AS LONG AS QPR ARE WILLING TO REDUCE HIS PRICE!I HOPE MILAN WONT GIVE UP UNTIL THEY REDUCE THE PRICE! Source:Sky ————————————– Taarabt’s is willing to STAY AT MILAN: The 24-year-old… Read more »


Shame on Milan management…and all theor rats… Seedorf is a great character and will always be and will never bow down to nobody. I’m disappointed in Pippo who I’m coming to find out is nothing but Galliani’s puppet…. Shame shame shame


I just read that Bryan Christante will be sold to benfica for 5 million euros to raise cash for the signing of Adil Rami. Im disgusted and horrified that our precious youth is being let go so easily. I only hope that this is a runour and that Inzaghi will do what is necessary ,as, coach to allow Bryan to get some playing time so that he can develop and grow at Milan. If anything, a loan deal in my opinion would seem less of a threat to Milan’s future. No wonder he hasent been abe to display his talent… Read more »

Olalekan Mojeed

Can fillipo look unto this guy Hackim zeyech he plays is football careare @the dutch league he is a player of Herenveen he can play in any role of the midfield to the attacking rola just 21 very versatile player cost only £2.5m

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Have you guys Heard the rumours about a swap with Balotelli and Falcao? And the Iturbe rumours aswell

Milan fan

If they bring Falcao I will forgive them everything.