Boban: “El Shaarawy has to improve”


ZVONIMIR BOBAN believes Stephan El Shaarawy must make a leap in quality and be less predictable.

Stephan El Shaarawy will meet with Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani today at via Turati (his agent Roberto La Florio will also attend the meeting) and Galliani will clarify Setphan’s situation after many rumours that SES could leave.

The media believes that Galliani will tell El Shaarawy that Milan want to keep him but he has to improve both physically and mentality and in terms of character. Zvonimir Boban believes Stephan has a lot of room for improvement also on the field.

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“Everything that has happened to him has happened too soon, El Shaarawy must improve before things become too predictable, everyone knows his movement now when he comes in central,” said Boban. “In my opinion there isn’t full respect in Milan for him, not as a player or a man, but as a champion; they believe he’s a very good player, nothing more.

“Could Milan think of selling him? It seems to me that they are already considering this, Galliani has said that he is not unsellable if a great offer comes in. I think they could also drop the price, if not I cannot explain given his age.”

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characterwise i dont know… i hope milan make the right decision! who wants to sell a 21 year old player scoring 16 goals?
I cant wait for niang to shine… i believe he is even more talented than SES, we really got top-future strikers!
hope we wont sell them…


First, Shaarawy is only 20 years old (he just turned 20 months ago).

Second, I might agree that Niang is probably more talented in term of dribbling, however El Shaarawy has a much better eye for the goal and make the better movements.

Enwongo Milani

Barca on Honda!! No hope we r buyin that guy… selling El Shaarawry wil b d biggest summer mistek nd ah tell u “mark my words”…MILAN WIL REGRET IT!!!!!


according to honda wants only milanmove


For me, it would be a mistake to sell him, what we should focus on is getting rid of the dead weight – the players that are surplus to requirements, and bring in quality.
Well, at least if we want to compete with the very best…


a player like SES needs a coach who admires his style of play, which clearly isn’t the case with allegri or any other italian coaches. They prefare big, strong, players with no technic, who can shoot from long range, or wrestle thier way through defenses and dive like balotelli. Yes SES needs to improve, but so does every player of his age, even messi knows he has to keep improving. At the moment milan is not the right place for SES to improve. He single handedly kept us off from relegation but that wasn’t enough for galliani and allegri. It… Read more »


why people saying Allegri doesn’t like El Shaarawy….it was Allegri….who said ”selling Ibr.a won’t make any difference caz we have El Shaarawy”

milanisti bali

Its a big mistake if AC Milan sell SES.
He is a Milan future. with Balotelli and Niang, Milan have the most potential and dangerous forward in Seri A.

i will be an Inter fans if Milan sell SES now..


You can go now


Outcome of the meeting is all i want to know.


Its a shame that pple dont get informed b4 commenting.. Here is a great advice frm a great player to a great talent. @Cyborg I dont think Allegri is SES problem even Prandelli is questioning his mental strength..He needs to improve.. If Milan cash in on SES it wont be a mistake, lets face it he didnt have a desent Confed Cup even with Balo out of the picture..I agree he has d potential but so did Robinho, Dzenko, Pato et all. Milan will be Milan with or without SES..I really want him to stay but if an offer of… Read more »


Cashing in on him is one hurdle crossed on the situation at hand….the real question that has most of us concerned is “what are they going to do with those funds generated from the sale?”….I personally, question the desire the management possess to make Milan great again.


El sharaawy scored 16 goals from field of play during the most difficult times in Milan history and clearly he saved us. Bolatelli scored mostly penalties (60%/70% of his goals), very few from field of play less than that of Pazzini. Anyone could have taken the penalties. Whats all the hype about Bolatelli? A man who is so unreliable that he can get 5 match ban even if we are winning the game. What is with Milan these days that we forget the man who stood up and commited his all to save us from humilation. After all the boy… Read more »


El sha should work on his confidence.he has to beliv dat he can beat any defender nd stop passin back d bal from whence it came from,wen he sees a defender.


When Balo came to Milan and shined everybody including legends like Cesare Maldini said it was a huge mistake from Inter to sell such a big talent at a young age (despite all the pbms he was involved in at Inter including wearing the shirt of the rival Milan). So I wounder what people would say if Milan sells El Shaarawy, and he goes somewhere else and shines! As contrary to Balotelli’s situation at Inter, El Shaarawy on the other hand: 1- Never had a single pbm at Milan, but on the contrary he received The “Pallone d’Argento” award as… Read more »


It’s official now. EL92 is staying at Milan.


Hi milanista..pls add me on 2go{imoiboho},.


u ppl tok abt him and expect out of him as if he is nearing his prime

it was only his first proper season.
It makes no sense cashing in on him wen everybody knows he is a gem.
The fact that clubs are willing to ofeer so much for him shows that he is worth it and they see somethn in him. Now only galliani needs to see it


He is staying at least for now..but he should raise his game if he is to be the best..the kid got potentials, but he needs a lot of mental strength