Berlusconi on Drogba, Pato and the market


SILVIO BERLUSCONI says Drogba is too old for Milan and Balotelli’s personality doesn’t convince him.

Milan will most likely sell both Robinho and Alexandre Pato this January and will bring a striker and there are many names in the media linked with the Rossoneri including Drogba, Osvaldo, Destro and Balotelli.

Milan’s new policy is to buy young players and invest in the champions of the future rather than in the stars of today and so Silvio Berlusconi claims the likes of Osvaldo and Didier Drogba don’t fit this philosophy.

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“For now, I would rather sign Mattia Destro than Pablo Osvaldo, who is older than the age limit that we have set in order to create a squad of youngsters. We need 2 or 3 years to create a young and competitive squad,” the Milan President and the former Prime Minister of Italy told a radio station on Thursday noon.

“Mattia Destro is definitely a player that I would like to bring to Milan. Didier Drogba is 34 years old, so he’s too old for our youth policy. Mario Balotelli doesn’t convince me due to his personality.” Balotelli had a bust-up with his Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini today in training but his agent Mino Raiola has claimed in recent weeks that Balotelli will not be moving from the Champions of England in the near time.

“Adriano Galliani is in Brazil now, and he should not spend any money, but only bring home money. Alexandre Pato has told us that he wants to go back to Brazil. He has promised to return to Milan in 2 or 3 years. That is why we have decided to sell him to the most prestigious club in South America – Corinthians.

“After 26 years in paradise we have decided to take a 3 year break. We have put a stop to spending crazy money. Over the next 3 years, we will create a young squad that will last for at least 10 years. And we will sign a champion every year. We are searching the market for the best youngsters, we have about 100 under observation. These days the prices are stratospheric, it seems as though we’re playing Monopoly.

“Seems that money doesn’t have value in football. There is also a rule you can’t spend more than you earn so when cycles end, focusing on youth is the only way,” the 76-year-old politician and businessman.

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Destro is talented, Osvaldo is better though, but Destro also seems a little troubled, not at the same level as Osvaldo and not close to Balo, I mean he’s been sent off a couple of times this season from what I know.
We all know that Destro is the cheapest option between Balo, Osvaldo and Drogba…
Wouldn’t mind if he arrived though, we should keep getting Italian players, and I don’t mind Italian youngsters.
We should get Ogbonna and/or Astori for defence as well.
Great news that Pato has promised to comeback in 2-3 years time as well.

Dave Inzaghi

What happen to Paloschi???? Such. a waste even the great 9 says that he is succesor from him

Open your eyes!!!!

Paloschi its free of charge n no need adaption of italian football

Hail to Pippoloschi!!!!


Ogbonna? the chances of him arriving in Milan are nil.


Probably so due to his price tag, it would be a great signing and just what we need.


Destro would be a nice pickup. Destro, Niang and El-Shaarawy would be a nice trio up front.

Nice to have Montolivo and Nocerino as the veterans in that midfield. Would be great to see some of those young midfielders graduate and get first team action.

Also love the youth and talent at the FB position. Abate and De Sciglio are perfect for those spots. Would like to see some acquisitions for the central defense. Maybe Dede and Ogbonna to go with Acerbi.

I like the direction this team is moving in. Hopefully we can get those good young stars.

Milan fan

You like talent and youth Berlu ? OK sign Papadopulos and Ogbonha for central defenders,sign Pastore,Strotman and Niangolan for midfield and sign Baloteli or Lamela for atack.

crespo 2\7(trinidad)

lmao . good one Milan fan


This is real world not fifa13 !!!

R kenny

Let av Destro is a talent player.


out ambrosini,bonera,antonini,mesbah,yepes,muntari,traore,robinho,pato,amelia,flamini,in dos santos,drenthe,crisante,dede,pades,strootman,david villa,perin over droba


why not paloschi? we dont need destro
loan balotelli with option to buy, otherwise bring paloschi back

more important is CB position, the money of pato and robinho sale, should be used for ogbonna/astori and strootman


According to we have sent a bid on 10 mill euros for Werder Bremens Marko Arnautovic. What do you guys think of him?

I have seen him play 2 times and he was not that bad… Only 23, and not cupbound i think.


In fact, milan has future stars in the team at the moment. We have gabriel, ganz, mastour, comi, chrisante, ses92, de-sci, carmona,valoti,niang and others who can make milan great again when they get to attain some experiences from experienced players. So in CB=humels,subotic or carvalho(loan) CAM=pastore FW=drogba SW/SS=ericson,g dos santos,lennon,ramires,walocot and nani(any two) . This is my opinion you can also think of other experienced players around the globe. Also flamini,ambro,traoe,yepes,mexes anto77 and abbiati shld be sold in june then we would get other players we couldn’t sign this window.


Arnautovic had one really great season with Bremen in 2010/11 i think, he’s good, great eye for goal and has a decent work-rate, I really wouldn’t mind but I haven’t heard about that bid anywhere


Hi. Thanks for responding 🙂

I saw it in a german news paper

It is also mentioned by
I dont think he will be a bad replacement for Robinho 🙂


I don’t want robinho 2 go cuz of his current form, seal bojan deal even u wanna sell robinho nd pato.


, have you seen this player profile? not impressive at all. He also have an attitude problemm


Hi, thanks før responding 🙂

Which profile are you referring to? You might be right. I dont know that much about him, but i like what i have seen.

Regarding the attitude, i dont think that is a problem for Milan. We are used to that kind of players. But i would rather take him than Taraabt.


And we will sign a champion every year… Something like Aquilani on loan?


we ‘ll sign a champion every year what does he means ?

Lets be calm and see what will happen coz we shouting here cannot move anything…forza 1899

Yeah and dis is not football manager2013…..lolz @crazy fans


d phylosophy is kul by me. Bringing in drogba is not a wise decision bcoz is for d now not d feature. And his wages is so much than it doesn’t worth it. Balloteli keeps having headline on bad attitude towards d game.seriouse players are needed in milan.