Cassano attacks Galliani: “All smoke and no fire”


ANTONIO CASSANO didn’t hold back on his presentation, harshly attacking Milan’s Adriano Galliani.

Cassano handed in a transfer request and has been swapped with Giampaolo Pazzini, switching black and red with black and blue and today he revealed what he decided to leave Milan after just 1.5 years.

Cassano did not even try to gentle at his official Inter presentation on Saturday noon, attacking Milan’s Adriano Galliani with no mercy and certainly didn’t forget to talk about his bad relationship with Allegri.

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“When I joined Milan I said that if I got it wrong there then I ought to be locked up. Well, this time I’m not the one who got it wrong. I had to leave,” Cassano told the press in his official presentation. “There was someone above the Coach who did something wrong and I can’t stand it when people take me for a ride.

“When I was ill, my teammates were very close to me, but this person (Galliani) promised so much. It was all smoke and no fire. This time I want to deal with men who let me know when things are right or wrong. I want to be told face to face what the real situation is. Elsewhere they say some things and do others instead. The promises that Milan made? Ask this person, who’s so good at turning the situation around.

“He gets on only with those who suck up to him and kiss his ass, but that’s not my style. That person did everything wrong, I don’t even want to mention him. He thinks he’s smart. There was a talk of a renewal with Milan. Ask that person. But it was delayed and delayed and delayed; I’m still waiting for their renewal!

“But that person used to talk only with those who lick his ass. Then I saw that two of my friends, Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic are leaving and I realized what was going on. I started to say I wanted to leave during the Euros. I told Allegri then he told him. I didn’t count for Allegri. I was the 5th, 6th, 7th striker. He told me he couldn’t guarantee me anything so I left. I said only the sky is above Milan? Inter is above the sky.

“I thank the people there who helped me out and even saved my life, while (assistant coach) Mauro Tassotti was very close to me. You cannot say I was ungrateful,” he added. “Inter certainly won in this exchange. Giampaolo Pazzini is a friend of mine and I’m sorry we won’t play together but now we’re all happy.”

Cassano had a lot on his mind, he was unhappy with the club’s decision and attacked Adriano Galliani with no restraint. Cassano says he doesn’t feel ungrateful but many Milan fans certainly beg to differ.

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@ ladon,how many of those players u mentioned had heart attack n was helped by dia club n left d club coz of reinforcement n still badmouth them?I bet grateful Messi wouldnt do dat to barca in d same circumstance.Dat is d meanin of traitor.


simple, when you going to inter side youre a traitor plus he give a badmouth, so he is big traitor..