Milan: “The Rossoneri and El Shaarawy will stick together”


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY will stay at Milan, the Rossoneri have announced after El Shaarawy’s meeting with Galliani.

Milan have decided to put a stop to all the rumours and speculations regarding El Shaarawy’s future as the meeting today between Vice President Adriano Galliani, the player, and his agent Roberto La Florio was enough to clarify his situation.

Galliani seemed to be hinting that El Shaarawy is on the market and even refused to say that El Shaarawy is unsellable, claiming that only Mario Balotelli has mercato immunity, but Milan have decided to take the Faraone off the market as well.

Boban: “El Shaarawy has to improve”
Pictures: Milan’s 2013/2014 away kit

A statement on Milan’s website confirmed the outcome to the meeting – that surprisingly didn’t take place at Milan’s HQ:

“The meeting between Galliani, El Shaarawy and his entourage has taken place. It all went well. Stephan, who has always been a Milan fan, confirmed his strong desire to continue playing in the Rossoneri jersey. That proposal was shared by Milan with conviction and trust. Milan and El Shaarawy go forward together, as they have done since June 2011. No transfer, no rumours, no links. Milan, the Rossoneri colours and the Pharaoh will absolutely stick together.”

El Shaarawy’s tweet: “Never had any doubts… always and only forza Milan…!!!”

Milan spent a lot of money in El Shaarawy and Stephan has proven his worth by scoring 16 goals for Milan last season in Serie A. In the last days however, there have been a talk about El Shaarawy’s character, with Cesare Prandelli saying that Stephan looked ’empty’ during the Confed Cup. El Shaarawy barely played in Brazil as he’s lost his starting Italy XI place.

El Shaarawy, 20, joined Milan in 2010 from Genoa and has become a fans’ favourite, especially due to his on-pitch work rate as he often helps the defense. Is the El Shaarawy case over? Time will tell, but the Milan fans can be calm for now.

El Shaarawy’s tweet after the Uruguay match: “Finally… even if it was in a penalty shoot-out…. at least it went in! Immense satisfaction and compliments for everyone. Great character and great heart!! We are third!”
Translation credit: Football Italia
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Very good news, I think the game against Uruguay helped him with his confidence, especially with his goal in the penalty shoot-out, for me, I think it’s okay that he didn’t play that much so he could get some rest and re-charge, it was still a valuable experience for him. Selling him was never an option. On another note, rumour has it that Astori and Poli are very close to Milan for a combined fee of around 10 million euros. 3.5 million euros + Salamon for Poli (Don’t know if he’ll be sold or if it’s co-ownership) and 6-7 million… Read more »


Great news for milan, he will find back his great form either as a striker or as a trequartista just like he was… Just gwt rid of Robinho and get Honda… Since flamini left, others are going to leave mid get poli and another good mid, a defender and we’re competing with juve….

Abate zapata(ogbonna, astori) mexes de sciglio
Montolivo de Jong boateng(poli)
Balotelli El shaarawy


i hope this announcement be realy..last year galliani told the same about zlatan and tiago…


Let’s wait and see if those transfer rumours will eventually come true…


Great news!! Now get Honda Milan!!


You’d be an idiot to let your guard down because of this statemnet…don’t calm your conscious YET!!!


Monthly Best News of the Blog..


I guess that Galliani will say that this is our first new signing lol


Never trust Galliani. He is just a liar.


The boy probably refused to be transferd. Galiani shoud look elsewhere to balance the books. He probabbly has more work of selling his dead weights than buying quality players because even the mid table teams doesn’t want them.


I think his going 2 b sold, same case with tiago & ibra


Thiago and Ibrah too.

adit onox

Galliani is heartless. Remember how many times kaka said he loves milan and didn’t want to go


This case is different from the one with Thiago and Ibra, at least then they could blame their sale on us having to balance the books, and now with the books balanced, there’s no legit reason to sell El Shaa. Of course you never know what’s going to happen, I doubt he’ll be sold though, the fans will riot otherwise.

Enwongo Milani

Stil crossing my fingers!!! It been long I stopped trusting Galliani..
Nt 4geting T.Silva nd kaka incidents…
God help MILAN!!!
Forza El Shaarawy!!

Good Faith

Alas alas the rumors are put to death at least for now.


Finally! time to bring quality additions and get rid of the quantity… Honda is a good place to start…


I told ya


—-Abate——Zapata—————Mexes—–De Sciglio
—————Montolivo——–De Jong—————–
——Saponara———–Honda————El Shaarawy—


I love this lineup! Tho the defense could do a little work maybe, as am not a big fan of Abate and his not so precise crossing and the unreliable partnership of Mexes and Zap, everything else fab.


If EL92 replicate another good form next season, he will be sold by Galiani without telling us. Maybe he’s had that agreement with him who knows? Galiani is the most untrustworthy club manager


dont talk such a nonsense about galliani! he is a great manager! SES now should recharge and come back stronger than before:) hope for honda, maybe poli, but a really good midfielder and please no astori, he is no top level player and wont ever become i think, he is just solid… but we already have mexes and zapata… maybe micah richards or even better sakho… at least they can play two positions…


I told u guys to calm down…Gallani what other trick do you have up your sleeve???? Fingers crossed.


No concrete offers came..SES would ve been cashed in on..

Hope he can kick the predictability out of him game..

This is another signing of the The Ibra and T. Silva scenario all over again..

Only Forza Milan


This is one of Galliani’s dirty annoying games where he will most likely say SES staying with us is like a new signing. Anyhu glad SES is staying. I just wish they hurry with the Honda deal!


Now Galliani will claim that El Shaarawy is our new signing for the season. Therefore no new players will arrive.

At least we know where El Shaarawy loyalty is unlike Galliani who was ready to sell him to the highest bidder!

El Shaarawy would have been sold if a great offer was presented because there was none that is the reason why he is still at Milan. Plain and simple!


He should definitely stay. With De Sciglio & Balotelli, El Sha will be our future. My hope is that Cristante-Petagna would do well next season. Also for Mastour to improve even more & break into the team in 2-3 years.

Meanwhile, it’d be good for Milan to search for young CB & GK. IMO we couldn’t rely that much on Mexes & Abbiati for next season while we haven’t had decent replecements for them.

P.S.: I hope Milan get Honda too. He’d fit perfectly in Milan. He’d also surely help Milan gain popularity here in Asia.


Great news. I want to see him, Balo, Niang, Monty, Cristante, De Sciglio, Saponara and Salamon as foundation pieces for many years to come.


jherson vergara


Forgot him. Good catch and thanks.

da woz

big mistake… 40 million euros buy a lot of players….look at what boban was saying about him… milan should cash in while they can… you will all be saying the same thing next summer after he scores 5 goals


What are you? a fan? or a supporter of AC Milan?

Milan fan

Just like Sheva,Kaka,Ibra and Silva ?


Galiani a good manager?? Sorry may be then but not any longer.


today milant will meet sampdoria to finalize the poli deal according to gds…i hope it goes well