A Big Question Mark On Milan’s Transfer Strategy


MILAN’S RECENT acquirement of the services of young French starlet M’Baye Niang – made official moments ago – and the imminent arrival of former Barcelona prodigy Bojan Krkić, suggests Milan seem to be increasingly focused on littering the squad with young, vibrant talent, a stark contrast to previous seasons. Though a positive indication in some regards, ounce you delve deeper you ponder whether the club’s hierarchy are utilizing their spare change in the best possible manner.

With Milan’s membership figures currently at an all time low, the lowest under the Berlusconi presidency, it further highlights the troublesome predicament the club finds itself in and has somewhat become the catalyst for the Rossoneri’s freshly adopted parsimonious nature. As a result, success is as crucial now as it ever has been.

After the disappointing loss to newly promoted Sampdoria, arguably the worst performance under Allegri’s tenure, Galliani has reacted in blitzkrieg fashion. Though surprisingly, not strengthening in the positions which Milan seem most vulnerable.

Milan-Kaka: Negotiations are blocked – again
Milan set to wrap up Niang deal

It’s been quite evident for a while the management have a quaint affiliation with signing forwards. This is nothing new as in recent seasons we’ve witnessed signings along the lines of Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Cassano, Ronaldo, to appease fans as opposed to reinforcing areas in which the club’s significantly struggling in; it’s as though the management is completely myopic, believing  one department of the side, attack, can solve all of its problems and neglecting the others, midfield and defence.

And this is not the only problem. Transfer dealings happening behind the back of Allegri (in reference to Zapata’s transfer), sheds extra light on the lack of synergy between CEO, General Manager and the Coach.

How can a club possibly move forward in this direction?

How can we as fans demand success on the field of play when there is a lack of direction and leadership at board level?

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Gioele Romeo

i would be happy if we just got ONE decent defender this transfer market. ideally mbiwa, but the board are too stubborn and fixed on getting him next year. But the truth is we need him now more than ever. Our midfield can wait, it is not great but our defence has to be a priority. Im worried that allegri wants one thing but galliani wants another, this lack of communication and strucure is ridiculous. niang is a good signing but did we really need bojan? 6 attackers and no real defenders. 3rd place is a very very distant goal… Read more »

Dare forza

I wish galliani can go criple in his brain


Milan need a DM that can Cover up for the Defence, Another good defender.

@Romeo Whats the essence of having a good defence when the DM position is weak? The defence will be naked and will allow more goals to float in.

Mario forlan

We ar seriously in need of a center bak perhaps we shuld get mbiwa nw 2 lead d defence. B & g u guys hv 2 do sumtin. Forza b&g nd forza milan

Ang San

Upfront=Very Good
Defence= Lb&RB=good
cb= shit, yepes played good, but Bonera…
i doubt we buy a new cb remember mexes is injured once mexes is fit we should play our cb’s as Mexes,Yepes or Mexes,Zapata and next season Mexes,M’biwa.

Naufal F Subekti

At this moment Milan need DM and CB to complete the squad, so opa Galliani, please bring to us a good DM n CB, De Jong n M’biwa maybe..

Rico Milan


A statement on Caen’s official website read: “Caen would like to thank M’Baye Niang for what he brought to the club over the course of the past four years.

“The young striker today [Tuesday] signed a three-year contract with AC Milan.

“Caen wish him every success with his new club and in his personal life.”


We definitely need a good DM and a CB so we can be a little bit more competitive bt Niang isnt a bad buy though bt definitely nt Bojan!


I think our bigger problem is the formation rather than the players. Granted things haven’t looked really well lately, but we do have some quality players. We need to stop living in the past and comparing our current squad to the squad we had when we were world beaters. The Sampdoria game exposed our formation, not our players. And with signing Niang, and very soon Bojan, I am optimistic that Allegri sees that now. It seems like we are shifting toward a 4-3-3. Bojan and Niang will serve a better rotation with our current 4 strikers in that formation, and… Read more »


We need a playmaker coz montolivo is not really skilled in passes.In between,Allegri can’t utilise wot he has in terms of formation.And he lacks d ability to boost d morale of d squad.There’s a way average players would give all to salvage points for dia club when dia morale is high.


Niang hopes he makes a good first impression! Bojan nice in genrally, but 6 striker?? I just hoping its because we are to play with 3 strikers at ones, or midfield consist of real sidemids or wingers or even wingbacks..!! this false 9 isnt gonna work with Boateng, maybe if we got Kaka it would!!


A defender is essential I agree but if Mexes doesn’t go anywhere then we can some-what afford to work with what we have until January with (Zapata, Acerbi and Mexes primarily) which, to me, is quite a good defence…..Yepes will have to leave by Jan, which ever way it will be, and can gladly be replaced by Mbiwa


Galliani and Braida are pathetic fools…they should get a left-back,defensive midfielder,and attacking midfielder..


i dont want bojan at milan as Man City has offered Guidetti to us, in my point a better a player, but cheap management will try to get bojan on loan, i would rather see bendter


bendtner sucks!!! thats how he newer got a real chance at arsenal..


Milan is in the state of reconstruction, even if they don’t do well in the coming season, it is forgivable. Milan is just preparing for the future 10 years of conquest, so milan fans just need to patient. After this season or two, Milan will be there to shine again. I mean,flopping one season won’t hurt too much as long as our future prospect doesn’t disappoint (which we got plenty of choices).

DWD vagamundo

Agree. The knock on Milan in the CL was always that we were too old and slow (and narrow). Getting younger, quicker players who will bloom in the next several years is well worth having one less than stellar season.

And, since we can’t see Seria A calcio on US TV this year, this is the best year for rebuilding as far as I’m concerned.

Forza Milan


Speakin’ of six strikers: At first, we should count them as five as Pato is always injured. And Niang – is it really certain that he’s going to play in the first team? I have no idea. I don’t know how good he is. BAM, we are down to four (mayby five) strikers!


I hope allegri blend d players well.


no matter the players are star players, young, talented etc., if allegri keeps using 4-3-1-2 with boateng as a trequartista, i don’t think milan can compete with other clubs. be creative allegri…be creative!


Milan has been ran badly already since 07 or something and nothing has changed. Silvio is to keen on his politics and lets it to affect Milan. Galliani does good deals but not on right players. can’t be arsed to question their decisions as they already are questionable. I’ll still remain as fan as ive always been and hope they do decent and get some interesting players and team concepts in future. All this loss of revenue, tons of people once and what not could easily have been sorted by smart management right after 2007 CL win, Milan was already… Read more »


true!!! we have been sleping since 2007 ..


I disagree with this article on the fact that there’s no synergy? Haven’t we read sometime ago that allegri is the only coach in Milan that gets involve with transfers and his always at via turati more than any Milan coach/manager in recent years? If he doesn’t like what’s going on he can simply tender his resignation.


I have criticize allegri quite often for his lack of flexibility and rigidity but I’ll give him kudos for trying out a different tactics to his 4-3-1-2. Though the 4-3-3 didn’t quite work due to lack of movements from the mid field but I think he should learn to put players in their right positions as not all players perform when misplaced.i Will make my conclusions after 5-10 games but the lack of spirit in the last game must be banished and allegri should know that his staring at the devil in front and the deep blue see at the… Read more »

crespo 2\7

In my opinion this is a good move BUT where are the reinforcements for the back line ? Long story short get Mbiwa and De Jong PLEASE . FORZA MILAN


allegri will be fired soon.the guy is average he doesnt want to be creative ,he cant adapt to situations well enough.he has one method to solve every problem even if its not working.

I cant believe him sometimes.


This is exactly wat i have been trying to pass across to some fans who keep attacking Allegri. He isn’t the problem. The Management is. Fine, he is not flexible, but if the coach strongly believes in d 4-3-1-2 formation, is sacking him d solution. NO! The solution is to strengthen d squad with dat formation in mind. But this isn’t wat d management is doing, if you ask me, since Capello i don’t think d management ever consults d coach before buying and selling players. This is d reason why success has been so hard to come by recently.… Read more »


Well said…!


It’s better to wait until the transfer market closes to review everything. It’s always easy to shout some opinions when things are still looking disorganize. There’s still several possibilities of players leaving along with tactical changes that could be made in the next coming days.

a Midfielder might still arrive,


Our problem lies with the coach. Allegri is dam* average in my opinion, with lack of vision and charisma. Under him, Pirlo & Gattuso (who loved Milan very much), or even Inzaghi arent respected, thats why they want to leave Against Sampdoria, what the he** was he doing? To sub Robinho with Urby ? Thats a joke ! Sampdoria surely will attack less, so we could try to subs Flamini with Urby ? I mean at that point of time we are losing anyway, so no harm trying ! I seriously never like Allegri, and if this season things arent… Read more »

D Sho

@Ben I think the major problem with Milan is our formation rather than the players.Almost our entire squad are central/defensive mid. and still people are clamoring for midfielders. we could play a 4-3-2-1 with emmanuelson and abate as wingbacks montolivo as a box to box and Nocerino and Boateng as central combative midfielders. Zapata and Yepes as Central Defenders. El Shawary and Robinho behind Pato/Niang. Lots of movement and short passing.

Pa ibra

do we have option to make Bojan permanent? if no, then its pointless to say we’ll sign a young player as he’ll only last for a season. I like technique and Bojan is technical but we need players we can count ours for the future. I’d go for a similar player in G.Rossi.. injured which is good for buyers alse he could cost as much as Bolotelli.


allegri does not know what is gud 4 d team. He was given power and he misused it – pursuing dinho, pirlo, gattuso, nesta, just to name a few. He is to rigid and lọvs dmfs a lot, thereby making our game play boring (we won d scudetto playing bosing football). We need a creative player, but he will rather play a kpb in it’s stead.


I think you all commenting here are wasting your precious time, because we have talked! talked!! talked!!! and NO ACTION…! I guess Galliani and Berlusconi are building this new wack team for themselves and not we the fans…! Disgusting to say the least.. No single Champion, star or classy player in the team. The wackest Milan team since I became a fan. I no longer have something to get excited about, nothing to scream about, can’t even dare placing bets on such a wack team. I made a whole lot of people become (Serie A & Milan fans) because of… Read more »


And to you guys blaming Allegri… Who brought him to Milan in the first place? B & G, they see what we are seeing to but they are not ready to do anything about it.. It’s an Hierarchy…!


it all started with allegri 🙂 pirlo rino nesta dinho all left because of him and now look were we are! our star player is boateng? WTF

Mr nice guy

Am a milan fan nd i want allegri 2 b playin 4-5-1 formation. It will help dis boys 2 blend faster rather dan playn 4-3-3.
abate -mexes-acerbi-zapata


Bojan Krkic has come to the city. Landed at 17.45 at Linate, the former Barcelona striker spoke to Sky Sport the new adventure: “I ​​feel ready, it’s my birthday and this Milan for me is a huge gift. I’m not afraid of anything. ”


I’d like a 4-3-3 but I think we should also try a 4-2-3-1, almost every top team plays 4-2-3-1 nowadays it’s a really good formation, Real, Bayern, Dortmund, Chelsea, Utd, City, Spain, Germany etc.



Bojan——————-El Shaarawy————Robinho


Although I’d like someone better than Mexes, ideally M’biwa, and lets just pretend we never paid 7 MILLION for Pazzini!

Good Faith

It is obvious that B&G has become senile. Somebody save milan before they hit the ground.


Allegri is not ‘THE’ problem, he’s part of a bigger problem. His unwillingness to change is killing us, since when have we been complaining about his defensive minded formation, we are not inter we are milan, we take the game to our opponents, we didn’t win seven ucl titles by being defensive, if we’d been defensive, we would have nothing, we take more risks. I’m glad he suggested bojan, which means now we have SES and niang and pato for the future. Our game should be situated arround these guys, which means we have to get them more involved by… Read more »


Pls i be g u rossoneri fans to pls be patient with our management.we are not the only rebuilding team.take a look at psg,arsenal.they are yet to get a win in 3game but still there fans stood by them.pls g&b want d best 4 d team.forza milano

isaiah shevy frm lasgidi

drogba on is way calm down


Allegri was experementing with a 433 with a fake nr9 with boateng, dont take the first game to seriously.