Milan: “Constant should not have left the pitch”


KEVIN CONSTANT did the wrong thing by abandoning the Sassuolo game due to racist chants, Milan claim today.

Milan have somewhat become the symbol for the fight against racism in football due to Kevin-Prince Boateng’s action in the friendly match against Pro Patria earlier this year, when he kicked the ball at the racist fans who were abusing him.

Boateng left the pitch and was followed by the entire Milan team. A similar episode happened yesterday during the Trofeo TIM game between Milan and Sassuolo, as Milan’s fullback Kevin Constant shot the ball at fans and left the pitch.

Milan international players return to Milanello
Boateng: “I feel on form, we’ll be ready for the season opener”

But Milan didn’t abandon the match and continued to play with Constant being replaced by the young Mario Piccinocchi, and it doesn’t seem like Constant is getting the same support Boateng did. “Racist chants are outrageous, but, with all the solidarity of this world to the player, there are rules in football,” Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani told the press today.

“If there are chants then you inform the referee, he then tells the fourth official who advises the police authorities. Once they are informed then it will be up to them whether to stop the game or not. I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again, you don’t walk off the pitch.” After the game, Constant shared on his twitter account the picture below, which has been re-tweeted more than 1000 times. Constant was cheered when he arrived to the training today by the fans at Milanello training center.

M’Baye Niang, Mario Balotelli and Kevin-Prince Boateng fighting racism

However, Milan have issued a statement, reminding Constant and everyone else that the rules must be respected:

On the evening of July 23rd 2013 there was another episode involving racist intolerance and this time the victim was Kevin Constant, who reacted by leaving the field of play.

This was not a decision he should have taken upon himself to make and despite his more than understandable reasons and the anger he must have felt, AC Milan would like to remind everyone that the only people responsible for intervening against any manifestations that offend the human dignity, which includes racial discrimination, are the referee in charge of the match and the head of public safety.

The use of the legal system and institutional rights, which every member of the public requires to exist in a civil society, does not compensate for the fact that these episodes continue to happen at a frequent rate.

Racism has no alibis, not if those of a distorted mind believe that men should be divided because of the colour of their skin or because of their nationality, or if their manifestations – gestures, words or sounds – are the result of a foul and nasty recurring essence born of a miserable mind that is incapable of formulating an opinion because such opinions are too horrible.

Both categories deserve zero tolerance, and they should no longer have it as of today. It is not so much about defending a footballer or a sport but the entire civil world, to which these people have never belonged to.

The Italian Federation, the FIGC, has started an investigation and is determined to find the people who are guilty of racially abusing the Guinea international. The Pro Patria fans who had abused Boateng and the other Milan men were given jail.

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This is so stupid, I am behind constant, he had any reason to leave the pitch, when Boateng gets insulted whole the world are behind him and agrees with him leaving the pitch, when Constant does this he is doing wrong… I also dont understand these Cosntant haters, if u really are a Milan fan and neutral footbal fan, then u should see that constant is actually a good techinal player, yesterday he was one of the best players, why all these hate on him?
Please grow up people.


Boateng informed the referee 3 times. Constant just walked off.


this is B.S. Why? because what i’ve noticed is that it’s only when the players react that the match officials react. if a section of fans are being racist for just one occassion in the match, players wouldn’t just kick the ball and walk off, would they?…’s because it’s accumulated anger that has gone on and maybe because the player doesn’t seem offended the first time he receives the abuse the officials try to ignore or pretend like it didn’t happen…..some officials could even be racists deep inside…..what my point is that if i get racially abused i wouldn’t give… Read more »


Exactly! Obviously if Constant can hear it in his 2nd or 3rd language, the referee who is native to the country can. Yet they do nothing.

Also, like you pointed out, some referees (and other authorities) may even share the sentiments of those imbeciles in the stands who racially abuse players. What other course does the player then have?

It’s beyond a disgrace in Serie A and it gets even worse further down the football ladder in Italy (and other countries, for that matter).

Venni Vetti Vecci"





Forza Constant!


The problem is that Constant is the only one that heard these insults- thats why there has been no real reaction. I think Constant is hotheaded and to be frank I dont think he is one of the most intelligent players at Milan! Remember the red card from last season? and again we played many black players last night and none of them complained about racism. There is off course a problem with racism in Italy but last night I think it was all in Constants chicken brain


i see your point but remember that it’s a section of the crowd close to the leftback position and you know the other black players i.e. boateng, traore and robinho- don’t play there and maybe that’s why they weren’t taunted because the racists weren’t close to them……and mind you they might have been taunting him in a way that it would only be him that would’ve been hearing it so that the officials at the other side wouldn’t hear


Being verbally abused is like getting a tattoo in that you may not react to or be bothered by the pain but someone else might have a lower tolerance for it. Also, not all (black) players are verbally abused when they’re on the ball. Watching online I didn’t notice what was directed at Constant but I highly doubt he was just overreacting for no reason. On the other hand, monkey noises were quite apparent at times when Prince was in possession near the old lady’s supporters. The fact that Prince got on with it and Constant “broke” under the barrage… Read more »


I Agree with you, also he needs to inform the refere of the chants. Not just walk off.


leaving field is last option first inform officials i.e refree n 4 th official if ignored then only thats option


Constant is right for the action he took yesterday. Just like @spend! Said the referee isn’t deaf that he can’t hear those morons. I think fIFA should act on the referees once they hear any racist abuse they should call off the match immediately. We Are Africans. Forza bravery Constant


racist are not humans.they should be jailed.
By the way i like men in milan poster

Milan fan

B.S. ! This is becoming pathetic,they are professional football players they are PAID to play football and that’s it ! Freaks like this turn Milan into a crybaby club,what will happen to football if every player got insulted by the cheers against him on a stadium??? Ridicules. If they don’t like it THEY SHOULD LEAVE ! All of them,Constant,Boateng,Muntari,Straser worthless ugly players.


That’s an incredibly simple, imbecilic, insensitive stance to take against anyone.

So because they’re paid a lot of money they are no longer, in effect, human? People like you are the reason players have to resort to such extremes when dealing with such issues.


Si if I am Paid to be a waiter at a restaurant, that means the people that goes to eat there can insult me and say racist stuff to me?

Enwongo Milani

Did u tek leave of ur senses?!
U shd b flog 4 dz!!!
Beta get a fiorentina shirt or juventus nw!


fan and there you have it…..we have a racist among us…#SAD


fan you are a mistake of a human being. You should have been arborted while there was still time for such


Who is this milan fan? He is also a racist. U r worse dan those fans.




fan, definetely you also a racist!!


Even if d whole world says Constant was wrong, I’l be behind him….Some fans r jst miserable…Imagine teams they support, Pro Patria, Sassuolo…..dejected and poverty striken teams….FORZA MILAN! FORZA CONSTANT! FORZA AFRICA! FORZA NIGERIA!


@Milan fan is a disgrace, am disappointed you even mention Milan in your screen name! To be fair to Constant, nobody should have to deal with racist abuse, and it is despicable behaviour. My problem with what Kev did, is the fact nobody else heard it. Seemed strange to me. Also why should it be down to the referee to decide. It should be the players as they are the ones who receive it. If a player is racially abused he should tell his captain who should notify the referee and talk it through with the other captain, along with… Read more »


To be honest, i DO NOT AGREE with any player of any team walking off. For an individual player in the middle of a game to walk out…. That is stupid. Who are you really putting first!? Your team, Football or Yourself!? These things need to happen on an institutional basis, not one player doing something and i’m glad d club has spoken against his actions. It was Ok in Boatengs case because the situation was worse, as d match was stopped twice b4 he walked off, but apparently Constant was d only one who heard d abuse. The club… Read more »


why are people encouraging players on leaving the pitch when they hear racist chants im sick of the players leaving the pitch because of some racist people now don’t get me wrong i think racism is horrible but the players should NOT leave the pitch no matter what i mean come on there paid professionals for gods sake


Jozy Altidore was abused with ‘monkey chants’ during AZ Alkmaar’s match by some FC Den Bosch supporters. The game was temporarily suspended for the chants but Jozy told the ref that he wanted to continue the game.
The match resumed and the American led his team to a 5-0 win.

Now that is what i respect, pure class.

What would have happened if Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Rosa Sparks, etc, got angry and went back hope because they heard a “racist” jab!?


Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, & Rosa Sparks didn’t play football pale…LOL
they have done against the racism just by their way…
silent is just make the racism still spreading. reaction from the player likes constant is the real action and show to FIFA, so that FIFA must quick to make decision and tight rule for racism in football…


How can any man defend racists? Why would you blame Constant, did he insult somebody? No he didn’t, so why would anyone consider this as constants fault?


I am in no way supporting racism but i believe Players taking matters into their own hands is not the solution. It empowers a handful of idiots and punishes the innocent.


I will talk smth about transfers. Milan will get 51.4mln from UCL, so now get some class players if we want to win something. Sell Abate for 15mln, and offer 15mln plus Robinho for Vital Dede. Than sell Antonini, Flamini, Emanuelson and we could get around 5mln and add 10mln and make an offer for Fabio Coentrao 15mln or Domenico Criscito. Than get Julio Cesar with experience, and very powerful and he wants to return to Italy. And get new striker to replace Robinho and we need somebody that has experience and I would prefer Mirko Vucinic. And our team… Read more »


change your name to nlue%black and return to the inter blog



In other news, Kondogbia could be acquired by Milan. Honda negotiations still on. Ljajic could be added if Niang or Petagna is loaned out. Paletta or Ranocchia seems the likely CB. A big name after the UCL qualifiers.


Bcause you milan players,you got racism,if you player with tiny club you wasn’t got racism,so the purpose they racist bcause they don’t like player’s club got won the game, so u must profesional as a player, and respect the rule and the team,if not you not deserve playing for AC Milan


Why all these arguments when the answer to this problem is simple and straight forward. Why allow some nuisance minorities cause problems when we can deal with them by following these steps. 1. Players should identify where the chants are coming from and inform the referee 2. The referee should confirm the chants and get the forth official aware 3. The forth official should relay the message to the police 4. The police should come and flush the bastards out of the stadium, straight to the prison. We can only treat the fools like prisoners and not stop the beautiful… Read more »


For all of you calling a racist for his comment, you could as well call @Kuchini a racist for his comment. The truth is that those fans hauling racist chant had Constant where they wanted him. ‘To react’ There is an adage that says silent is the best answer for a fool so he could just have stoped listening to thosr chant and play on then they will stop once they realise that there chants is not hurting anyone but themselves.


I have supported Milan all my life despite being born in a country with no Italian connection. My friends have always accused me of supporting a country that didn’t give any chance to blacks La Nazzionale until ogbona and Balo joined. Frankly these racist incidents are killing football in Italy and Eastern Europe (uncivilized societies) when compared to England, France and Germany. Thats why many top players are snubbing uncivilized Italians for other civilized leagues. Let there be a curse on Italian football until racism is kicked out. Amen