Pato and Robinho to be sold this week?


ALEXANDRE PATO and Robinho’s Rossoneri experiences seem to be very close to their end.

One arrived to Milan in 2007, the other arrived in 2010, but their departure could take place in the same week after both – Alexandre Pato and Robinho – asked the leave this January in favour of a move to Brazil.

The time of Pato – who returned to training in Milanello today – and Robinho – who got a special permission to stay in Brazil until January 2 – at Milan will soon come to its end and Milan will sign a striker.

Maldini: “Milan do not want me back”
Lippi: “Milan, Drogba is still a beast”

“Pato and Robinho are fundamental to us and if they should leave, it would be a big loss but I think the club will do something in the transfer window. Pato has had a lot of troubles with injuries and we wish him the best whether he stays or goes,” Milan assistant coach Mauro Tassotti told the Milan Channel today.

“I don’t think it’s easy for him to come back after all the injuries and the worry of picking up another one gets the better of him. Unfortunately there’s been no time to play as in Belgium he picked up another knock. If Robinho is fit, he’s irreplaceable even though he hasn’t played that much this season, he’s a high level player.” Robinho played 13 games in the 2012/13 season; Pato featured in only 7 games this term.

According to reports in Brazil and in Italy, the Pato-Corinthians deal is pretty much a done deal and Milan will get €15m from his sale. The announcement is expected to arrive on January 3rd with Pato presented on January 12. An unnamed friend of Pato is quoted on the Brazilian media today confirming the deal.

As reported by Sky Sport 24, Santos are also getting closer to Robinho. They’ve asked Milan for a discount (from €10 million to €8m) as they wish to close the deal before January 2nd. The next days will be crucial.

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Shoaib rizwan

i hope we buy stoortman poli and a cb with this money


i just say BALOTELLI

Milan fan

Sell them,Berlusconi will spend the money on prostitutes,and Milan will end up with mediocre and average players after this transfer window….as always.


We all know thats true. I cant beleive how coward milan fans IN milano are. How can they sit back and watch milan fall like this? Milan ultras where are you? Bunch of cowards all of them.. if they were real fans they would burn milan HQ down to the ground showing berlusconi and galliani that this is NOT OK!


So I expect to read in the papers tomorrow that you were one of the many “real” Milanista’s burning down Via Turati.
Nah, but seriously, a real fan is one who stands by his team no matter how the team is doing. So they’re doing the right thing by supporting the team, and not doing anything violent to try to prove a point, which would be ridiculous.


It not about that, thats the basic rule for loving a club you ALWAYS have to support your club whetever they win or lose. But this is not the issue.

The issue here is that B&G are INSULTNING thier fans, they could honestly sell El sharaawy now in Januari and replace him with bendrner and the milan fans in milano wouldnt even raise their eyebrows. They would just not go to the stadium. Im truely ashamed of the fans in milano.


saman are you Iranian?




same 🙂


@Saman, calm down man! Pato hasn’t been fit for about 2 years!! I really don’t see what everyone’s getting so upset about.

drogba ? BIG NO
as we know in january there will be an African cup
so Drogba would join milan in february , and he will needed time to adaptation to milan system.
So Drogba just be effective in milan for 3-4 months
with high salary???
i choose PAstore 😀


*ammended We should not accept $15mill for Pato, we will get a much better offer from Chelsea if they don’t sign Falcao. If not, Liverpool and a few other clubs will pay. If possible, we should sign both Ballotelli and Drogba. It does not have to be one or the other. Although Drogbas wages are high I think he would be a free transfer. Ballotelli is cup tied for the champ.league , he can start every league match to boost his ego. This leaves Drogba fresh for the champions league come February (we dont play Barca until February). Drogba could… Read more »

Sylvester Maldini

Balloteli,yanga mbiwa nd David Astori.


lets get baloteli, drogba and mbiwa

rossoneri GHANA.

mr B&G be serious a bite.where is the €65 ?that money is no where to be sign free transfer players and still complaining about money?you people are not always buy cheap players and you expect excellent result?fire burn can you opt for ballotelli while dzeko is available?the best option that will benefit we the rossoneris and you is to sell part of you shares.


What do you guys think of a Steklenburg-Amelia swap?


i think in Balotelli from the offense, M´Vila or Sissoko to the Mid and Mbiwa, Astori or Bochetti to defense.

And i really dont believe in sell to corinthians, it´s most probably a loan contract, for 1 year.


Why people keep complaining about only getting 15 million for Pato? Nobody wants him, and on top of that he wants to go to Brazil. It’s amazing how patient people are with Pato, but Huntelaar never got any sort of patience. Now look at him. He’s a much better striker than Pato. I miss Pato a couple years ago, but he is done. Even Maldini said so. Open your eyes.


I thought Steklenburg was a really strong keeper. Why did he not play for Roma against Milan?? And why does Amelia keep starting ahead of Abbiati? I know a lot of people on this blog think Abbiati sucks, but at least he’s better than Amelia. Amelia is awful!

We are not going to get Mbiwa. He extended his contract which means that Montpellier will ask a lot for him….


People who spend a lot of time playing FIFA.


I hand it 2 ja rossoneri.lyk he said d best tin is 2 buy both drogba nd balo.gud value 4 money.


we need balotelli and i think him and niang would work well together
i also think in summer we should sell pazzini and get a young striker someone like luis muriel


Drogbaaaaa; Bring the Ivorian king in…


no drogba..confirmed by gandini..only forwards btw 22-24
so it will be destro, balo,finnbogason

Akinde dare

Keep pato and bring strootman sel pazini and binho bring dede and mbiwa ofload yepes and start using garbiel as number 1


Watever..jst get good young players with bright futures, so I can start a new master league.




Good Riddance Pato “the best striker in the world.”



Outgoing: Pato, Robinho, Flamini, once centerback(Mexes/Acerbi) Strasser or Traore, Valoti, Carmona, Didac Vila, Mesbah.

So between 7-9 players will be leaving in January.

I expect only 3-4 additions: Balotelli, Nainggolan/Strootman/Kucka and a centerback from brazil

This team can be strong, if they give their all can reach 3rdbutdo not think we can knock out Juve and Barca in Italian Cup and Champions League respectively, of course anything is possible, but just being realistic
Abate Acerbi Rhodolfo De Sciglio
Montolivo Nainggolan Boateng
Bojan Balotelli El Sharaawy


bye2 binho and pato. Hope both of you get sucessfull future there.

And don’t forget to put a clausal on pato agreement that mentioned milan could buy him back with certain amount when pato reach 27 or 28 yo (LoL)


Keep dreaming..we will buy nothing. How about the sales of sheva??, kaka??, ibra n ts 33??,. Nothing except balance the book


In fact, milan has future stars in the team at the moment. We have gabriel, ganz, mastour, comi, chrisante, ses92, de-sci, carmona,valoti,niang and others who can make milan great again when they get to attain some experiences from experienced players. So in CB=humels,subotic or carvalho(loan) CAM=pastore FW=drogba SW/SS=ericson,g dos santos,lennon,ramires,walocot and nani(any two) . This is my opinion you can also think of other experienced players around the globe. Also flamini,ambro,traoe,yepes,mexes anto77 and abbiati shld be sold in june then we would get other players we couldn’t sign this window.

Mz adamu

Pato must stay bkus he’ll b getting better now, nd we dont need bolatelli, make u guys bring taarabt or pastore in dis january 4rza milan


Pato leavin is a good news to me but,I so much detest tha fact that Binho is also goin.if possible get Nani, ericsson and gotze and lewandoski


We need a midfielder, For God sakes get a creative midfielder !! 🙁


B&G the best new year gift to Milan would be if you sell in Jan: Antonini, Yepes, Flamini, Bonera, Traore, PAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Akinde dare

Bring dede and rhotofo and tarabat and keep pato sel binho


Sell binho, keep pato. Etc. Guys both are leaving.!!! Is that so hard to accept. Kaka was sold,he was in better shape,form and all. At least he would add barbara to his trophy cabinet in brazil, hook up with ronaldinho and check out the night clubs in brazil!! Hakuna matata !!!


Apaprently Robinho’s deal is in jeopardy. Let’s hope he stays and Pato goes. Sneijder would be great buy if we can pull that off for some much needed creativity in the middle of the park. FORZA MILAN

michael Reks/ Ibadan, Nigeria

Berlusconi: “AC Milan, you’ll win
Pato and Binho? I hope to sell only
one of them”- Gazetta sports. Let’s hope Binho goes and Pato Stays.


damiao ballo or walcott or damba ba or gomis and a defender i think carvalho or dede may be mbiwa and a mf pastore or mvila

red 'n' black

why carnt we scout young talent from serbia,poland,croatia ?
To be honest im sick of brazilians.


Both should go. we don’t need robinho. All he does is to miss seaters. Milan is even struggling to get over €7m for robinho. that to tell us that he is a finished player.


as much as i love pato he has to go but please let it be on a 1year loan.Keep robinho,sell pazini,bonera,traore,flamini,ambro,mexes.Start usin chrisante,ganz at least in lesser games to improve their baloteli for FW,ganso/pastore/honda/strotman for AM,get calvaho/terry/ogbona or any good centre back that is decent and not quite xpensive.Pls sell amelia and abbiati,i heard casilas wants to quit madrid pls get him, he is the right mentor for gaberiel.If all this are done then we are on the right track of becoming invisible again.


Both of them seem to be hallucinating. Do they really think they can be starters for brazil in 2014? What will they do to neymar,fred,willians,douglas costa,hulk,damiao,oscar,lucas or even ganso. Those ones will just vaporize into thin air right? It’s like eric lamela returning to argentina because he wants a fighting chance to unseat messi! Never. Except both legs are broken!!! Let’s focus our energy and inertia on who will replace them. Which names keep coming up and WHO CAN WE AFFORD?


Why do people keep talking about Woolcott and Lennon? Typical over-rated English.

R kenny

If they go another quality player we come 2 our team let 4get dey av gone.


I love PATO n I sooo much like ROBINHO but I’ve no option den to greet em both farewell n wish em luck in dere various destination.seriously,milan need to offload many players n add atleast add one goal keeper(maybe stenkeinburg) three defenders(maybe ogbonna dede n santon) two midfielder(maybe pastore/sneidger erickson/taarabt) n atleast a striker n drogba(maybe dzeko).I hate premier league players esp th english ones.pls B&G put some money into dis transformation exercise.