Abbiati: “Important result, now the derby”


CHRISTIAN ABBIATI is happy with the result against Zenit as Milan turn their thoughts to derby vs Inter.

Milan got a great result on Wednesday evening against a struggling FC Zenit St. Petersburg side but the need to thank goalkeeper Christian Abbiati as he was absolutely immense, making exceptional saves.

The Rossoneri scored twice in 16 minutes through Urby Emanuelson and Stephan El Shaarawy (once again!). Hulk and Roman Shirokov made it level but Tomás Hubocan’s own goal won the game for Milan.

Highlights: Zenit 2-3 Milan
Zenit-Milan: Official line-ups

“It was important to get a result here and that’s what we did. There’s some bitterness for their first goal conceded at the end of the second half,” Milan keeper Abbiati, who won Uefa’s Man of the Match award, told the Milan Channel after the game. “My second half saves were important for how the match finished.

“I was happy and that was why I celebrated like I did. The team did well as we played as a team. It’s tough to win away from home in the Champions League and we did it. I don’t read the papers whether I’m playing bad or whether I’m playing well. If I’ve been with the club as long as I’ve, there must be some reason why.

“It was a team win tonight. The players that came off the bench helped a lot and from tomorrow we’ll be thinking about the derby on Sunday. We’ll be thinking of the derby from tomorrow. El Shaarawy is a great player. He’s young and has a lot to show but he’s got the quality,” concluded the 35-year-old Italian.

“We needed to get a good result away from home and we got it,” midfielder Riccardo Montolivo, who played 90 minutes today, told the Milan Channel. “We started off really well and then we conceded a bit of space but we did well not to give in. I think this is a team that can change things around with the game in motion and we have a few different options. I already have goose bumps on my skin thinking of my first derby.”

“It’s a really big win as we knew it would be a tough game. Yepes coming into the game gave us a hand. I think the coach made the right changes. This win will give us an extra gear for the derby,” Cristian Zapata, who could’ve stopped Hulk from scoring the first goal, commented to the Rossoneri’s official website.

“I’m happy about my goal but most of all for the win, it was tough and an important win,” El Shaarawy said. “It’ll be useful as we prepare for the derby as well. We have conviction and we’re focused, now we will turn our thought to Inter. I dedicate this evening to my family who always travel so far to see me play.

“I think I can keep my feet on the ground. I still have a lot to show and I try to improve day by day and try to feel more and more important for the team. My goal against Udinese is still the best but tonight’s goal wasn’t bad either. It’s a good progression. Galliani compared me to Eto’o and he knows that if needed, I’ll play full back like I did here this evening. We dropped a bit after the second goal and we paid for that.

“I hope I can score on Sunday but most of all, I hope we win,” concluded El Shaarawy, who will also start against Inter on Sunday at Stadio San Siro. Milan will be hoping this win will change things in Serie A.

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best of luck! Nice formation allegri, it’s seems ur brain cells a now working. Keep doing more elsharawy. Had work pay off,dats my advice for d team, to keep working hard and stay united.


have u noticed the link between SES and KPB ?? we did very well 2dy n i hope sunday will be my christmas, FORZA MILAN

R kenny

great work i think we keep doing well i which u gud luck on ur derby day,forza milan.


Kpb, Monty and Nocerino seriously need to wake up from their slumber and perform like we all know they can! Also Allegri needs to have some faith in Bojan!! Then and only then will everyone see the real Milan!


PS we havent seen a goal like that since the Kaka days! Forzzaa Stephan Forzzaaaaa Miillllannoooooooo!


He started bojan… And he was useless.
He’s given bojan quite a few chances and he has yet to do anything to impress me.
I was very excited when we signed him but now…

gioele romeo

he has literally played 3 games. Give him a chance


I agree about them, but I definitley saw improvement from all of them, especially Montolivo, his work rate was second to none, and he’s not fully fit yet either. Nocerino, I don’t think of him as a starter, but his introduction to the game was very good, with his energy and pressing, it was important for us. Prince is not playing to his best standards, but this performance surely was an improvement from what he has been producing lately, I hope he, and of course all of Milan will keep it up and still improve, because we can surely do… Read more »


I really enjoyed the win tonight even though we suffered a lot… but you could see it was worth it after the game, the joy of the players was evident for all to see. I would not mind seeing us keep this formation up, and hopefully De Sci will be fit for the derby as well. Zapata did not impress me though, our centre back next to Bonera is a bit of a question mark at the moment. Yepes is a great leader, but a little slow though, I liked his entry tonight as he organised the defence well. We’ll… Read more »


El shaarawy u were briliant cool fenish but u need to learn alot okay don’t b carryed away


We r playin a little bit milan of d old,all wat we jst nid now is dat d players should giv dere hundred percent nd 4 d coach should b d motivator,coz we r lackin dat,luv dis tactics nd 4 d changes wat’s so 9c,Forza milan,forza rosseneri


Abiati is hero in the last match! but if def continues play like yesterday…
Good luck to Milan!


great news, u guys seem happy, ses is a beast, if pato can find form, along with kpb we will be outstanding very soon. and for a long time


Boateng needs to go on bench,then he will learn. I think what motivated him was getting into a team full of quality,now he know he will start,bench him please.


ȋ̝̊̅̄’♍ H̶̲̥̅̊a̶̲̥̅̊P̶̲̥̅̊P̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ for D̶̲̥̅̊
win, Allegri S̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊l̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ be more offensive in his formation. FORZA MILANO

Shenko Gh

Now bring on Inter, we ready for the derby on Sunday. Grand Milan!


gud win i must confess, i jubilated for the first time this season. We need 3more wim in chiampions league. I ve doubted allegri alot bt he is prooving me wrong nw.

Patosky tundex

Am very happy with d win what a goal from SES if pato come’s Back Serie a defender’s will Be in Trouble #Forza-Milan

isaiah don shevy

inter u are doomed bcos pato is back pato ses and bojan/robinho dat defence wil collapse milan back on track