Highlights: Ajax 1-1 Milan


LAST MINUTES aside, it was a pretty dull night of football at the Amsterdam Arena when Milan visited Ajax for the second matchday of the Champions League. The first half was very poor from Milan who did absolutely nothing in the first 45 minutes and didn’t see too much of the ball. Ajax had plenty of possession but didn’t convert it into too many scoring chances. The second half was for the most part a complete opposite with Milan controlling the tempo with Ajax taking the role of the poor side and Mario Balotelli hit the crossbar but the Rossoneri didn’t do well enough to create more chances. And then, like almost in every Milan game this season, the goals arrived late. Ajax scored first with Milan conceding yet another set piece goal in the 90′ minute as Stefano Denswil beat Ajax with a header. However, the boys of Massimiliano Allegri got saved again – the referee awarded Milan in the 94th minute a very dubious penalty which Mario scored to make 1-1 in the end. The result is fair as each team gets a point. Milan have 4 points, Ajax 1.

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isaac ayala

Another header goal, why am i not suprised. And then Galliani was all like ” I think 12 mil for Matri would improve our team more than a defender”


I hardly get a chance to watch the games these days and follow the football news and transfers, but I thought Matri was a free transfer, why do I feel like we pulled a United when they spent so much money on Bebe a few seasons ago when they could of bought Van De Vaart for a better price, why pay 12 mil for Matri when we could of put the 2 mil for Honda and try to Sign Adam Lajlic think that how you spell it, I know we needed a striker because of Pazzini but still I would… Read more »


To all the Milan fans in the world. Let’s get together and sign this petition. It’s time for mister ALLEGRI to go.Everyone please sign this petition instead of just staying there and criticising ALLEGRI. Maybe we can make a difference. Please support it and let’s hope ALLEGRI will be fired. #fireallegri


Please post this link whenever you have the chance, Milan needs us!


I wish this could get to Belusconi

El Greco

No coach is f00l enough to play with Bonera, Urby, Constant, Noce, Muntari, Birsa etc. A new manager will demand money and transfers. That’s what keeps Allegri at the bench. Simple…


Have you ever seen Birsa played? i bet you haven’t because he shouldn’t be on your list.

El Greco

You’re missing my point dude…


Pls Galliani sack this ur slave and give us a better coach. Ur team is playing badly and you wait till 79min to make changes. Arrrrrggggghhhhh. Look at Barca they also had a bad day, but they still manage to win. All our midfielders where total disaster except D rock(De jong) and u refuse to make change. Pls get us a man that knw what he is doing mr Galliani

allegri out

At least we got a point.. Let’s work harder while the team is still incomplete. Forza Milan! Nice work Super Mario!!


The worst I’ve seen Milan play in such a long time, especially the first half. The Christmas tree formation, perfected by Ancelloti, requires players who can hold up the ball well (Seedorf, Pirlo, Kaka etc). Not a single shot on goal in 45 mins? 25% possession?? Is this how “the most successful club in the world” plays? The great Sacchi made it very clear: To win you have to impose your style. Statistically, if you dominate possession effectively, you have a better chance of creating scoring opportunities. I was terrified that Balotelli would get another yellow card. He worked hard… Read more »


I hope SES returns as soon as possible and Kaka,Saponara,Pazzini & De Sciglio to save MILAN from loosing or drawing all the time…!!!!!!!!

GOD help us!!!


Milan should help themselves first…keep struggling, keep create chance and score….


Take the tape from the 1st half… Gather up Allegri, Berlusconi & Galliani… Assign them all into one room… Lock the room… And replay the tape over & over again


Comment of the day


nevr laughed this much before!lol


another poor display.. still wondering why Allegri would play Muntari on the fielsd for 90 mins? sigh.. its heart breaking to watch Milan play.. i know its only me but we all.. we should thank God for Nigel Dejon. FORZA MILAN..


how hard is it so say “ill mark #12, zap u get #8, de jong #2, ect ect and stick to him! ffs its not like they are beating us ariely against tight defense its we let them slip right in!


Abbiati had a pretty good game .. but we do need a defender … Everyone is saying we got Matri instead .. we might get a defender in January. Casillas is being linked to Milan and I think these may be some good defenders;

Alex (PSG)
Jageilka (Everton I Think)
Richards (City)
Mascherano (Barca) – might not be realistic but who knows
Subotic/Hummels (Borrusia)
Vidic (Man Utd – being linked with Milan too)

Lil B®ight™©

At least we got a point, have u guys noticed that we really got tough, tough matches in series A?


so This Milan team can’t defend against air balls.. omg.. iand they are working towards it too!


We are AC MILAN!!! Where here we score only penalties-_-


The thing is, we still deserved to win to be honest, except for Ajax few shots at target at the end of the match. It was clear to see, that whenever we WANTED to, and went out to attack we could easily damage them. Even with so many players out, I think there is enough quality in this “poor” Milan side, there is a so much potential, that it frustrates me to see us defend for 45 minutes, our defence isn’t the greatest but it’s not that bad either, in my eyes, it’s only behind Juve in Serie A… our… Read more »


What is the point having Cristante on bench. He would have done more than Muntari to stop Denseil’s goal. Good to see the youth policy is working.


We need vidic and casillAs


Want I am happy for is that I didn’t loss my bet on milan..I promise never to bet on them again bcos they nearly course me heart attack!


Ajax was robbed! Milan didnt deserve to get a point. Balotelli is always looking for penalties! Pathetic!

The team was horrible…then again that was no surprise as Allegri football…well lets just say Allegri doesnt have a clue about football period.

Milan needs a total overhaul from top down to bottom..

Get rid of Galliani, Allegri and all the useless players


Every team now know they can score us through set-pieces….makes me ask what allegri and our legend tassotti are doing? Galliani makes it even worse by always defending allegri. :(…..i know we have alot of average players in our team and i still believe a good coach can turn them to super stars. See whats happening with inter now and look back when stramacioni was their coach. Allegri should go back to an average team where he belongs period! Forza milano


WE are deeply defending against the weak teams and we having just luck to dont loose …If a big italians teams r defending then they schouldnt get a goals then …but we r defending and we r loosing or having a luck in the last seconds in the match ..something is going very wrong with Milan ..5 years ago this would be unacceptable


The first half was allegris genius idea to sit back. I don’t agree with it. They are a young team prone to make mistakes when we put at least some dam pressure on them. We let them pass the ball around as long as they wanted which let them build confidence on the ball. If you pressure, they make mistakes. Yes you can’t pressure for 90 minutes and not get tired but you can’t sit in your own half. If you pressure they are forced to boot the ball up the field and risk losing possession. I don’t get it.


My God.. ZAPATA is very very bad…so not Milan Class..he seems like make mistakes everytime he plays..Poor..I hope silvestre get well soon


Just wait allegri in suck. Every milan games CB played only zapata & mexes they need a reast/ rotation bcause milan have planty games, if allegri don’t rotation the CB, milan can lose 5-0 allegri get suck. Guys, every games allegri press conference has negative statemen for milan.make milan player it’s no confident & Forget the meaning milan shirt, For management : if u choice milan coach, u must look history milan coach, milan have success on CL, seria. A & other trophy, because have the best coach, the Italian coach, and have got DNA milan and one more milan… Read more »


You can critisize the team, coach and management. The fact is we need a lot of $$$$$$$ to improve this team, we we don’t have it.

peter shumway

Ajax was not robbed, milan was robbed of 2 clear penalties in regular time (1 clear hands, 1 clear foul on balotelli), ajax got 1 yellow card when they shouldve get at least 4 – i recall 1 clear foul and 1 very brutal foul on balotelli where they kicked him i the face after he went down and there was no free kick or card given whatsoever – and that was in front of the ajax goal. a few minutes later balo got a yellow card for a ridiculous foul – it was a clear one but what the… Read more »


Juve will so rape alegri and his clowns come sunday loool


Honestly speaking, I kno Montolivo just returned from injury, but I’m beginning to question him as captain. He is not living by exmple in anyway. And as for Zapata, I have absolutely no words for him! Zapata would be on the bench in milan primavera team, if I were coach.


I am with you for the captaincy of Montolivo… It should have been De Jongor KaKa once he is back..


I agree with you. Montolivo was the worst player on the field in the first half, by far. I think he lost every ball he got. The way he played was absolutely unacceptable.

Funny how things in football are relative. Guy who couldn’t get enough playing time in Torino (Birsa) is currently way better player than the Milan captain.

Must say that I didn’t like the Montolivo-captain idea from the start. Not sure if its psychological problem but he plays like SH*T since he become a captain.


Another goal from set pieces another Injury problem for Birsa, we also conceded our 11th goal in 8matches. They gave us another Penalty, Like seriously what is Monty playing now??? He’s Supposed to be our captain…I think he’s overrated…and Milan need to sack all their training coaches causes I don’t know what kinda training they do…#Rubbish


Well, I’m gonna say this to all Milan fans both the Allegri lovers and haters. For me I think Allegri is a good coach but he’s not the kind of coach Milan needs. If you are a true Milan fans and you understand the culture of Milan, you will know that Allegri is not certainly for Milan. Fine we need to buy players but our squad isn’t that bad. We have experience players that should be at the peak but I do not see Allegri factor in these players, no technicality and tactic in Allegri football, clearly he doesn’t understand… Read more »


I can’t believe it was Allegri’s plan to sitback in the first half, I mean this is Milan for crying out loud and we were playing Ajax full of youngsters. We have a terrible coach with bad ideas.


It’s no surprise that Milan have displayed such a lack of noticeable fight, drive and ambition this season. Teams are the visual representation of their managers character – Jose Mourinho’s sides are typically bullish, while Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous passion and drive is represented by United’s numerous and famous come-from-behind victories. In our Alegri’s case no intensity, no drive, no passion, no character in a nut shell this is not our Milan so sad. Just playing like a Serie B team. Enough of Allegri pls our play is so pathetic.


And Allegris commments after the match: we played a tactially smart game- this guy is something else! if we were playing Barca I could understand that we wanted to play so deep and play on counter attack, but this is a WEAK ajax team that PSV demolished a few weeks back. As soon as Milan put on the pressure after going 1-0 down we got the equalizer. Allegri is tactially, a coward and has been lucky so far. “Unfortunalty” Milan will get the result in the end- we always get the results in the end but it wont be because… Read more »


Zapata Sucks Period. Neither he can effectively challenge in the air for the ball, neither can he mark a player or close him down and to top it all he isnt good at tackling either. Its waste of 6.5 Million euros by milan. We could have gotten honda rather than this joke of a player. Allegris insistence in playing average players like Muntari and Matri (not in this match though) for Playing 90 mins is an absolute puzzler i cant comprehend. Neither can i understand his subsitution choices. He made the changes too late and completely wrong. There was no… Read more »


seems like birsa got injured in pre-match warm up… another injury, this milan…


the most exciting milan match i’ve seen dis season and we deserved atleast a point even though d penalty was dubious.

Croocked rossoneri

I don’t say Milan has alot of money but i know from the revenue this club is making, we can manage our club better. It’s Allegri who is fooling Galliani for the worst of the team right now. We got much money more than many clubs from uefa cl last season plus we just topped serie A revenue incomes. If a fellow Milanista thinks that the club doesn’t have money, I’ll correct him. Actually I don’t know which site my comments will reach Galliani but for truth, his intelligence is no more. Just considering we ignored Tevez for 10m and… Read more »


First time i felt so bad after getting a result (deservedly or not), Allegri made football look like a horrible sport, he makes the beautiful round leather game look boring and worthless and his comment after the game made it more painful and unbelievable “They followed my instruction in first half”, he has no pride in him as a person not mentioning coach of European giant club. I have also made up my mind about Galliani, he’s ONLY a good negotiator PERIOD!, he should never get anywhere near the director of sport role he is now, Milan will keep going… Read more »

mad ple

Milan right now is a team with zero desire to success. From d managment, coach, and players. We lost passion we had. Passion to playing for d club, passion to success and win d game. We change our passion to mentality defence. From what I remembered before allegri is d coach only a few club I feared milan to face, but right now seems like every club we againts, can beat us or at least hold us. What wrong from milan is d management is suck, and allegri is suck for milan too. Plus other player like zac, muntari is… Read more »

Pa ibra

THAT FIRST HALF IN AMSTERDAM…………. oh boy depressssssssing. i nearly throw my phone agaist the TV. no seriously allegri suuuuuucks!!!!! i swear..


after evry game I am checking the news..allegri fired!!!!sooon


you all are talking as if u don’t know allegri who is always looking for draw in away matches…honestly he is good buh for an average club like cagliari where he came from..honestly we need a better coach before everytin gets out of hand…#forza milan #supermario


To all the Milan fans in the world. Let’s get together and sign this petition. It’s time for mister ALLEGRI to go.Everyone please sign this petition instead of just staying there and criticising ALLEGRI. Maybe we can make a difference. Please support it and let’s hope ALLEGRI will be fired. #fireallegri



guess what? I signed and shared to 200 friends on facebook asking for their signatures to help me and my team…


@ Pele 80…..Stramaccioni had Silvestre and Poli in his squad who was tagged as flops….but Allegri atleast made Poli valuable player…..
and do u know Inter’s summer signings????
Campagnaro(starter), Saphir Taïder(starter), Marco Andreolli(bench), Ishak Belfodil(bench), Mauro Icardi(bench), Wallace(squad)…..
so they made six signing and 2of them are starting 11players…..
how can u say Allegri is worse

Associazione Calcio

I too have an injury (heart problems). I’ll recover in a couple of months. On a serious note Milan fans and supporters. He has to go!!!! The way Milan play every match is really awful.


noccerino muntari and allegri got to go