Seedorf: “Milan will come out of this crisis”


CLARENCE SEEDORF opens the door to a return and says he won’t be able to watch the derby.

Seedorf is one of the many veterans that left Milan at the end of the last season and it’s notable that Milan don’t have a true leader on the pitch, even if Massimo Ambrosini and Christian Abbiati are still there.

Milan have taken a different path and from this season on, they will be trusting more youth and won’t spend big money on players. Seedorf believes it’ll take Milan a few years before they be the No. 1 team again.

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“I don’t know the current situation at Milan that well, but I know that when you’re in difficulty you need unity and group spirit. The players need to take responsibility when in difficult moments,” Seedorf, who joined Botafogo, told the press on Friday. “It’s the coach’s job to transmit confidence and calmness to the squad.

“With good technical-tactical work that’s well-suited to the characteristics of the squad, you can invert the trend; having less ball possession and more counters-attacks is not a shame. But I’m sure that in the end Milan will come out of this crisis, seeing as they have more quality than the average squad. The financial crisis is felt by the fans. Before, the fans put in an economic effort because they were motivated by going to see determined players, or they were inspired by the playing style. Milan have decided to take a new policy.

“This new policy will continue over time. You don’t need to look at the current results but at the long term, even though that Juventus will be the team to beat for the next 5 years,” he added. “If it was an error by Milan to get rid of so many experienced players? Let’s say the players were aware of the gap that they left.

“In recent years Milan said goodbye to great players like Maldini, Costacurta and Cafu, but on every occasion there were players ready to replace them. But this time there weren’t any players ready to replace them. That’s why the impact is different this time. But it’s not up to me to say that it was a mistake. It was a choice. But the board definitely needs to take control of the situation in order to clarify which path to follow.

“If I would like to return to working for Milan? Certainly. Why not? My relation with the Milan board has always been great. I’m sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to the fans, but not saying goodbye is more significant, because it means that nothing is over. I thank all the Milanisti for the years that we had together at the stadium. Nobody knows the future, but if I had the opportunity to return to Milan as a director then it would be even more beautiful.” It took Seedorf longer to decide his future so the fans didn’t really thank him against Novara (they made banners for Gattuso, Nesta and Inzaghi), on the final day of the last year.

“If I’ll watch the derby on Sunday? No, because we’re also playing that day. The most memorable derbies? I’ll mention three: the unforgettable one is the two matches in the Champions League semifinal in 2003, and then the derby in February 2004 where we won the match 3-2 after being 0-2 down. And lastly, the Super Cup final in Beijing in 2011. To sum it up; all the derbies connected to Milan’s successes,” he said.

“I wouldn’t compare Milan’s situation to Inter’s situation. Great players like Lucio, Julio Cesar and Maicon have left Inter, but none of them had been at Inter for 10 years. We were many more who left Milan and the change was definitely more traumatic at Milan. And Inter are also more used to making revolutions.”

Seedorf, who joined Milan from Inter in 2002, could’ve proved useful for the Rossoneri this season as Milan are struggling for fantasy up front and have to rely on the 19-year-old Stephan El Shaarawy.

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Excuse me Seedorf, Juve won’t reign for straight 5yrs


How great is this Milan?!…our former legends motivating our newly established team in the world has such passion and emotion…One of the main reasons I live for this team!!!

Pa ibra

say hello to Ronaldinho for me.. Oh only if he and Pirlo where still around. big players been chassed away by a small coach


King Clarence, it would be nice to still have Seedorf with us, considering how many have left, and he really is a leader, no question about that. I hope he’s right, and now that we’re focusing on turning our own players into stars, I hope for Cristante and perhaps Petagna to be promoted next season, but we do need one more quality midfielder (Strootman) and Yanga-Mbiwa as centre back, we really do, as these centre backs are not making me feel secure, no matter how well they’re playing. Ideal would be to get Ogbonna or Astori, or both, as they’re… Read more »


I love all milian legend.
Long life milian
long life true fans.


we’re waiting for you to come back!forza milan

R kenny

Seedorf a great legend 2 us great good by 4 now.


Time has change, who has come, he must leave,. But in the case of milan legends departure is not normaly..its most because of have a problem with st***d coach alegry..he is a trouble maker at milan. That’s proved.!!


Milan should get Leandro Damiao in January and Giuseppe Rossi. And get Douglas from Twente and Marcelo from PSV or Mbiwa. And our team should be: Abbiati, Zapata-Mbiwa-Douglas-Emanuelson, Montolivo-De Jong-Boateng, Pato-Damiao-Rossi.