Highlights: Young Boys 1-3 Milan


IT WAS A friendly match against BSC Young Boys but Milan finally got a victory and it happened on Saturday evening at Stade de Suisse in Bern. The first half was bad for Milan as they played like they did in many of the matches this season and they conceded a goal in the 40′ minute, as a great shot by Raphael Nuzzolo beat Gabriel. The second half was a lot better as the Rossoneri played with a lot more fluidity and also scored three goals. The first of the three came in the 56′ minute: Milan got a penalty which Ricardo Kaka didn’t convert but Ricky was quick to get to the rebound and head the ball in for the equalizer. Milan continued to push and in the 71′ minute, Riccardo Saponara found the back of the net: M’Baye Niang gave him a good ball and Saponara ran towards the goal and struck it well. In the 74′ minute, Saponara gave the ball to Niang, who dribbled and then tried to pass to Alessandro Matri, who missed the ball; however, the ball ended up in the legs of Bryan Cristante, who didn’t get it wrong and scored Milan’s third. il Diavolo also hit the woodwork a number of times. Adil Rami had his unofficial Milan debut, a few youngsters played too.

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il faraone

gud result.atleast milan have won a match after a series of bad results and am glad cristante and saponara played wel and scored.this wil give allegri a food for thought


Allegri: “Cristante did very well as a mezz’ala against Young Boys today, but he’s perhaps not ready to play in front of the defence.”


how was Adil Rami?


Wow.. The mighty bonera is back.. The AC Milan Captain!!


Oh!we won,,i miss seeing milan win ,cant remember the last time we won a match. Off topic:did u guys see honda play against holland?dem that guy is a class above other transquaristers in the world,powerful display. Verdict:if honda becomes a flop in milan,allegri should definitly be hanged.

isaac ayala

wat the heck is a transquarister? bro, trequartista. its an italian word


Milans formation from january should be: – abiati- -abate-rami-mexes-de seglio- – poli-montolivo-de jong- – honda- balotelli-kaka. Verdict:balotelli has no bisness not scoring 15 to 20 goals before the season ends.


where is el sha??
it should be
abate…rami…mexes…de scig
….montolivo….de jong
honda….kaka….el sha


get the best out of it this season,let new coach come and go for his opted buys


where is niang? I think we could play this lineup with niang instead honda till january


u r right @chrisrossoneri…i forgot his name,but i think he should be kept n rsrv and i want to see allegriless milan , asap , but it seems he wont be sacked and wl fnish his 4 years spell , but its not alright , as next coach will need tym to build a better side with the gems we have…2016 champions league final is @sansiro , i dont want any odr team’s captain holding the trophy on our stands , we are the IL TIGRE of San Siro…we must win it and for that we have sufficient time and… Read more »


The best formation after christmas would be a 4231 with abbiati; abate rami mexes de sciglio; montolivo de jong; honda kaka el sharaawy; balotelli
But if the coach prefers 433 then it would be abbiati; abate rami mexes de sciglio; montolivo de jong honda; kaka balotelli el sharaawy.


I heard Ricardo Quaresma is a free agent now they should try to get him nex transfer. get as much money they can get from abiati , muntari , nocerino etc and give the youth a chance. PLayers to keep Balotelli , SES , Niang for Att Kaka , De jong , Poli , Honda for Mid and of course youngsters like Saponara , Cristante etc Abate , De Sciglio , Zapata , Emanuelson for LB (Sorry but no Mexes)for Def And get a new GK like tim krul And use the money to get at least 1 Good att… Read more »


My team list after chrismas is abiati, abate mexes rami de siglio, de jong montolivo, elsharrawy kaka honda, baloteli


Abate zapata Rami De2
Monty de jong
Honda Kaka(c) El sha
Subs; Abbiati Poli Saponara Cristante Birsa Robinho niang
4 2 3 1
all our mediocre and unhappy players should ba sold

Mohammed Jibran

Allegri: “People said I was crazy when I said that Kakà can play in front of the defence, but we will try this more often in the future.”

I don’t know what is wrong with this guy Allegri, he want to play every player on different positions, he is master of changing player positions. I know Kakà played well in front of defence yesterday, but it doesn’t mean he should play here more often.


so the Caen didnt happen dis time. nice try Max.


where’s bonera in your line up’s and muntari? You forgot allegri’s pets haven’t you. Do not be suprised to see el92 or honda on the bench for muntari. Allegri always finds ingenious ways of trying to increase my b.p. But God wouldn’t permit. The man feels he can salvage his milan career as though other teams will be in coma. God help us, and give us a new coach. Amen.

milanisti bali

if allgeri still be our manager, dont forget muntari in your formation …


In the 74′ minute, Saponara gave the ball to Niang, who dribbled and then tried to pass to Alessandro Matri, who missed the ball; however, the ball ended up in the legs of Bryan Cristante, who didn’t get it wrong and scored Milan’s third.

Matri LOSE the ball.. Useless, still can’t score in the match saponara n cristante score.. Allegri: matri did well, he let cristante scored as part of confidence boost for youngster..


My starting eleven would be: Gabriel Abate-Zapa-Rami-MDS ——Cristante—- –de-Jong—-Monto- ———Kakà—— ——Balo—SES— That would be my eleven in the upcoming weeks, but I do have some tweaks I’d like to put forward. I’ve never really liked Zapa. Yes, he’s a good defender with pace and physical attributes, however, he never was Milan material. Very nonchalant and sleepy. Now people are going to flame the shit out of me, but if we do pick up some form and we face a low-league team at home; I’d like us to try Bonera. I never really felt he’s THAT bad. Believe me, I’ve also… Read more »


I agree with what you say, pretty much everything, especially what you say about Bonera and Zapata. Like you say, Zapa has great physical attributes, strong, and one of the fastest central defenders out there, but his lack of concentration doesn’t cut it for a top club. If he can work on this somehow, he could be one of the best, but I do not see any improvement, however I still rate him ahead of Bonera, because Bonera also lacks in concentration at times, and he doesn’t have the pace to make up for it, like Zapa has at times.… Read more »


And against Man U 09, he was one of Milan’s best player as a RB lol. In any case, I am aware of his flaws. I really do.

However, as a back-up, I really don’t mind him.

Especially when he got €1.3m on his yearly wage and doesn’t seem to mind a back-up role.


Really? Wasn’t he pretty poor in that game? Or maybe it was his lapse of concenctration that made me believe that… but agreed on him as a back-up. With the signing of Rami we will have good depth of centre backs, I would still like us to sign Astori though…


Nope, he was one of the best performers out there.

My memory is a bit stiff, but I think he did bad on one occasion when he didn’t try to scuff the ball away on one of Rooney’s goals.

I also would like to see Astori. Sad he signed that extension when we could have got him for free during the summer…


can u imagine how pathetic Allegri sounds??
Allegri: “People said I was crazy
when I said that Kakà can play
in front of the defence, but we
will try this more often in the
He’s so defensive concious.. He has not heard the saying that ‘Attack is the best form of defence’.. We defend alot with our creative midfielders thats why its hard for us to build up plays…. Solution: #sackAllegri


It’s like when Saponara was defending like a horse on crack in the first half. He was playing as a CM and it looked awful. Had a rough time combining with other teammates and couldn’t get far up the field.

As a trequartista, he looked much better.


Very good performance from Niang, Cristante, Saponara!!
All of them should have more first team action


You guys should have seen Robinho yesterday, he lights up the team. He did a crazy assist to hulk. YouTube Brasil vs Honduras 5-0.


I always knw milan wil bounce bk but dat wil b from christmas wen all our players wil b available for slection. Imagine a team wit abiati,abate,rami,mexes,de segi, d jong, motno, honda, elsha, kaka and balo. Then supa sub, gibrel, zapata, sanpo, poli, munta, pazini, niang robinho and emman. And pray dat napoli and juve wil drop pointS, roma wil b lyk lazio last season. Forza MILAN.


I think that Cristante did very well as Mezz’ala, and it’s good to know that he can play there as well, this will open up more space for him, we should count on our own youth (El Shaa, De Sci, Cristante, Saponara for example) and not get old, mediocre players. I like Nocerino’s spirit, and he knows what Milan is all about, however, he doesn’t offer anything of value to the team…Cristante and Saponara should be ahead of him in the pecking order. Kaka as a regista could work, I’m sure of it, but not now, he still has his… Read more »


I actually couldn’t disagree more in regards to Nocerino. He is very nonchalant and it rarely looks like as if he cares. Only because he looks like Rino and was named the new Rino at one point, doesn’t mean he’s a warrior because he really isn’t (in my opinion). Offers barely anything on the field. Some safe, accurate passes and good runs through channels to score occasional goals. Yes, it looked okay to see Kakà in a regista role but it worries me that Allegri spoke highly of the decision. He might Boateng-voodoo him… He still has that pace, as… Read more »


Regarding Nocerino, that’s my point exactly, maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough, if that’s the case I’m sorry. I don’t know if you mean that you don’t agree with me, or that you can not disagree, hehe. Because I mean that he knows what Milan is about, based on interviews, however he offers nothing of value when on the field, just running around, you barely notice him, unfortunately. It worries me as well :/ Hopefully we’ll stick with the 4-3-1-2 with Kaka and Saponara as trequartista, I want to see Saponara play ahead of Birsa 🙂 I think if… Read more »


Then why is Robinho not playing well with Milan? Mad Max!


I wonder how Matrix could be faulted in Cristante goal. Too much hate for this guy.


Give messi n cr7 for brainless max, and 100% he will change that attacker position in front of the defence..and messi n cr7 will be drop to mediocre player.. And for all milan fans, you are too much playing football manager,.and dream about all your formation you had post here, do you forget who is the coach?? 100% for sure is, 1. Bonera is the man who no one cant take his position in te cb 2. Muntari will play reguler even if we have fabregas, or honda or iniesta 3. Matri up front until he get any injury, do… Read more »


Because he is a flop. That is why he is hated.


What formation did Milan Play against Young Boys?????? Please tell me. It seemed to work. Maybe we should Bench Matri and try to have Kaka as striker he is effective there when they played Barca in the Nou camp. And then have saponara in the CAM and Niang on the Right and Birsa or Emanuelson on the left. Might work…. We need our big players to come out of injury (El Shaarawy, Pazzini, De Sciglio)!!!!!!!!! Then we can start to win games!!!


A Milan coach bragging about beating a team named young boys… Kaka as a register will NOT WORK!!!! Don’t even think about it!!! Kaka won the BALLON D’OR, and the UCL title as a striker, where he has been playing all his career!!! Just like Pirlo who won World Cup, and two UCL titles as a register but Allegri came in and thought he could change all that, and he was wrong!!!!! Now he gets pissed every time he is questioned about Pirlo. I’m sorry but this has to be said: Allegri has NEVER won anything in his football career,… Read more »


I’m not defending him, but actually, he turned Cagliari into one of the best playing sides in Serie A, much like Montella is doing with Fiorentina at the moment, however Montella has better players at his disposal than Allegri did at that time, and he won the prize for the best coach ahead of Mourinho. But, he probably doesn’t have the winning mentality needed for Milan, even though I still hope this will change so we can actually do something noteworthy by the time this season ends. I do not know why we play so poorly, at times we can… Read more »


Was Cagliari ever one of the best sides in Seri3 A…maybe I have been watching another Serie A. Leonardo’s Milan beat them home and away. And I cant remember them ever making it to Europe.


Notice – one of the best playing sides, they never struggled for survival, but they finished eighth or something when Allegri took over.
Swansea is one of the best playing sides in Premier League, but they’re still only fighting for the Europa League spots. And like I said, Montella has better players at his disposal than Allegri did.
I think that some people here want to hear (read) what they want to hear.

Ross Oneri

Allegri is confused. Kaka in front of defence? Cristante as a winger? worse decision ever.


Agreed, Kaka in front of defence is just weird, maybe when he gets older and isn’t as fast, but he still has a few years left in him as trequartista, he must stop changing players positions for fun…
However, as far as I know, Cristante was playing as Mezz’ala during the game, like Montolivo plays, he wasn’t a winger.

Ross Oneri

Yes true that. Cristante was playing as a winger, he even talked about it after the match check Milan’s official site.

El Sha is back tho


Pirlo had been a register for Milan for ten years wining two UCL titles, and a World Cup. Allegri is the ONLY PERSON on this planet who thought Pirlo wasn’t doing a good job! He is playing the same position at juve and he has won two serie A titles literally on his own. Now he wants to Change kaka’s position, where he won a ballon d’or and two UCL titles. Kaka was begin to find his old self, but now Allegri is going to prevent that. I wonder how the curva sud is going to react to that. And… Read more »


to me best formation to start next season got to be 4 2 3 1 abate, mexes ,rami, de scilio
montolivo ,de jong
Honda yarmolenko kaka
no balotelli next year


Great to see the young lads get an opportunity to wear the Milan shirt. Very happy for Saponara and Cristante for well taken goals. They both deserve more playing time in official matches. I did not get to see the game unfortunately. However, and based on every other game this season, I can tell that this coach is tactically shallow. He seems to think he a Sacchi or a Capello when he is not. This positional experimenting is chaotic. I can’t wait for the return of SES and De Sciglio. Why does it feel like they’ve been gone forever? Forza… Read more »


sack allegri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alegryista121…Agreed, Kaka in front of defence is just weird, maybe when he gets older and isn’t as fast, but he still has a few years left in him as trequartista, he must stop changing players positions for fun… (WTF) Do you know why alegry alegry always changing player position? I give you the answer : when the player play in his natural position, and playing good or even superb, then alegry see that,.. So he will try everything to change that player into wrong position and make the player playing so bad!! If the player had playing bad, alegry will… Read more »


Why do you call me “Alegryista”?
I’m also against him playing Kaka as a Regista…that was pretty much the only point I was making, seriously, am I that bad at making my point clear?


The main problem is ZAPATA..if he don’t play..everything is better for MILAN..and NIANG deserves more attention from the coach..he has a dribling speed..(only el sharawy can do it in MILAN)if NIANG or ELSHA play..I,m sure matri will score..


i jus saw the highlights of christane play y does allegri leave this guy out for muntari hes rubbish

Ross Oneri

El Sharaawy is back gentlemen.

I kindo excited by what is going on at Milan right now. Many average players will leave in January and bring about 4 or 5 quality players. Cristante and Saponara are going to be given more playing time.

Shams Arafat

El-sharawwy back in training


There are reports saying that we might swap el shaarawy with sneider…the sad part is its actually believable


If we make a couple of great purchases in the summer and get a new coach i feel like we will be on the path to success again. I just worry that our good players will be frustrated with how the team is playing and want out before then

Pa ibra

its ironic that a defensive minded coach like allegri want to play kaka infront of the defense. i’ll compliment him for that attacking thinking even thou its a stupid idea. this may worked against young boys but will not work against big boys.

everyone thought that we got a LB, but allegri filled emanuelson behind the strikers. and now a proper trensquarista, allegri is looking to play him infront of his defense. he’s confused and will try any player in any position and changing formations every game.