Boateng: “I miss scoring, El Shaarawy is incredible”


KEVIN-PRINCE BOATENG says he’s keen to be back on the scoresheet and hails Stephan El Shaarawy.

Boateng was a key player in his first two Milan seasons but with Zlatan Ibrahimovic gone he has greatly struggled to have his old form as he’s been one of the most disappointing players in Serie A this season.

Boateng has had many shots towards goal this term but has yet to find the back of the net. The former Ghana international says joining Milan changed his life and claims he wants to get back to scoring goals.

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“Joining Milan definitely changed my life. I was fortunate to join in such a great club like Milan,” Boa told the Milan Channel on Friday. “The day I officially became a Milan player was one of the most important days in my life. I’ve always felt well with everyone here at Milan, both with my teammates and the entire staff.

“I feel at home and that’s very important for me, seeing as I’m not born here. Silvio Berlusconi is a great person. When he enters a room the entire atmosphere is affected positively. I spoke for 10 minutes with him last Friday, and he told me that he believes in me and the squad. It’s important for us that he said positive things to us in a difficult period. It’s a difficult season for me, but I’m convinced that I’m improving.

“I must keep on working hard. I really miss scoring. I’m not interested in how I score, but I just want to score. Let’s hope that I score on Sunday against Juventus. I don’t know how I will celebrate if I score on Sunday. I’m just waiting to see the ball go in. We must only think about ourselves and not Juve. They’re strong but every match has its own story. We believe that we can win against Juventus. It’s not important if I score or if Nocerino or El Shaarawy score. The important thing is that we win,” continued the midfielder.

“I’ve had two good seasons here at Milan. Now many great players have left and there’s a lot of pressure on me, just like there’s a lot of pressure on the squad. All the criticism we’re getting is coming from people that aren’t close to us. Those who are really close to the club are always encouraging and motivating us.

“It’s also a difficult situation for Allegri, but he has always tried to be positive without getting too angry. He has been really great in my opinion. It was also a new situation for him. Stephan El Shaarawy has been incredible this season. When he wasn’t playing that well in the beginning of the season, I told him to stay calm and that everything would work out well.”

“Even last season I had explained to him that it would be a special season for him because he had great strikers next to him. He’s incredibly calm in front of the goal I have never seen that in a player at his age.

“The Champions League is always very important for Milan. Now we’ll see who we’ll get in the next round, but we want to make it as far as possible. Knowing that Marco Van Basten will be at San Siro for Milan-Juventus puts a lot of pressure on us. He was an immense player who did many important things.”

Boateng is expected to start against Juventus on Sunday evening. He played 90 minutes against Anderlecht and was rated 6/10 for his efforts. In the 4-3-3 Prince is given a lot more freedom from Allegri.

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if we go 4-3-3 against juve: Abbiati
De Sciglio Acerbi Mexes Constant
Boateng Montolivo Emanuelson
Robinho Bojan El Sharaawy



I rather let a injuried yepes play before him. Acerbi have to be the slowest player in the world considering his age.
Hes as clumsy as bonera too, no no no Acerbi is not anywhere near milan calibre, and i hate to see him wearing nestas number. Its almost an insult. Forza rossoneri on sunday


Personally I don’t doubt Boatengs capabilities as we have all seen last season….I just think he needs to think, A LOT!!…he needs to calm down and compose himself, its as simple as that

Ugochukwu Gerald

Boateng is absolutely a flop! Sell him off in January!! Milan don’t need his services again!!! He has been so dissappointing this season! Boateng’s accuracy in front of goal has been below 10%


If boateng is a flop, what do u call flamini, aquilani, pazzini, acerbi, traore, constant etc


i still have faith in kpb


He doesn’t play with his head so how will he score goals. His poor form and Allegri insistent on playing him contributes to 60% of Milan problem this season so he should pack his bags in january


This is a very good comment, agree with 100%


Just read Pato has a thigh injury and probably won’t feature 2moro.


you mean on Sunday..


Pato is just a major doubt,KPB is a gud player he jst need 2 calm down and think straight,Robinho shuldnt start plz,wen wil Didac Vila be back 4rm injury


Kpb is an ok player not fantastic hence why I still think it would be better to have him sit on the bench or even sell him. His lack of passing capability and vision-less play put together with the constant insistence of Allegri to have him start every game is killing us this season!


You must learn how to make a chance…don’t focus yourself on scoring…last two seasons, Milan had Ibra…he is not only made goals but also many chances…now is your time Boateng to make many chances…please…please…please reduce your ego…a goal will come to you naturally…but focus to improve your play…

I still believe in kpb only for him to play in his main position


Really he misses scoring?? I could not tell from this 10 shots per game this season. Never mind 90% of said shots were off target…..


I have faith in Prince, he was good against Napoli, less so against Anderlecht, but I like his free role, it’s good for him, and he’ll probably be fired up against Juve.
It’s just such a shame that he plays with the nr 10 on his shirt, I miss 27 on his back…along with the performances he provided with that number…anyhow, as long as he returns to playing the way he did in his first season, I’m happy. Just keep the faith!


Boateng is inconsistent.


He was our most consistent player in his first season.


i am positive that Alegri will put Boa for sure in to a start 11 on saturday …thats why i think this shoul be his last performans for the team …if he makes some thing good for the team ..and we win ..or at least we draw …then he can have anothe chance …but if he ( and the team ) fail…we have to say so long the winter window …and look for a new team for him …for as much money as we can get … there is so many young players who can replays him …also from… Read more »





Dude Constant is a good player, don’t know what you tryna say


he should really become the second attacking line, because when the opponent defending most of the time their priority is to guard the players inside the box so they will left out the 2nd attacking line which usually outside the box, and if milan wings pass the ball to the 2nd attacking line,this is can create chance for all 2nd attacking line such as montolivo and boateng which i think both of them have the power in shooting the ball outside the box(especially montolivo) to shoot but the problem is boateng really like to play inside the box so when… Read more »


I think milan should kick defense and counterattack against Juve. Boa before scoring fragmentation, he do a good job defensively.I liked the way he played in the middle of midfield, not playing as a number 10. Battle milan should rock the 4-5-1 scheme


The guy is a Flop, Simple.
He is not a team player and this team needs to play as a team to succeed.
He should be Sold in January and a midfielder who knows how to pass should be bought instead.


Number is just a number. #10 or #27 does not make any difference to me. Boateng is just a visionless player. If allegri keeps playing boateng as a starter, allegri just simply doesn’t have any idea.


KPB shud keep calm n concentrate more on creating e chances dan scoring himslf, his goals will come naturally, n milan shud keep him, he is good. I always say, even allergri is improving, he needs tym


forget scoring he shouldn’t be playing! Bring back the 4-2-3-1