Van Bommel: “PSV are strong, hard to decide who to support”


MARK VAN BOMMEL believed both PSV Eindhoven and Milan got a hard draw and is still not sure where his heart is.

It’s been almost a week since Milan learned that they’ll play against PSV in the final Champions League qualification stage (first game on August 20 at Philips Stadion, second game on August 28 at San Siro) and preparations are in full swing.

Milan and PSV have a history and one player who played for both sides is Mark van Bommel. The Dutchman spent just a year and a half at Milan but was a big fans’ favourite and he believes that the PSV-Milan games will be tough for both.

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“The Champions League play-offs will be difficult for both PSV Eindhoven and Milan. There have been many changes in the PSV squad, and they have many young players now,” Van Bommel told the Milan Channel. “Milan don’t know how PSV play. All their players run a lot, but Milan are Milan. They’re still a great team and they also have many great players now.

“PSV is a young team that are very strong and fast in attack, and they have a very young defence. It will be a very interesting match to watch because Milan are the opponents, and who honestly knows what will happen? Adam Maher is PSV’s best player, and he’s the one to keep an eye on. He can score in one minute, and he’s a very talented player It’ll be difficult for Milan because PSV is a young team with a lot of desire to run and attack. What can I say to PSV’s fans? Milan are Milan.

“Milan have Boateng, Balotelli and other players that I was fortunate enough to play with. Their defence is also strong, otherwise they wouldn’t play for Milan. PSV aren’t happy that they were paired with Milan. Nigel De Jong? He is a good player. I played with him in the national team and we reached a World Cup final together. De Jong is very similar to me.

“He had a very serious injury, but now he has returned to being strong again. Nigel is a great person, and it’s always better to have him as a team-mate than as an opponent. Urby Emanuelson? It wasn’t easy for Emanuelson to come to Milan. He was in England last season (loan spell at Fulham), and now he must take a step forward in his career. Everybody wants to play for Milan even if you have to change your position. You just have to be happy that you’re wearing the Milan shirt.

“If I will support Milan or PSV? I hope that the best team wins. I played at Milan for a year and a half, but it feels like I played there for 10 years. It was really nice and that’s also why I cried when I left. I played 7 years for PSV, but I think that the best players that I played with were at Milan, even though they all left last year. It’s really difficult for me to decide who to support.

“Only one team will go through,” Van Bommel added. Mark finished his career wearing the PSV shirt; he hung up his boots at the end of last season and it was in a very Van Bommel-ly fashion – with a red card. MvB played 50 games for Milan.

Translation credit: @Milanello
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“Their defence is also strong, otherwise they wouldn’t play for Milan.”

I think that quote has reached it’s expiering date….
(I’m only talking about the cb’s)


well said…..i mean if i were allegri i will even try and do what guardiola did with mascherano by playing de jong in defense if one of zapata and mexes gets injured


Milan Are milan great answer


if we lose to psv I will laugh … Thats impossible … We are not at our best but we cannot lose to wee psv … Not while we have ses , balo , niang , poli , ndj , monty , petagna , mexes , abbiati … Never


So mad we didn’t buy honda or sakho yet I swear I’m really mad if we sign them now you now how stronngggg ac milan will be like super super strong I’m serous just wow why do we have to be so cheappp.. but yeahhh I believe my team will beat psv but what happends if we get to vs a huge team we need honda and sakho nowwwww


“Everybody wants to play for Milan even if you have to change your position. You just have to be happy that you’re wearing the Milan shirt.”
Bravo Mark, well said. Some players have to realize this, but unfortunately some players simply don’t have the quality, even if they do their best. In the current Milan squad that is. Anyhow, we have to support our team and current players, and hope for the best! New signings will arrive, don’t be so down beat.

ᶜᵃˡˡ ᵐᵉ ♏ᴿ KSM98

You’re right,spend.if he tries that then we can use him as a cb bcoz that’s our 2nd problem.And if you read this carefully 65% of van bommel support milan.FORZA MILAN

Venni Vetti Vecci"

That’s why Traore has refused to leave


Regardless of huge amount spent by Napoli in transfer market, Milan is still the second strongest side in Italy after Juve. Milan are Milan, it runs in the blood and nothing can change that.

Venni Vetti Vecci"

But that’s the mentality of Galliani and co.. You can’t keep saying the same things over and over. Yes, Milan is the most successful club in history, Milan is a dream for every players,Milan is the second best in Italy bla bla.. Let’s face the fact, Milan is 3rd in Italy and no where to be found in Europe regardless of the rating giving to em by Uefa.. Berluscoli was clamouring @the beginning of the season by saying there’s going to be a drastic change in all department and yet all i see is Brilliant Andrea Poli, Amu, Ricky and… Read more »


Your pessimism is born out of our market inactivity. When the market kicks off after the play off, am sure you will start calling Galliani all sorts of beautiful name. I still repeat it, we are a strong side regardless. From January 2013 up till now if you consider results both in the league and CL, Milan did fantastic. Tell me a club that’s done better than Milan in preseason? not even Juve. Consistency in performance will help Milan because the group hasn’t changed alot and they have better understanding while Tvez, Gomez, etc will struggle to adapt to Serie… Read more »

Titinho Ivan

Milan board R liein 2us let dem tell we de fans dat financially we R nt at ur best so we only go 4free agents players Dan tryin 2act us if a player is comin again,bt 4 PSV ah…will beat dem if dey hv a youth side so do we forza Milan n long leave de red n black red means R – retired E – extremely D – dangerous


Well said @ Venni Vetti vecci, i support ur comment. Also good talk from senior man Mark V. Bommel, i know you fully have your support for milan, just that it is not easy for you to voice it out. Forza Mark! Forza Milan.
My twitter acct. @Successlihno
2go.. ”OnlyRossoneri” and ”K1dsuccess”
Milan Per Sempreeeee!!!


I want sakho and kucka.


I Want Selena Gomez

roy milanista

These 2 playoff games our key especially wen it coms to our transfer targets… wat i feel is many deals n discussions wit plyrs have taken place but evry1 is waitin for Milan to qualify for the group stages then mayb things will materialise…i bet galliani hasn’t wasted 2 months ovr just 1 plyr(Honda), but wen u sign worls class plyrs dey xpect you to offer UCL football n more importantly dis being the World Cup yr….I knw we will qualify…Van Bommel will alwys b missd.i alwys felt Mark wud advice Strootman to com to Milan but damn it Galliani:-(…FORZA… Read more »


Milan don’t need the likes of the player u are whinning about, just like Napoli and Arsenal, our only problem is the coach period.


If anyone watched the Japan vs Uruguay match yesterday, then better pray that we sign Honda ASAP. He’s so gooooooooooooooood! 🙂

I’ve watched his last 5 matches. He’s on top form right now. It would be stupid to go cheap on a couple mil and lose out on that. He will give us a huge boost in the first half of the season.


Y don’t we aim 2 buy brazilian argtaine dutch german nd spanish youngsters also so we can hve a bit of everything in our squad


Milan don’t intend to sign any players until they qualify for the UCL. So I expect to see Honda, Ljajic, Kucka and Sakho after we qualify. Niang will be going to Genoa on loan in exchange for Kucka.


Kucka is garbage.

Venni Vetti Vecci"

Don’t get me wrong, the msg i’m tryna pass across is that “we are sick n’ tired of words”.. All we need are actions ..thanks @Jibola and @successlinho


Galiani always wait to the last minute be patient they’re will come


milan need Nicolás Otamendi not lijic that 8 mil would be use 4 a better cause on him


Milan is paying berlusconis debt. That 560 mil is the problem. Berlu realized that he could milk money from milan to cover loses elsware and that is whats milan is doing. Get real. There would not be any signings, at least not good ones. You can forget about sakho, ljajic and co because they cost money. We are stuck in dead situation between berlusconi refusing to sold milan because milan brings him the money and refusing to invest because berlu has no money to spend. We cant do anything but suffer antil this situation resolvs and i dont know how… Read more »


The question I want to ask uncle fester is most we progress to the group stage of the UCL before we can make a big name signings, if the answer is YES then milan has no plan in case we miss out and that’s the plain truth.

r kenny

mark v u make sense about ur comment 4za milan.