Shevchenko: “El Shaarawy reminds me of myself” Savićević: “Stephan will become a great player”


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY is quick, gifted and ready even for the World Cup final, say Milan legends.

El Shaarawy has taken over Milan in the past games and is without a doubt the most in-form player at Milan at the moment, perhaps even in whole Italy, as Cesare Prandelli is considering give him a call up.

Stephan scored five goals in the last four games – even Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t manage to pull such a streak in his Milan days – and the 19-year-old gets a lot of praise from the media and from former players.

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El Shaarawy makes Milan history

“When you need to build a new squad then it’s always best to do it by counting on the youngsters. El Shaarawy is fast, technically gifted, and he has the freshness that you need in the difficult moments. He’s the right one,” said the Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko, who retired from the game after the Euros.

“I don’t know who he can be compared to. I also believe that comparisons are harmful; every champion is different. But Stephan has something that reminds me of myself, for example when he accelerates.”

“My son, Simone-Andrea, says that El Shaarawy is a phenomenon,” Maurizio Ganz commented to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “El Shaarawy has been lucky to play because of the injuries to Pato and Robinho, and he has been very good at making the most of the opportunities that he has gotten. El Shaarawy reminds me of Neymar because they both like to start far away from goal and then surge towards the goal.

The short interviews with Shevchenko, Altafini, Ganz and Savicevic (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport).

“I like El Shaarawy because he’s very good at going straight for goal. He’s also an intelligent player, who is now showing that he’s also a bomber.” Former Milan midfielder Dejan Savićević added: “Stephan will become a great player, but he still needs to grow. It’s important that he’s scoring in a difficult moment.

“El Shaarawy has all the qualities needed to become a great player. He’s fast, he has a good shot and he scores with ease. But his job is to score goals, and if you don’t do that in Italy then people will criticize you.”

“The fact that El Shaarawy is making the difference for a squad that’s not doing well, proves that he can become a champion. Even though he’s young, he’s ready to play a World Cup final,” José Altafino – the joint-third highest scorer in Italian Serie A history – said. “El Shaarawy reminds me of Neymar and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. They have a low center of gravity. They play with the ball glued to their feet. El Shaarawy has already proved that he’s a good player. The important thing is not to bulk him up too much.”

Much has been discussed about Stephan El Shaarawy in the last days. He will be very important for Milan on Sunday at the derby, where coach Max Allegri is expected to play the 4-2-3-1 system he’s used lately.

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Berlusconi will surely sell him by January

Muhd kano

Well done Allegri 4-2-3-1 is the best formation at d moment


SES reminds of Kaka if anyone.. He has the pace the elegance the simplicity and the ability to just glide past players just like Kaka did! And he even said Kaka is his footballing idol just to further add to the claim.




Hope he concentrates and will keep performing as well as he does! people are relying too much on him, it’s not good for a teenager.


I was really looking forward to seeing Pato make his “debut” on derby day but he’s playing with the primavera tomorrow….sigh….well atleast now he’s back and available


Why sad? I think it’s great, even though it’s the derby, we’re still at the start of the season, there’s no need in rushing him back, Allegri is finally learning from his reasons from the past season, where he said that he gambled with players who had recently returned from injury. I think it’s spot on.


“yesterday’s victory was fundamental, i’m very happy to be the youngest milan scorer of milan’s history in the champions leauge . now i’m thinking of the derby” el shaarawy

crespo 27

Lets not put too much added pressure upon our goal machine pls . TOTALLY agree with (sherbini & dapint)


has low centre of gravity! D ball glue to his feet when dribbling and runing,he has pace,fast and go towards goals. He’s technical,intelligent and score with ease. I agree with d legend dat said all diz cos diz are really his characteristic’s. In my own opinion he has great composure, very confident and has a big heart for success!


early EL SHAARAWY said he wanted to play in left midfielder.
allegri is stubborn. he put EL SHAARAWY in forward.
now allegri put EL SHAARAWY in left midfielder.

putting player in improper position drop performance of player.


I love the words from our legends, especially Sheva, if he says he sees himself in Stephan, wow…I hope he reaches Sheva’s levels and can be played as a striker soon when he gets a little more mature. But I hope he’ll keep his feet on the ground and keep on playing as well as he has and will improve…keep it up Faraone!
Forza Milan!


EL-SHAARAWY a new hero was born. Awaiting for inform,fully fit and less injury prone PATO. Imagine a front line up that consist of inform of ( EL-SHAARAWY-PATO-ROBINHO ) = HELL!!!


Altafino is so right when he says it’s important for him not to bulk up too much. I think Pato did


we made pato feel that he’s already there which it isnt, add the injuries and you just realise its a disaster.forza milan!


Stay on the ground kid we r with u! Forza SES!

R kenny

el shaarawy keep it on


Yeah ses is gifted,all he nid his 2 continue givin is best,nd shud kip it up


Imagine if both of el pharaoh and the duck up front.. Get the assist from trequartista like kaka in the past.,. Omg, that was a terror for every keeper in the whole world.!!. But I agree with @Judas., berlusconi will sell el pharaoh next season to balance the book.. What a shame


I miss Sheva

You r the great of all time


el shaarawy play well…but dont play to well…we all know what happens when a milan player does that