Highlights: Atletico Madrid 4-1 Milan


MILAN WAVED the Champions League goodbye for at least a year and a half as they were knocked out of the elite club competition by Atletico Madrid on Wednesday evening at the Vicente Calderon Stadium. Atletico were superior from start to finish and three minutes in the game, Diego Costa netted his first of the evening. Milan had some good moments in the first half and even scored in the 27′ minute with Kaka heading the ball to the back of the goal which seemed to give them some energy but Atletico took the wind out of Milan’s sails with an Arda Turan goal in the 40′ minute. The second half was disastrous and the Spanish side did whatever they want and scored twice through Raúl García (71′) and Costa again (85′). Milan never seemed to be in the game and had no fighting spirit and couldn’t outdo themselves and surprise the world. Terrible game and a terrible way to get knocked out of the Champions League.

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as much as it may be. wrong to say this,as emotional as tonight was for me as a fan,I feel its high time berlusconi is gunned down nd not allowed any access to the san siro anymore.as we were being humiliated by a low class club like athletico compared to milan,I thought of wat would have happened during the days of Nester,Gatuso,Ambrosini,Seedorf,Inzaghi,Kaldze,Cafu,Maldini,Kaka,Pirlo,Shevy e.t.c……milan—what a shame..am hurt

Ac milan USA

Milan’s difence is perfect for atletico de Madrid

Ac milan USA

Baloteli should be sold immediately before milan sell el shaaraawy
And have good day milan see u after 2-3 years in champions league


Wow can’t believe it that’s atleast 1.5 years without CL for Milan, I think I’m going to cry in my bed right letting this sink abit 🙁


Now we now that ,Milan will not disappoint us, because the team is out of everything.

olumide matthew

Lol. That’s true.


we need investments u aint she how much the defence stressing out balotelli


as long as seedorf keeps using this 4-2-3-1 formation, we will keep loosing…but something is strange here.if it was allegri,u guys would have killed him..haha. forza milano.


NO, the problem is not with formation nor with Seedorf. Problem is in players. Noone knows for which clup he is playing, but kaka. They want to live in luxury, driving fast cars and all stuff. Noone is actually caring for football. Look at differences about balotelli and pazzini. Does pazzini have a special haircut? No, Balo does. Does balo run when he looses the ball? No, Pazzini does. That’s the difference. But the actuall point is that Balo has enormous talent, which is not fully used. Pazzini has not that much talent as balo does, but he loves football.… Read more »

Milton nel

They must play 4-4-2 really that will work and sign a good striker like torres


-Bonera was the leader in ACMilan’s defense, Rami come back to reality! N13? not even close to great Nesta!
-Poli, lad you are a beast(…), full of potentials and tallent, keep an eye on him.
-Taarabt was in sleep mode. Such a desappointment, especially if you consider the fact that almost in every statement of his you read: It’s a huge,great opportunity for me, it’s a dream come true, it’s my shot.
-Silvio Berlusconi’s moment of truth will be this summer’s transfer window(…).


let me tell you what will happen this summer – we will buy out Rami and Taarbt – and this will be another 2 new players … – we will renew some players contracts – like Muntari Bonera Birsa Emanuelson…Robinio – ofcourse those are new players – we will sell Baloteli ..El Sha (probobly De Schilio) – we will bring back some of our players on loan – Niang and probobly Matri – and Galiani will say – we have 2 new strikers – we will sell 2-3 players like Dzacardo , Constant and Nocherino …an we will buy may… Read more »

Milanisti since 98

Damn it… It wasnt Milan i tell u guys. It was some mediocre team with a second class quality.. It wasnt Milan. The real Rossoneri just not showed yet, hopefully soon

Forza Milan

4321 ?! You think this is Real Madrid ? Tww. We don’t have that quality and mental toughness to implement that yet and it’s sad that “professor seddorf” didn’t learn from his mistakes. Coming into a game where we need two goals to qualify and you don’t start with 442?! Especially with our woeful performances lately ?! No way! I hope this people who disliked my comments should stand up and query me now. All in all.. players played well and I hope to see no one go cuz we have a dream team here at milan believe it or… Read more »

pazzo my love

to be honest bonera played a lot better than rami!

pazzo my love

our defence is total garbage, we need silva back!!


Its ashame for us, eventhough we have some pisitive but we stil lost, and outclassed by atletico, i dont see milan’s determination in cl like old times, some players just dont care with this team

Its really hard for seedorf tu bring back what milan supposed to be if we stuck with some players who doesnt even want struggle to win..

And one more.. galiani had dinner with florentino perez, anceloti and desciglio agent..

I dont like this..
We end up sell some promising player with unimaginable cost and still buy mediocre and free old player at the end..


I don’t think many of us would have cared for Dortmund 3 years ago. or maybe even 2 years. But last year they defeated Real Madrid 4-0. I think we have a good team. What the team lacks is something psychological. There is no reason that this team will lose to Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Udinese and Atletico again. I don’t know about others, but I think as fans, we are enough heartbroken and humiliated.


I told you that athletico would rape Milan, thats what happened- this our fake coach, seedorf or what ever his name is must GO! He won possesion again, but lost the match, he is using our Milan to experiment- he doesn’t know much about coaching!


In case you didn’t know, Seedorf is meant to experiment this season, smartass.


Berlusconi always argued with Ancelloti when the latter played with a sole striker. It only worked in 2007 because we had a super mid field. That is not the case now. I can understand why many people here are calling for a change of formations. The 4-2-3-1 is quite modern and new to Italian football. Milan, under Sacchi, redefined the 4-4-2 forever. I wonder if a return to that classic system would help now. In any case, we need another striker on the pitch. Balotelli returned to his old diving ways yesterday and he even wanted to get sent off.… Read more »

Arbër Cami

Keep El92 Rami Taarabt De Sciglio
all the rest out out out….
Especially this guy that serves like a striker -_________- most ridiculous and mediocre player of Milans history balotelli
this guy is just a random kidd that knows how to play a little football
he cries like a baby to the referee,no respect for the milan shirt and his opponents he falls everyime he has the ball
out out out asap


We gone lost again vs parma.bad player atleti vs milan are: ema, rami, essien, of course djoong, balo, taarabt (to many talk not action), bonera,robinho, muntari. Ohh disgrace player. Before raul gracia, no acmilan player had get defending suach as kaka, robinho, balo, in front. Only pazzo go to the back help defence but horrible marking djong to raul. This game no spirit, no team work, no leader on defence, and no respect for the jersey. acmilan need win and point to build up the spirit. Doesn’t need fantastic playing likes seedorft say always.. Seedorft disgrace acmilan historyon champion league.… Read more »


Question – Who killed Milan?
A) Berlusconi
B) Galliani
C) The Management
D) Allegri

The answer is pretty obvious and here is what I suggest. In this modern era, getting your views out there as a collective isn’t something hard at all, but it must start somewhere. I think it’s come to the point where we the true lovers and fans of Milan need to stand up for this club and get Berlusconi’s attention.. We must #SaveMilan.


Our great Milan walked outta the door the very moment Berlusconi started loosing his head. Himself and Galliani I must say. Whenever they entered into that trophy room, they got over excited, carried away, cocky, big headed and most of all, too PROUD of their achievements over the past years, forgetting completely that everyone else was working hard behind the scenes to become more successful than them.. They remind me very well of Pinky & The Brain. Continuity is what anyone, business, firm, organisation or institution need to go by, if you ain’t consistent, you’ll be swept off like dust.… Read more »


You ‘ve changed your name again @ Coco.
i will only judge Seedorf when he will have his own coaching staff for the defence and attack next season.Our problem isn’t the coach but it is Berlusconi’s careless and stingy family who don’t care about the club but always talk too much.We shall see his reaction in the summer.BERLUSCONI OUT.FORZA MILAN!!!

Ross Oneri

I think we will back soon enough. Seedorf need to make smart moves and if he keeps entertain Galliani he won’t go anywhere. Cheap buys won’t do any good. I personally think we need at most 30m to make a very strong squad. My Suggestions going forward. -I’ve always said Poli is a very good midfield, he needs to be played in his natural position where he can excel even though currently he is playing his heart out in wider role. -Sell bolatelli, Mexes ,Birsa , (Bonera/Zapata), Muntari and (De jong/Montolivo). – We have very good players in Saponara, Poli,… Read more »

olumide matthew

This is the worstest Milan squad ever seen. Bowing out of champs or losing ATM is not a surprise cos what do expect from a team that can boost of winning against little sassulo, torino and others? These teams are extra point to Roma, Napoli and Juve but big problem to Milan. Its good cos its time to go back to drawing board and see where we got it wrong. As for me now that there’s no european tournaments for us next season, so will love to see more of Inzaghi’s boys in serie A next season and lay of… Read more »

olumide matthew

Bring in petegna full time and let Balo go. Give young boys time to showcase their talents and put full stop to the old papas


Emmanuelson and Essien are jokes


Balotelli is overated,we cant build our team around him. The 4231 is not working. 442 or 4312 is my prefered formation considering we have a weak defence we need bodies in the midfield. Bonera is a bad defender but keeps getn a starting beart,i think hes in iluminati.

Ross Oneri

He is a mouth made star, way too overrated.


I wouldn’t comment on Seedorf. It’s too early and he doesn’t have any coaching experience. Let’s wait until at least midway through next season before judging him.

Let me just say one thing : Emanuelson is not and never will be a decent full-back. He’s at best a good left-midfielder for an average team.


the truth is this; berlusconi needs to make fund available for this team, blive me Galiani is a don, for a team like milan to operate for almost 2 years now without tangible fund and you want to keep competing in top flight is a miracle. last night lost was a shame, esien was a waste, abiati was very useless all season balo was not independent, tarabat is get use to the weak mentality of the team just like rami, therefore the real problem of milan is the owner phylosophy of late, he wants to get more from an investment… Read more »

Ross Oneri

Seem Like everyone have a good idea going forward. Let’s all hope the management is seeing that too.


I think I totally agree with everyone, the 4231 formation is not good for milan. It is supposed to be an attacking formations that produces a lot of goals and goal scoring opportunities. But since seedorf took over this job, we have barely scored 8goals in all competitions with this formation, so what’s the point! Teams like real madrid, Bayern munich and chelsea play the 4231 formation also, and bang in lots of goals, but its different in our case. I think we should switch to the 442 formation. Atleast if we dont score, we don’t concede a lot also.… Read more »



olumide matthew

I want Pazzini out of Milan cos he’s too lazy likewise Essien, Belotelli, Constant and Robinho out of Milan and bring in Fresh and young legs who can fit in


Ok, keeping in mind that Milan showed really good glimpses of attacking team football in past several matches (despite failing to score with final touch)I was quite optimistic about this match thinking that if we won’t advance, at least will give a really good fight. But we got trashed… What happened last night? Where was the spirit?.. Thing is, that we’re out of CL, for next year also. Finishing low in the league. What now? Should we expect sales of our better players, as it typically happens for clubs on a downfall, or B and G finally realize that the… Read more »


the past years we managed to get qualified for the Champions League, we earned quite a lot of money to get qualified…where did that money go dont aske me im sure about one thing, not in new players!!!
so even if we got milions for qualifying to champions league we ”’bought”’ mediocre free players
The question is…now that our champions league chances are screwed,what players will we buy or get for free?
Neighbourhood amateur football players…no players at all, will we continue with our mediocre team we have???
Only time will tell, till then FORZA ROSSONERO


The milan management i know won’t change. Galiani dined with perez and anceloti. is that a consolation for us? more mediocre will come in next season.




its better we stay out of europe for now so that smaller teams won’t keep rubbing us in the mud.


its better we stay out of europe for now so that smaller teams won’t keep rubbing us in the mud. Sacchi said our team ain’t no team.


I didn’t notice any comments complementing Atletico.Let’s be honest here,those guys are just better then a lot of the teams in Europe currently not only Milan.The club has been on the the come up for years now,and they have reached a high level and can challenge any team in Europe.Talking about Nesta and Maldini’s time is irrelevant now,move on already.Allegri left this team in a bad state just like Fergie did to Moyes.Atleast Man Utd have 100s of millions to spend on transfers and we don’t.This is a reality check for Berlusconi,he needs to inject some funds into the club… Read more »


1. start playin formation with three man midfield (Poli, Montolivo, De Jong) 2. after this season kick them overpayed divas and useless garbage out (Abate, Mexes, Bonera, Zaccardo, Muntari, Robinho AND Balotelli) Forgot someone? 3. put Inzaghi on first team and he’ll bring young lads up if there’s no money for buys (Petagna, Cristante, Benedečič, Modić, Iotti, Pacifico etc.) Would love to see hungry young lads on field than this washed up, overpayed, free garbage 4. as much as i love Seedorf he should manage one of our youth ranks so he would get experience 5. maybe just sell the… Read more »


George Weah, a great former champion AC Milan, has expressed his thoughts on Twitter after the removal of Milan from the Champions League last night: “I’m very sad, if you do not know what are you doing playing in the field … It ‘a scandal, you have to finish it. I’m really sorry for Milan, but I would change the whole team from scratch. Of course the newspapers speak ill of Seedorf even if he is not to blame. It is not that he is wrong tactics or formations, but there are players who have their heads upright and those… Read more »


Yup, he is spot-on. I hope the management knows what they’re doing in the summer. Get rid of high earners who are past their best (Mexes, Robi, even though I have nothing against them, they just don’t cut it). And get rid of medicores, and THEN if we really really really have to, which I doubt… If one of our star players is sold, then it should definitely NOT be El Shaa, out of the question. He should be UNTOUCHABLE as he for one gives his all when he steps on to the pitch for us. Our future should be… Read more »

Pa ibra

i was backing mario all that while thinking he would start changing under a diferent manager. i had a closed study of him last night… he never gonna go for a 50/50 ball, bitching as always. and having confortable laughs with opponents when we were lossing., really annoying to see. i so much admire his footballing talent but to be honest to myself, there is no talent in this world to make up for that attitude. he has let me down badly.

Pa ibra

i hope that was essiens last game. he’s brought for the CL and there is no CL game left for him to play now


I am done with Milan now F them all they just care about their Money and hair and cars if i were Seedorf i would kick their A$$ out of Milan especially Balotelli


its very typical milan defense from Allegri’ time and it doesnt healed yet…