El Shaarawy: “I’m happy for Balotelli, we’re the new Italy”


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY is not worried by his goal drought and is happy to see Balotelli starring alongside him.

Stephan and Balotelli are the future (and present) of Milan and also the future of Italy and the two seem to be getting along well on and off the pitch even though El Shaarawy hasn’t been scoring as regularly since the former Inter man arrived.

Balotelli said in an interview recently that if he hadn’t won the Ballon d’Or yet then it’s his fault and El Shaarawy, 20-years-old, believes his 22-year-old teammate can become one of the best players and feels Balotelli is more mature.

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“Mario is riding on the crest of a wave. I’m happy he’s improving as a player and as a person. I’m with him almost every minute of the day and he seems much more mature now. Balotelli can become one of the top 3 players in the world,” El Shaarawy told the press today. “Mario and I are the new, young Italy. Showing faith in youth is the most important thing.

“I’m happy that we’re doing well, but we’ve still got a lot of room for improvement and for making Italy an even stronger side.” El Shaarawy is not as impressive now as he was at the start of the season and some people say it’s related to Balo. “I don’t believe that the arrival of Mario at Milan has penalised me. In fact, it’s made things a lot easier. My lack of goals? The drought spell doesn’t worry me. It’s more important to me to play well. Goals come as a consequence of that,” he added.

“Playing wide on the left of a 4-3-3 is my preferred role, also because that’s where I play at Milan. Prandelli asks me to do the same things as Allegri does.” Italy’s next game is on Tuesday against Malta; Balo and El Shaarawy are likely to start.

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i wish both of them to score agains malta, Forza milan players, forza milan!


i wish both can stay at Milan for more 10 years


Dey must score!!!!


Il Faraone & Barlow….!!! Present & Future Milan….!!! Forza-Milan.


Future is bright for both Milan and Italy. For Milan maybe only till they demand higher salary but still… Offtopic – Milan should consider Anderson from Manchester if not too expensive as he is not happy there


Anderson???, u must be joking

R kenny

Our future keep it up

General Gattuso

@Ted pls don’t ever call that name in this blog again ever. Forza milan


Lmao! When nani came calling, u said nothing….now comes the scrab, you accept him with open arms! Well the blog is quite boring cos everyone seem to be on international break also! Sad!


we already have alot of runners . y wud u want anderson ? he isnt d same anymore . hope ses plays well on tuesday . dude really needs it .


Italy probable vs Malta(4-3-3): Buffon; Abate, Barzagli, Bonucci, De Sciglio; Pirlo, Montolivo, Marchisio; Cerci, Balotelli, El Shaarawy

5 Milan 5 Juve 1 Torino player(s)


Do u guys spend all ur tym here.d players are on international break.tak a break guys. u need it


Anderson?.do i watch football or hockey?.does my tv use diesel?.hav i checked my temperature today?.am i feelin o.k?.did dat just fall from my mouth?.dis are d questions ur meant 2 ask urself b4 puttin dat name anderson


You should take a break and learn to speak English properly.


i tot cerci was still at fio ? @ achaba dude, hockey is awesome


hahaha u guys are hilarious. I just suggested i mean who was Boateng before Milan? Nocerino? Who was king Silva? He went back home because Europe was too much. Urby? Yes Nocerino and Urby had glimpses of good football but were not given enough time. I watch EPL and follow Manchester and this guy could be great if given opportunity and playing time plus he’s young. Just sayin… Chill 🙂


But he’s very injury prone, you know that, and a team like Milan really don’t need a player like him, not only due to his injuries, but also playing style and qualities. Our midfield is already quite good. For example, when fit: Montolivo-De Jong-Prince, then we’ll have Ambrosini if he extends, which I would love if he did, Cristante who will be promoted and maybe Kucka who is being rumoured to join us in the summer. Not to forget Flamini, Muntari, Traoré and Noce. Although I expect one or two of them to leave… Our midfield is pretty set, and… Read more »


ted, you want aderson? C’mon dude.


Anderson bwuhahahhahahahah….the best joke I’ve heard all week! I mean c’mon why don’t we go for carricks too or better lucas levi…. Or luwaluwa.


Love the way he plays. Love his energy. Love his enthusiasm for Milan and Italy.

He was a tremedous pickup and hopefully he will help us win many, many trophies in the next 10-15 years.


@tippy you want a piece of me?.if you weren’t such a knockle head you wil know that those are short forms.i know more english than you will ever need in your life time.back off dude before you get hit by the monster truck that is Acbaba!.(i wrote the complete form,happy now)


Silenciò tudos!:-D


Is this post about Milan or some mediocre Brazilian we’re not even going to buy?

No to anderson and yes to jorginho…sulexdinho86 on 2go…forza milan


ANDERSON!!!!! =zero vision,zero shooting,zero technique,zero dribles,one dimensional, only runs all day…typical shitPLl league…I so hate EPL


sorry to inform you but that sounds excatly like abate


Jorginho…Simone Zaza….that’s it!!


Milan r after vidic


I also saw that on Goal.com I’d rather we not


I’d rather Ogbonna or Dede over Vidic, but he wouldn’t be that bad. It’s going to be another looooooong summer…..




we are on the right path with our youth policy system, Vidic is 32 already. We cannot fall victim to our old habits.lol..Dede it is!!!

Yeah kevin is damn right…tho vidic is one of d world s top 5 best defender…forza milan


I would bring vidic in to help groom our younger players. 10 million for Vidic is peanuts. Dont get me wrong id much much much rather have Ogbonna, but 20 million euros is a bit pricey. I also read that they are most likely going to re-sign BONERA. WHY?


Vidic would be nice in milan but he is aging and injury prone.. A big no to this idea


Bonera said his objectives are to 1)Getting back into the teams first 11 and 2)Receiving a contract extension

Bone chronic

We dont need anderson. Vidic is world c*l*a*s*s, but his short commings are, that he’s above 30, he’ll command alot of pay and he is as slow as yepes. Vidic struggles against pacey players


Mangala, Sakho, Ogbonna, Dede, Benatia, Subotic, Garay, Papadopoulos, N’Koulou, and Matip are all young talented defenders that we should target.
Getting at least 1 of those CBs, maybe 2 if Mexes is sold and keeping Zapata will be great.

Whom would you guys pick of the CBs mentioned?


Centerbacks: Zapata, Zaccardo, Salamon, Ogbonna/Sakho, Dede/Benatia

Fullbacks: Abate, De Sciglio, Constant and/or Santon

Hmmmmn that s true…..sadly bonera s gonna be with us next season;>….aaaarrggghh!!!forza milan!!


Dede will leave Brazil in June, Liverpool and Man United are the favorites to sign him.


RIP Claudio Lippi, Milan channel and sky italia sports journalist very young died today from a motorcycle accident and left his 1 year old daughter behind. so sad ,carnt believe it

Oooh what a sad news that waz…RIP lippi…forza milan