Allegri: “Milan’s season starts tomorrow, Kaka a possibility”


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI talks the option of playing Monty behind the forwards, praises Matri and welcomes Kaka.

Milan have three games under the belt in the 2013/2014 season but Massimiliano Allegri believes that the new season begins tomorrow in Week 2 of the Serie A against Cagliari at San Siro as Milan will seek first points after losing to Verona.

Milan qualified to the Champions League and have already made two moves in the market since Wednesday – signing both Ale Matri (€11m over 4 years) and Valter Birsa (exchange with Luca Antonini) and Allegri won’t rule out more signings.

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“Verona came in the middle of two games that gave some sense to last season. If we hadn’t won against PSV, we’d be in the Europa League. We played badly last Sunday. The players know this and from tomorrow, we start anew,” Allegri told the press today. “There are many teams that are equipped for the top spots and we’ll have to do well to maintain our place.

“We have to win tomorrow as we’re playing at home. We didn’t concede on Wednesday as the whole team defended differently to what they did on Sunday. The new season starts tomorrow. We didn’t do well in Verona after the first 15 minutes. Cagliari have good technical players and good individuals. [Cagliari coach Luis Diego] Lopez is an ex-player of mine and he is a good coach. It’ll be a tough game as we played hard on Wednesday against PSV Eindhoven. We’ll have to be ready.

“The line-ups? I don’t think that De Sciglio start. His knee problem has come up again and we’ll have to be careful not to take risks. Emanuelson and Constant are ready. If Riccardo Montolivo plays as trequartista then De Jong will pull back and Antonio Nocerino, Andrea Poli and Muntari will play for the other two positions. Poli has always done well when he come on.

“This squad? We have good players in the middle and we needed another forward. Going into this period with only Mario Balotelli would have been risky. This squad is giving me satisfaction. They know their limits and that’s a sign of maturity. We‘ll have to give something extra to hit our targets and we can’t make the mistake of being presumptuous. Our strength last season was in our balance especially when results went against us. We should try to avoid too many highs and lows.

“Matri? First I’d like to say best of luck to Kevin-Prince Boateng, he said goodbye with two great goals which gave us the Champions League, Matri is a player I know well who comes from the Milan youth academy. As I’ve said before, we’ve lost Pazzini and he was a huge player for us last year. Matri’s a great buy, a great player and a great professional. Boateng? He was the variation of the team. He could play inside or out wide. We had a non-typical 4-3-3 formation with Boateng.

“New center backs? We’ve looked at this. Since January we’ve only conceded 12 goals. Our starting centre backs (Philippe Mexes and Cristian Zapata) are among the best in the league but even the best in the world will let in goals if they’re exposed. There aren’t many players better than those we have around at the moment, unless you go and get Thiago Silva.

Matri and Abbiati in training today (left), Abbiati in the presser (right)

“Kaka? He’d make the team stronger through his talent and his personality. He’s in good shape and it’s always great to have such players at your disposal. It would be great for the fans so we’ll have to wait and see. Both President Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani have every intention of keeping Milan at the top level despite the economic difficulties involved.

“Yesterday it looked like Keisuke Honda would be coming then CSKA Moscow said no. Now there’s the possibility of seeing Kakà and the club is working on it. We have Robinho and Montolivo in the trequartista position as well as Saponara. If Kakà comes, that’s great and if he doesn’t we’ll do well with the players we have. Petagna is a teenager and he needs to play. He can do that with Sampdoria. I think we put a bit too much pressure on certain players who could still be with the Primavera side. Timing is important and they’ll be in the Youth Champions League this season which will be good for them.

“At the end of the year, certain players will be more ready. My rapport with Berlusconi? We talk. We discuss everything. I stayed at Milan as I had to bring to an end the season and I didn’t want to leave it halfway done. I’m happy I stayed. I’ve never asked the club for a renewal (it expires in 2014) and it’s something that will wait until the end of the season.”

Allegri confirmed in the presser that Abbiati, Mexes, Zapata and Abate are the sure starters as well as Montolivo, De Jong and Balotelli but he still has to decide who will play alongside Balo (El Shaa or Binho) and in the left flank of the defense.

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elsha needs to start, i would like to see beanho in the treq and poli monty dejong in mid, very attacking 🙂 and eman! so elsha dosent have to cover constant


RE: Mexes and Zapata = Sir, you are DELUSIONAL


Okay, so now el sharaawy isnt a certain starter?!??!?

Why is it Allegri keeps pissing of the fans with his stupid decisions!?

Play sharawy up front with balo and robinho as trequarista.. and the play De jong, montolivo and poli…

Damn i wish he would have been fired and we have brought Rijkaard back to the club.


el shaarawy needs to play…he is still young and will just get better


great line up, but keep in mind ses is still young. He he needs to be benched at times in order to keep his feet on the ground.


Milan need to get new center back so offer Noccerino plus Antonini plus 7mln for Andrea Ranocchia. And offer Robinho plus 5mln for Paulo Henrique Ganso. And offer Abate plus 5mln for Domenico Criscito. I don’t get why we should get Kaka, he’s over 30s than Madrid wants 15mln for him and he don’t want do reduce his salary. And Ganso is 23 even more we could get more cheaper plus we can use Robinho in this deal. And we need somebody as left back also De Sciglo should be a starter now and we could use Abate in this… Read more »


can u tell me why we should offer abate for crıscıto?


the abbreviation for million is actually just m not mln. Ranocchia is useless Im sorry. Ganso is overrated, although I too think we should sell robinho, but 5m plus robinho wont be enough. Criscitio is not good enough, there is a reason why he hasn’t played for italy in years. And what’s the problem with having De Sciglio to the left when that’s his main position for the national team? Abate is a great player, not the best but he’s the best we can have to the right, Fast and solid. And it actually looks like he has improved his… Read more »


Im very disappointed. We sell one of our best players and buy only matri and I say only matri as in the only high quality player. Nobody asked for matri, he is ok but we need a star player coming in ASAP if we are going to win anything. Look at napoli and juventus they are stacking up in players while we look like the people on a “economical crisis”

milanisti since 99

lets face it if we talk for hours. they made there mind that they have good defense cuz the coach says so. and the coach says matri is good next to balo. we can only wait and see wat they are up to.
honda wont come. and i doubt kaka would either.
i think if someone comes it will be a deal like that of nocerino at last seconds, two years ago


Sure win wit,abbiati,abate,zapata,mexes,emmanuelson,poli,monty,de jong,elsha,balo,binho.

milanisti since 99

u r being sarcastic right 🙂
if i was the coach and let me dream of coarse i would sell half the guys u mentioned and bench half of wats left.
and am not dreaming but for real people no matter who they buy it makes no difference if we don’t have a defense like david luiz or thiago silva , or a mid like javi martinez , ozil and toure. or an attack like SES paired with Lewandowski. these are milans true class.


NO, Mexes and Zapata aren’t the best in the league. We need Better!


LOL.. Severals days ago, our GREAT coach get the offer from kojak to get a new attacker, and what he say? I will choose petagna!!
But how about the fact? He launch a proposal to kojak for matri, and thats deal in just 1 or 2 days!!
Time Ticking Out, slow but sure milan is downgrade to cagliari level by The Mighty Alegry


Lmfao there are a lot of center-backs better than Zapata and Mexes… Such as Sakho, Astori, Agger, Dede etc. Allegri’s gone crazy.

Not to mention the amount of goalkeepers better than abiatti. Personally I would like to see a back line-up consisting of
De Sciglio-mexes-(new quality defender)- Abate
And Marchetti in goal. Then are defense will be almost as good as Juventus. And we can seriously contend for the scudetto. Instead of settling for just 2nd or 3rd place. #ForzaMilan


None of the defenders you mentioned are better than Mexes. Zapata maybe, but Mexes is World-Class, bar a few air headed performances


Marchetti sucks.

milanisti since 99

i wish milan had a coach as Jürgen Klopp ,Jupp Heynckes , Diego Simeone or Guus Hiddink


Let kaka come back we shall be more competitive. But it also looks like the coach wants to put stephan on the bench and eventually sell him like he did to pato. To me he is not a good coach and seadorf was right to say that he left becoz of alegri, many good players have left becoz of him. Milan is the best.


I hear they want to give him a new contract, they would have sacked him long ago, i dont know whats wrong with Galiani.


matri,robinho should be sold together with Pazzini next summer to raise funds for quality back such as Silva xD. and Pato should come back after worldcup if he’s injury free. Balo SES PATO Niang Petagna on top would be great.

DeSciglio, abate, thiago silva and one more center back


Binho needs to start!


BREAKING NEWS: AC Milan’s season actually started on the 20th August.

Wake up, sir.


Did Milan really need Matri. Hhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


idk what to expect from milan by the end of the season


Mexes and Zapata are good..And I wish we could all see this..but even the best defence will concede if they are exposed..

Playing Monty behind the striker is a good thought though..I can’t fault this line of thought.

milanisti since 99

great 1st half from juve and lazio. real Italian football was been played out there.
cant wait till tomorrow for Milan and Cagliari , i know things are not going how we want but after all it is Milan playing tomorrow. and as every time Milan plays we must win tomorrow. am sure everyone agrees right milanista!!


we should have catched Aubameyang when he was at Saint-Etien…he is a great forward and he was in Milans youth sector as Matri.
But I dont like Matri and I dont know what he can offer to Milan.

Aubameyang is great and is now in Dortmund where he scores goalsssssss…

We hope Matri is as good as him cause well have problems!


I dont know i dont have a good feelings from this season ,,very balanced teams ..We cannot loose the points in the beginig ..all depends on ALLEGRI


Zapata and mexes aren’t that bad as some people claim.

. I agree with Allegri on 1 thing, if we bring someone in, then it has to be a defender that is stronger than we have….

Or else its just waste of money…


I have a feeling he was referring t SES with this comment ” I think we put a bit too much pressure on certain players who could still be with the Primavera side”, and I think he may be right. The pressure on youngster like SES is enormous, they should be allowed to grow. Meanwhile I still await the arrival of kaka.


Robinho as a trequarista is a great idea. Using Monto as one is not, as our midfield would be very weakened by it… For now, Robi and Saponara (when he becomes fit) as trequartistas…and maybe Kaka will come back and make the spot his own. Mexes and Zapata are fine, the problem is when someone of them is missing, then there’s a huge gap in quality between them and the replacements. Bonera is okay, but perhaps not for the big stage. Sakho would’ve been pretty nice, but we can not compete with the sum Pool are offering, only way to… Read more »




Is it just me? Or does any1 also think that we should go for d young ukrainian Andriy yarmolenko?? A superb winger but no one in d Milan management seems 2 be talking about him…He was linked with milan last year shortly after d euro 2012 tournament but no word about him since then…those r d kind of young bloods we need in Milan, not Matri!


milan will try an sign astori be4 the season is over


I don’t know what is going on with our management and the budget but I don’t like it at all that a team with a big name like Milan has to suffer so much to get new players even now that we are qualified to CHL. There was so many names who we could attach this season to Milans shirt and not for that much money indeed. i’m talking about the players who were rumored to bee Milans new players!!! Knowing that we have problems with the Defense than why not get a dissent center back like: Vlad Chiriches 23… Read more »


Mario, Ela, Binho, Pazzo, Niang Out of all those you listed. Only one similar to Matri is Pazzo. Balo is more like Zlatan and can play behind the striker or as a lone striker up top. So Matri isn’t so bad to go w/ him or to be his substitute since we don’t have Pazzo. Binho is definitely not a target man. Niang needs space or else he loses the ball in a millisecond so he’s more of a wide player, at least for now. Maybe after he matures, he’ll be able to hold the ball better. But for now,… Read more »


milan should get Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão as keeper and Danilo Larangeira as a centre back and we will be set in defence for a long time to come


good news is milan will try sign astori be4 the transfer window close


a good line 4 milan 4 3 1 2
—————–Jefferson Galvão—————-
abate——astori——–Larangeira —— de sceglio
———–poli——–de joung—–montilivo
if milan had a line up like this juv would look like school boys this line up is good cause it is also reasonable with our budget


Next in the line of departures is SES.


Calm down bro. Until the year where the Champions League final is in San Siro, I don’t expect Milan to go all out in the Mercato. But in that season, I expect a really solid squad or else I’m raging. Also it seems that we’re doing really well at developing our youngsters. Everyone will get plenty of playing time, which is good. Just be patient. The Matri transfer is good (aside from the hefty transfer fee). But it’s also broken down over many years, so its not too bad. His wages aren’t too high either, so he won’t be too… Read more »


Allegri himself coached Nesta+Silva pairing and he has the nerve of saying Mexes+Zapata are good enough as the Main Milan center backs? Come on.

I remember when I used to panic when we had to play Mexes instead of Thiago Silva cause he was injured… I’m sure you all remember this in the 11/12 season. Now Mexes is our best center back lol.


ppl dont worry astori will arrive an kaka an sum1 else from rm will come


🙂 THIS was nice talk from Allegri ..thats true that if not gonna come someone like Thiago Silva then is no point to bring a CB.. but who say we dont want to get someone like that …Hummels,SIlva,Luiz..AC Milan had always the best CBs ..


I remember when GAttusO was asked about what gonna miss Milan after the legends left the most. …He said Thiago Silva becouse he was keeping the team relaxed and composed when they new he is there behind ..


robhino should start an wen its like 70 mins or so put niang on give him a lil half hour so we can see what hes got


Italian clubs typically don’t do busiNess on Sunday do they? ?


astori hurry up and come to milan so i can feel some relief


decent milan line up
abate—astori—mexes–de secglio
poli——-de joung——-montilivo
niang and robhinho are great driblers i see him fitting in fine


Oh Come on, AC Milans biggest problem is that useless goalkeeper Abbiati. In a year or two everything will turn out great. Hopefully, but I know nobody has patience. I love Milan by all my heart and want titles for one of Europes biggest clubs of all times but with Allegri it will NEVER EVER happen, believe me.