Galliani and Inzaghi meet Menez and his agent


JEREMY MENEZ, who will become a free agent at the end of the month, had a meeting with Galliani and Inzaghi today.

Milan have chosen their next coach and are now moving in the market as well. After signing Michael Agazzi on a free agent last month, they’ve targeted a few more players that they won’t have to pay for, as traditioned at Milan in the last years.

Two of the out-of-contract players the Rossoneri have shown interest in are Alex and as it appears now – Jeremy Menez. The agents of the two players are in Italy and Menez’s representative has already met Adriano Galliani on Tuesday.

Milan want to sign Alex & Rami, Mexes to join PSG?
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CEO and ‘transfer guru’ Galliani was spotted at the Es Torrent restaurant in Ibiza today, accompanied by Seedorf’s replacement Filippo Inzaghi and by Menez himself and his agent. Menez, who played 26 games for PSG in the 2013/2014 season, finishes his three-year deal at the French club on June 30th, after moving there from Roma for €8m plus bonuses.

Nothing has been leaked until now but it’s believed that Milan consider Menez a replacement for Adel Taarabt, should they fail to sign him. Meanwhile, Alex’s agent Kia Joorabchian (also represents Taarabt) is in Milano and ready to negotiate.

Galliani and Inzaghi in Ibiza today (L), Menez, his agents and Inzaghi (R) (@Marte – il Calcio Nuovo)
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Brace yourself, the free agents are coming! 😉


We must all realise that we cant have the best team for a long while….we must focus on building our team through our weaknesses….certain old players WILL make us stronger(Cole & Alex)….our main focus should be making champions league next season, not to make our team full of youths now….our youths such as Cristante should be given the chance in Monto’s place and we should not rush Mastour into the first team.


I have nothing against free agents, just because they are for free doesn´t signify that they are useless, quite the contrary, i think it´s pretty clever to sign good players for free. What i disapprove of though is that we apparently concentrate our complete transfer strategy merely on free transfers and not on players that actually fit in our formation or philosophy. Our team has no soul and that way it will never get one.


True, but to be honest Menez would be a pretty good signing

indo milanista

Hehehehehehehehehe another free transfer……


another free but with good quality and welcome

indo milanista

Quality??? Like that of real madrid, bayern, athletico, juventus players????? No way…. I want my milan to compete with these world class teams… And Menez is no way a step in that direction… His age is 27 and no sign of youth project…. He is PSG’s rejected players…. Why do we need to feed on these rejected players… cant we get some other good quality players… Berlusconi plz spend money…. plzzz…. I dont say that he would be a bad signing but not the quality we want to compete…. He would be eventually decreasing the playing time of our young… Read more »


have you considered that this does not seem possible at the moment? they bulking at 7 million for rami! any EPL club could afford this easily, even newly promoted clubs. You have to consider that buying the quality of madrid (100 million bale), juventus (13 million ogbonna) is absolutely impossible for milan. Athletico would never have been considered a strong group of players without the right management. because many of their current players have been playing there for a couple of seasons and the previous seasons they were not even close to the quality of real and barca. Furthermore, even… Read more »


An inconsistent Menez,spend the cash on ANDRIY YARMOLENKO #7

Joe Argani

Rami & Taarabt 4m for each. Alex and Menez for free.. haha.. Cerci & Iturbe? Milan cannot buy one of them. Biabany more possible.. Now, they have to sign Darmian, Gabriel Silva, replacement for Balo and a CM to replace Monti. I think Pazzini will stay, while Paloschi and another striker will come.


Currently,we are in a deadlock with Valencia for the price of Rami.They want 7m and our current offer is 3.8m.According to reports,we are also struggling in negotiation with QPR for Taarabt and looking to bring in free agents like Alex(whom i like as a player though). Meanwhile at Rami’s parent club,Valencia,a REAL revolution is going on.Their new Singerporean billionaire and owner Peter Lim(who wanted to buy a share in Milan and Berlusconi rejected his €500m bid),is raiding EL runners up,Benfica for their stars Enzo Perez,Rodrigo and Garay.Not to mention he also owns full rights of Rodrigo already,so he has to… Read more »

Pa ibra

dont need the dudes from PSG.

Kwabena Adu

Free loaders…this club is a joke,am ashamed

Pa ibra

sign quality and under 26 please!! or don’t sign at all.


I really do hope we’ll sign Taarabt if it means that Menez won’t join…inconsistent both at Roma and PSG, and shown to the bench at both clubs, egoistic player and has shown zero sign of improvement and maturing. I could accept Alex to be honest, but a big no to Menez. Darmian and Alex could be valuable signings for our defence if they in fact would join. I’m all for Darmian as I’ve said for a while.

Pa ibra

you should not accept alex either. he’s too old for the youth project.


True, but he’s actually a good player unlike other old ones that we have signed, and he is a centre back, where pace isn’t the most valuable thing. A centre back partnership between Rami and Alex looks to me rock solid, there is a risk to it if we’re up against faster players but we have fast wing backs to cover that up. I am hoping to see at least one of Pacifico and/or Iotti promoted so they can learn from the older players.


Here we go, Aw old is d guy?


Baldy how long will you destroy this club? you go out to get cheap players and the nxt thing is to set Scudetto target.
Juve has won the last three league season’s at our expense though not with the best legs from other leagues but the best legs from other clubs.
The present Milan roaster is a shame, You still have not learnt anything from your cheap strategy in the last few years.


Am not a fan of this Menez guy but i know if this guy comes to Milan and starts performing well some of you guys that are already judging him will claim you’ve being in suport all this while


AC FreeLoan in action, may God help us.

lil pharaoh

Sell!!! Sell!!! Sell!!! Milan
FOOLS. (Milan management)

redouan arafat

I would rather have taarabt then menez.


we all condemn free signings buh free signing isn’t as bad as is jus our perspective towards it…..besides a €30 million playa could end up as flop at the club…remember juventus got pogba and pirlo for free…and are impactful…Galliani free wisely…

Kwabena Adu

I bet Inzaghi was carrying Fester’s hand bag…a master and his servant. Just as he wanted from Seedorf