Lippi: “Milan, Drogba is still a beast”


MARCELLO LIPPI believes Didier Drogba would do a fairly good job for Milan if he arrived this January.

Milan will sign a striker if Alexandre Pato and Robinho both leave the club in January – a scenario that seems rather likely as Adriano Galliani is still in Brazil and a few days will return to the negotiations table.

Pato and Binho both explicitly asked to leave the club as they miss their home and Milan have been linked with Manchester City’s forward Mario Balotelli (22) and Shanghai Shenhua’s striker Didier Drogba (34).

Milan to resume training tomorrow
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“Drogba played against my Guangzhou Evergrande recently and is still a beast. He really makes the difference on the field,” Marcello Lippi, the coach of the Chinese side, told the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. “He didn’t choose to go to China by following his heart or making a footballing decision.

“It was purely for the money, as he earns €12 million net a year – €1 million per month. Do you think he’d agree to halve his wages to come and play in Italy? I have my doubts. Where would he fit better? If Robinho and Alexandre Pato really are leaving Milan, then I’d see Drogba doing better for the Rossoneri than Juventus. Drogba would be a precious addition to the squad in Serie A and the Champions League.

Marcello Lippi on today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

“In technical terms, he’d form a great partnership with El Shaarawy with Pazzini playing the role of the reserve. El Shaarawy reminds me of Del Piero. They love to start from the left and cut in seeking goals with curling shots. He hasn’t got Del Piero’s quality yet, but is growing and could be more explosive in attack.

“Milan? They started from scratch. They gave away two champions in Ibrahimovic and Silva and also waved goodbye to people like Gattuso, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Zambrotta and Nesta – the soul of the team. It’s normal that they’ll need time to find the right balance,” added Lippi who won the 2006 World Cup with Italy.

Earlier this month, Milan agreed a commercial partnership with Lippi’s Guangzhou Evergrande, who are the Chinese Super League champions. Milan football schools will also be built around China soon.

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No no no no!!!

Pa ibra

Drogba is against it all… he’s not young and neither will he help in balancing the books. replace Robinho with Ilicic and try to keep/loan Pato untill the summer give-him-one-more-chance-please. i dont know but i really have a feeling that Allegri played some role in the unhappiness of Pato. he needs to know how to motivate his players especially Brazilians.. i’m still taunted by the way he frustrates Ronaldinho

R kenny

Drogba come an join us forza milan.


Drogba better than pazzini and balloteli..


Only half a season or one more for Drogba, whereas 10 more for Balotelli.


Balotelli, Astori, Strootman ,and maybe a CAM now.
A Gk, another right footed CB, and a Lb in the summer and we will be set for years to come.


astory ain’t good, we made a mistake by getting acerbi,we shouldn’t do that again


correct! acerbi is one of gallianis top 5 fail signings. pazzaini also among them


Bojan’s buyout clause would be set at €14m, paid in installements over 3 years.


No Thanks very much.

Milan fan

What is up with Milan’s obsession to buy strikers ?? Our midfield has no creativity,our defense is the worst in our history,how on earth can you think about buying a striker ???


Because we are selling two!!


they wasnt even start players, dont play smart.


in this blog, too much young player will come to milan but at the end drogba and carvalho come to milan… if this happen, new season i hope milan has new owner….

van swastika

Drogba is certainly better than Baloteli!Drogba is still the beast as we know him to be…let’s drop all links to other strikers and stick to Drogba,he’s the key to Barca’s fall at the CL,besides he’s not cup-tie.Lippi’s right! FORZA MILAN!!!


Due to Drogba’s salary and age, i would rather Milan go for Leandro Damiao, Kagawa, Chicharito, or Balotelli. Regardless Milan should try to sign Kagawa to replace Robinho and Chicharito to replace Pato. Balotelli is risky and no one knows what they will get with Balotelli! Man U looks certain to sign Lewandowski from Dortmund next summer so if Milan want young experience talent that have a good professional attitude on and off the pitch, they should try to sign Kagawa and Chicharito. Strootman from PSV to replace De Jong and M’vila from Rennes to replace Ambrosini. For the defense… Read more »


great job galliani, now sign lucio and carvalho hahaha


Drogba would be a great short term signing. Only trouble is his wages.


I feel sorry for whoever writes that Milan should hire Strootman, and Drogba etc.

Everyone knows that Milan will lend an old player and two that nobody ever heard for a bargain price.

Italian football is dying and stars like Drogba and Strootman will never set foot in Italy because they are very expensive.


i have feeling pato will stay


Don’t count on it.


Pato, my favorite striker, sadly he will leave Milan one way or another. Milan will not sign Balloteli since his wages are too strong. Drogba won’t fit in as Gallianis “we’ll only buy players under 22” rule. Strootman is to much for Milan as Milan won’t spend more than 13m on a player. Illicic won’t ever come to Milan as his owners said they wouldn’t even sell him for 30m. Yanga M’biwa will never come to Milan since he only wants Man U. Dede is too much money for Milan. Same story with Ogbonna. Lloris belongs to Tottenham & this… Read more »


Mr Optimism…


Instead of bringing in a mediocre striker after d sale of pato & binho, i’d prefer Drogba.


id get chicarito .. he reminds me of pippo inzaghi .. he is a true poacher … and very quick and would do well on fifa too


People on this blog shd keep dreaming


Drogba’s talent is undeniable despite his age and habit of being a flop. However, procuring him would only be Milan’s way of putting a band-aid on cancer.

If only one of the Brazilians leave, it would be far better to procure the services of a few versatile midfielders to provide good service for the attackers we have and address the very big problem area that is our defense.


Drogba is a very good thinking right now as he is very strong and steady fitness should also be a cheap move. Galliani please get him


Milan need a real trequartista #10
Mr. Prince Boateng is no longer what he was.
he can’t create playes on his life. He justs rolls around now adays and worries about his Hair.

I worry if one day Shaarawy will be the same



Drogba is good choice….but i prefer Daminao or another Milan youth…Alberto Paloschi….seems like Galliani always forget him…Paloschi has good form recently…Milan also need a CAM and one strong centerback