Highlights: Cagliari 1-2 Milan


IT WAS A tough and ugly match but in the end Milan got the points thanks to a very late comeback and Clarence Seedorf is now 2/2 in Serie A. The wind played a big part in the game, especially in the first half. Milan made a lot of mistakes when they passed the ball at the back and in the 28th minute, Marco Amelia delivered a very poor pass which Cagliari took advantage of: the ball arrived to Marco Sau who beat the 2nd choice goalie. Cagliari were the better team on the pitch, they defended well and counterattacked Milan and didn’t concede much space to il Diavolo, who struggled to create despite having the ball. The Milan goals arrived very very late: Cagliari conceded a free kick close to the box and Mario Balotelli finally beat Vlada Avramov (87′). Two minutes later, Keisuke Honda delivered a good ball from the corner and Giampaolo Pazzini somehow got to the ball and scored the winner (89′). Bad Milan game but a massive win.

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I am happy with 3 points. ForZa Ragazzi!


We go from having defenders like maldini, costacurta, T.Silva and Franco baresi to bonera, mexes, constant and zapata, smh that’s ridiculous! I hope inzaghi develops good defenders and players from that youth team.


It was better than the last game against Udinese. More scoring opportunities and a few good link up plays but we have to admit we were lucky today, we scored two goals on set plays in the last three minutes. There are problems all over the pitch. I thought we were going for another defeat but I guess it was finally our turn to be lucky.

Muntari played a good game when he came on. De Sciglio and de Jong also had good games. Balotelli, too. KAKA was quiet. Robinho ineffective. Amelia just terrible. Mixed stuff from Honda.


Am happy for that win though, am glad they had faith and believed in themselves and came back to win the match


i think we played very well, and the did deserve the win, they had alot of nice plays together.


who is writing the summary of the match? “”Meytar Zeevi”” milan clearly deserved to win!! and cagliari wasnt the better team on the pitch, milan had soo many chances. it wasnt a perfect match for us but we surerly deserved this victory


This formation is not working,against good attacking teams we are going to get killed.we should go back to the 4-3-1-2.


im happy with the game, we did good, except for the obvoius amelia and bonera. what i really like it we actually utilized our set peices, we scored of a corner and free kick. when is the last time we scored off a corner with allegri? all i can think is ts33 header against barca. forza milan0


Balotelli will leave MILAN in summer for 99% ..what do u think bout it fellas ?


I gave an unlike to my comment as well but Borussia Dortmund is offering 35 000 for BAlo ..Chelsea wants him too ..


I would sell for 35 million, and we could get a good GK (Perin),CB (Maybe Dante or Sokratis Papastathopoulos), a LB (Santon or Faabio Coentrao), another winger (Yarmalenko or Di Maria), and a new striker (Mandzukic or Dzeko).

Sevchenko Arafat

do you think berlusconi wouldlet that happenen. Remeber when we sold ibra and thiago, we got about 50 million and we still havent bought the replacements


Yep .. i would sell him too but only if he wants to go by his self … and the replacement would be neccesary ..

We MILAN fans will see during this and next SEASON witch way AC MILAN wants to go ..I can tell u iam still worried ..
I dont trust any words of nobody from the managment ..they are the same as the politics ..
We will se during this seasons …fingers crossed !



He shud go afta shinin in d world cup.it means more money 4 Milan
Forza Milan!!!


We need new defenders soooooo bad, hopefully what’s been written in the media about vidic coming is true, he might be getting old but he’s twice as good as any defenders we have now, come to think of it maldini even at his age would be better than whats there now!!!!!


Wow look how full the stands are… :p


the other gates are close. the stands in front of the camera is close. thats why the fans were on the sides & the area where the camera stands.


i think seedorf is much more closer to the team than allegri. i noticed after every game seedorf always wait for his player before going in the locker room. allegri is always in a hurry going back inside the locker room after the whistle. the closeness of the coach to team is a big factor. it boost the players confidence knowing that their coach is supporting them and trusting them. it will let the players enjoy the game and play with confidence.


thats because Allegri’s matches always end in defeat haha


Beautiful goal and great assist, good finishing touch… Grazie balo, honda n pazzo…. Amelia and binho should go…

Joe Argani

Amelia, Bonera, Zaccardo, Constant, Mexes, Emanuelson & Robinho, players that have to out so soon from Milan


by the way y is this a bad match by milan???? 4 clear cut goal scoring opportunities. 2 half chances and about 4 to 6 shots from outside the penalty box. We controlled and dominated the game. How is this a bad performance? Other than monkey AMELIA, Weakling BONERA and Non existence ROBINHO. Of course our finishing was abysmal and we really need Pazzini. just because we were trailing for most part of the game doesn’t mean we played badly.


munatari had a very good match. i think he can definitely play in dejong’s position, because he is able to start attacks and also has the rare quality to score goals.


pazzini is milans inzaghi .. the number 9 is his and not patos or matris … he is truly a number 9 striker


Not sure there’ll ever be another Inzaghi…..!!!


Clarence learned from the best… Capello and Ancelotti 🙂


It goes to show when milan win games how fast we can move up the table.. Hoping for a milan win next week and either a inter loss or tie we can be 2 or 3 points away from Inter in a spot for Europe… Milan just have to stay calm purchase good players with a week left.. They still have a couple games against weaker teams to boost their confidence and they can move up.. Don’t forget last year milan were in the same position where everyone wrote them off saying they won’t play in Europe and they finished… Read more »


I dont think Seedorf has done anything too wrong so far, even though his pressing tactics aren´t quite working yet. The only new thing I think is TRULY terrible is the decisions by the goalkeepers. He´s obviously telling them to try to pass to defenders, but when they´re being pressed high then thats just a silly risk to take. The ONLY reason they scored is because we literally gave them the ball, and the goalies have been doing that over the past couple of games now, which could have ended in even more goals. Especially when they try long passes… Read more »


Just thinking, we could have kept huntlaar and Ronaldinho if we hadn’t bought Robinho in… Also if we hadn’t brought allegri in we might have still had Pirlo. 🙁

Tayo james Milanista

hmmm………….milan must sign quality not Crappy players
if not losses will still come…