Official: Milan and Genoa swap Antonini and Birsa


LUCA ANTONINI has joined Genoa while Valter Birsa is a new Milan player; Good news for the Traoré fans: he stays.

Milan and Genoa like to work together in the transfer market and it has become somewhat a custom for the Rossoneri to sign a player from the Rossoblu and in this summer the player is Valter Birsa who joins Milan in exchange for Antonini.

The initial agreement was to swap Birsa, 27, with Bakaye Traoré, 28, but Traoré will instead stay at Milan after failing to reach an agreement with Olympiakos – to whom he was supposed to be loaned out after making the switch to Genova.

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Antonini was wanted by clubs in Italy and abroad but in the end he has agreed to join Genoa and his contract has already been deposited in the Lega so he’s an official Genoa player while Birsa, the Slovenian international, is an officially new Milan player. Antonini is a product of Milan’s youth department but recorded all of his appearances after returning in 2008.

Luca, 31, captained Milan in this pre-season but like Boateng, he says goodbye after playing more than 100 games in this shirt. Andrea Petagna meanwhile, has been loaned out to Sampdoria, who have an option to buy 50% of his card.

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Wtf.. we still have the over-paid traore??? This mercato is the worst ever..


I wouldn´t say worst ever…last summer will take some beating, at least now we haven´t lost our 2 best players and a whole bunch of other Milan legends. Also, if we get Kaka I´d be pretty happy with it overall, only the Matri and Silvestre buys that really leave a sour taste in the mouth


And u think kaka is gr8 buy, he is a good buy at best , I would prefer a hell lot of younger players that are very much available.

milanisti since 99

antonini leaving is more than great he’s suppose to be out of here 3 years ago. but better late than never and when i speak of never i mean bonera , the guy doesn’t even have the dignity to retire or leave.
BIRSA another scramble probably as muntari, zaccardo , antonini and the list goes. this is the problem we fix something with the same mistake


So Birsa is a winger, with Matri also in Milan, how on earth will they fit in 4312 when Mario and Stephan are already upfront?

Unless Allegri wants to play Birsa/Matri instead of El Sharaawy….wouldn’t be surprised with this coach.


birsa cant be any worse than antonini and is 4 years younger so this might pay off


Nooo!!! Traore must go… Idc if he leaves for free at this point


Tbh, I would have preferred keeping Antonini over getting Birsa. Antonini can play at rb as well as lb, whereas Birsa is a winger of probably standard quality.


no he can’t…Antonini can’t play at all…


Antonini is probably inconsistent, better than an unknown devil in the disguise of Birsa.


I agree, mate, I’ll miss him…


Remember the goal he scored against Juventus? Ah! He and Leonardo celebrating! I cried that day!


How could I forget! It was a very emotional match, on so many levels, haha!


Who cares….


I’m going to miss Antonini… I love his passion and dedication for our shirt. On his day he was really good, as could be seen against Barcelona two seasons ago for example. I wish him all the best in his new adventure! And regarding Birsa and Traoré, I have to be honest I haven’t seen Birsa play, but I just don’t see how the two of them will have any room to play in our squad. I thought this transfer window would allow us to get rid of quantity and bring in 2-3 quality players, but so far this mercato… Read more »


Remeber Paloschi? He just scored against Napoli


Good for him! We will get him back once Pazzini leaves us after a couple of years! He will be more experienced then!


yeah for 12 millions. And he just hit the bar now, he’s on fire today


Nah, I think he is on loan there now? Or co owned?


Two goals, clinical ones.

Always believed in him as of becoming the new Pippo.

As Pippo, Paloschi needs to be surrounded with better teammates in order to really shine. I’ve always thought he deserves a chance in Milan :/.


kaka is apperently is a big shot now i say leave him on the road lol i say we go for nuri sahin he is way less expensive and young talent 5-6 mil u cant go wrong their


wish we could sell off the dead weight instead of swapping dead weight for more dead weight

by selling a few of these guys for small sums, we could up our offer for honda

and the dead weight for us might be useful for lower level clubs


Birsa can play as a winger, his a offensive midfielder!
with a powerful leftfoot… fair exchange… I saw him in the worldcup slovenia´s number 10!!!


Paloschi score second goal


I thought the only reason we were willing to take Birsa was to offload Traore. Then I saw that Traore was in talks with Olympiakos. It looks as if that didn’t work. So, now we are stuck with Traore and just added Birsa to our squad. I think Antonini would be easier to sell than Traore.


Let’s wait and c wat we happen

Raphael Minter

Hahahahaha. Who is Birsa. Lets wait and see if there would be few surprises before September 2. Oh I love Galliani, he must be smiling with some star player sonewhere who would help Milan. Forza mercato forza Milan, Forza all of us. Milan forever.


nuri sahin plz jus get him


Nuri Sahin is overrated. He left Madrid because he wasn’t good enough. He arrived at Liverpool during their transitional phase with a lot of youngsters. He still wasn’t good enough to fit into the squad. He returned to Borussia Dortmund where he isn’t getting playing time either.


I know he’s still on loan, by the way.


since milan like rejects they should give him a chance lol


wot chance no nuri pls get us honda and sakho and we are good to go


Having birsa is a good signing cos as a natural winger in the team,balo and matric will make use of their ariel ability very well and it is also useful in changing tactics to a 442 or 433 or 451 winger-play.

Kwabena Adu

Club of rejects hahaha SMH


Hi to all the ac milan fans i want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and i want to tell that we all want a good player but if anyone comes in we have to accept the player because we dont know who is going to make the changes at Milan every team as a player some fans dont like but we have to support who ever comes in because Milan are family and family accept one another Okay,I thank who ever is reading this God Bless You and I hope we will get Kaka… Read more »