Milan make Ochoa contact, Alex to renew PSG deal


GUILLERMO OCHOA’S agent has said Milan contacted him, while Alex will not be joining Milan on a free this summer.

Milan will definitely be looking for reinforcements in the next window as they know the current squad is not competitive enough to compete for Champions League spots next year and they are looking at different players for different positions.

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The Rossoneri are linked with new players every day and while the majority of the stories have no concrete basis, it seems that the Guillermo Ochoa rumour has something to it. “I think Guillermo deserves a big club,” the agent of the 28-year-old Ajaccio ‘keeper, Jorge Berlenga, told Fox Deportes. “There’re many teams looking at him, but if he can continue in France, that’d be perfect. If a big club is interested however, we’ll see. Milan have made contact.” His contract expires in this June.

Another player who has an expiring contract and Milan have reportedly taken interest in is Paris Saint Germain’s Alex but he’s unlikely to join the Rossoneri despite the Sky Italia report from March claiming he had agreed personal terms with the red and black club. “I’ve always said that I am happy in Paris and I think I will renew with the club,” Alex told Globoesporte.

“In one or two weeks at most we will reach an agreement and I will sign a new contract for another season.” Adriano Galliani refused to discuss the transfer market during the annual general meeting with the board members and shareholders.

Translation credit: Football Italia
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indo milanista

Not this man…. He is not right person for job….
Get krul/perin/scuffet
again a mediocer signning…


Ocha? Another free transfer? Give Gabriel a run otherwise let the kid go. Really annoying how we supposedly have some of the best young talent in the world yet we insist on players who are past it or mediocre. Are we becoming the new Real Madrid and ruin careers?


I agree. Gabriel is the first choice in the Junior Brazil National Team. He has a talent, just give him a right mentor and time to play. ochoa? he conceded more than 60 goals this season.


if we r to get a keeper from france i would prefer ruffier


Another 29 yr old,mediocre,free player from France is link wit Milan. Impresive!!!!!!


who is this guy(ochoa)


some cheap, rubbish, serie Z level player -_-


Yep its that time again where we would be linked with every good player and end up signing mediocres. Thanks galliani .


Ochoa is a prtty decent keeper very lively in d box n bettr than Gabriel to be honest at the moment. Scuffet perin or marchetti wud b ideal. Wud prefer an italian keepr nyday.


Get us Nigeria’s goalkeeper from Lille Vincent Enyeama he’s all time African Best Keeper and he’s the National team captain and he commands and organises the defence well.
Scuffet isn’t going anywhere this summer and Perin also said he’s going nowhere,so i prefer Krul or Enyeama,Marchetti is 30yrs old and have not played for long time,you can’t tell his performances when he steps to the pitch.
Just my opinion.


Stupid Galliani transfers… Get rid of him!

We need quality


We can do good business in Krul, around £10M. Give then Niang and land Krul. Not that simple but decent deal IMO.
Milan till d caskette!


Hey, Ochoa is the Mexico’s national goalkeeper better than the options you are mentioning.


You people are ignorant, if you really know about football you would know who this guy is, Ochoa is a perfect goalkeeper who needs this to finally get acknowledged. I would love him at AC Milan, FORZA MILAN, FORZA ITALIA


I was under the impression that ochoa was top notch? I’ve never seen him play, but heard about a few of his games. Is he not good?


It’s not that he’s not good. He’s not fit for the Milan keeper job. Being a Milan player calls for a certain class of player. Scuffet, Perin, Gabriel and Krul fit the mold, but Ochoa does not. Sadly Milan are opting for cheap options. I know there is a deficit of 13 mil pounds+ but come on, you need to invest to make money, anyone knows that!! The keeper position is very important as it is the difference between a 1-0 win and a 1-1 tie. Of course the rest of the team account for that as well but keepers… Read more »


Dooli you are right a GK could be the difference between 1-0 win or 1-1 tie. This guy Ochoa is an expert saving his really bad team every week with the worse defenders ever. I wonder what could he do with a solid defense? Everyone should see videos on youtube from Ochoa he has reaally awesome reflexes.


Well, he started at Club America, the best mexican club at 18yrs old, he stayed as the first goalkeeper in its club for seven years, then he was declared de best mexican goalkeeper in the current century, in Ajaccio, come on any goalkeeper with a class C defense would be burried with goals this guy stopped like more than 300 shots just in this season lets give him a chance, he is a good goalie.


Y always 28 to 35yr old player y not we sign young talents gali want to bring old plyer wen already we cristante nd poli dat are d features of italy not only milan 4 god shake galiani


Ochoa is a great keeper. Always shows up especially when playing the top 3 teams. Watch his highlights against PSG. The people talking nonsense on here have probably never seen him play.


From their comments, I bet they haven’t seen him. They make their conclusion based on the fact the the guy will be a free agent without knowing WHY. Ochoa has been followed since last season by top European clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, Marseille and some Spanish clubs and that’s why HE REFUSED to sign an extension of his contract with Ajaccio as he wants to grab an opportunity to play at one of these big clubs.

I have watched Ochoa so many times and he’s a fantastic, never say never goal keeper with unbelievable reflex. He’s just great


Actually, I disagree with opinions about this keeper. Ochoa is a FANTASTIC goalkeeper with super reflex. I watched Ajaccio games so many times and I’ve wished Milan could have him since last season. This guy has had man of the match performance against the French big clubs and i can guarantee that he’s a perfect solution for Milan’s goalkeeping problem.


Please let’s put Gabriel to test because he is very good but I know with more playing time he will be our next Dida

U guyz are shouting scuffet 17years when gabriel is not getting chance….smh……forza milan


Ochoa would be quality signing and we already would have a good goalkeeper. Who says give Gabriel chance isn’t right. Just remember that goal against Parma from 42 meters. He isn’t ready


His kinda good,most of you guy have not seen him play thats why most of you feel his bad


He conceded 60 goals because Ajaccio haven’t got defence.


Ochoa has his moments and he is good, probably more than average, I’m not sure if I would call him class, might be because I haven’t watched him on a consistent basis.
Although there is star potential in Perin and Scuffet, even Marchetti is a fine shot-stopper. Any of these three would be my candidates. I think Scuffet has surpassed Perin in my opinion, some of the saves Scuffet has done this season reminds me of Buffon.


No thank you, a mediocre player and signing. Ochoa has a reputation for using enhancers, he got caught in 2011 with another 4 players of the Mexican Nat Team using an enhancer called anabolic agent clenbutero, used by bodybuilders and other athletes. The administration of AC Milan should sell the Team to a rich Arab Org in order to get better signings, every year Milan always get mediocre players and they sell the top guns.I am tired of watching every year the same Ole moves in the transfer windows, so far the only good things we got in the team… Read more »


Eddy Im from Mexico and i can tell you that none of the players on the national team used any enhancer, the clembuterol got into their systems because the ate meat contaminated with this substance and has happen to more players here in Mexico. This was the reason the PSG didnt hire him and he ended up in a really bad team as Ajaccio. Is an excellent goalkeppeer but i guess you only wath matche from the series A and you dont know him at all.


To the ones that were saying didn’t want Ochoa, what do you think now?