Rami: “I have a winning mentality, I want to help Milan”


ADIL RAMI gave his first interview as a player of the Rossoneri, although the move will only be official in January.

Valencia confirmed last night that the player will join Milan in January on a loan with option to be bought for a reported €6-7m and on Thursday, the French center back began training with the team, even if he can’t play until the market opens.

There was a talk of a failed medical and problems between Rami and Milan over wages but it turned out to be nothing more than the imagination of journalists and Rami arrived to Milanello yesterday. Today he gave his first interview.

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Video: Adil Rami at Milanello on Wednesday

“My first impression of Milanello is great. I’m very happy to be at Milan and at Milanello,” Rami told Milan Channel. “It is the best place to train in the world. I feel very good. I’m very fortunate that Valencia have given me the permission to train with Milan immediately, and I thank them for that. I will get to know my team-mates in this period before I start playing games.

“I already know Constant and Mexes, and they will help me to settle in faster. Milan is a big family and I like that about this club. I have already spoken with many of my new team-mates, like Robinho, Kakà and De Jong. I speak French and Spanish, I try to talk with everyone and make them understand me even though it is not easy. I’ve a very strong character and a winning mentality; I think I can help the team physically, improve the competitiveness and give my contribution.

“Milan made a very good impression on me when I faced them in a friendly match with Valencia. After the match, I told my brother that it is a great team. I have followed Milan for a long time, and it is a club that I have always liked. Milan is a team that has a lot of character. We are in the same situation as last season, but we are a great family and we will bounce back.

“I just want to help the team and do the best I can as soon as possible,” he added. Meanwhile, reports in Japan today have confirmed the Italian ones that CSKA’s Keisuke Honda will definitely join Milan in January and will wear the #10 jersey.

Translation credit: @Milanello
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Now this is the type of character we need. Our current team is lacking of confident characters aside from balotelli lol.

To be a winner, you need to feel like you are capable of winning and of course hard work too.

Forza Rami
Forza Honda
Forza Milan!!!


Dat gud and I hope u will do well on d pitch


“It is the best place to train in the world” yes if u dont get injured.


Good ma niqqa rami gooooddd…watch…he will do alot for this club I got that feelin hah


yeap Rami is Milan material ! one more world class CB new coach and we can beat anyone in anytime !


I wish Milan Luck


Now we need a new real coach!!


Hope you didnt get injured before the game under alegry training..


Can’t wait to see HONDA wearing Milan’s #10…


That is good bros, I look forward in seeing you in red and black jersey