Sacking Seedorf will be yet another sign Milan has lost the plot (by dejan10)


FAN ARTICLE by dejan10.

Adriano Galliani gave an exclusive interview to Gazzetta after Milan’s 1-0 derby win, while relaxing in a champagne Jacuzzi:

Reporter: Firstly, congratulations on the win. Does this mean Seedorf will keep his job?
Galliani: “No, of course not. We want someone with Milan’s history coursing through their veins. Who bleeds red and black. Like Spalletti. Or Montella.”

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They never played for Milan.
“They didn’t? Oh, well I guess Inzaghi or Donadoni will do. Or Allegri. Don’t tell Silvio but I’m trying to convince him to come back.”

Allegri? Very funny.
“I’ve never been more serious about anything since I helped him boot Pirlo off to Juventus.”

But whoever becomes coach, how will he do any better if you don’t invest?
“Galliani: Who says we’re not investing? We’ve got €7 million to spend this mercato.”

That’s barely enough for a goal keeper, let alone —
“Abbiati’s fine. He’s a professional. And besides, who needs mega investments when we’ve got the Champions League in our DNA?”

Milan haven’t reached a semi final in 7 years…
“Who needs reinforcements when we’ve got Muntari, Constant and Essien? Plus you’re forgetting we have Nocerino and Matri returning from loan.”

But Juve, Roma, Napoli, Inter are all bound to strengthen their squads during the summer. With players better than Nocerino and Matri.
“Well, that’s up to them. I repeat — we’re fine as we are. But if someone new does arrive, someone has to leave first.”

How’s the youth project going?
“Fine. We’re selling El Shaarawy and De Sciglio in the summer to finance it.”

If that’s the case, Milan has completely lost the plot.
“Look — we need to balance the books, okay?! Football is football! Times are changing! We’re competitive as we are! We have the Champions League in our DNA!”

At this point the interview was cut short as Galliani descended into an incomprehensible stream of babbling and had to be subdued by a medic.


Okay, so this interview never happened, I made it up, but scary thing is it’s not that far from the level of insanity that has gripped Milan in recent years.

Let’s face it, Milan has been in decline since 2007, but I’m talking primarily about the probable sacking of Seedorf — the inexperienced coach who has nevertheless turned Milan’s season around.

To sack Seedorf now, when he’s clearly doing pretty well and needs time to grow, is a mark of true insanity. But madness seems to be Milan’s trademark nowadays.

From kicking out Pirlo, to hanging on to Allegri, to bringing in Matri over Tevez, fans want to know when the craziness will end and we can get back to being the AC Milan we all know and love.

The problem is, whoever they bring in to replace Seedorf will struggle with no investment, no Champions League money, Galliani’s mad decisions and a policy of selling our best players as soon as Real Madrid or PSG come knocking.

It’s a surreal and sad time to be a Milan fan right now, with no end in sight. Despite the madness surrounding our club right now… GRAZIE MILAN for kicking Inter’s butt! I will always support you no matter what.

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hahahhahahhaaahhahahahhahaha..mixture of serious articles and amusing articles is good for the blog..i wanted to paste some most funny ones but they are too many


best post on this blog by FAR!!!!


I guess Robinho made his choice between street football and actually football


and choose the wrong one


He´s always had skills, just never discipline and commitment. Without that no player can ever be truly great


this would have been Gallianis real response if you ask me the guy is so old school football

Di aji

Galliani is leading milan straight to failure.


The interview is funny.
However,ALAS!,i don’t know what Milan Fans in Italy are doing concerning the rumours about Seedorf being sacked,ALAS!,you guys must protest about it,you guys are our voice,the management know nothing on our discussions and pains here.
So,PROTEST!,PROTEST!!,PROTEST!!! AGAINST THE SACKING OF OUR ALEX FERGUSON[Long term coach](SEEDORF).Do it for us you Milanistas in Italy.

El Greco

Get serious guys!! Until 2010 Galliani was spending like crazy, you now think that he turned insane and miserable??? Just like that, nothing behind that?? Galliani alone in not the problem….


No but he have big share of blame for everything BAD that happend to Milan in last few years!!!
1. You don’t suck up to a president no matter what and try to protect him in every situation
2. You don’t push Pirlo away stick to Allegri buy Matri and on top of that try to sell every player that worth something in Milan

Sorry bro but Galliani must go! and great article btw


hahaha this one was great, funny We have 7 million to invest !!!! hahahaha I do belive milan can rase thir invest Money over 50 million bay selling: matri, nocerino, muntari, zapata, essien, birsa, robinho, mexes, constant, zaccordo, amelia, comi, fossati and de jong, as we have the great talent cristiante that i think he should be a regular player in the midfield NeXT seson, and meny of thise player like robinho matri mexes de jong have a high salary, så i se it very easy that milan can have over 50 million maybe 60M to Invest in some god… Read more »


If you just suggested selling De Jong you must be out of your tree … he is one of our few quality players who give their all.


Hahahaha,Sassuolo are winning Florientina 4-3,Berrardi hattrick,this was what they did to us on Allegri’s last match on Milan’s bench,we should beware of them and not underestimate them,though i trust Seedorf.
History could repeat itself,we could have signed Aquilani if not for Montolivo’s free transfer to Milan,now we may not hire Adil Rami because Alex of PSG may switch to Milan on a free transfer.


Although Montolivo is better than Aquilani brother even if I’ve been a fan of Aqua for a while too.


The craziness will end when Galliani leaves Milan. Milan have the second highest budget for players behind Juve. So contrary to what people may think Milan is spending money on the transfer market just on the wrong players like Matri & Essien to name a few


I can’t help myself from laughing. seriously I wish I can stop being Milan fan but the love is too much. 90% of the squad is totally useless, even if they are sold they won’t get upto €30M because clubs don’t even want them. about investment Milan can’t spend more than €15M but if I sld suggest, sell or release the useless one and start with the youth, they will change seria A mentality with pace, skills and physical football. above all, let the management be happy that I don’t live in Italy because the trouble I will cause around… Read more »


Lol n Kojak is very much capable of givin an interview like this 😉 Nice one dejan10

Henry Onuoha

Galliani should realise that he has lost the midas touch that made him once the smart guru in the transfer market. I thought it was only inMy country Nigeria that people do not realise when to quit. Galliani should have quit in 2010 when the ovation was at the loudest. And if Silvio wants to sack seedorf, then I believe he has contacted Galliani’s flu. Please Galliani, do us a favour and quit instead of sacking a coach who is bringing back Milan’s champagne football after Allegri’s introduction of Kung fu Soccer.


Like i wrote some time ago on this blog i’m really eager to see this senile baldy how he’ll manage to get rid of all the garbage. My biggest concern is he ain’t even planing to clean up… As much as i love Seedorf, he was and still is one of my favourite player and as much as i don’t want him to leave… If they really want to kickstart this so called youth project i think Inzaghi is our man to do so as he knows his lads and he knows how capabe they are. Inzaghi and Seedorf together… Read more »


I have been repeating this same thing even before Seedorf came in.. Seedorf and Inzaghi should work together.. Simple as ABC.


Gallegri should leave milan asap! Did anyone watch matri today? Pirlo has masterminded 3championships for juve. Thank you gallegri and please join your boyfriend allegri to england and carry gatri along.


Here’s my vision of Milan if they carry on with this policy: There’s a club which invests and buy young talented players who take place of old washed up players. And this club wants to get rid of their garbage. Here comes Milan, Galliani to be more exact knocking on door as he smells a bargain. A useless bargain of course and wants to bring this unwanted players to Milan. Now here are two options these players will think of: 1. they’ll think “well great i’ll gladly go to Milan and play out my last years of football although i… Read more »


Galliani should quit juxt dat and burlisconi should invest in milan

Joe Argani

Galliani should go!! The legend like Maldini, Baresi, Nesta, Boban should lead the club.


I’m happy about something and that is 99% OF MILAN FANS ACCEPT THAT GALLIANI IS OUR PROBLEM. What goes up must come down one day, Galliani will surely leave us either in pride or in shame but the earlier the better for him because its written enough on the wall.

indo milanista

According to me there a small need to strengthen the defence and only one quality player to strengthen the squad….
firstly we should make rami, tarrabt permanent players
secondly and importantly dont sell SES,MDS,BALOTELLI, KAKA,POLI,MONTOLIVO,DE JONG,CRISTANTE,SAMPONARA,BONERA, ZAPATA,POLI,PENTAGNA …. These players should not be touched at all…. Sell most of the other players to increase finance…

Thirdly promote players from youth squad like paccifico, lotti, simic, modic and giving them more playing chances and at last buying A GK, CB, LB one qualify mid-fielder

indo milanista

And the one important point that I forgot to mention keep seedorf and sack GALLIANI


hahaha nice on Dejan. Sadly I’m sure most of those ideas are floating around the bald heads brain!


Spot on. Please do another on Silvio Berlusconi,”I’m the president with the most titles”


@Lumen I’m so loving the way you keep hitting the PROTEST button. But Guess what happened in the weekend derby? Police men were actually at the gates stopping fans from bringing banners in, even the curva sud. Galliani’s doing everything to hide the truth. Galliani is a VIRUS which has eaten deep into US. I still sternly believe that Galliani will be gone sooner than we all can imagine and I have repeated this over and over since the beginning of this season. GALLIANI MUST GO.. SEEDORF the WAY FORWARD..

Pa ibra

well left to the fans in italy alone, i don’t think there will ever be any protest against galliani. very few italians know him as our problem. so far, only maldini and boban have been protesting against the lack of plan in milan.

you remember the curva sud were behind allegri dispite the consistent poor form of display and result? some people in italy are very slow in seeing problems… imagine galliani doing this mess at madrid or liverpool and walking away with it like this.

Sm khaleed

Milan should keep seedorf and the next season should be: KEEPERS: Perin,Gabriel&Areola. DEFENDERS: RB-Abate&Desciglio. RCB-Rami&Pacifico. LCB-Alex&Verghara. LB-Coentrao&Rodriguez. MIDFIELDERS: RDM-Montolivo&Poli. LDM-Dejong,Cristante&Paulinho. RAM-Taarabt,Niang&Tello. CAM-Kaka,Honda&Saponara. LAM-Elshaarawy&Calhanoglu. FORWARD: Van persie,Petagna&Immobile. DEPARTURES: IN:GK:Perin&Areola. DF:Pacifico(B),Alex(PSG),Coentrao( MF:Paulinho(tottenham),Tello(barcelona)&Calhonoglu(hamburger SV). CF:Van persie(man u swap balotelli)&Immobile(torino).


You really think smart move is to swap Balloteli for Van Persie? you are even worse than Galliani


Tribalfootball writes:
AC Milan will listen to offers for Stephan El Shaarawy this summer.

The striker has only just returned to playing action with Pippo Inzaghi’s primavera team after long-term injury.

Corriere dello Sport says Milan management are happy to see El Shaarawy up-and-about again, but are willing to sell in order to fund their summer transfer plans.

The 21 year-old forward is tied to Milan until 2018 on €2.5 million-a-year.

Galliani would do this, and his really capable off.
Im really sick of this


In what world is Tribalfootball a reliable source? And to be honest, even though it’s Milan we’re talking about where people make poor decisions, I doubt that they will sell El Shaarawy when his value is at an all time low – has barely played this season.

Pa ibra

“we are fine as we are”
those kojak summer quotes that annoy everybody


@ Hasowayne,if that is the case let the fans keep shouting it during the matches,no body will tell them to shut up.
PROTEST! PROTEST!! PROTEST!!!,by shouting during the last 2 matches especially the last match against Sassuolo at the Sansiro-”SEEDORF MUST STAY,HE IS OUR LONG TERM COACH,[Our Alex Ferguson],shout it since using banners to protest has been prohibited by the police(maybe from Mr.G).

indo milanista

Kaka not selected for brazilian world cup squad….:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( really a very sad news


Ill take torres or rvp over balotelli any day.. hard workin string disciplined forwards then n arrogant lazy selfish one.. thank u nuff said….


Any new transfer news guys??


Clarence has in his brief period so far actually shown good awareness of tactics, a clear footballing philosophy, and with the last game in mind, tactical flexibility, but still remaining the foundation to our style of play he’s trying to implement. He tried to make us play in a certain way in the beginning, it was beautiful (against Juve and Atletico), but we soon got tired and couldn’t keep up, so he adjusted his tactics, so it would would benefit our players, and how to make the players look better, and actually to great success. I’m not implying that Muntari… Read more »


I agree with milanista121, sacking seedorf would be absolutely ludicrous. Let’s hope he’s able to continue and actually have an influence on the transfer market in the summer


Me too brother, even if it only involves us reducing our squad number with at least five of the mediocre players haha.

Ross Oneri

With all the news going on around Seedorf’s position, I’m beginning to think the is some truth In it because all of the management chose to keep queit. Galliani used to stand up for Allegri even after consecutive losses. It would be embarrassing if it happens.


dejan10 is a legend in this blog XD


The sad thing about this is that I dnt believe this blog ia far from the truth and I do believe if we get a 20 – 30 mil offer for el92 he will be sold. I’ve accepted in recent years from kaka’s departure no one at milan is unsellable. Brace urself guys we will lose not one but two good players.


Quattro mesi dopo aver preso il lavoro a ” San Siro “, il Seedorf ha parlato con il modo migliore che possiamo fare un allenatore . Con il lavoro ei suoi risultati . Sicuramente non avrebbe potuto essere peggiore del Allegro , ma il restyling che ha fatto almeno rossoneri sono spettacolari . La forte personalità , il fatto che la carriera di 22 anni è stata la definizione di un giocatore e il vincitore che ben pochi sanno tanto quanto la maglia del Milan , sembra aver giocato un ruolo enorme in quanto è stato realizzato da gennaio fino… Read more »