Atletico Madrid-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Atletico Madrid are without Javi Manquillo and Tiago. Milan have to deal without Bryan Cristante, Andrea Petagna and Stephan El Shaarawy as well as without the banned Riccardo Montolivo (in addition to players who were not included in the initial Champions League squad). Atletico have a 1-0 advantage from the first leg but everything is still open and the Rossoneri will hope to cause an upset at the Vicente Calderon tonight (kickoff at 20:45 Italy time).

Finished: Atletico Madrid 4-1 Milan

Club Atlético de Madrid (4-4-1-1) – Diego Simeone
Thibaut Courtois; Juanfran, João Miranda, Diego Godín, Filipe Luís; Arda Turan, Gabriel Fernández Arenas, Mario Suárez, Koke; Raúl García, Diego Costa.
Bench: Aranzubia, Alderweireld, Insua, Cristian Rodriguez, Sosa, Diego, Villa.

AC Milan (4-2-3-1) – Clarence Seedorf
Christian Abbiati; Ignazio Abate, Adil Rami, Daniele Bonera, Urby Emanuelson; Nigel De Jong, Michael Essien; Adel Taarabt, Andrea Poli, Ricardo Kaka; Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Amelia, De Sciglio, Mexes, Zaccardo, Muntari, Robinho, Pazzini.

Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG).

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Sad , the future is a black pit.


too many average players…and balotelli is nothing special really


This club should be sold!


the differnce were diego gosta and thibaut courtois


I can’t believe it.. Wat a season, never would I have thought this season would go this bad


Just like I hope for
lose badly and this season is over
hope B&G will buy superstars next season


The gap between milan and others is growing!


The best way to get depressed -> watching milan games as a milan fan, a great succession of disappointments-.-




This a moment of truth! We can’t continue under this management, the next year will be the same awful transfer market and so on… Morratti has realised this and sold the majority of inter’s shares to make them compete! Wake up silvio you have no choice you should sell the club!


i see how they are competing…

inter teams is way worse than our…


B&G won’t sign any super star. instead they will sell the few we have to balance the books. Its already in history. 5-1. Not to Beryern or Real but Atlectico madrid.


Berlusconi was the source of our massive success and now our biggest problem, a very stubborn and selfish owner who prefers to see Milan and his fans suffer than sell the club. He has refused to spend and has refused to sell hence we are in big trouble.

Galliani just has to leave but Berlusconi his friend can’t afford his severance pay therefore we Milan fans should be ready for more free transfers.

I feel sorry for myself tonight because its really pathetic


Good job for seedorft, he made acmilan playing briliant football. 4th time never won. He want to same like allegri. Fantastic formation. He make acmilan history on CL very bad. I waiting borlusconi coment.. and galliani coment after fantastic fooball sedorft’s. Next game he made 5th time never won gain.
Thanks seedorft.


I feel so sorry for SES. His team screwed up every single competition in his absence and now he won´t play on an international level for quite a long time… (unless he leaves us, which hopefully won´t happen)
Recover quickly, we desperately need you.

mmo dead because all lazy good night


Allegri would av done beta


Are those drugs you’re on Class A or B?


Iv always wondererd why seedorf’s team play so so poorly in the 2nd half of games, italaian sides aren’t used to wasting the whole of its strent in the 2nd half of games, this was a game we could av easily won. Seedorf’s tactically poor, so is mario


Did you all see how Arsenal gave a good acount of themselves? Who can we evdn play of all the teams in tgis round? They will all roast us. Galiani you can shut your mouth nos with your stupid transfers.


Did you all see how Arsenal gave a good acount of themselves? Who can we even play of all the teams in this round? They will all roast us. Galiani you can shut your mouth nos with your stupid transfers.

Don addi

Chill guys… Patience!!!!! Lets not judge seedorf before next season…


Did you all see how Arsenal gave a good acount of themselves? Who can we even play of all the teams in this round? They will all roast us. Galiani you can shut your mouth now with your stupid transfers.


many of our buys are players that a flop at their respective teams….essien at chelsea,taarabt at QPR,zapata at vilareal,pazzini at inter,silvestre at inter,robinho at man city,balotelli at man city,birsa at torino,emmanuelson flop at fulham,constant at genoa.Milan need to be reshufled..abbiati has lost his reflexes,bonera must be out…we need to buy world class players to be at the top,if not we are going to be beaten by the small teams


The goals are all Abbiati’s fault…… seedorf needs to give Gabriel a chance. Courtois is only 18years.


Courtois is 21 and the goals weren´t abbiati´s fault… a good keeper would have saved one or two of them, though-.-


Guys it’s not only us playing bad, to be honest we have some sort of bad luck all the time, it almost looks like we are jinxed or something. I mean look at the 2nd goal of Atletico, exactly like the goal vs Napoli, I mean what is the chance of such a deflection goal? It’s not big but everybody manages to score these fucking lucky goals against us! Always us, aww damn our luck damn it!!!!


I think the addition of Monto and Desciglio could have made this game very different. A better keeper could have maybe stopped one or two of those goals. I think all their on target shots were goals… All Atleti had to do was play on the counter and with our awful defence we crumble. This team can’t take pressure. it’s really sad. This was an awful result but I don’t know why so many people on this blog act so surprised and seem to change their attitudes after this game. We maybe have a competitive team if no one is… Read more »

M Milan

Well that was great!!!! Back 4 can only defend what they see in front of them and at that still not good enough. Fed up!!!!! Can’t take our chances and we concede stupid goals!!!! How far do we have to fall before somethings done. Forza Milan


i’m rather insistent on balotelli leaving milan..he offers nothing…as a CF YOU DON’T GIVE UP!…u just don’t stop moving his body language and petty quarrels with refs and snobbish attitude when he misses a pass from his teamate sends negative signals throughout the team …i don’t believe he’ll change…mourinho once said “he’s a fun guy” (i don’t really have to explain that)…Balotelli’s reliance on his talent and his so called love for Milan wouldn’t materialise him to a top player…Let’s be honest we don’t need him!!!..there are other players out there who are willing to play their heart out..same goes… Read more »


And so, post Allegri, it goes on… If I had 50 mil to spend on players I think 90% of it would go on defenders. How B&G can let a team that used to boast the talents of Maldini, Baresi, Nesta, Silva, Cafu etc etc now make do with Bonera, Mexes, Emmanuelson, Abate (yes, Abate lovers I’m including him too), and Kevin Constant of all people is just mind blowing. AC Milan’s past success was built from the back and now this is just… well, words fail me. I know we “don’t have the funds” but there’s just been too… Read more »


Haha your last sentence truly took the words out of my mouth, couldn’t say it better, berlu and galliani brought successes when there was money, now when there is none they ain’t no nothing with all their history and prizes, what a bunch of fools including all the fans supporting them.


To be fair, allegri’s team played badly but they we’re quite hard to trash like this except for the barca games, we would av lost this way under max, we were easily beaten balck and blue.


Well essn ws d one dt gv dm 2 free gols but the truth is dt Milan r tired d game ds nite do nt hv any spirit in all d Milan plays d play wit fear jst like abate, essen, kaka, emmanuelson. Ds pple spoll d game n some seedf change seedf did nt pt any spirit in d players bcz even hm ws wek he did nt bodar abt d game well for me sellen d club will be d best for club to restor d honor n glory of d club


What language is that?


I guess Seedorf is just trying to prepare for next season? Honestly, using such a risky formation in the CL is like wishing to lose. Time and time again, teams playing against our 4-2-3-1 just seem to force the ball into our goal…like it’s a matter of time until the defense screws up. But at the same time, he said he wanted to maintain the CL, so he had no intention of not winning. So is he just tactically inept? I’m no coach, but 4-2-3-1 just leaks goals if the defense sucks, and our defense sucks. Clearly we can’t outscore… Read more »

indo milanista

One more bad game… Wat is this all going with the attack of Milan… So bad finishing… It was really disappointing… Defence was completely awful and same is with attack at the end of the season neither ballotelli, nor pazzini no one is affective……

kwabena Adu

What did you expect? I Knew we were going to lose but not that huge margins,thank God I was at school so I didn’t watch the game….shame on the owner of the club who has deserted us like this.
Poor management no vision,pathetic transfers,the worse defense in the Serie A….


Allegri would hav done beta…d only thing Milan players can do z talk 2 d press n Balo….hmmmm


as long as seedorf keeps using this (4-2-3-1) formation, we will keep loosing…but something is strange here.if it was allegri,u guys would have killed him..haha. forza milano.


Terrible defending…. Horrible Finishing!!!
I bet this season is the Most painfull for all Milanista in da world…


I do agree that the team as a whole has to play well, but if normal standout players are not on form with the switch of the formation something is definitely wrong. Balo and Kaka are both struggling with this formation, and even Honda who played 2 good games with Allegri and Tassotti dropped in form after Seedorf changed the formation. I definitely think the whole team is trying to play more streamlined, but I think that is because of the short term change in mentality with the change in coach. I told myself I would wait to judge Seedorf,… Read more »


Well…There goes the little hope I still had for the team. The most painful thing about this is that this is going to get worse. Whereas other teams would assess what went wrong and try to rectify it,Milan will simply sell the players with a little worth during the summer to ‘balance the books’. Then they will go for more mediocre players. My only hope now is that Milan doesn’t rot further. Please B&G, if you sincerely love this club like you say you do,please don’t kill our club for us . Please…

From a heart broken Milan fan


Some retarded Allegri fan boys think Count Max would have done better. Please! Allegri got raped by a Sassuolo 19-year old – 4 goals, in case you have forgotten. Let us be fair with the coach. Management shortchanged him by signing Essien. At least Galliani said the deal to get Essien had been on for a while. Meaning, it was Allegri who requested for him, because Montolivo and Muntari were suspended for the Atletico games. Unfortunately, injury had not been kind to the team as well. De Jong had to pass a late fitness test. Up front, Taarabt was missing… Read more »


I told you that athletico would rape Milan, thats what happened- this our fake coach, seedorf or what ever his name is must GO! He won possesion again, but lost the match, he is using our Milan to experiment- he doesn’t know much about coaching!


Seedorf is incompetent!


milan is finished this season, just accept this guys…
better to think more for new to train, who to train, and who will plays, and how we play…basic thinking, 4W 1H..that simple!
Forza Milan !!!


This is what happens when you hire a player to coach your club instead of seasoned managers, you call the player ‘coach’, you will all get the best of Seedorf very soon

kwabena Adu

Neither Ancelotti,Mourinho,pep,Lippi,Trapatoni,Sacchi or Alex Ferguson can do much with this our current crop of players,70% of the players are very average.At least Seedorf is playing attractive football


You don’t know what you are saying! What you need is winning games and not stroking the ball around unable to score- or winning possession. If u find out most games we lost, we always win possession! SEEDORF IS NOT A GOOD COACH! He will not help us!


Who cares whether it’s attractive or not, if it doesn’t produce goals, it is total Rubbish! Goals are need to win games not just possession without goals!


For the rest of the season, i want to see cristante playing alongside montolivo in miffield. Enough with the useless de jong without any creativity.


i actually like de jong and montolivo partnership but cristante does need game time


De sciglio should always be a starter.


Taarabt- poli – kaka should allways start.


The management when signing players, they should be top players in milan’s level, so they will never be for free. If we are not capable, then the priority should be given to our primavera players.


Balotelli starting place should never be secured.

Milan fan

This club is finished,it will only get worse from here on.

It’s time for changes,Berlu SELL THE CLUB ! This team needs quality players not junk like constant,zapata,muntari,essien,baloteli,boneraemanuelson!


These players should leave: bonera- constant- zaccardo-gabriel- mexes- zapata( remain as a sub)- muntari-essien- de jong-robinho- saponara. There are others that should leave but these players should leave first cause they have playing time. There is a lot of work to do.


Before seedorf can correct the damage allegri and galliani caused in milan,it will take a while,we should be patient.the team was too weak last night and i blame the players cos they don’t need the coach to tell them how important the match was,however,it leaves me with one conclusion there is high level of indecipline in the field of play among milan me only poli,kaka and de jong played well last night.