De Sciglio on his personal life, the national team, Milan and more


MATTIA DE SCIGLIO has discussed his tattoos, his girlfriend, Italy, Seedorf, Inzaghi and more in a SportWeek interview.

De Sciglio is often referred to as an example of the new Milan that Galliani, Barbara Berlusconi and Silvio Berlusconi are working on: the home-grown Milan with the type of players that make it from the red & black academy to the Gli Azzurri.

Tuttosport reported today that De Sciglio been taken off the market as Pippo Inzaghi considers him a future captain. Mattia, who might be wearing the Rossoneri armband someday, gave an interview to the magazine SportWeek about his life.

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“My black widow spider tattoo? I don’t dislike insects. But my girlfriend… If she had noticed it when we met, then she would not have liked it,” De Sciglio, 21, revealed. “I got the black widow spider tattoo when I was 16. I had the desire to get one, and my parents told me that they were okay with it. I found a similar design in a book, on the neck of a girl, and I liked it.

“But I wanted an intimate one – one that wouldn’t be visible to everyone. That’s why I chose to get it on the shoulder. And I won’t let anyone take a photo of it. The illustration of it is three-dimensional, and it looks like it climbs towards the back of my neck. I will get some more tattoos, but not too many. And only on the parts of the body that are hidden by clothes. Will I get a tattoo if we win the World Cup? Ah, then I will get something special. I don’t know what, maybe a phrase, for example.

Mattia De Sciglio on SportWeek (screenshot)

“If the World Cup is a starting point or an arrival point? A starting point. At my age it can’t be anything else. The opposite would be damaging to myself. But the trip to Brazil means the achievement of an objective that I had set myself at the start of the season, after having played in the Confederations Cup. It fills me satisfaction that I managed to reach this objective after an unfortunate season with many injuries. I want to show I’m not an inconsistent player like I have read in a few places.

“I haven’t played as well as I did in the past seasons because of injuries: it’s tough to be out for a month, get back on track, play one match, and then get injured again. I only lacked the continuity that comes with playing matches. I’m confident in my abilities. If I have more fun when I’m playing as a right back than when I’m playing as left back? If we’re talking about having fun, then it’s better to play on the left side because I have more alternatives. I can go to the backline and cross, or cut inside and shoot with my right foot. I’m more limited in terms of movements and options, when I’m on the right side.

“But I can’t say that I don’t like playing in that position seeing as I’m right-footed. What Brazil is to me? Sea, football and carnival. Last year’s Confederations Cup? It’s better not to think about it. Three days before we were to face Mexico in the first match, we drew against Haiti in a friendly match. We were scheduled to go to Rio de Janeiro and see the Christ Redeemer statue the following day. It was a wonderful day, and we were all excited to admire this wonder, but then when we were having breakfast, Prandelli came to us and said: ‘Guys, seeing as we didn’t deliver a good performance yesterday, we will postpone the trip to tomorrow’. The day after, we woke up and looked at the sky: it was all cloudy. We went there anyway.

“When we arrived at the foot of the Corcovado mountain, we saw that the fog was covering the statue. And Copacabana was just a blurred spot from where we were standing. We went up the mountain, took two photos and then a white cloud coming from the sea covering everything. If I prefer going to the beach or visiting the favelas? If I have to be honest, then I will say Copacabana. But if we had two days off, then I would gladly go to see the favelas. I would like to return to Corcovado, see the Iguazu waterfalls and the islands in front of Rio,” continued De Sciglio, who is a starting player in the eleven of Italy.

De Sciglio and his girlfriend Giulia (screenshot from SportWeek)

“If (Italy coach Cesare) Prandelli has allowed us to bring our parents and girlfriends to Brazil (for the WC)? No. My parents are working – my father is the manager of a gym, and my mother is an accountant. My girlfriend got her degree in marketing and communication two months ago, and she’ll start working in an office around the time the World Cup begins.

“How I met my girlfriend (Giulia)? I met her via her father, in Santo Domingo (the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean region). I was on the beach and her father, who is a Milanista, saw me and told her: ‘Look, De Sciglio is here. Go ask him for an autograph’. She then said: ‘Do you really think that you have seen De Sciglio in Santo Domingo? You must be confused!’ Then she saw me walking by and realized that it really was me. She got a photo and an autograph, but I didn’t want to ask her for her phone number in front of her dad. She found me on Facebook, and I did everything from there on.

“My parents taught me always to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when I was a kid. And to always say ‘I would like’ instead of ‘I want’. Of course I also got slapped when I did some stupid things. It was mostly my mother who did it. My father only needed to look at me. If I still say please when I’m in a restaurant? Always. And if I’m speaking with a person who is older than me then I use ‘lei’ (it’s a polite version of ‘you’). Which temptations that I have resisted? All of them,” continued the youngster.

“I have seen my peers throw money away on cars, watches that cost €20.000, jewellery, diamonds and seen them go to night clubs every night. You end up losing your head. What I have bought? I have bought myself a house in Milano.”

“Why I chose football? Because I was born with a football at my feet. My parents still tell me about when they gave me a ball of cloth when I was two years old. Whenever they were sitting on the couch, they could see this little ball rolling around in the hallway and me toddling after it. Then when I was three years old, I would wake up early every Sunday morning and wake my father so that he could take me to the pitch behind my home where there were also two small football goals. My father would then say ‘Mattia, go watch some cartoons and then I will be right with you’. And then he would stay in bed.

“My parents have always given me the freedom to choose what I want to do in life. If I had decided to quit playing football, then the only thing that would have mattered to them would have been my happiness. They both cared about me doing well in school, and so did I. I did everything I could to get my degree, despite playing football, and I managed to do it.

“I got a degree in Tourism for my own pride. What would I have had without that? A high school degree? I won’t even rule out going to a university. I’m still young. Who my room-mate will be in Brazil? We usually have our own rooms on these occasions. But I shared a room with Ignazio Abate (who will start tonight for Italy) during the training camp at Coverciano.

De Sciglio and Andrea Poli (L), De Sciglio with Giulia (R) (De Sciglio’s official Instagram account @desci2)

“When I realized that I was a professional player? After the pre-season training camp in 2012. We were five Primavera players who were called up to train with the first team, and in the end Allegri chose me and Valoti. That’s when I realized it. I was fortunate enough to train with players Gattuso, Nesta and Ibrahimovic. I had a lot of respect for them, but no fear.

“Giuseppe Bergomi’s advice about playing with a free mind? He’s right. But it comes easy to me because I’m the type of person who doesn’t feel pressure. It’s obvious that a disappointing season like the one we just had, has a negative effect on your performance, transfer market value and the visibility of all of us. I’m not saying that I want to leave Milan or that I’m asking Milan to create a team that can win. I hope to stay at Milan for as long as possible because I’m from Milano, I live in Milano and I grew up in a club that remains one of the best in the world,” added De Sciglio, who played 21 games last year.

“Seedorf? Perhaps he should have listened to us more in order to try to find a bridge between his working demands and life in the dressing room. What we could have done more? We should have done more on the pitch, both for him and Allegri. The commitment wasn’t missing but the concentration was. It’s true there were some things that we didn’t agree with Seedorf upon. Despite the disagreements the positions remained different, both on things that happened on the pitch and off it.

“What Inzaghi will bring to the team? Enthusiasm, his willpower and new play style ideas.” If both De Sciglio and Abate stay on the team past this summer (both have expressed desire to stay) they will be Inzaghi’s fullbacks next season.

Translation credit: @Milanello


  1. “Seedorf? Perhaps he should have listened to us more”

    I’m sorry, but if I’m not mistaken the coach is the one who decides and others follow. It’s really a shame that even young unproven talents are even bashing on a legend like Seedorf. This is what is wrong with Milan, even the youngsters think they have rights to say such things while they haven’t even reached anything so far yet. Let alone the alone the old garbage who think they are legends of Milan demanding everything they do not deserve. Di sciglio please keep your mouth better shut next time, Galliani will sell you to Madrid with a blink of an eye. (Not that I want it, but you get my point, Galliani doesn’t give a shit about MDS). I’m really sad about everyone bashing on Seedorf, it’s really pathetic.

  2. I think Italien will miss el-shaarawy at the World cup, he will had been very usefull for prendelli,

  3. @mustafa No disrespect, but you may be overreacting to that comment. Yes the coach is the boss, but that does not mean coaches should completely disregard what the players say and how they feel. The players opinions DO matter and it’s important not to ignore how they feel because they are the ones on the pitch every week. Now keep in mind, this is not me bashing seedorf because he did a great job and he SHOULD stay, I just believe you may have taken de sciglio’s comment out of context

  4. In other news, I read that cristante may end up being sold to fund the rami move? I hope this is not true or these men have really lost it if it is. Our youngsters should not be touched

  5. I totally agree with you @Mustafa.MDS had been speaking well until that point.YOU listen to the coach instructions not the other way round.
    I can now say Seedorf is simply a genius.With Galliani,board and most of the players against him he was still able to produce some fantastic results.Imagine what he would have done if he had some support.

  6. RKaY is spot on with what he said, so people shouldn’t react heavily to that statement. Of course the players should listen to their coach, however, no matter what you do in life, keeping a dialogue and sharing ideas with each other is vital. And perhaps this was the issue with Clarence? That he was too stubborn with his own ways? Just speculating here.
    If it is true that Cristante will be SOLD to fund the Rami move…wow. That’s insane. They will sell him, to fund the Rami move, and then spend six million euros for a loan move to get Casemiro. Wouldn’t surprise me if that happens because our management these days works without any sort of logics. I hope it’s a false rumour.
    Cristante along with De Sci and El Shaa should be our future and our bandiera for years to come.

  7. Sorry but plyers opinions is matters too. You know what seedorf always told? Communication is important. I’m not bashing seedorf. On the other side, its true that coach who decides. But this isn’t about that, I think this is more like what you felt if people doesn’t respect your opinion.

  8. The most shocking aspect of the whole dressing room crisis is how it all got leaked out to the press at that time. I followed the development and realized that Seedorf cared less about some players concerns and consequentially destroyed his dressing room.
    Truly, he was the boss and no boss is ever successful alone without his subordinates’ support but i don’t believe they would have done same to Inzaghi in same situation.

  9. guys, you have to differentiate same thing to be a best player and manage, i know dorf was a better player that doesn’t mean that his a good manager, look Maradona he fail in managment, Infact Dorf have a poor ability(its his first career) to be manager like AVB who can’t control dressing room, do you think was a chelsea and spurs players problem? no, its poor managment of AVB.
    once you fail you disrespected that the truth, but no one who will critics Dorf career as player

  10. Hey Mustafa you can make all the noise you want but their’s nothing you can do about it.Just like how RKaY and Milanista121 said which by the way is 100 percent meaningful.The fact your a coach does’nt mean you should disregard your players

  11. Forza De sciglio he seems to be a nice kid mature and respectfull he will be a great captain one day hope he plays all his career in Milan and become captain like Maldini did

  12. You can imagine the nasty things a player like Zlatan, Eto or Cassano could have said in the place of if you think about it MDS used a nice and respectful way to give his on Seedorf

  13. benfica! Stay away from cristante! Galliani if you accept it , then you should be fired! He is our best talent. He is worth more than these useless 5 millions from benfica!

  14. Guys, let Seedorf settle his issues with Milan, and let him go and continue his coaching career in peace.

    I believe that Seedorf had problems with only a few players, which always happens in any team. But in any disagreement the coach always has the last word. Which is what happened with Pirlo and Allegri, ronaldinho and Allegri, and many other IMPORTANT players and Allegri. Allegri nearly got into a fist fight with Ibra and no one said anything about it. And it was obviouse that he didn’t get along with most of the squad. But no one complained. Why is it that when it’s Seedorf everyone is crying because they didn’t agree with Seedorf’s decisions?

    Milan(galliani) never liked Seedorf, and from that long list of reasons that was published it clearly shows that from the very day he put his signature on the contract, Seedorf was already being stocked by everyone at Milan, so that they can nail him at the end of the season.

    So let Seedorf go in peace and don’t bother him when he succeeds. Seedorf is going to be a great coach, and we are going to wish we hadn’t listened to de sciglio.

    • Well said, you hit the nail on the head with this comment. Galliani never wanted Seedorf, so he used the unhappiness of a few players as an excuse to fire him.

      Yes, a coach should listen to his players, but listening does not mean the coach has to do whatever the players say. A football team is not a democracy, its much closer to a dictatorship.

      The bottom line is if the coach has the support of management, the players will adjust, and learn to follow him. But if the coach is being publicly ridiculed by management, the unhappy players will take advantage and make the situation worse.

      Milan will be best served by keeping their mouths shut about Seedorf, paying him his money, and keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that their mistreatment of yet another club legend is soon forgotten.

      I wish Inzaghi success, and I like the Alex and Menez signings, I hope we bring in more quality players, but we must also be a bit more aggressive in selling our dead weight.

      • On a lighter note, my compliments to MDS for his taste in women, she definitely seems like a keeper.

  15. The last comments and the first cooment,lol it’s sad how much you don’t know football. In ANY sport if the players don’t like the coach than something is wrong with the coach and he must be fired so the club can continue. De Schilio is the new Maldini,but I wish he leaves along with Cristante so you can adore in peace seedorf,muntari,constant and the other creatures.

  16. Our next maldini, forza rossoneri, forza de sciglio!. P.s all players have a right to voice their opinion. After all, the coach is part of the team and there is no I in team. I do like the fact that Inzaghi has replaced seedorf for one reason only. Inzaghi knows the quality of the Milan youth. Inzaghi alone can preserve and nurture the youth of Milan instead of selling them away. Berlusconi and Galliani must be out of their minds thinking they can create the MIlan of the future if they keep on selling young talent.

  17. Allegri had the worst dressing room management style,but nobody complained bcos he is italian,but bcos seedorf is black and non italian that is why even lil de siglio is talking siglio is way too young to critisize a coach,he has not even started let alone achieving anything,he should becareful galliani axe knows no bound,he maldini was treated like a non italian by galliani.

  18. Coach Seedorf scored a Hat-trick for the ROTW vs England yesterday, Mourinho was the coach. Interesting.. Meanwhile, coach Inzaghi was training the Primavera for the upcoming Trofeo Dossena. My point is.. I think Seedorf should have stuck to his football and retire ceremoniously and Inzaghi should have been given the coaching job in the first place before Seedorf. Seedorf should have started with a much smaller team and grow into the great coach that we all see him becoming in the future. Talking about Mourinho in all these, if these current Milan players had a coach like Mounrinho in the dressing room, most of them would have probably ran away, cos he Mourinho doesn’t care what any player thinks, so did Alex Ferguson and the greats, they talk and you listen, if you go against them, you get the bench or you get the boot (Ask David Beckham). Just like someone said above, if Seedorf had the managements support, those players who were grumbling would have gotten the bench for a long time. Such is life, things happen, it’s like a game of chess. Play wise or you get played. Wish Seedorf the best just as I wish Inzaghi the very best. I hope Berlusconi can act like an adult and apologize to Seedorf for all the ridiculing and tarnishing of his image in the public, and I hope this is done in the public. They settle the matter like men, give Seedorf his severance package and a little more to compensate him, they shake hands and hug. Seedorf forgives him and we all move on. My wish.

  19. The new Milan to be built around Balotelli, El Shaarawy, De Sciglio, Poli & Cristante, is Berlusconi’s w̶i̶s̶h̶ command. [GdS]

  20. Let us analyse the whole thing properly: People are saying De Sciglio is right or wrong. For me, I believe we should balance everything properly. How come the player you fans voted Milan’s Player of the Season wants Seedorf to stay? I’m talking about De Jong. But you have a gang up possibly led by Montolivo, instigated by Galliani and Tassoti who don’t want the coach?

    It is sad what they have done. Milan has become a ridicule in the football world. At least De Sciglio in his own words said they could have done more. So, they could have qualified for Europa but because they had a grudge against the coach, they didn’t. What goes around comes around. It may take long, but pay day will come – and payback is a bitch.

    At least, as at today, none of those players can hold a candle next to Seedorf playing career. Montolivo for one will never be the Pirlo’s successor he was touted to be. Maybe, it was karma that he broke his leg and won’t play in the World Cup. No Champions’ League next season – except he leaves Milan. But how many clubs want to buy someone his age, just coming off an injury?

  21. …notice how De Sciglio talked about his experience when he joined the first team. He mentioned Gattuso, Nesta and Ibra – but does not mention Seedorf. Fine, there were several senior players, but isn’t strange that Gattuso hadly played that season because of his eye injury? Meanwhile Seedorf has been known to help the young ones settle: i.e. Pato, El Sharaawy…

  22. I see De Sciglio garnering heat for openly speaking the truth on the current situation concerning Seedorf.Calling on him to shut up lol #AngrySeedorfFans

    Their assertion points to, because Seedorf is the boss he’s in the right to shove down his questionable views or ideas down the throat of the players without taking the views of the players too into consideration.
    He had it coming BIG TIME for not minding their views because at the end of the day,they[players] are the ones who toil on the pitch…so yeah the players opinion do matter.
    I wonder what,Montolivo,Abate,Poli and co had to say about seedorf. lol

    On the positive side though,it shows Berlusconi didn’t make any rush decision to replace him with Inzaghi because Galliani didn’t like seedorf…like its been wildly speculated on this trend.

  23. Mattia is a class act. You can just tell by the way he carries himself and how he reacts to situations. One of my favorite Rossoneri players and even though he is young, I would say he is on par with my fanboyness of Maldini.

  24. Well i just read some disturbing news. I know they are only rumours at time but it makes me uncomfortable…

    So here they are:

    Cristante is pressing on Milan to let him go to Benfica

    Madrid are preparing an offer of 20 millions for De Sciglio and we all know Gallianis affection for big money

    Honda has a big offer from emirati

    Like i said rumours only, but disturbing anyway…

    • I think it’s bull, why should Cristante be pressing Milan to go to Benfica? I seriously doubt that, Madrid are set in their full back positions and Mattia has been taken off the market because Pippo wants him to stay.

  25. AC Milan used the word SACKED for Seedorf despite his decade contribution to Milan. Galiani and Berlusconi are classless individuals because “Part ways by mutual consent” would be more diplomatic and appropriate.

    Welcome on board Inzaghi and all the best in your new endeavors.

  26. I bet he couldn’t be saying this at Real Madrid,Barcelona or Manchester United.This is what happen when the level of a club drops.Even young unproven kids can say anything they want because in their delusional minds they think they are stars,in serious club these rebellious players would have been axed immediately

  27. Good Luck Seedorf.
    Robinho looks to be going to Santos
    Balo may go to Arsenal depending on his World Cup.
    I think all three of these gentlemen are best suited elsewhere.
    Robbie gets to play at home and Seedorf and Balo can escape the racism of Italy.

    I wonder if Milan are gonna hold onto De Jong.

    They plan on working the midfield around Poli and Christante, but with Montolivo out for so long, they’ll need the experience and grit of De Jong.

  28. There’s a reason why there’s the saying “Great followers make great leaders” I don’t agree that Seedorf should have been kicked out, but from the start he was set up for failure, management notwithstanding. He simply didn’t know how to follow, and this humbling experience will put him on the right track. Heck, even Mourinho with the huge ego followed well and learned everything he could before coaching. The mentality of following teaches one the ability to listen. All great coaches have that ability, but Seedorf didn’t.



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