Di Marzio: “Relationship between Seedorf and Galliani not idyllic”


GIANLUCA DI MARZIO has stated it’s premature to say whether Clarence Seedorf will stay or leave this summer.

The newspapers are claiming that Seedorf’s days on the Milan bench are numbered as he’s not getting along with Vice President Adriano Galliani and with a number of squad members, including the Italians Montolivo, Abbiati and De Sciglio.

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Report: No empathy between Seedorf and Galliani

The respected Sky Sport Italia journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio, discussed the situation at Casa Milan: “If we were to look only at the results, Clarence Seedorf shouldn’t be questioned but in reality the relationship between Seedorf and Galliani and some of the players are not idyllic. Let’s see if in the next few weeks the ‘feeling’ which hasn’t arrived yet, will be found. I don’t think that from that we can say that Seedorf will not be here next season but we can’t say that he will remain either.

“Inzaghi? He’s in the head of Galliani and he’s also the easiest solution. He has already gained experience with the Primavera and is considered a predestined by people in the club.” Seedorf was selected specifically by Silvio Berlusconi.

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This is a mess…. Let seedorf do his darn job in peace. He’s doing much better than allegri did this season.


Clearly there are some problems with upper management at Milan and regardless of which coach stay or go the atmosphere at the club will not improve until Galliani leaves.

Shevchenko arafat

I used to support galliani but after all the mistakes he has made I really want him gone. I hope that the reports of Mikel aren’t true haven’t we learn from essien they’re both not up to standard. I would rather see critante then essien or muntari I would’ve loved seeing him play against athletico rather then essien (who lost us the match with his stupid mistakes). I really want galliani gone and have maldini as CEO who really wants the youth project. Galliani is so stupid he couldn’t see the talent in aubamayang and sold him look at him… Read more »


sack gallani now please and get a better asistant coach for seedoof who is defencive minded

guliano tafuro

Gallani must go! His presence at my beloved Milan is detrimental to the club. They should consider themselves lucky to have a legendary alumni like Seedorf. Gallani gets so much praise for bringing players like Robhino and Ibra to the club (what has robhino done for us?…!). The fact is that Gallani couldn’t choose a good team if all the players in the world were free agents. Milan needs to get rid of the old (Galiani)and bring in the young and new (me)!!


what problem do Seedorf and De Sciglio have? I can understand a possibility with Abbiati, as he’s pretty bad now, and maybe montolivo, if the other rumors are true…


Someone dat saves d drowning ship is already not in good terms wt Galliani. I just cant help bt hate Galliani. Seedorf should be praised day nd night by Milan. Nt only d table but now we play like a team. U can feel d spirit.


Galliani is losing it… He’s done a great amount of good for the team in the past, but everyone has their time and Galliani’s time is up. For the sake of his dignity and prestige, he should leave voluntarily. If this mess continues and escalates we will have bigger problems than head coach and CEO banging heads. On the other hand, I really do hope that all these rumours about Seedorf having bad relations with De Sciglio and Monty aren’t anything else but rumours. Seedorf has done well given the circumstances, but we can’t afford to lose top players, especially… Read more »


Suck Galliani, Bring Maldini and Boban in…


Seems like Seedorf was more Silvio and Barbara’s choice, maybe Galliani will be out in the summer, then the skeletons will come out!


I hope and pray so


I think it’s about Abate and not De Sciglio. Abate may have complained to Galliani about the lack of playing time and galliani would have advised Seedorf to play abate on the right n de sciglio on the left but Seedorf wouldn’t do that.


The day i said Galliani is the disease causing Milan problems here, I got LOADS of thumb downs..LOL. I’m laughing right now.



GALIanii OUT !


GAlianii dindt say noone good word or did one good thing for Milan in this season ..unbelievable that he is pressing on Sedorf too …


I have had it wit galliani and Berlosconi. They tell us dont worry we will not sell the club??!!!! Please sell the effing club enough is enough


I will be pissed if anyone of our Italian players leave us as they are all class players. I just have this one question, now that Seedorf prefers Bonera to Abate, you guys say that Bonera has been great and deserves his place, but if Allegri had done it you would have massacred him. The hypocrits on this blog. I for one am perplexed how Bonera can bench him. At least play Bonera on the left. And when both Abate and De Sci are fit, it’s obvious that both of them should play, Abate on the right and De Sci… Read more »

Owen Dee

The greatest defender of all time – Paolo Maldini has always being right about everything going wrong at my beloved Ac Milan.A wise acquaintance once told me,you assess a difficult situation,identify the problem and attack it head-on,Galliani is the riddle behind Ac Milan dwindle of late.Maldini said he(Galliani) always think the success of Ac Milan has always been his own making and refusing the facts that some immortals like himself and legends did more of the glory;they created Ac Milan history on the pitch.I can say it boldly that Galliani was really lucky to had been appointed the CEO by… Read more »

Milanista K

Galliani’s ideas has clearly expired and save Milan’s future. The smartest thing to do now to regain lost glory is to put the team in the hands and ideas of our legends whose hearts beat Milan through their veins like Maldini and Dorf among others – these guy KNOW FOOTBALL. And yet the biggest opposition to this is Galliani – he is fast making himself Milan’s enemy. He has done his part. He should bow out gracefully before being forced out disgracefully.