Gabriel: “Winning important for confidence, Kaka an example”


GABRIEL IS waiting for the injured players to return and help Milan recover in the league and targets the World Cup.

The 2013/2014 season has been poor for Milan as a whole and also for many players but Gabriel has enjoyed this term so far and he has played four games as the goalkeeper of the first team and was also quite convincing in most of the games.

Christian Abbiati is still the first choice keeper at Milan but Gabriel, who was in goal for most of the game against Young Boys, feels like a more established player now and wants to see his side picking up more points in the next weeks.

Highlights: Young Boys 1-3 Milan
Young Boys-Milan: Official line-ups

“Winning is always important for confidence. Winning allows you to look to the future with increased confidence,” Gabriel told Milan Channel. “Finding confidence again is important for many reasons. First of all to get back on track in the league with the right desire to do well and climb the table. We must start gaining positions in the league as soon as possible.

“We’re waiting for players to come back. We have a squad rich with talents, and it is important some players are getting back from injury because they all need to help us at the minute. Kaka? He is a champion. An example on and off the pitch for the way he helps the squad in every moment. He has won the Ballon d’Or and this says it all. We have to learn from him. Even Robinho is doing well, but for us Brazilians, the incentive of the World Cup on home soil will give us extra motivation.

“Robinho, Kakà and myself will do everything to be there in June, because a World Cup in our country represents the biggest dream. I’m doing great here at Milan and at training center Milanello. I get on well with all the staff that train us goalkeepers and we work hard. As far as I am concerned I only want to continue training hard in order to grow and improve.

“Adil Rami? is a great defender, on par with all the other defenders in the squad.” Gabriel is expected to start from the bench against Genoa. Another player that could start from there is Stephan El Shaarawy who could be fit for Saturday’s match.

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Both Gabriel nd Elshaarawy shuldnt start 4rm d bench


Considering the length of El Sha’s absence, we shouldn’t rush him so early in my opinion.

Let him play the last 20 min, or 30+ if things go badly, and thus he might be fully fit for the upcoming games.

If he get’s injured because he played from start, then we’ll all just bash Allegri, again.


we not going be winners that soon ..maybe next season :/

Italy Vs Nigeria(1-2)HT,i told you not to underate my country Nigeria though Balotelli is causing us problems by making the assist for Rossi,but we scored at 35th and 40th minute,Mikel(Chelsea),Onazi(Lazio),Moses(Liverpool) and others have been great especially the later,Balotelli my felkow Milanista is causing my Nigeria problems.


Will you sh*t up with Nigeria please….
Its an AC MILAN blog



Allegri should give cristante and saponara more time.poli should starts against Genoa.

Forza Milan

Balotelli is a beast he’s caused our defence problems,i think goal was against him and other Italians,Cerci,Pirlo,Diamanti,Parolo,Giacherini,Poli all were great.2-2 FT,the Azzuris’ were frustrated with the result,cos our 2 goalkeepers were perfect especially our second keeper who started the match and was a beast to Mario .Up Africa,Up Super Eagles of Nigeria,Forza Milan,Forza Azzuri.I’m happy tonight.


Parolo was horrible and way below the average standard of the Azzuri. He missed a sitter and almost gave away a goal with a poor clearance. The fact that a player of his caliber scored two goals against us says it all about our current situation. I don’t like the way Balotelli has been playing either. He was better in terms of attitude in this game as he was always moaning and bitching in previous games, but he still missed one or two great chances. Pirlo was the most impressive in his time on the pitch. Absolutely irreplaceable. Diamanti and… Read more »

Wow… That 2nd half from Italy was completely insane. Can’t believe they didn’t score the winner, they absolutely tormented Nigeria. Usually Italy do poorly in these kind of games but jeez, they should hold their heads up high considering the rotation in the squad and that performance in the 2nd half.At times, they could have chose the better option by playing the ball to a free-standing player but because of their depth in squad, there is no wonder some of the players are eager to prove there worth which they really did. Italy will have an amazing arsenal from the… Read more »

Is there a Nigerian or a West African guy in this blog rejoice with me.


Go rejoice somewhere else dude – this is Ac Milan blog, not Nigeria blog.

feedryz facus

Nice result forza Naija


Am a good to see we can dance with the big boys


Nigerian team will only get better.. Draw is the best result for i suport d azzuri and 9ja is ma country!! We’l adjust and surprise the world..twas an interesting match..


I truly hope Milan changes coach before selling any player so we don’t lose a player down in form because of the coach’s ineptitude. Good game for Nigeria, lacking a holding midfielder though. Italy had a swell time in front cof the box cos no one was protecting the defense


I think keshi needs a professional technical advising assistant like siasia had. Certain technical aspects of the game seems beyond him, and that could be our bane

olalekan mojeed

Am very excited with the way the two countries performed welldone we shall meet next at Rio janerio.Wellcome back EL92 and Pazzo hope that man called Allegri do not rush them into playing Up NIGERIAN Forza ITALIAN we are de champione.


Great Goal Niang to Saponara pure class


milan are considering to build a new stadium, barbara berlusconi will meet Pisapia (mayor deputy of milano) in the next days to discuss the details. source:


Do we have any nigerian players in our squad? O_o


I tink Milan should have tour in Nigeria coz their fans are pretty plenty here o


Forza Milan!
Forza Azzurri!
Forza Super Eagle!


when i hear that milan wants to give genoa cristante for lodi or kucka, I can assure that both Galliani and Allegri should leave this club. enough with the average players!


I believe in our youngsters that play for italy youth national teams.


Many people here r talking shit about the club. but wat wrong with u people. this is milan we r talking abt. AC milan!!!! one very bad season is all it takes to open the eyes of silvio and he will open his bank account. its simple we dont even need to spend much we all the money we need in our squad. 1. fire allegri. tassoti as interim manager and come june appoint capello. 2. appoint seedorf as coach of milan(wat zidane is doin in real) 3.get maldini as sporting director. all this will give identity to milan. now… Read more »


OK – first, please wake up and stop dreaming.

1. Apoint capello
2. Appoint Seedorf

Which one is it?

Sell matri (5 mil),nocerino(8 mil),muntari(5 mil) – more like matri (1 mil),nocerino(2 mil),muntari(1 mil)

buy cavani for 50mil – good luck with that one.

You probably need to stop playing FIFA LOL


appoint capello as manager… carlo in real madrid and seedorf as coach like zidane in real madrid.

having a leader like seedorf or even maldini will kick some sense into balotelli’s brain.

and ya i agree cavani 50 mil is a long shot….. but think abt it….wat a investment it will be ……he is world class and he is nly 26…..

yeah maybe the first squad is a little tooo ambitious and radical but the second one makes perfect sense


I agree with you completely but do you really think Galliani will spend 50mil on Cavani? Even if he sold Balotelli and other players to get the money, he would put it in his packet and not on transfers. Milan needs to change and I hope Barbara will do just that in the summer. They don’t need to spend 50 mil on players, they just need to make smarter moves on the market and stay away from deals like 12 mil for Matri.

You may do all that but i think Milan fans will run mad if El Shaarawy and Abate is no where to be found again at Milanello,so absolutely NOOOOO!


these are jokes when all big teams are investing in youths u ar saying of bringing sniedjier bac into the game …thoz are tired legs….the isue is balo and SES hav differnt games… we shud choose one who will be the key and build a team around him for me its SES…look at spurs the same thing iz happening ,they dont have a key player in the squad…all the players are at the same ..they had bale and the game typ waz conteolled by bale build a team aroung SES and bring players that goona help him help milan so… Read more »


The same old speech, only changes the character I’m getting tired.


Robihno scored today with brazil


Saponara and Niang make a good partnership on the left side.


Saponara and Gabriel have great potential but can’t be played in the first team YET! Maybe substitutes for the time being. But Niang DEFINATELY deserves to play more! Hopefully we don’t sell him. FORZA MILAN


Milan sucks thanks to galliani n mad Max