Galliani: “Retreat not a punishment, we have to find form”


ADRIANO GALLIANI said the club told the coach and the players it is not happy as Milan prepare for a retreat.

Something is not working at Milan and the results have been bad as well so far as the Rossoneri are in the 12th place in Serie A after 7 rounds of football and the team is performing poorly. The latest defeat to Caen (friendly) got Milan worried.

Caen beat Milan 3-0 in a friendly on Sunday (most of the players were reserves and Primavera) and Max Allegri was furious at the end of the match. The club has decided that the players will stay together at Milanello for a retreat ahead of Udinese.

Video: Adil Rami at Milanello on Wednesday
Highlights: Caen 3-0 Milan

“We would not be punishing the players by sending them into a retreat,” Galliani said today. “Milan have told the coach and the players that the club is not happy with the team being in 12th place in the league. A retreat will serve in bringing concentration and allow everyone to be together. This would be the aim of the retreat and it is not there to punish anyone.

“It is a decision taken with the coach and the club and no player is being picked out. We’ll start the retreat tomorrow evening. All the players would be there including those who are not called up for the match on Saturday. Then on Friday it would just be the players called up for the match on Saturday. All the players have accepted it. There is always an extra motivation when results are not going so well. We’ve to get over it and find our form and not repeat what happened last year.

“Let’s see if what we are doing now will help. I feel we can get Ricardo Kakà, Valter Birsa and Matias Silvestre back for the Udinese game. Mattia De Sciglio will take a bit longer. He will not be available for Udinese but let’s see for Barcelona,” the Vice President and Chief Executive continued. Being here on this marvelous autumn day with all the colours is fantastic. I might stay in the retreat too. It is not a punishment but a place to get together and focus on climbing up the table.”

Meanwhile, the first team played a friendly match against the Primavera side and the boys of Inzaghi beat those of Allegri 1-0 with a goal scored by Yusupha Yaffa. Kaka and Nigel De Jong, who’s banned for Saturday, played just one half.

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Inzaghi already beating Allegri with his boys lol


Im Think Pippo is the greatest player ever… My biggest idol..

But im really scared of him being our coach… What if he dissapoint us? or just go bad??

We might lose and idol..

On the other hand, if he makes a good work, than he is a legend even more..

so I have doubts.. but in the end I think he deserve a chance


I agree with your fears. While I was not a Milan/football fan during Inzaghi’s golden years at the club, I have a growing appreciation of him. I love how he’s doing with the young ones and am a bit hesitant to take him away from them, because it is a great opportunity for both him and the kids. However, I would love to see a Milan legend restore today’s Milan to the quality expected of what many consider the greatest club in history. Forza Milan + Forza Pippo.


If he fails as a first team coach in doesn’t mean that you have to hate him. He is a legend no matter what. People hating on coaches who don’t perform is pathetic. If a coach can’t get the team to win you simply thank them for their efforts and move on to the next coach. It’s not as if a coach is deliberately trying to lose. For example I’m sure Allegri is just as upset as all the fans. When he leaves you thank him for the scudetto and move on.INZAGHI IS AN IMMORTAL REGARDLESS OF HIS COACHING ABILITIES.… Read more »


great line of thinking =)



Keep it up pippo u will soon take over from that defensive minded coach.


Get Allegri far away from Milan as possible pleeeeeeaasse!


That shows a real Milanista. It’s always in the blood. Allegri is not a biological milanista, so it won’t for a second move it with his(allegri) result against Pipo.
Up Pipo!!!!!!!!!!


pls that result means nothing. Meanwhile all we need is to gain back wining ways either with allegri or not bkos so far am concerned i don’t have problem with d coach rather d management. Forza milan!!!


ofcos the result means a lot. it shows that Allegri had no clue.


We schould get Vermalen ,he wants to leave Ars


aAllegri has to go

future coach

For me as the future coach there are 2 good solutions:is either we fire allegri or in each position we should get 2/3 good players(young and average not old)so that everything will be competitive. For the injury problem:the players that easily got injured(if they are key players they should be replaced in the 50-70mins)so that others will that an experience of coaches?


Be a man and fire this coach


This coach is a curse…he needs to go before the plague off defeats stops.


I can’t believe the Primavera only won 1-0, seriously!


Datz shows dat inzhagi is real milan dream coach

who brought matri

we can lose a million games and some people will just cook some reasons and say it means nothing and will some how blame B&G. loss to Hellas. excuse- they were fresh whiles we had Champions lge. draw with Torino-they were tired after internationals. loss to napoli- we could have drawn if balo scored the penalty. draw to Bologna – had it not been for their keeper we would have won. draw with Ajax- the team played the right tactics with another penalty we would have won. Against Juve- matri created chances. we had more posession and we could have… Read more »

Pa ibra

that akward moment when you lose to little boys

i bet cristante has shown those nocerinos how to kick the ball


I am so sad right now. First My home country Panama doesnt manage to classify to the world cup(will have to root for Italy like I always do), and now my Favorite Club is more lost than ever. COme on Milan Step Up.



It’s unfortunate what happened to Panama, Mexico doesn’t deserve the chance to play (coming from a Mexican), they’ll probably lose to New Zealand anyways.


Just hurry up and give Inzaghi the job already! Losing to the Primavera surely the final straw Galliani? Surely?


Lets all call Galliani to give us a knew coach +390262281


Lets all disturb C.E.O to give us a knew coach +390262281


Alegry day by day make me sick..after his strategy make milan like this, he came to galliani and want galliani to punish ac milan player because of his mistake..WTF!!
For meytar zehvi, please post the el sha comment about alegry, alegry said he didnt like the player with mohawk hair style, and then el sha said please dont judge me from my hair style, just judge me from my performance at the field. OMG is this the signal of the sell of El Sharawy?


In Napoli HAMSIK has no comment about his hairstyle. It is a terrific player and his coach support his playstyle. He doesn’t care about the hairstyle… and so it should be. Let Stefan be Stefan. He will decide what style he wants. When ac Milan coach has nothing else to say, I prefer he keeps his mouth shut. You have to support your players, don’t break them down.Is Milan management paying a coach for bringing only this poorness? David Beckham had everyday another hairstyle and sometimes it was even collored. SO WHAT??? As long as football is ok, let them… Read more »

milanisti bali

wake up allegri…
we want you leave us ASAP…


Pippo has said he doesn’t think he’s ready to coach Milan yet, I feel perhaps he needs some experience in Serie B and perhaps even Serie A before he comes. In all honesty, I don’t see Allegri being sacked as there’s not an adequate long-term replacement. It looks as if our suffering with this horrible coach and his horrible tactics will continue for a bit longer.

Forza Milan.


super pippo will be the greatest coach Milan ever had he will win the seria in his first season n reach minimu semi finals of the cl


We’ve got some series of tough games coming and don’t see us doing really well. Have lost enthusiasm to watch my club to the point am so fucking sad that nothing will change until this man leaves. Galliani can also follow him for creating this disaster.


no more analysis! Berlusconi sack Galliani and Allegri! Thats all, it’s simple

Allegri Must Go

“@SuperSportBlitz: Japanese international Keisuke Honda has signed a formal deal to join AC Milan when his contract with CSKA Moscow expires on December 31.” Can’t wait!


JUve wants to get Abate for free in summer ..if this gonna happen i wont belive it :/

milano siamo noi

when a first team lost to their primavera side, can only mean these:
1. all the primavera starting IX are the next world class players…which i don’t think so
2. all the first team players are mediocre…which is quite true
3. the first team coach has no tactics and no ideas of what he should do with the team in order to win a match…which is so true
instead of requesting for a proper CB, he opted for a 12 mil striker who can’t even score….
conclusion: #allegriout


am so sick pls galliani fire Allegri the great coach is suck


Allegri won’t leave until the end of the season, so we have wait till then. But in the meantime we should start thinking about next season cos this one is already over.


After hardship and struggle comes ease. Just everyone hope and pray this is the final year with Mr allegri. Cos if not Good God…


Typical Allegri..his season ends after 6 games..unless the other teams are in terrible shape..

Verona, Caen, Primavera!! Just how much lower can he get?



Balotelli injured !!!!! What the hell happens with Milan Lab


Another muscle injury for Mario, God help Milan this season.


Surprise, surprise!! #IHateAllegri


WtF Is wrong here!? How can Balotelli be injured in training again! I don’t understand what’s going on, but this is some bs! Do these guys break rocks in training or what! I’m weak mehn..


About Inzaghi as our head coach, I don´t care anything else, a player who celebrates avery goal like he was winning the Champions League deserves an opportunity on this team of zombies.


I think when the players enter Milanello, they don’t think training is coming on … THEY THINK INJURY IS COMING ON AGAIN.


Milan is not good for you, for no one actually.