Ajax-Milan: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Bojan Krkic is unavailable for Ajax. Milan’s list is a bit longer as it includes Daniele Bonera, Mattia De Sciglio, Matias Silvestre, Kaka, Stephan El Shaarawy and Giampaolo Pazzini (as well as some players who were not included in the initial squad for the Champions League). The game kicks off at 20:45 CET at the Amsterdam Arena.

Finished: Ajax 1-1 Milan

AFC Ajax (4-3-3) – Frank de Boer
Jasper Cillessen; Ricardo van Rhijn, Niklas Moisander, Stefano Denswil, Daley Blind; Siem de Jong, Christian Poulsen, Lerin Duarte; Lesley de Sa, Kolbeinn Sigþórsson, Viktor Fischer.
Bench: Vermeer (GK), Van der Hoorn, Boilesen (DEF), Klaassen, Schöne (MID), Hoesen, Andersen (FW).

AC Milan (4-3-2-1) – Massimiliano Allegri
Christian Abbiati; Ignazio Abate, Cristian Zapata, Philippe Mexes, Kevin Constant; Andrea Poli, Nigel De Jong, Sulley Muntari; Riccardo Montolivo, Robinho; Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Amelia (GK), Zaccardo (DEF), Birsa Nocerino, Cristante, Emanuelson (MID), Matri (FW).

Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE).

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I am sick and tired of this! We get dominated but still scrape a point to keep allegri afloat. Sack allegri now!! Plzzzz!!!!!!!


Milan fan but life, but that was an absolute robbery of Ajax’s win. Refuse to watch Milan again until we stop winning matches in the last minutes with Dive-otelli. Shameful again.


But then we did have a handball penalty not given…


Another set-piece. It’s becoming sort of a comedy in this matter. Balotelli played well once again. It’s mostly because of his natural talent. However, I did not enjoy his overall acting during the game as there were plenty of times he could have continued and actually created a decent chance out of it. It sort of disrupts our rythm at times, as well. But I do think it was a penalty, the defender did hold his shirt clearly shown on the replay and we did kind of well in the 2nd half. Montolivo isn’t a trequartista, clearly. It’s a hard… Read more »


I agree its shame Birsa got Injured. He would had been better.


This team is TERRIBLE and it’s Allegri’s fault!!!




Today we didn’t play football. We did great and TOO MANY DIVES,we hadnt no quality, no possesion. When we had the ball we were looking to earn some foul or penalty. Ajax was much better,and ref decided a nonexistent tie. By this way I suppose that Allegri is saved again. This is NOT Milan CHANGE IT


Just to put things into perspective, Both BVB and Real Madrid beat a stronger Ajax last year away 1-4. Only Man City got beaten by Ajax.


I think This penalty means a Lot more than just A goal. It definitely makes balotelli s mentality back again!

To be honest we should get three points, we have more challenge thats been saved by that keeper or woodwork.

But 1point maybe fair results


Matri didn’t even get a single shot.


This is why, first half milan players follows allegris instructions. Total fail, players get frustated and start follow there own instincts and boom they play good. I think this team playes better without a manager.


Grow up bro, your comment is sooo ridiculous lol


I care less about the result but this Allegri guy is nothing but a disgrace to our honorable history and football as a whole.

This is Ajax team without physical threat, just technical with zero experience except for the unsuccessful Poulsen and with very very little quality, i am so sure Inzaghi’s boys will beat them home and away.

Belusconi should be ashamed that the club history and pride is being dragged in the mud by an average and useless coach. PATHETIC!


@Jibola I really h8 to see ur comments against Allegri..it was myopias like you that ensured he stayed on as Coach after dismal performance season after season.. When it was glaring from day 1 that this Pescara legend is a shameful description of the word COACH.


We lost 2 points today in the game that was easily winnable – Bunga Bunga better get his eyes fixed so he can see again what a mess of a team he owns.


Even though we tied we didn’t deserve it poor performance and poor result… I have to blame Berlusconi and galliani for once because they have yet to fire allegri… His tactics r so poor I’m tired of going down in a game and scoring in the 90th…thats been the season, we r milan and should not be playing like this


I am not even going to watch Barca-Milan or the reverse fixture. I think we’re going to be slaughtered in both matches thanks to Allegri.


eh…celtic was 0-0 with barca until they had a player get red carded

not saying we’re gonna win but still worth tuning in


Messi wasn’t playing hence why. Am pretty sure he is scheduled to return before playing Milan.


We struggled against Celtic AT HOME. while barca won away and without their best scorer messi.


Hope Berlusconi watched this match too…???


not penalty at all, but there are previous tackle inside the box that milan should have got. Balotelli should really try to stand on his feet and continue the game sometimes. btw that header’s goal is the 6th time we conceded through heading THIS SEASON alone and i think the reason we can’t get over this stupid set-pieces because our attackers never assign or even have a set piece, when there is no set pieces played in the training then our defenders will also not know how to break those set-pieces. so the first thing allergi should do is to… Read more »


Allegri is the LUCKIEST MANAGER in football… Lucky why? – Mediocre manager managing such a prestigious club like A.C. Milan – Lucky to win or tie games on the last min/seconds of the game… Allegri tactics are pathetic… oh and by the way… Birsa injured on pre warm up before the game… I’m sorry… but WTF is up with these injuries… I would love to see what baldy has to say about Milan performances… “another unlucky month for milan..” “be patient” guess what… I don’t know about you guys… but I AM TIRED OF BEING PATIENT… I LOVE AC Milan… Read more »

Centurion Saklek milan

Allegri will not coach milan next season,am pretty sure of this,he is killing this boys,,am stil waiting for kaka return before barca match,am pretty sure that juve will roast us


I’m quite sure too. After the World cup, we’ll sign Prandelli in my opinion.


Llajic and Honda should have started this match…oh wait


Matri´s 12M there :@


Allegi just said it was “Tactically smart game” – LOL – this is bunch of bull crap. I understand that you may want to defend but maybe against Barcelona or Real, not against AJAX you moron. Wow, this team has really became a low class bunch lead by low class coach.


Finally Matri did something useful – he warmed the bench LMAO


Whoever says Milan played Badly obviously Isnt a Big fan..plain stereotyping..2nd half was Ours,we deserved the win .. we had multiple chances to score but we were unlucky as usual.Ajax totally Stole the match and they didnt even deserve a draw as in the first half they had the ball but they never really SAW abbiati but for that freekick..Forza Milan


We had 0 shots in the full first half. At least they did. and this is a mediocre and inexperienced Ajax who have just lost their best player, Eriksen.


A football team doesnt necessarily have to play attacking football,we all remember how Inter and chelsea did it before, they wont Championships through defending .. its not the first time we see a team defending till the opponents tire then start attacking..maybe it was tactics coz the way i see it .. the moment we decided to hold the ball .. we held it, However..i dont think allegri meant to do that .. maybe its just a fluke .. i believe we’ve just had one of our BETTER games this season..and u gotta admire the way We come back to… Read more »


dont know what to post… *gets spotted by some ajax thugs* me…a milanista? I just like wearing their jersey…


I really hate Allegri !!!! in the first half we played as I asked !!!! this guy is making Milan a Class B team !!!



Allegri: “Why we left Ajax with the ball possession? It’s a solution that we will still use – especially when facing superior teams.”

Barcelona I can understand, but Ajax? Superior team? A solution we will still use? Are you serious?


Allegri is great for Cagliari but he is too poor for milan ! The fact that Ajax is superior than milan is unacceptable !


Milan becomes more reliant on penalties with each passing game. This disgusts me.


I nearly cried hearing Allegri’s post match comment… He is gradually depreciating the value of this decorated club… Berlusconi pls come into this matter and sack this pathetic coach

AC Milan

no pace in the match not tactically good all players seems tired and Ajax was better side in today match….we need to change the coach as soon as it is possible because allergi is the MASTER OF DISASTER…….he is dam fku. I hate him. We need the another coach soon other wise we will be bankrupt soon or later……

It hurt to watch milan playing this types of game but i can do nothing but to pray for god……

r kenny

abbiati awful 4za milan.


i always felt bad for a week anytime milan had a bad game, but now i know a bad game is inevitable so i simply c milan games so dt i kind unwind for d new week by venting my anger/frustration of d past week on d players (zapata, constant, muntari, montolivo, matri, nocerino, to mention a few), allegri and d physios. No wonder i look fresher nowadays. Forza milan! #allegrimustgo


We were ones of the clubs with the best profit from the CL last year and we qualified again this year which means good profit again. With this money we could have bought: Sakho or Benatia, Strootman Honda or Eriksen, Ljajic or Tevez. This way we would have bought 3 very good and yet not overpriced players, reinforced each department, had the squad set for a few seasons with no major reinforcements needed and had CL qualification almost guaranteed due to our reinforced squad. Then we can follow the “buy only if someone leaves strategy” which means we would be… Read more »


Pleaaaaasssse!!! Reinforcement my xxxx!!

Messi and Neymar won’t fare better under this coach.. He does nothing in training but injure these players? On match days he injures our reputation and hearts of millions of fans across the club!!!

He still had the nerve to describe this eyesore as tactics.. Am ashamed of Allegri.. He didn’t even learn from the first experiment that Montolivo can’t play the tranqui role? Come-on Max the purpose for experiments is to know what’s workable and u only continue if its successful even a baby knows this.

Please sack this fxxx


I couldn’t agree more, Allegri is our main problem. Anyone who reads my comments knows what I think of him and his crappy football. However, my comment is not about how bad Allegri is, on which I agree with you 100%, it is about the mistakes of the management and their lack of vision imo. Even if we have a horrible coach, our management should be reinforcing the team and implementing a clear plan for the future which i think they r not doing. Had we bought the players I mentioned above, then whoever replaces Allegri at the end of… Read more »


sivilio sack the mf what are you paying attention 2


I think Berlusconi definitely wants to sack him and even Galliani probably realized he made a mistake by convincing Berlusconi to keep him. The only problem is that Galliani probably believes that sacking a manager after the season has started will bring some instability which fragile Milan can not handle. Besides, they definitely don’t want to pay the guy any compensation money wo they will probably wait till his contract expires at the end or the season. This is the new Milan my friends.


They can’t handle instability? That shouldn’t be the reason for not firing the coach who completely lost this team – we can’t handle Ajax, Verona, Torino, Celtic, Bologna – this is Milan after all, not some 2nd division crappy team. This coach is not AC MILAN standard and needs to go.

General Gattuso

Not happy at all, i expect allegri to do better with this team. But let me ask WHY ALL THIS INJURIES??????. What is really wrong


I just had a dream allergic the cancer got
sacked! Lol if only it were truee damnn D:


To all the Milan fans in the world. Let’s get together and sign this petition. It’s time for mister ALLEGRI to go.Everyone please sign this petition instead of just staying there and criticising ALLEGRI. Maybe we can make a difference. Please support it and let’s hope ALLEGRI will be fired. #fireallegri



“Overall I think we played well,”

Allegri told the press.


Ajax game have shown that Alllegri has no plan for milan, l could not understand why Constant make first Xi