Milan want to sign Alex & Rami, Mexes to join PSG?


ALEX AND Adil Rami are the targets for the center of the defense while Philippe Mexes’ contract could be terminated.

Milan did not excel in any side of the pitch in the 2013/2014 season but the defense, especially in the first half of the season in which Milan only managed to collect 22 points, showed its vulnerability and changes will be made there this summer.

It’s no secret that the Rossoneri are looking to secure Adil Rami on a permanent deal. The Valencia-owned center back arrived on loan with an option to be bought for €7.5 million but the Rossoneri decided to not use this particular option.

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According to today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan are waiting for Valencia’s answer (should arrive soon) regarding the €3.8 million bid for the entire ownership of Rami and there is “optimism” in the Milan camp about the success of the negotiations. Gazzetta believes that Valencia new owner Peter Lim is leaning towards accepting the offer of the Rossoneri.

Part of the story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

The FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti, who works for Milan on the Rami deal, intermediate between them and Valencia, said yesterday that the red and black club should “also sign a top class central defender” and while top class players are out of Milan’s reach these days, they have laid their eyes on Alex. The Paris Saint-Germain player has an expiring contract and Milan are willing to offer him a 2-year deal after recommendations arrived from Ancelotti and Thiago Silva in the last weeks.

Should Milan succeed in signing both Rami and Alex, Philippe Mexes could become surplus to requirements and Gazzetta reports that his contract could be terminated. Mexes earns €4 million a season net at Milan and he’s hardly justified the cost since joining as a free agent from Roma in 2011. PSG, who might lose both Alex and Marquinhos, could sign him.

If Mexes stays then he’ll have to reduce the wages. Zapata’s future is also uncertain & Silvestre has been sent back to Inter. Meanwhile, Kingsley Boateng has joined NAC Breda for €0.5m plus €1m in bonuses (Milan have a buy-back clause).

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Why schould we sign Alex ? hes 34 or something ..We need something like ,Palleta ,Ranochia or Astori ..BEst all of em .


Nooooo Kingsley


Milan doing Milan stuff..

nothing new

Kwabena Adu

AC Miloan…AC Mifree, this is very depressing SMH


*sigh* I liked Kingsley as well. He seemed a solid enough winger. *shrugs* that’s the way the cookie crumbles, I suppose…


free transfer anit even sign

Joe Argani

Milan style in the last 4 years: free agent, loan or low fare players. If they do the same thing this summer, their place will be on the mid of the table next season. Would Berlusconi & Galliani still say: “This’s Milan, the most successful football club in the world” next season?? Oh Grandpa, just leave the club and pass it to the next generation for another successful circle in Milan legends hands such as Albertini, Maldini, etc.

indo milanista

No welcoming news….
Rami is okay.. But waiting for best to come….


Kingsley Boateng should never have been sold, a loan was the ideal thing to do. I really hope the buy back clause option is used, cos this guy is going to explode.


Milan management has promised Inzaghi Udinese’s LB Gabriel Silva,and are looking to bring back Darmian who is also like MDS(RB & LB)from Torino and Nocerino could be used in the deal.
Alex is old,but he still has a lot with him,considering he benched 2 great young CBs at PSG,Sakho and Marquinhos.So i accept Alex.He is very strong in the air,powerful shooting ability(i can recall his goal with a thunderous strike in 2008 UCL in Liverpool Vs Chelsea),Report says he’s dribbled 0.10 times,which means in 10 matches he’s dribbled once.
I like Rami-Alex pair


IMO, I don’t think Alex is dat bad, considering he was a starter in majority of d season, I mean deals like dis should be encouraged knowing fully well that we do not have the money to buy world beaters at the moment, if we can acquire d services a player like Alex with such limited funds, its good business, but for the Kingsley sale? A BIG NO to dat…


if Marquinhos can’t get in the PSG team what chance does Mexes have haha!

Milan fan

Alex ? Why don’t they just sign my gradpa ?

Milan is over and done.

Mos B

I prefer us to sign taarabt, alex and rami… Mexes should leave milan instead of zapata…


is the both leave pacifico could become 3rd or 4th choice, i would love that


Alex and Rami would make a solid pair! Menez would be joining two, if we could just sign a Lb and Cerci we would be fine for next season.

Milan fan

Milan getting the garbage from other teams,as always.


I do like what I’m hearing of bringing back Darmian, he’s had a great season with Torino, and he’s a very solid option, can be a starter as well as a back-up for both Abate and De Sciglio. Gabriel Silva might be a little unnecessary, but maybe it will mean that we will sell Constant. Menez would be a poor signing. He’s never been a starter, constantly inconsistent and shown to the bench, both at Roma and PSG. He’ll by no means improve the quality of our squad. Btw, Alex is 31, as a centre back he can still offer… Read more »


with david luiz on PSG probably alex wont stay, Paris would be stupid to let marquinhos go instead. Menez is great back up but i worry it means taarabt is not staying. if darmian comes he should be starter on left back and mattia on right back, he is just better playing there


True, obviously they’ll rather let go of Alex than Marquinhos who is a gem. No, I’d rather play Darmian on the right than De Sci on the left, De Sci has been solid on the right but he was always spectacular on the left, this is just my opinion though.


Berlusconi n galliani where r u taking Milan to


I can’t stop laughing at some comments here. LOL
Forza Milan


Why Boateng???…this guy might turn out like Aubameyang

lil pharaoh

This milan management. They are soo stupid!!!
Berlusconi and co are all fools
Sell sell sell milan!!!!!!!!!!


truth is, one of the many reasons milan sacked seedorf is cos he wouldn’t allow for all this BS summer “signings”